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    I'd be grateful if this could be kept in here rather than moved to History. Simply, why are Bury so reluctant to engage with former players? This isn't a complaint about the current regime per se because it's been happening for some time now. I spoke to Phil Stant on the phone this morning for the next book and I asked if he'd ever been back. "Nah," he shrugged. "I don't get asked." Why is that? My uncle gets asked back to Bristol City annually as they commemorate the 1986 Freight Rover Trophy win over Bolton, other clubs make a fuss of their players too - yet when I got Leighton James, Trevor Ross, Craig Madden, Martin Dobson, Frank Casper, John Bramhall, Gary Buckley, Chris Cutler and Wayne Entwistle to the ground last season, I had to fight tooth and nail to simply get them a cup of tea at half time. The recent appearance of Andy Woodward at the Sheffield United game serves as case in point. Here is a man who is at the centre of the biggest sports news story in years. Even the most ardent fan of the current regime must admit that their public perception from newspaper appearances hasn't been great, so it was a real chance to show "We at Bury care for our former players, we stand with them shoulder to shoulder through their hard times." In my opinion, Woodward should have been given the full treatment as we sought to generate a positive public perception. As it was, he was given a ticket for Legends with no-one to look after him and his lads who joined him. It was great to get him along, but surely so much more could have been made of his presence? I do what I do because at Bury I sometimes feel there's little option but to look back at good times, simply because I personally never feel secure enough in thinking we'll have a future. I'd love it if the past could be properly acknowledged.
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    They are and in Mayor's case, a massive over-reliance has been placed on him for almost his entire spell at Bury to date. It is only this season where the creative burden has been shared around a little more. It is hard for any player to perform well when either they are double or sometimes even triple marked and/or opposition managers are wise to the tactic of getting the ball to him on all occasions and can nullify the threat. He hasn't found the next level of consistency yet but make no mistake, he remains one of the best players Bury have had in my time of supporting the club and he still has three goals and six assists at just over the halfway point in the league campaign in what is to all intents and purposes, an under-performing, struggling team.
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    Just as I suspected, there is a lack of balance to most of the posts in this thread, which is partly understandable, given the current situation and the long, long winless run (which has now surpassed in length the number of matches endured in the 1998/1999 season under Neil Warnock). Some of it smacks of revisionism: I can only reliably go off the time I have watched Bury (23 years), with the usual caveats about it being difficult to compare managers over a long period of time and the resources they had in a rapidly evolving game. However, I believe even without reeling off a list of players he signed during his three year spell as manager, he certainly had an eye for talent. Much like with his win ratio at Bury, I think he had a favourable ratio when it came to long term targetting and planning of signings, although like those stats, they don't always tell the whole story and the resources available to him are hard to overlook, although not immediately quantifiable. I also refer to the number of coaches and other backroom staff he had, as there have been periods at the club without any specialist coaches or even scouts. Where he perhaps fell down more than most was when he was forced to be reactive in the market, especially with loans. You could also argue that the talent pool in a scenario like that is limited, but it doesn't wholly excuse the shortcomings he had in that regard. Another bit of revisionism: Hands up how many people in the close season after 2013/2014 wanted to keep Nathan Cameron? He was one half of the much derided central partnership with William Edjenguélé for the early part of the season. The amount of vitriol and ire that they both received back then has made recent criticism of Antony Kay and Leon Barnett look like reverential praise by comparison. I stated at the time that I thought there was a good player in there, a bit like with Niall Maher now. The reality is very few people would've complained at the time had he been moved on and I believed that Flitcroft shared the same view... but he kept him and every time he has been absent since, it has hurt the club's fortunes on the pitch massively. His ability to make covering runs and challenges is second to none at this level. Just... no. Nick Pope on loan, Tom Pope, Peter Clarke, Leon Clarke, Vaughan, Mayor on a permanent basis, Ismail, Hussey, Lowe for his second stint... the list goes on. More expensively assembled sides even at the fourth tier level have failed in recent times. Portsmouth are still in League Two, as are Plymouth to name but two. Teams with much larger fanbases and at the very least parity on financial backing. Don't forget that it took 26 league wins, a record breaking number of consecutive away wins and a record points total just to ensure third spot, which was demonstrable of a very close fight at the