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    I was there tonight. Soft line of questioning, as expected: all questions had to be wrote down and a piece of paper and I presume were pre-vetted. Lee Clark came off very well IMO. Lots of anecdotes which I haven't put down here - same with Lowe, although he was asked more "dressing room gossip" questions than anything else. Here's what I thought were the key points: I've summarised as best I can, but bits in quotes are actual quotes. Ground Development: Stewart Day: 65 apartments are going on the current site of the club shop, and planning approval for those will be submitted by the end of the month. More information on new stadium and site in May, but we're hoping to be in the new stadium by the start of the 2019/20 season. The stadium will be of a modular design, and "a Championship stadium that will target away fans". They're working with the council, and the capacity is around 10-15,000 - not on expectation of home support going up, but based on travelling supporters from the likes of Leeds and Wolves. The stadium will have will have a hotel, conference facilities, offices, and restaurants: apparently it'll be "a hub, a destination people will want to use every day of the year". Entire complex is apparently on 20 acres of land. Big push towards off-field income, as expected. Redevelopment on the old ground is unfeasible as it's a small site and demolition is prohibitively expensive. They're expecting lots of interest for naming rights as it's a new stadium, but Day don't want the club to change into a corporate brand and go away from the fans. JD Sponsorship: Stewart Day: Speaking of naming rights, the JD Stadium sponsorship was cancelled by JD because clubs they sponsor and supply kit to were complaining. "[JD] still work with the club, just in different ways." Easter fixtures: Stewart Day: Police had a "significant say" in changing games. More specifically, "police intelligence" was why the Bolton game was moved, whereas the Rochdale game was moved to give the players an extra break before Bolton. They're also sing it to test supporter reactions to playing games on a Thursday night. Squad & Injuries: Lee Clark: "over-inflated squad", and we need to get players fit in pre-season to stop injuries. "Soft tissue injuries are preventable with training program and working with our sports science and medical teams". At Huddersfield, he didn't have a soft tissue injury in quite a while apparently. Next season, we'll cut squad size and invest in quality rather than quantity. All players got a clean start: assessed on training and matchday performances rather than history. Alan Thompson: asked about if scouting would be based up in North East. Scouting will be North East and Scotland focused due to histories. They have "people up in Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough watching games." Got good contacts nationwide at PL/Championship level. Thompson and Clark were at the Ethiad last night: Thompson said "everyone's talking about Bury's academy". Styles/Youth: Stewart Day: "no truth in rumour about Styles signing for Everton". "We sell players on terms of Bury Football Club", and if Styles goes it will be for a fee that will break the club's transfer record. Lee Clark: Our academy means that our squad size doesn't need to be as big next year, as we can pull players from the academy for the first team. Spoke a lot about not caring about age, but results in training: if they can do it on the field they're old enough mentality. This season, next season, 5 year plan: 5 year plan briefly mentioned jokingly by SD: "10 games to get to the play-offs!". Feels that we should have been "in the top half or better" with our squad this year, but things happen. Target next year is promotion: "That's why Lee's come in" Lee Clark: wants to make the club more approachable by fans: talked about how the Newcastle squad used to stay and sign autographs at open training sessions until everyone was happy. He wants more updates on website about workings of the club - so injury news, interviews etc. Working with Gordon to do this, and it'll start in time for pre-season. Wants the team to be flexible next year, the formation we have will be a "winning one". Finances: Stewart Day, on reinvesting youth transfer fees: difficult to balance finances because we only sold 1,800 season tickets last season compared to other clubs in the league, but we will reinvest to make us competitive. Apparently year on year we've brought losses down... I asked a question about our persons of significant control and why we haven't completed that part of our confirmation statement, but that one mysteriously vanished into the ether!
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    For Lee Clark, a great achievement for an incoming manager. In my opinion he has benefited hugely from the work of Chris Brass. OK, on taking over Brass didn't turn things around immediately, but Clark came in to a team where a degree of confidence had been restored, had suffered 1 defeat in 6 games and eventually tightened up. Clark has kept the system introduced by Brass, with the addition of Caddis to the squad. It looks like absolutely the right decision to bring in Clark but he's been helped a lot by not having to come in and change everything, throw his weight around. This revival in fortunes has its roots in Brass and long may it continue!
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    Leeds fan heading down on Saturday for the first time this season. Bringing a couple of mates with me. My first game at Gigg was the free Southend game so that gimmick must've worked on me (even if only slightly). Still never been to Spotland.
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    Just to give an insight on the Vaughan family, I was speaking to his dad earlier in the season and said he was to good for this league and would probably move to a bigger club who could pay more, his reply was money isn't always the motivation if you a happy and right now he is. I think it was the Wimbledon game when Vaughan was out, Hallam Hope played and scored two JV went into Flitcroft and said Hallam did well on Saturday if you leave me out for him I won't jump up and down and make fuss he deserves another go. Not a big ego family.
