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    Aye. Reet. Well we finally didn’t lose which means that we now have something to build on. Not losing is a good habit and, despite the fact that I had no alternative but to pick the side that played, I will take all the credit for it - well me and Kiddo. I’ll let the fans think that I had the courage to blood the youngsters when DF didn’t . . . Speaking of the youngsters, they are really keen to learn and have asked me to put on a special training session for them to demonstrate how to clear a ball when facing your own goal. They are special kids they are like. As we gear up to the January transfer window, the Chur had us all in for a Powerpoint presentation on the club’s finances. After thirty slides full of flow charts, special purpose vehicles, venn diagrams, leveraged drawdowns and tax efficient joint ventures it became clear that we will have around three shillings and fourpence to get some quality players in. Me and Kiddo have a list so we will get our heads together over a Baileys on New Year’s Day and cross them out one by one. A lot of fans seemed surprised that we brought Rob Lainton back for the Fleetwood game but, let me tell yer, this guy is one tough cookie. Three times now he has come back from some serious escape goating from our terrific fans and here he is back again! Quality! A lot of fans have asked me how the players spend Christmas day being as like they are professional footballers and, here at Bury, we are nothing if not top class professionals. We put on sessions with experts on: Cracker pulling; Tree dressing; Present wrapping; Turkey carving; Eating a drumstick without getting grease on your cheeks and; Falling gently asleep in an alcoholic haze in the armchair watching the Great Escape. People keep asking me when Cameron is coming back but I am hoping he doesn’t. After the disaster he had last time he was around I wouldn’t want him anywhere near here. Why on earth he held that referendum no one knows. Tosser. Here are me and Kiddo’s New Year’s Resolutions: Not getting sacked Persuading Vaughny to change his flag breaking celebration (The Chur is trying to buy a flag making firm but, for now, every goal he scores costs us £22.30) Buy more cotton wool (the Chur brought an expert in who told us we had to wrap the players up in it to avoid injuries) Remembering not to eat a pork pie just before being interviewed Teach Gordon to call me Gaffer and not Brassy Try not to insult the fans when they perfectly reasonably and legitimately make stupid and offensive remarks against me and the players. No getting sacked. Finally, the perpetual problem we have at the club in writing proper English on our website might have been solved as the Chur has brought in a professional Spell Checker to make sure everything is perfect from now on. The Chur reckons he is the best in the Business and here’s a photo of him on his first day after spotting a redundant apostrophe and an inappropriate use of a gerund
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    Daleys will be killing their sides laughing with the moronic suggestions in this thread
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    A fully fit Tutte is essential. You need fighters in a relegation battle and he will cover 4 blades of grass to every 1 from either Danns or Etuhu. Also whilst we have had a great week's work out of Styles you can't expect him or Burgess to play every game for the rest of the season, they won't be physically ready to do that. You could play one of them alongside Tutte quite easily.
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    Sounds rather harsh that, even though I'm not the Chur's biggest fan. Why's it nonsense, just like it might be part of Tesco's business model to sell as many cans of baked beans as possible, even though Sainsburys, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Asda and Waitrose are seeking to do likewise?
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    The emergence of Bedeau and Styles just serves to prove that we don’t need to spend money on an academy for 9 to 15 year olds. Contrary to popular belief neither has come through the academy, both were picked up as youth cast-offs from other clubs and have only been at Gigg for a relatively short time. As I’ve said many times before, Bury should scrap it’s costly academy for schoolkids and concentrate on sifting through the youth cast-offs from bigger clubs. It’s a no-brainer; you don’t get rid of youth development, you just let other clubs pay for the development of the schoolkids, remove the system that allows bigger clubs to poach your kids for peanuts and save yourself c.£250K per year running costs whilst you are at it.
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    Fair play re Riley and if true - the 3 players we made profits on were all free transfers! Vaughan will be another...one day. All a gamble though isnt it? But i still think there are calculated gambles. Good punts if you like.
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    It'll be going viral if the Daleys' comments are anything to go by.
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    Daleys are funny....bless PMSL
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    Aye he was. Up there in the top 5 for me... i liked Andy Warrington too. As for most of the rest...what a motley crew! Great work Spee...again. You're like a better version of Google.
