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  2. Only when Aldred went off, Jack. Including Walsall and Shrewsbury, I make it 12 teams within easy travelling distance. Roll on 5th August!
  3. Danns was captain today so I expect he can sign for them now.
  4. I am back to my least worst option once again. Tory. Depressing !
  5. for gods sake its business im sure when we smash blackpool on the opening day I don't think anybody will be thinking of the people who where made redundant?? HYPOCRITES
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  7. Labour's manifesto is a genuine breath of fresh air, however Abbott is a complete and utter liability. Her latest interview on the Marr show will probably lose Labour any ground it made up of late. I can't envisage her anywhere near the office of Home Secretary in government. I won't vote for May. She'll win the election however her government will also saddle us with a very messy Brexit. The less said about the manifesto, the better. I'll give her a couple of years before she's forced to quit - and that's being generous! I just hope that Labour keeps it's current manifesto and replaces it's leadership before we have another GE. I doubt we'll have to wait 5 years.
  8. And I'd never try to persuade you otherwise. It helps that we understand why we both have different political ideologies, even if others don't! I can't remember a GE that has left me feeling so conflicted. I'll just be glad to see the back of it!
  9. Hope that Desperate "danns" uses this as a platform to ressurect his career... During the 70s living in Ainsworth meant that 2 other mates were Bury fans and the others were all bolton or utd/city.. so gigg one week and burnden the next week.. the bolton player Neil Whatmore reminds of Danns... he was absolute garbage one season....then became a revelation the next 2 seasons... so having been a harsh judge of Danns contribution to football down at the gigg.. maybe he as much as we ..need this opportunity to start over?
  10. Just shows the importance of staying up!
  11. 10 league one sides within an hours drive of gigg stewie will be rubbing his hands together !
  12. Well congrats to Blackpool. As an exile I would of preferred Exeter to win. On the plus side maybe the Tangerines will take on Danns full time.
  13. I accept that he cannot be expected to recall every meeting he has attended. However, he has inhabited the fringe of British politics for many years. He should be able to give clear, unequivocal answers to direct questions. He knows he is a controversial figure so he should be prepared. The interview with Andrew Neil - a tough, combative and fair journalist - gave Corbyn an opportunity to revoke allegations about sharing platforms with convicted assassins. He must have known what was coming. He was unable to clear his name. The evidence - easily available - contradicts him. The "IRA issue" won't lose the GE for Corbyn. However, he has been shown to be inconsistent, ambivalent and I'll-prepared, as have other key figures in the Shadow Cabinet. The GE will only be close because the Conservatives have been equally inept.
  14. many happy returns Stu.
  15. Why not make that clear to the electorate then ?
  16. Jeremy is not a liar - possibly unique in modern politics. If you want to see a copper plated 100% liar - have a look at Michael Fallons interview with Peston this morning.
  17. I wish him every success with it all. He seems a likeable lad too which is nice. Just wish we could have seen him at Gigg Lane for a season alongside Nat Cam before he went.
  18. Great review, looks like he's might just Be the real deal...
  19. Corbyn had no involvement in the negotiations which led to the Good Friday Agreement. Additionally, he invited members of the IRA to the House of Commons just three weeks after the terrorists tried to murder fellow MPs at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Put aside politics for a moment and consider the nature of a man who met the would-be killers of fellow Parliamentarians. I am willing to accept that he regrets some of his past utterances and allegiances - but is such a man fit to lead our country?.
  20. Nice to see Ryan Lowe and George Miller looking very involved with the Youth Dept in Holland
  21. Sorry, but my conscience won't rest if I vote Labour. I'm not a Tory, so perhaps abstention is the way forward!.
  22. Actually, the interest rate is not quite as good as i first thought - APR wise, i.e. there are cheaper ways to borrow the money...but still not a bad little deal: If you cant afford the money up front or dont have other ways to borrow the money at a cheaper rate - if you were to go to say 20 matches averaging £20 = £400...then why not get a season ticket costing £300 paid in effect over a season? A no brainer really.
  23. I'm not particularly keen on May & Co. either Myra but the thought of that abominable creature Diane Abbott in office sends shivers down my back. No thanks, I'll put up with May.
  24. Happy Birthday
  25. Happy birthday
  26. Happy birthday shakerstu
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