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    Great to see this, and that Brian is recovering Well done Ryan, and Bury FC Bury Football Club‏Verified account @buryfcofficial 16m16 minutes ago More Ryan Lowe visiting Brian Allen at home after Brian became ill before the recent game with Shrewsbury Town #buryfc pic.twitter.com/fDExXsXyk9
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    We all see the game differently but I am utterly baffled by this.
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    Simple way to get to 3,000 - everyone buys two season tickets. Cash outlay £500, less £150 = £350. £50 of vouchers = home or away shirt covered so fifty quid saving can be knocked off the £350. You then have a spare season ticket to use to drag friends along each week for effectively an extra fifty quid. Bargain!
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    6 clean sheets in 9 games since signing on loan, must be the 1st signing of the summer window without doubt.
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    Couldn't disagree more. Absolutely no point in moving ground to build anything less capacity than we have now. You build to be able to handle the bigger crowds when those games occur. You build with a view to progression not regression. Glad we have forward thinking people in charge and not negative people holding the club back.
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    Hoping the young 16 year old who set up the winning goal and was mobbed by his team mates for doing so then was awarded the MOTM as he was subbed on 90 minutes feeling really good doesn't read you lot criticising him on here . Unbelievable Jeff Unbelievable .
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    It is so long since I have seen a game at Gigg Lane that the Car-o-Plane wanted its Satnav programming "just in case". It was a warm and sunny day and one of these odd occasions when we have fans from other teams come to laugh at our little quirks such as the similarity to a library in atmosphere, the retro smell of the toilets, the wide range of comestibles at the food kiosk and the announcer man calling us "The Miiiigghteee Shakers" with the fervour of a drunk on Sauchihall Street. We normally lose on these occasions and we lost the first "game" immediately as Fleetwood won the toss and required us to kick towards the piercing sun. Joe Murphy took up position in front of the Fleetwood faithful who are not not as plentiful as I expected but then again my judgement is based on how many we take away. I couldn't find a programme before kick off so was busy trying to identify our own players which proved difficult. I had never seen Murphy, Caddis, Styles, Pennant, Bryan or Miller play in the flesh. Frankly, the game was a bit "meh" - so I found it difficult to generate many bullet points but I'll have a go. The slime was not active but did appear to have seeped into the floor behind the Main stand and didn't smell at all - boo! I was looking out for Still Running Man to sprint over to donate his cap to Joe Murphy but it was obviously too far for him to run. . . Vaughn had an early half chance which he mishit and then was rubbing his hamstring. In fact, I thought Vaughn looked a little leg weary and not as sharp as he has been. His subbing was not a surprise and I noted he went straight down the tunnel. Sharpness is never something you could accuse Tom Pope of but he couldn't escape from the Bolger/Eastham axis who were simply superb all game long Bolger in particular, resembled a tall ginger IKEA floor lamp who attracted all of the balls in the air and was firm and robust in the tackle and clearance I understand the attraction of playing robust tough old fashioned centre forward against robust tough old fashioned centre half but Miller and Hope showed what might have been as they sped past the centre backs late in the game The referee seemed to enjoy watching fouls, letting play go on and then strolling back to give a lecture. I see the point from the point of the game's continuity, but not when it appears that he has forgotten the original incident and then doesn't issue a card. Bobby Grant didn't look a bit like he did on Brookside but he was one of those summoned for a fireside chat by Mr Friend. He was so angry he should have been booked for the colour of his face - purple. Caddis kept vaguely reminding me of Peter Sweeny but only in his appearance. For a classy Peter Sweeney non-lookalike who always knew where the next pass was and always made it in good time - look no further than Callum Styles. In fact, he really reminded me of Bobby Collins. He is small, tough and looks to have a boatload of experience. All this and he is only thirteen! Jacob Melis ran the first half until Mr Friend decided to deal with him immediately rather than have a leisurely stroll ten minutes later so he was unlucky to get a card and, I thought, hung back just a little from then on. Fleetwood threatened only when they broke swiftly and I could see how they were successful in the division with their bullet proof defence and speedy attack. Half time came and went with rumours swirling around that Alan Shearer was in the house. A five minute cameo at the end? Normally, after a tight first half, we concede immediately in the second but we didn't. In fact, after ten minutes or so I started wondering whether we were in fact still playing the first half. I confess I was checking my phone rather a lot to see how my one person campaign against Prêt a Manger was going - Yay! A clutch of substitutions livened things up and the last ten minutes were actually quite gripping. Miller has a gangly run which disguises his speed and he nearly caught the Fleetwood defence napping and the latter needed the help of the Fisherman's Friend a couple of times to escape more dangerous situations. At the other end, a jittery back line conspired to make the final whistle a thankful experience. Sometimes you have these games when a well organised team meets a well organised team and credit should go to Lee Clarke to instil some discipline and solidity into the midfield which has been AWOL all season. An absorbing but unexciting game with some highly competent displays from Leon Barnett (did you see that tackle in the first half - did you??!!), Greg Leigh and Jacob Melis but my MOM is . . . Cian Bolger Pictured below Callum Styles (he's only eleven!) Finally, a word to the person who organised the weather. Well done mate! The Car-o-Plane was feeling so frisky that we left the motorway passing the Breezeblock and swooped over Rivington Pike - just because we could!
