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  2. Burnley do NOT require their midfielders to have a strong physique, did you not see what caused their recent signing to collapse holding his head yesterday???
  3. Soares did. I've seen a lot of Bobby Charlton and he looked good but I wouldn't sign him. There's being fit and there's being match fit and unfortunately for him he's definitely not the latter and I fear he's too far away for this season
  4. There is sooooooo much to have a go at with Trump and his policies but using Hitler comparisons will blind people to the arguments because it gives the feel of extremism about the article, basically start with bullshit and people will assume everything you say is the same even the very valid points.
  5. There were two messages sent, one anonymous one signed but both have been reported together so more than possible to have missed that there were actually two without reading carefully. Plus reading the hellish message it appears to be signed Ameen as if it is sent from a friend of that name. Would that word be used as a closing to say "faithful" as in English we'd say "yours faithfully", it's not a perfect match but each language has its own little quirks, like a German's idea of half six ­čśŐ
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  7. No communication to date.
  8. No I have not received anything by post or email.
  9. i think we will need 56 points this season, teams have gone down over 50 points, the same for this season, as the bottom 10 can be sucked in
  10. Completely agree they have to do that at some point, but probably not when we need every point we can get. We've got 5 games between now and the first of those games I mentioned. He might have another 5 great performances in that time and we could be on 49 points, in which case you'd definitely play him! He should certainly be given his chance over the next couple of games, then I'm sure Clark will judge. Slightly contrary to my initial argument, it's testament to him that all of his starts this season have been against 4 of the current top 5, and we're still saying how good he is.
  11. Typical FA! This website did come up on Google as well, but it said 'not a secure site'. So dont blame me if anyone gets any viruses! And oh man, it is quality:
  12. Actually, i'm assuming you're meaning when he said it at the last Shareholders Meeting, you the same time it was said the Audited Accounts would be completed by November! And not something he's said recently? Here's a prediction for you - the Audited Accounts will be filed late again. Anyone want to bet against that?
  13. Therein lies the problem. Most recent article was Oct 2015. My club organises futsal tournaments at the futsal arena in Oldham. I was looking for a different tournament elsewhere to enter. Went on to the FA site and followed the link. Next tournament July 2015! The FA dont seem interested in it or to understand it. If you youtube 'best futsal skills' you will be amazed!
  14. Fair play Ricky.
  15. Well they say you learn something everyday! Sounds like great stuff. Is this the best website for it?
  16. According to Glenn Thomas - it should be happening on Wednesday. Any sharfeholder had official notification through the post yet?
  17. I don't disagree with all you are saying but Styles played against Bradford who are not exactly nancy boys, I maintain it was the right decision to expose him to 45 minutes of Bishop and Dawson and then leave him out to reflect on the different styles he has come up against.
  18. Futsal is fantastic. Best way to develop young talent. Dont be confused into thinking its just 5 a side indoors. Few subtle differences add up to a big difference in the style of the game. Heavier ball helps with control and the speed of the game helps with vision and awareness. On average 33% more touches of the ball for a player compared to normal football. I coach junior football and futsal is the quickest way to bring a player on. Styles is typical of the futsal style, love watching him.
  19. At the same time, you could argue that it was unwise. An extreme analogy would be putting in a young up and coming boxer, with the world simply wouldnt do it, well no trainer worth their salt would anyway. Let's not forget, he's only 16 (SIXTEEN). Yes, i take both yours and Spee's point and there needs to be a time when it happens but it's all about balance and managing him imo (which i know you wont agree with!). ;o)
  20. Perhaps we should give him an eighteen month deal on the basis he is allowed three months off to go and join Ant and Dec in the jungle ? ­čĄö
  21. Which is why at the time I said I was glad Styles played against Scunthorpe. Boy against bruising bully of a man, find out what it's all about.
  22. If hes offering to play for nothing (ok no players plays for nothing) hes worth a pay as you play deal until the end of the season! The window is shut so why not give ago? nothing too lose I have seen a lot of him and hes decent and worth a shot on those terms
  23. Whilst I would always place greater emphasis on tactics rather than shoehorning certain players into the team regardless of the opposition, there has to come a time when Styles and other promising youth products with similar builds are pitted against more physical sides. It's otherwise very hard for them to gain the necessary experience to deal with a more 'disruptive' style.
  24. Get the general point but it is a little sweeping as at the time of Crouch / Heskey we produced Scholes and Owen who are both 5ft 7 and at their relative peaks dominated European football.
  25. As you know this is a big bugbear of mine. For years English clubs have been obsessed with height, going as far as asking the parents of U7s kids they've scouted how tall they and the grandparents are. Marcus Rashford was let go by City at 14 for not being tall enough. Only now have the FA issued a directive to clubs that they must follow the Barcelona model and look for technical ability and allow for late developers instead of just going for big lads born August-December in the school year. Clearly not being followed by the likes of Everton, whose scout at a recent U8s tournament was pitchside before the game had even started and rang his colleague to say "Get down here & look at these, they're tall." That's why England's produced lumps like Peter Crouch & Emile Heskey whereas elsewhere you have Messi, David Silva, Iniesta, etc all 5' 7" or under. And for those old enough to remember the French midfield of the 1980s, arguably the greatest ever, I give you Alain Giresse (5' 4") and Jean Tigana (5' 6").
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