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    Disagree, Randolph was a decent keeper in his time at Bury
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    Vaughan and Pope or Clarke and Miller(G)? Hhmmm...let me think?! As a side issue, rumours that Pope and Clarke didnt get on. We need to be concentrating on defenders/defensive midfielders...i'd even add a goalkeeper to that list - i'd love us to get Pope from Burnley on loan til the end of the season. Our problem isnt up front.
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    At least he is busy. Etuhu and Danns add little or nothing in terms of assists and goals, they also aren't busy.
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    I don't understand why all this discussion about civil servants! Wasn't there a series of programmes in the 70's/80's openly showing our Civil Servants at work with the then PM, I think his name was Hacker?
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    It apparently looks something like this ...
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    Both 😂
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    Shame That lot from Horwich will probably get 2nd place behind Sheff Utd.Rather it was Dale though.Dont class you as a rival really.
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    Who? Stan or Scales or both?!
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    Empty trophy cabinet ?
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    They get the internet AND ITV in Rochdale now !?
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    Unfortunately the Chairman doesn't seem to realise we aren't the only club whose younger players are wanted by Prem and Championship clubs - and given our lack of money we can hardly expect other clubs to give us a penny more than is due in accordance withthe PL regulations in signing players from lower league clubs As for 'this is part of the business model' well it's yet again more load of nonsense that we have to put up with from the Chairman Can he not shut up for two or three months and leave Brassy to get on with the job ?
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    Cheers Coolcat. I've not completely lost it then. (Yet)
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    I heard it and the reporter said what you had said or virtually that as far as I can remember.
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    Didn't Mackreth get an assist on his debut? Not seen anyone mention it on here.
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    Sounded like you took exception to the comment but I didn't take it that way.
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    Okay. I'm counting as from the end of his second loan spell (as that denotes his last appearance for Bury); also, they have to have played at least part of one game and not just been on the books, so that excludes ones like Christian Dibble, Paddy Kenny and Anthony Williams in their 'second spells': 2006/2007 Lee Jones (on loan from Blackpool) Aaron Grundy (trainee) Andy Warrington (signed from Doncaster after initial loan spell) Alan Fettis (signed from Macclesfield) 2007/2008 Cameron Belford (signed from Coventry) Jim Provett (signed from Hartlepool) Darren Randolph (on loan from Charlton) 2008/2009 Wayne Brown (signed from Hereford) Mark Tyler (on loan from Peterborough) 2009/2010 No new ones 2010/2011 Owain Fôn Williams (on loan from Stockport) Ritchie Branagan (trainee) 2011/2012 Jonathan Bond (on loan from Watford) Trevor Carson (signed from Sunderland after two loan spells) 2012/2013 No new ones 2013/2014 Rob Lainton (signed from Bolton) Reice Charles-Cook (signed from Arsenal) Brian Jensen (signed from Burnley) 2014/2015 Shwan Jalal (signed from AFC Bournemouth) Scott Loach (on loan from Rotherham) Nick Pope (on loan from Charlton) 2015/2016 Christian Walton (on loan from Brighton) Jack Ruddy (signed from Real Murcía) Daniel Bachmann (on loan from Stoke) Ian Lawlor (on loan from Man City) Aaron McCarey (on loan from Wolves) Chris Neal (on loan from Port Vale) 2016/2017 Paul Rachubka (signed from Bolton) Ben Williams (signed from Bradford) So that would make 27 different goalkeepers that have played at least part of one competitive match of football in a Bury jersey. I must admit that the only one I don't remember of all of them is Lee Jones!
