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    Thanks all for your support. It was my Dad. He's still in Shrewsbury hospital but today was moved from intensive care to the CCU which we see as a very positive sign hopefully. He's sat up, eating, drinking and talking a little now. He's still got a lot to get through but I can only reiterate how unbelievably good everyone at the ground was - Stewards (Lauren was the one mentioned above that helped me, she was brilliant) Red Cross, paramedics and fellow fans. I will pass this onto my Dad and he will really appreciate everyone's thoughts. The club, players, staff, fans have all been in touch aswell as loads from Shrewsbury. Makes us proud to be Bury fans. Unfortunately he's now found out the result though but at the end of the day does it really matter? Just enjoy being there. Cheers.
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    Hi all yes Dad finally came home yesterday! He's had an ICD fitted and has had a comfortable first night home. Thanks for asking! Good to have him back. He's looking forward to getting g back to Gigg lane as soon as possible once he's allowed back! Apparently if he wasn't at the football ground he wouldn't have stood a chance so being a Bury fan saved his life! Uts
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    I know we are not playing well but some members of this message board really take the biscuit when the loudest shout they muster is by calling our youngest and most inexperienced player a pillock at the top if his voice. I thought we tried to give encouragement to our younger players not vitriolic criticism... Rant over.
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    Absolutely quality away following
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    I know he still remains a part of the club and I know we all have our opinions on his managerial capabilities but I would just like to say a thank you to Mr Brass for his efforts during his spell in charge, which came under difficult and very testing circumstances. His passion for the club and his drive to do well for the club always stood out. I know Mr Kidd will also remain but would like to thank him for his efforts too. UTS
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    Do you remember the last day at Tranmere, how the season was a roller coaster and the effort it took to move up a league? well we Bury supporters have long memories and can count on that feeling of being promoted, the euphoria, pride,on many, well a few! Occasions and I guess it's what keeps up full of hope and watching our beloved team. We appear to be going down with a whimper. So Flicker got sacked, and the clubs taking a different direction , what the hell is it? Because all I see is we replace an experienced manager with a novice, we recruit players in positions not required, we're back to having more goalkeepers than centre halfs, and it feels just like October, November , December, etc. we have 50-70 applicants for the job, and yet we have at best a half decent coach in charge. I like Brassy, but come on, let's feel like we have some fight left, it's still February and not to late, but do nothing ! Which it appears is where we are at, and then a whimper it will be. how can a club be second in the league, playing some good football, talk of what could be, disend into utter chaos within 5 months? Good chairman make tough decisions, at this moment I'm not seeing that. So is the plan to sell youth and hope ? Because hope is not a strategy! Nor is he a winger ūü§† UTS..
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    I just thought you'd like an opinion from a Birmingham City season ticket holder. Caddis is predominantly a right back and played 95% of his games there for us. He likes to go forward and is excellent when going up and supporting the front players. He can also player further forward either as a winger or on the right side of the midfield and he is a skilful and intelligent player. Opinions about him were divided amongst us Blues fans. The majority liked and rated him but there were some who thought he was sometimes lacking defensively, particularly sometimes being 'turned' too easily by a winger, or occasionally a bit slow getting back there after an attack. Like many of our fans I was sorry to see him go, but like what often happens with all clubs, our new manager didn't rate him and after having bought another right back in January he was surpless to requirements so being as his contract was up in the summer he allowed him to leave early. I think you've got yourself a cracking player and I think (and hope) he will do well there. As for your manager. He has his limitations but his passion, dedication, and hard work is second to none. He did quite well with us considering he inherited a poor squad and wasn't given any money during his 3 years here. Okay it all turned a bit sour in the end but you could do a lot worse than him. Good luck this season. Neil
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    Hello, Killie fan here, thought I'd pop in and share some thoughts. Bit disappointed Lee's gone. He wasn't everyone's cuppa tea but I liked him. He was open, honest and a likeable guy. Not a particularly great football manager, but a nice guy. I think it's a case of jumping before he's pushed. We've just gotten into the Top 6 but the league is a bit mental at the minute, a couple of losses and we're right back in the relegation places. His tactics are strange at the best of times, his recruitment and turnover of players is quite remarkable and some of the guys he's given contracts to/signed on loan are never footballers at this level in a million years. Hopefully his eye for a player improves with you lot! He did unearth Coulibaly and made the club a decent amount of money, and losing him was a blow but our form wasn't great even when Souley was here. Lee got us out of a hole last year, by the skin of our teeth, but he got us out if it. Seems Bury in a similar situation, hopefully it works out. Regardless of what I or others think of Lee as a football manager, he's a top class bloke, and I wish him and Bury all the best.