top in 2013/2014. Let's look at the top seven in 2014/2015 and, disregarding injuries and suspensions, look at how many players each team used in the league and how many of them, if any, played 40 or more league games including sub appearances: Burton: 36; 5 Shewsbury: 30; 5 Bury: 34; 5 Wycombe: 24; 6 Southend: 28; 3 Stevenage: 37; 2 Plymouth: 30; 6 That would put Bury somewhere in the middle of that grouping. Were Burton fans complaining at the time about the number of players Gary Rowett and then Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink used as they eased to the title? When Barker took over on a caretaker basis, this was how the table looked: I have included up to Oxford as they were still only six points behind Bury. It still took 19 points from the final eight matches to gain promotion. Only Wycombe could come close to the number of points that Bury gained in the sprint to the finish and it was still very tight: I don't understand the argument that it would've been harder for Flitcroft not to win promotion. I have already shown above it took a monumental effort to gain third place in 2014/2015, especially given that Bury were on a very mixed run of form and in 10th in mid-January that season: Bringing all but the absolute elite players in world football represents a gamble for whichever club signs them. Stan Ternent preferred to bring in more experienced players and as phenomenally good as his sides were, there were actually very few players in them under the age of 24. Only David Johnson and John O'Kane were under that threshold in the title winning 1996/1997 season. In fact, Ternent only bought one of the four players in himself - Paul Butler. Like Lucketti, he was able to prised away from a local league side because at the time, Bury had the financial resources to do that. No Bury fan could question Ternent's management skills as he will most likely remain the best in the club's history for a long time to come yet. He represents an incredibly high bar for any subsequent manager to set themselves against. At times, I thought Flitcroft did that and arguably had periods of a more pleasing brand of football as well. However, no-one has been able to match his success on a consistent basis for a whole host of reasons since. In truth, I don't think Flitcroft's legacy will truly be felt for sometime to come. He did a lot of work in various underage groups in the academy, often managing them himself and introduced a philosophy for the categories to follow. He wasn't alone in this endeavour and cannot claim the whole credit but the continued successes that they are gaining is partly attributable to him, as are the breakthroughs into the first team now. Callum Styles, Scott Burgess and George Miller all received their competitive debuts under Flitcroft. Styles' now infamous debut was called a 'publicity stunt' by someone on here but maybe, just maybe, there was some logic to his introduction to first team football, in spite of the registration débacle. Jacob Bedeau was on the first team bench back in August. I would still say that there were times that he could've looked inward rather than outward when it came to putting someone in the side, but let's not whitewash what he achieved, even if he did, like most managers in football, ultimately come up short and deservedly paid the price for it.
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    ...and to think we let him shag our wives!
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    As I said, I think that Andy being shown he is a valued guest rather than simply getting the pork pie and polystyrene cup of soup that comes with a ticket in the Bartercard Suite/Legends. For Stewart Day to acknowledge him and be seen to be acknowledging him. A short story on the website with a picture of him saying "We're with you, Andy." As for the rest of the extensive network of former players, I'd rather have An Evening With Phil Stant in the social club/Pymgate Lounge than An Audience With Royston Vasey.
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    Don't know, didn't go, can't remember. It's just funny how when on occasions we're lucky and get more than we perhaps deserve some take this as evidence that we're a bad side with clueless management. And when we're unlucky and we come away with less than we deserve it's evidence that we're a bad side with clueless management. We won at Swindon, fortunately if you like, but I'll take as many of those as you want to throw my way and I won't give any of them a second thought.
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    His conduct on the pitch in the two games he has played against us since shows how little he thought of put club. To pick an odious cretin like him to come onto the pitch over those great servants listed us just complete and utter stupidity. I really wish your post was some kind of wind up.
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    Your lack of anger leads me to believe you are not a proper Shaker ....
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    Will never complete the Panini album
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    Leaving Danny Mayor aside for a moment. Morris is a funny one - Bradford released him for nowt last season (in fact, he hardly played for them - could have been injured of course) and prior to this season, only one half decent season with Fleetwood. It's a funny old game as they say...but that should take nothing away from his sensational form this season. Maybe most wingers are simply hot and cold?
