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  2. Did Mel earn more than Sue ?
  3. Well said. It has obviously been hinted at before on here and as I have said before if true it can be a very complex and difficult situation for the club to deal with, let alone the man himself.
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  5. I never saw Greg Farrell.Which seems like a bad thing as nearly everybody says he was the best.David Lee was and still is the no1 that I have seen..never seen a player as direct and committed in a Bury shirt.Danny Mayor is a natural footballer and to watch him on his day is poetry in motion.Hope he does stay with us and find himself again.
  6. Unfortunately Danny is a distant 3rd ( and that's questionable )David Lee did the biz week in week out, season in season out - consistently. Danny on the other hand has flattered to deceive, looked like he had potential but never did anything of note consistently. In footballing terms, I have seen glimmers but IMO is an overrated enigma and as harsh as it seems wouldn't be mentioned in the same paragraph as Lee. On another note, If he is ill then obviously I wish him all the best and really hope he gets back to a good place. We should just get him the best possible help as from a moral perspective some things are more important than kicking around a bag of wind.
  7. I have/do suffer with it myself, so I echo those sentiments.
  8. £5 million is pennies to the big boys, these days!
  9. Interestingly, if you could pick a team 1-11 out of the youth you've seen progress via our academy, what would it be? Being a supporter since around 2003, I'd go with... Ruddy A. Jones Bedeau Parrish Buchanan Worrall Styles Stephens Whaley Adams Miller (Memory isn't quite up to scratch so could have missed a few!)
  10. 1st Gregory Farrell 2nd David Lee 3rd Danny Mayor The three wingers who have given me the most pleasure watching the Shakers for over fifty years. I would love to see him back to his best.
  11. For all those claiming that Middlesbrough were broken hence could only pay pennies for Miller they've just gone and spent £5 million pounds on one of our former loanees. Why so much I don't know, especially as the Hammers don't need the cash due to their tax payer subsidised new ground!!!
  12. Well I take your point but it's not really the same. Mayor was a pretty consistent performer for 2 seasons in league two. I've seen him do things with the ball that, back in 2003, I could only have dreamed I'd see a bury player do. Even when he didn't play that well during that period, he'd still produce 2/3 moments of magic per game. Technically he's more than capable of bossing games at this level.
  13. Good to see Beckford getting on the scoresheet again. 30 goals this year I reckon!
  14. Dale Stephens.
  15. With all the players Clark has signed, I felt sure he was going to play 4-4-2 with 2 players competing for each position. So far however, he seems to be favouring a 4-2-3-1 or maybe a 4-3-3 and the players seem to be struggling to adapt. Lets give them a bit more time to gel before starting to doubt them.
  16. Mayor reminds me of Frank Hayes who older cricket fans will remember. Season after season Frank was hyped up as being the next big thing with spadefuls of potential. He was eventually given his Test cap and made an unbeaten century.....only to be followed by eight further Tests when his highest score was a paltry 29. I reckon Danny will turn out the same.
  17. If true, having suffered with it myself...he needs our support more than ever. I still maintain he's our most naturally gifted player since Tony Rigby. Love your avatar btw. ;o) There's only one Danny Mayor...!
  18. The team looked exactly what it to one another.Tsun Dai is thriving and stepped up the tempo though that didn't take much! You can't judge but it's a shame the wide players don't look to be fit or functioning yet when we have sorted most of the other areas out.Biggest positive was to see Nath back.
  19. He suffers with depression.
  20. What was the score ?
  21. Seems strange that you should post it in the first place then. But okay.
  22. Not prepared to speculate as I have nothing to substantiate the rumours
  23. Dawson's not an issue: He and Reilly will give us a solid platform in the middle of the park this season. I worry more about creativity: Not a lot for their keeper to do until *that* cross from Zeli... and a fine finish from Beckford.
  24. Clark was quoted as saying 'Danny Mayor is one of the best players in this league' towards the end of last season. He undoubtedly knows his talents, but there's something definitely going on begins the scenes. Either Mayor doesn't like the new style of play, personal issues, or still feels a hang up from last seasons injury, who knows.
  25. At present LC dosent know his best team or formation, if he doesnt work it out within 4 weeks panic will set in and he/us will be in big trouble! Early days we could be brilliant against Walsall but so far its worrying we look pants. Lack of pace worrys me
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