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    Not a good performance but one thing I will say about tonight is that Bury has some of biggest moaning prats in the country.Some of the comments aimed at individuals and the team in general were beyond belief.
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    £13,000 to police the millwall fixture stinks of the GMP taking the p*ss and trying to grab a small L1 club by the balls, daylight robbery, for once I don't blame the club for letting it go all the way to court.
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    I'd be really unhappy if Soares goes, and not just for "sentimental" reasons. He's one of the few players we have that can play adequately in more than one position, and when asked to play at Centre Back, Right Back or on the wing, he did it with the same professionalism as he did at Centre Back. As to the "sentimental" attitude, well, sod it I'll be sentimental. Soares always gives 100% even when he's having a stinker, always happy to acknowledge the crowd,: and how many other Bury "legends" played for the team without pay. That will be a big loss to the dressing room.
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    Agreed. If true I wish him all the best. If we had half a squad full of players with his attitude alone we probably wouldn't be in the position we're in now. Good luck Tom; glad our club could help you rekindle your love for the game. Over the last few seasons you've certainly repaid that faith and then some.
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    Great day out. First half both teams looked flat but didn't think either deserved to be in the lead. Unlucky bounce deceived Burgess and then unluckily for us bounced onto their player's knee and into the net. Second half was as dominant as i've seen this season. A lot of chances and the penalty miss. Their most dominant player was dismissed and it just added to their pressure. Lowe gave their keeper the eye and then unusually for him sent it that way for an easy save. Mellis was great in the second half but young Styles ran the show and enabled the likes of Tutte, Moore and Leigh to peg Chesterfield even further back.
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    Wife always sends me a card to commemorate it though. Trouble is she she gets confused and thinks it was Peter Valentine who scored. Happy Paul Butler day, folks.
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    Thank you Bury FC for the lovely things you have done in remembrance of my dad John spencer Buckley . My sister Charlotte and I are pleased he spent many happy yrs supporting Bury , the club he loved.
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    I hated Warnock's 'we are only little Bury so you can't expect us to be any good', he had the team beaten before they set foot on the pitch. I also hate all the shouty 'look at us, aren't we great' hype from Day & Co., just makes us look like jumped up twats to the rest of the world when he can't deliver despite all the wasted spending. Far rather have the Stan take on things ....... 'you might have more money and better players than us but we will match you any day for effort and commitment'
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    The thought that every time I enter Gigg I am following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father who trod the same route years before, and following close behind me are my kids and my grandchildren following in my footsteps, it's a family thing!!
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    Yep. 5 good years of service and lets not forget he played for free during the troubled period a few years ago. He was the only player we had as well who dragged players over to applaud our travelling supporters at away games.
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    Hope drove us forward time and time again and enabled us to gain yards. He has zero physical presence but calling him useless is harsh. Yet again his intelligence created acres of space for our players.
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    We keep on hearing this story, though with different claimants. No Bury fan wants these to continually crop up, those of us who are troubled by the board's actions would love to be sitting in our new ground eating humble pie having just flicked through our accounts and seeing a repeated profit and healthy negative assets. We do not enjoy stories like this. If you are making a stand against something then you announce what you are doing when the bill comes in, you announce it at shareholder meeting, you announce it at fans' forums, you announce it on local radio before the hearing. You do not wait until you've failed to turn up at court and then make a comment.
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    http://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/sky-bet-award-for-vaughan-3566748.aspx Fully deserved.
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    I'm really hoping that the Shrewsbury game will give everyone, especially the players, coaches and chur, the kick up the arse they needed and they've all now realised that all this talk of 'we're too good to go down' is bull, and going off last week, we are more than bad enough to go down. The next three games are crucial. A minimum of six points is required, anything less and we won't really have made anything on the clubs around us. 6+ points would give us something to build on going into the Charlton & Coventry games. I'm really hoping that Brass & Day have sat the players down this week and told them some home truths, that the effort and desire on display wasnt nearly good enough last week and that he's assessing the training this week so he can pick the right team for the circumstances, not necessarily the best team on paper. I also hope he's not going all Flitcroft on us and playing players out of position just to get them in the team. The team need to lift the supporters. Reading this board and other social media this week, even the optimists have seen the cold hard truth of League 2 staring them in the face. We will stick behind the lads until the end, there's no question of that, but the team need to give something back. We are good enough to stay up on paper, but you don't play matches on paper. As we are in a relegation fight, then let's show we've got some fight in us. WE CAN DO THIS, but only if we all pull together. UTS.
