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  2. RaRa (64 years old) Happy birthday for yesterday & as he spends as much time here than on his own board kingkeith (42 years old)
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  4. Now you know nothing is more reliable than the word at tesco, its gospal. Grant has put in a transfer request and his contract expires at the end of the season, 50k could get him in this window, not sure about his character though.
  5. If Grant is here by Friday your mate will been seen as more reliable than Vera at Tesco.
  6. The Rachubka emoji implies Bury goalkeepers have hands. Never realized that from performances over last three years.
  7. Didn't realise they had got longer tapes, I sold both formats in in the early 80's and 45 min was the biggest against VHS's 4hr. VHS manufacturers developed a "long play" machine which was capable of doubling the tape capacity by double heading the machine and slowing it down. Sony must have done the same but by then we had stopped selling them.
  8. We won't be as calamitous as before but totally agree we need strength in midfield, grant who played for Vale on friday was outstanding. My friend is a vale fan and said grant does want to move, he's their best player and at 29 has a few more seasons in him, 150k could get him from what I've heard.
  9. No we can't, we still can't defend as a team. The back four and keeper have improved with the new signings, but the midfield (whichever combination of players is selected) offer no protection at all when we have not got the ball. This has been the major problem all season in my opinion, and until we get two strong central midfielders we will not keep many clean sheets. We may win the odd game 5-1, but we will lose more 0-1, 0-2 or 1-2. We need to be set up correctly and be better organised if we are to get results consistently.
  10. Cheers Tubs, I just thought that if Paul Pogba has his own personal emogi then its only fair our stand out players had one to !! ( felt a bit cruel on Brown and Leigh but its just giggles )...
  11. brilliant
  12. Pretty obvious, the team picks itself.... Rabuchuka. Brown Barnet. Maher. Leigh Etuhu Pennant TuttDannswalker I.miller
  13. Exactly, that would be my line up too with Mayor doing 45 mins to replace Burgess or vice versa as he looked like he is easing his way in on Friday.Wouldn't have Brown on the bench though.
  14. and deserves to be in my opinion- made two goals in two games, he cant score but his endeavour has forced opposition errors too
  15. Lainton Moore___Kay____Burgess.C____Leigh ____________Soares______________ Hope_________ Mellis_______Burgess __________Vaughan___Pope______ Williams.Tutte.Zeli.Mayor.Brown.Etuhu .Miller.G
  16. In Brass's post match interview after Port Vale he spoke very highly of Hope so I think you'll find he'l be in his starting xi
  17. You had a loving dad.. celebrate him ... be proud.. take care.
  18. Could be outrageous if we did go down, but we won't. We can defend now, we got a couple of good ones on loan just in case you wasn't aware.
  19. And will Pennant feature ?
  20. Well, we've had International Women's Day in March for as long as I can remember and I don't consider myself to be an ardent feminist. Tbh I'm not even sure what it means these days! However, it's a fact that various groups campaign, stand up for, work with and support vulnerable women worldwide within their own countries and communities, often putting their own lives at risk. This has been happening for many, many years and includes 'celebs', politicians and other high profile folk, not forgetting those women who don't hit the headlines but are involved on the front line on a daily basis. As the most powerful leader of a first world country, the US president must be seen to set an example. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would become an easy target given the locker room banter, some very disturbing comments re. his own daughter and his attitude towards women in general. Tbh what concerns me more than this is his narcissism, complete lack of a sense of humour and that he really doesn't appear to be very bright. What might have been acceptable in the business boardroom just won't cut it as a public servant as he's about to find out. I don't envy his personal advisors!
  21. Brass will have 1 or 2 selection problems--- good ones Hopefully Moore will be fit to play right back. Should Brown or Etuhu start in the defensive midfield role? If Mayor's fit, he starts for me. I doubt Zeli will start after so long out. Hope, for all his endeavour, simply isn't good enough IMO, so I'd play Burgess wide right. Even though his best position is central, he'll do a better job than Hope. I'd imagine Mellis and Soares will be central midfield.
  22. In his mind
  23. Went high brow just night! I know, my dad should have beat it out of me! Saw a piano recital by Daniil Trivonov at the the Barbican in London. £15 a ticket to see, arguably the greatest pianist on planet earth. He is only 25 and could handle Mozart's piano concertos at the age of eight! Phenominal performance and Chopin for an encore! Even the wife liked it! £105 for a U2 tIcket? Buggar off!
  24. Jose is a great linguist, fluent in several languages but I doubt even he will understand what the he'll Flicker is going on about half the time. I do wonder if Flicker used that language all the time or if it was only in interviewsto try to look intelligent, a bit like some people talk dead common and then suddenly put on their phone voice.
  25. As the discussion is on Saturday then it has to be Brown ahead of Barnett as he won't be fit enough for 90 minutes, and as the only defensive sub we have to be prepared for the worst. I'm more relaxed about unfit forwards as we have a plethora of them on the bench and 15-20 minutes might be all we need from them
  26. Think I've seen Bury play against every club in the league except United, Everton, Arsenal & Spurs, We would have played Spurs in the 50/51 season they were promoted, same with Everton (54ish). United poss between the wars, Arsenal would have to be pre WW1 I think. We've played United, Everton & Arsenal in various cup competitions but I've never seen us play Spurs
  27. Bless his cotton socks!
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