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    He complained of seeing double in training. It later transpired he was on the same five a side team as the Burgesses and Millers ...
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    Was waiting for this. Glad not to be disappointed.
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    Dawson what an odious irritating gobshite he is
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    Of getting 3 points on Saturday and I am willing to wager a good few of my hard earned pounds that Sir Thomas of the Pope will indeed bag one for us as pay back to their keeper for trying to put his knees in Sir Tom's back via his chest. 3 - 1 to the Shakers.
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    Bury choice. Dean Kiely. One of my favourites. Non Bury choice. Zach Clough. I have heard he is good at making a meal of it. Failing that, Gordon Ramsay.
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    That is another yellow card before we have even started then !!
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    Funny, I don't think you have mentioned that formation before Kay, Big Burgess and Bedeau could be a decent, well balanced back three maybe ? If you go to a 352 it could benefit Leigh but if that was the formation I would be more in favour of a return of Hussey ... I haven't seen Moore play so don't know if a wing back position would be for him or whether he is more of a full back / centre back sort of player ? (We did also have one bloke who played right full back before but I can't remember his name - used to run a lot, we signed him from a Welsh side and someone on here had a massive crush on him ?😍?) Assuming Pope and Vaughan were the front two (rather than another midfielder playing in an advanced role) that leaves the midfield three - right now chosen from Etuhu, Soares (after the suspension!), Mellis (if fit!!) Brown, little Burgess, Mayor (if fit !!!) Styles, Danns (😲) and probably someone I have forgotten and you also have the perhaps more out and out wider players - like "The Scouse Winger" or the "The Gone Walker Bout". I think I will let you pick the midfield three ???
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    How do we define a true shaker?Just cos a person gives an outburst after a defeat does not mean they are not a true shaker.Everyone has different tolerance levels. At the end of the day,we all want the same thing,a successful Bury FC.
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    Good thread this, Ive enjoyed all contributions. So come on Bury Fc/ Forever Bury, lets get it on. either a dinner or half time duties.
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    I have been to QPR a couple of times - once with a mate who had a box. I went mainly because one of my heroes Stan Bowles was entertaining guests - He turned up pissed about 5pm, talked a load of drivel and complained about his horse that had lost and then disappeared to a poker game!!!! Quite a character!
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    Without wanting to be accused of having six fingers I rarely feel anger when we concede goals, disappointment certainly but rarely anger and that's usually only if there has been something ridiculously wrong about the goal.
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    Now if somebody had a record player in their car on their way to matches to get them into the spirit of things, that would be impressive.
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    You forgot to add, he floats like a butterfly.
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    Not very good.Only my opinion before you start.
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    He has had about fifteen transfers since he left us so no chance
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    Lainton could have easily been MOM - at least 4 top saves!
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    I believe the idea behind the 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 (delete as you see fit what it actually was) was to match Scunthorpe's shape that they played in the previous encounter between the two sides and obviously Brass thought they would line up in that way again. Dawson and Bishop used their combined experience to its fullest effect to dictate almost the entire first half and there is no shame in stating that Styles, Burgess and Brown came off second best in that particular battle. The first two will use it as a learning experience and Brown is unlikely to have had much match sharpness. I have seen it stated on here and elsewhere that Styles shouldn't have started the game because of Scunthorpe's physicality and whilst there is some merit to that argument on first glance, he is not going to learn to be able to cope with that sort of opposition unless he gains more experience of them. I don't think he should play every game for the first team just yet but it is to his credit that he has already been identified by other managers and scouts as an individual threat at such an early stage of his playing career.
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    No, he's been around for years.
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    Of course, it's 20 years this summer since the fateful days of Watford and Millwall etc. What an opportune time it would be to get the lads of that era back for a home game and make a fuss about them. Obviously, this would work better if we've secured League 1 status for another year by then.
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    Yep. This is him shortly before the invention of the disposable razor:
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    A great idea. I would pay to sit on a table with any of my former heroes from the past! Has this been suggested?