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    Whatever your current view of Day, Brass, Lowey, where we'll end up, where we should be, whether parting company with Flickers was right/wrong, where the new ground should be and how it should look etc, the facts are we have 16 games to survive in L1 and we stand a better chance of that if we all get behind the team and management/managerssss. I walked away from the Walsall game feeling like we'd lost, away from the Shrewsbury match feeling like we're doomed to L2, but I'll be back at Gigg for the Swindon match getting behind the boys with a touch of optimism that we can get the 3 points. Then its on to the next game etc. It can't get much worse so let's support like we know we can and see where it takes us.
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    I know today's 'ins and outs' are supposed to go into the same thread but I believe this man deserves a thread of his own. I have said plenty of times on here what I thought he brought to the club so right now all I will add is "Thank you Tommy!" oh and ...
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    I have deleted a number of posts after one post suggested the real reason for the absence of Danny Mayor is not an injury. Regardless of whether or not the poster is correct, it is not felt that it is appropriate to discuss a personal matter of that nature on this forum. If it is true, then there may be a reason for it not being publicised by the club, and we should wait to see if and when a different statement to the one re injury is published by the club.
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    The worst performance of the season for me. No tactics, no pattern, and little passion in a massive game. Just aimless hoofball. Brown and Etuhu were statuesque in centre midfield. I'd advocated Pennant get a start, but based on that performance I was wrong. Hope played in his 3rd different position in 4 games, and has been equally inept in them all. I blame Brass for trying to "make" a position in the team for Hope . I'm struggling to recall a worse midfield 4 than the one we had today. Things improved marginally when Mellis and Mackreth came on, but we were fortunate to be playing a team today who were only slightly better than us. 2-1 flattered us.. Lainton was the pick of a shocking bunch today, and comedy moment was him borrowing a cap from r11bfc... The relegation trap door is well and truly open after that performance. Brass clearly cannot turn this team round, 1 win in 13 games since he took over.
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    Came for nothing, originally played for nothing, gave 5 years good honest service, appreciated the fans, scored a goal I will never forget and left for a fee. Thank you Tommy Soares.
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    A verbose effort for your reading pleasure.
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    Just a quick word of praise for the in depth reports coming from the youth team and, in particular, the injury/recuperation updates. I understand why the first team doesn't have the same amount of detail but it is very impressive and revealing as to why the youth system is performing so well. Please don't turn this thread into an excuse to keep having a go at the club. This is great! Tsun Dai
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    Deserves his own thread for way he played yesterday, his little prompting passes and the way he covers the full width of the pitch reminds me of a young Paul Scholes, he's destined for big things but he must be patient, we just need a young Roy Keane now, but seriously I love watching him play lets enjoy him while we can.
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    And the club would never want to keep us in the dark, would they?
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    Why don't you give the new system a chance before you going condemning it? 4 points from 2 games, and 2 clean sheets is a decent return Folk on here, probably you included, said MK Dons would murder us if we played 5-3-2. Well they didn't.! We were shipping goals, and that had to be addressed. It may take a little while for players to adapt (Leigh and Moore in particular), but if we don't concede then we don't need to score 3 to win every week
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    Awful game, but another clean sheet. Plenty graft, the players worked hard, but little craft and too much long ball. C Burgess, Kay, Barnett were excellent. They had to be the numbers of times MK sliced through our midfield. Mellis was woeful, Tutte gone after an hour, and another disappointing game from S Burgess. Pennant showed nothing in his brief appearance Murphy looked very confident and dominate, and he must get some credit for the 2 clean sheets. Pope looked laboured again, and maybe time to give him a rest Lets hope Vaughan is fit for Saturday
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    Thank you Mark for making me laugh :~)
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    Because nothing says 'I love you' like the fayre that a £35 ticket in the Bartercard Suite/Legends gets you.
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    I can give you a lift , I live in Lumb. I do set off quite early though say 6.15pm in Hassy. Pm me your details,Cheers
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    Jeez... let's pass the razor blades around and all commit hari kari at Tuesday night's game!! No wonder there are only 2000+ " die hard" supporters .. ! Lighten up!! I realise that things aren't perfect but put things into context... We have a football team to support... or join the millions of armchair supporters who tune into sky sports. Your choice.
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    Welcome back and what a difference you made.