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    The current situation is that some of the Cat 1 teams have not only extensive networks in the UK but also internationally, such as neighbours Man Utd in UAE and Man City in Vietnam. This means that talented youngsters are also hoovered up in areas without strong football backgrounds and which are unlikely to develop competitive league structures and the FAs in these countries are only too willing to allow this type of investment, even if it's to the detriment of their respective domestic systems. The introduction of EPPP, brought about by the Premier League threatening to withhold funding for youth development, has helped to cement the status quo and made it even more difficult for clubs that aren't Cat 1 to maintain their academies and even very forward thinking, well run clubs like Brentford have recently followed suit. All of this would seem to fit your argument very neatly and as I said, it definitely has some merit. In the examples of Bedeau and Styles however, Bedeau came from Leyton Orient, whose senior team are in the tier below and the academy is Cat 3. Burnley, whilst doing very well financially from yo-yoing between the top tiers and spending well within their means, are still Cat 3. My point being that if Bury and a host of other clubs outside the elite category were to close their academies, it would weaken links that they have in their local communities and decrease the instances of the club being able to pick up players like Bedeau and Styles at 16 and 15 respectively at the time of signing. They might be older but not more developed due to a lack of first team opportunities in such a walled off system, in effect 'losing' years of their active playing careers. I accept that EPPP and the cost of running the academy can make it a 'hard sell' to keep it viable, especially at a club like Bury. I just believe it's vital for the club as a business to reach a point of maturity where the route from the academy to the first team can be open and much like Rochdale's, where they are able to keep hold of their talented youngsters for longer periods of time and reinvest the larger fees they obtain in most cases back into the academy and other areas of the club's infrastructure. That is the main pathway for Bury's continued survival and hopefully, it will help the club thrive in the future.
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    No,I'm far more handsome than that....
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    As ever there is no substance what so ever that it is long
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    Queue LucasoNeil claiming I'm a Rochdale fan. I was in the away stand.
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    3rd choice (if that) from what i can tell. Would be perfect wouldnt it? He'll be living up here now so no travelling issues, gives him game time...so good for Burnley/him, he knows Bury so good for him to fit in and let's face it - the best goalkeeper we've had for years.
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    Agreed, it'd be truly mind boggling if we wasted any energy on the attack in this transfer window.
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    Why wasn't DF wearing any trousers?
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    Hughie was with Crewe before he came to Bury, I think he's 4th from the left on the front row of this Crewe team photo:
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    Yes, should be making the short jump up the A15 with a bit of luck.
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    Transport sector 3.11 The use of automated vending machines is a growing trend in the transport sector, particularly at railways stations. Whilst a considerable amount do not take cash as payment, those that do will be subject to upgrade requirements. 3.12 It is estimated the car parking market has in the region of 80,000 machines in operation across the UK. Of these, approximately 70,000 are Pay and Display (which are not capable of dispensing change) and around 10,000 are more sophisticated payment machines used in car parks. Upgrades will likely be required for the entire field base, however in the former case a simple software update may well suffice. 3.13 The rejection of current counterfeit coins has been a consistent issue for users of these machines and the expected reduction from the new £1 coin of counterfeits in circulation should operators in addressing this issue. Telecommunications industry 3.14 There are currently estimated to be around 58,500 payphones in the UK. All would require an upgrade of some description in order to accept the proposed new £1 coin, however the complexity of the upgrades would depend on the model in question – some may need little more than straightforward keypad programming, whilst others may require more significant hardware modifications. Automatic vending industry 3.15 According to best estimates, there are currently around 500,000 automatic vending machines in operation in the UK. Their usage delivers efficiencies to a wide of range of industry sectors, and in particular within retail. 3.16 Whilst some machines will require more significant hardware upgrades, the government understands from past experience that in many cases a software update may suffice. Coin lock manufacturers 3.17 Coin locks are release mechanisms that are activated by the insertion of the relevant denomination(s), and are used widely in equipment such as lockers and supermarket trolleys. The compatibility of the new coin with coin lock mechanisms will depend on the precise type of mechanism and the final specification of the coin. There are a number of features that could affect the extent of upgrades required, including diameter, thickness and shape, all of which we consulting on as part of this process. 3.18 There are also some coin lock mechanisms that incorporate existing dual slot mechanisms, usually in order to accommodate both £1 and €1 coins. These could possibly be upgraded to guarantee compatibility with both the new and then old £1 coin.
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    And that was just on his own team mates.............
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    Did you ever see Hughen Riley play? Never tackled below knee height if he could help it.
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    I can't believe people are getting all worked up over a nonsensical report as this one. I'll believe it when I see it. If it does happen I agree with Bistow, the revolting vultures of the EPL will steal these talented lads for nowt, leave them to rot in the reserves before releasing them when they don't make the grade. As ever the lower league is left to fight the scraps.
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    Great effort by everyone involved. What a little star.
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    £1m is wishful thinking. He doesn't stand out enough in L1.
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    We won't get more than 250k for him. As in a previous post he hasn't progressed one bit since we got promoted.