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  2. Just think about who Walsall would rather play next season, gillingham or port vale and you might have the answer to what kind of team he picks. Worrying
  3. Hello, My name is Jess and I am part of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies. The Sisterhood is a blogging website that creates content on pies in all different stadiums in lots of different sports. Within the sisterhood there are four of us all studying Football Business and Marketing at UCFB. Our degree doesn't just involve assignments and exams, it is also about gaining experience in the Football Industry and meeting people who are profoundly involved in the careers we intend to pursue. So far we have blogged about Bury which you can find here : We would love any feedback in making the site or content better or even any other types of blogs you would want us to pursue. Many Thanks
  4. Why do people have to put Leon down just to put more praise on Vaughan? Both are the best strikers we've had in the last few years with Lowe a close third. Leon came with a bad reputation and not once did I see him not put a shift in while in a Bury shirt. He scored some great goals too, Sheffield United away and Doncaster at home. Just because he doesnt run around like a mad man when we don't have the ball doesn't make him any less of a player. Yes Vaughan is the best striker I've seen since I started watching us 97/98. Without Leon, we wouldn't have been in this division to even have a sniff of signing Vaughan in the first place.
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  10. Zeal Monachorum, United Kingdom
  11. The believers - Deacon blue
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  15. Midnight at the Oasis - Maria Muldaur
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  17. The very first game I saw Vaughan in was enough to prove to me he is worth 2 Leon Clarkes' and it was a massive relief. Apart from his goals he has speed, aggression, passion and footballing awareness and can only hope we can keep hold of him in the summer.
  19. I won a 'VIP FL experience' from Wickes which turns out to be a visit to the training ground. I'm going along with a couple of other Shakers this week. Anything I should ask the players/management?
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  22. A pay per no penalty conceded deal may be ideal for Maher. Cost us very important points with reckless challenges and clearly has a reputation with referees. Can common sense be coached because he has had a premiership academy upbringing. I think a lot of our squad have run their course with us and you would hope LC has a number of contacts. So I expect a lot of movement especially from those who do not feature regularly. Think a number will be paid off. I'd also suggest that LC had his fingers burnt at Bpool and Brum, so I'd imagine he has sort guarantees from SD on being able to bring in his own players. Of the out of contracts. I like Tutte to stay as he has been immense since LC arrived. CJ deserves a chance to get fit. Mellis played for LC at Bpool and whilst he has the attributes he is prone to suspensions and poor form. Brown and Lainton can do a job till the loan window opens at a push, so I'd keep if they are cheap. Caddis will stay i'd imagine as a LC player. Are there any youth players who are going to make the jump soon. One positive of our injury decimated run was the hobsons choice of giving the kids a chance. Would hate to see a journeyman blocking the route for our future talent.
  23. I'll have a case of your finest Chateau Bruxelles please Kacc. Then I can get Druncker. Like Juncker. Delivery June 23 would be good.
  24. Due to shakerites top tip I have cunningly switched my player club to Walsall. HOWEVER - after then watching a 7 min interview with their manager its apparent he will be playing the kids !!!!! Quote 'I will make sure they give 100% to do the other clubs in the relagation mix justice' - yeah right, that's a contradiction if there ever was one!!! Were all doomed..
  25. Ironically it is the one between Greggs and the Tailors.
  26. We were top of the CC for about an hour until Surrey's draw was confirmed. And where in the league are the King of Spain's lot??
  27. Unless of course they are another Vaughan!!
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