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    Especially given the wins for Oldham and Shrewsbury. I thought we grew into the formation as the game went on and the introduction of Tutte in that position worked wonders from early on in the second half. I thought Brass got his substitutions spot on today. Murphy looks a calming and experienced influence (as long as we give him the ball on his left foot !) and the formation seems to benefit all three centre halves who occupied those positions. The wing backs may not be natural wing backs put they put their shift in and did more than OK. Greg Leigh, whilst he wasn't outstanding going forward all of the time, was quite rightly MOTM if only for his constant harrying and winning of the ball. I would also mention Big (Cameron) Burgess who looks to be another calming influence (on the ball too) as well as improving us aerially and his left foot helps balance the defence. We did let things pass us by in the middle of the park, especially first half, and I do think it was the right call to bring off little Burgess when Brass made that call. As I said the introduction of Tutte for him worked wonders and allowed us to really press them and not let them settle when it was clear they wanted to always play it out from the back. Vaughan and Pope as ever put their shifts in. Popey may not have had his best game I have seen but his work rate again did not allow them to build from the back as they would always have liked. The quality, experience and know how of James 'who me' Vaughan remains what is vital to what we can achieve this season. I will enjoy these three points and the clean sheet and also like to take it as an opportunity to dedicate it to the memory of a number of Shakers who we have sadly lost recently. UTS
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    It was awful stuff to watch. 2 very very poor teams.
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    The fans have shown amazing support at the games, both home and away, I've been to given our record over the past 4-5 months. How many other clubs would have taken nearly 500 to Shrewsbury? Some of the players haven't repaid that faith and support, and Saturday is the day they ALL have to start.
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    Good post, I turned up at Shrewsbury for arguably the biggest game of the season and was served a demonstration of ineptitude and incompetence despite sacrificing a lot of money (and a day with the wife) to be there. I will vent on here all I want, I will also be at Gigg Lane on Saturday to support and get behind the lads, that will never change whatever division we are in and regardless of who is in charge.
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    The supporters have been exceedingly patient over the past few months. Statistics tell the story - one win in twenty-one games; six points gained during the last four months; players disappearing without explanation. We should support our team during the game but we are enduring a run of form which is unique in my lengthy experience, and there are those of us who feel that the players aren't doing all they can to turn things around. In the end, the manager is responsible for motivating the team. Results over the last fourteen games suggest that Brass, Kidd and Sedgwick are not good enough.
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    Each to their own, but criticism of Pope is totally unfounded in my book
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    Good thread Excile. Over the last 12 months or so I've lost two friends who were Bury supporters and when talking to there family n friends they have said how much the football club had been a part of both peoples life, one person actually said that Bury FC was like a pet, almost family to the deceased. So come on Mr Day, IT MATTERS, put your ego to one side and do the right thing for the club and the loyal band of supporters to whom it means so much.
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    No, the main problem this season is that the defence has never been afforded adequate protection from midfield areas, which, coupled with a high turnover of personnel, has been a recipe for disaster.
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    Just spoken to my Wolves season ticker holder mate about Deslandes. Apparently the lad is thought of very highly at Wolves and has a great work ethic. He needs games but he has Matt Doherty ahead of him. Doherty's form has made him undroppable after converting to the left from the right, so their manager wants him out on loan playing rather than festering in the 'development squad'. Sounds like we might have a player on our hands. Welcome to Stade Gigg, Sylvain
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    Never going to happen, another one of Day's fantasies...!
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    DF has gone, but nothing really seems to have changed. We have signed another marquee player in Pennant who like Eagles, Danns etc. is not there. We have continued the goalkeeper fiasco with Brass selecting 3 (which will be 4 at some point) and signing 2 goalkeepers. Loanees and journeymen have come from other clubs which is blocking the very chances that saw Miller, Burgess, Styles progress and of course Bedeau sold. The various incarnations of our defence is unable not to concede. We get little news on the injury situation. Players are played out of position and have their roles altered on a game by game basis. Tactics seem to change by the minute with our style of play being impossible to predict. CB... what exactly was his role under DF. If involved in the playing "operations" surely he should have gone with DF and BF. If he was purely "decorative" what chance does a wage stealer have to motivate a dressing room. Either it was an unfortunate choice of words in his latest interview, or the chairman is deluded enough to think he is qualified to be a quasi manager. I fear it is the latter. If this is the case then it is no wonder no serious candidate emerged. We need an outsider to come in and organise but it is now to late with the massive amount of business conducted in January. Worryingly with RL return the succession is there to see in the summer. Whilst i'm on one....what really pees me off is the term undisclosed fee. Now I don't expect to read the contracts, but as someone who spends a lot of disclosed money following the club I deserve the courtesy of being treated more than an outsider.. There is plenty of football to be played and we may get out of this. But the cycle seems on repeat whatever happened.
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    Was an appallingly static midfield. When MacKreth, Miller and Mellis came in we looked better but too little, too late.