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    He's the ONLY midfielder who drives forward with the ball and commits defenders, thus creating space for himself or others. It's generally considered to be an integral part of the game of football!
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    Eh? You looked at the last 8 games and identified away to a side unbeaten in 3 months in the league which has conceded about 3 in that time as "one of our last chances to get a win this season?" Looking at the others we can beat Fleetwood, Oxford will have half a mind on Wembley and Bradford almost managed to lose at home to Swindon yesterday. All winnable in my view.
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    Personally I'd get rid. It ruins the matchday build up knowing who will be in goal as it completely removes the hour long debate about which random keeper will start. His permanent presence also reduces shirt sales, we could flog some suckers 6 or 7 goalie shirts a season as they'd want to keep up to date with the latest signing but we'd only sell them one with a decent number 1. I'm also finding it hard to slate the defence due to the lack of goals conceded, a good whine about poor communication and incompetent shot stopping and cross taking was a guaranteed 5 or 6 posts every match day and instead we have to say well done. Where's the fun in that??? If we wanted to praise players we'd support United or City!!!!! Bloody rubbish Bury!
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    Brilliant again tonight. An assist and a goal!! A much deserved MOTM performance. The effort and will to do well has been consistent and now he looks to be thriving and improving in his wing back role. Long may the improvement defensively and going forward continue. He never stops and his reaction to the goal, his teammates reaction to him and his reaction at the final whistle was fantastic to see. UTS
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    Except for the 7 assists and 7 goals for us this season, some people are very harsh on him on here, he is our second top scorer and missed a lot of games this season due to his injury when most of us were desperate to have him back.
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    If this is true then he needs everyone's support & help in getting better. As someone who battled it for years I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. However I think Danny & the club need to be honest, it's can't be doing him any favours that the club keep putting out the 'injury setback' line. There isn't as much stigma attached to the illness anymore and I'm sure he'd benefit from the full support of all the fans if it was made public. That is assuming it's true of course, it could just be rumours.
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    I am considering buying all 3,000 tickets. It would cost me £525,000 but I think I am right in saying I would have £75,000 to spend in the club shop ?
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    Sounds like Murphy was MOM What a monumental difference he has made, I'd love to see him at Bury next season
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    All the crocs are still out injured, Mayor, Zeli, Cams, Tutty, Mellis, Jones. Etuhu, brown, miller all kicked out. If the injured were to comeback and then avoid injury then the praise of LC in regard to this would be valid. Brass simply brought players in which weren't the walking dead, if any praise I'd due its brass for bringing these players in during the window - the 3 players who have been a revelation, Murphy, Moore, Burgess.
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    Styles brought off in time to be up for school too 👍
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    He surely answered all his detractors today. A fantastic performance.
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    He's a better player than Leon Clarke because his work rate and assertiveness and dedication is incredible. He is everything I admire in a player. He is out there giving 110% to keep us up and he must be feeling disappointed when the results don't come. We're flipping lucky we've got Vaughan. Just savour these moments. That overhead kick is a stark reminder of what he's having to do to make up for the utterly pathetic goals we are conceding.
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    He wouldn't have to try that hard at this level and he'd easily pick up ten goals a season. But he clearly isn't after an easy ride, he runs, he chases, he jumps, he heads and gets right mucky. He's a class act ability and performance wise.
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    I'll let you know what I think when Gillingham have finished taking this throw-in.
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    I've never read so much rubbish (actually that's not true, I read as much rubbish every time I log on here). A month ago "Reece Brown" was hailed as the next thing that would save us. Move on a month and we have a 16 yr old with the potential to be Championship level in 2 years (at the least), an experienced midfielder who, while not yet match fit, can run a game better than anyone we've had this season, Vaughan continuing to fire and - almost unbelievably - improve every game, Mayor back to fitness and ready to go, and a keeper who is as assured as anyone since Pope left. Plus a HUGE improvement in attacking optiosn with the wingbacks, which has revitalised Leigh no end, and Lowe back. Watching Lowe on the touchline last night reminded me a bit of that desperate charge to promotion in 2010, when we lost Knill and everyone rallied round the senior players to guide us to that glorious day at Chesterfield. He was clapping every pass, encouraging the centre halves, seemed to live every second - and who spotted that super b time-wasting moment where he went to get the ball for Coventry and then just left it and started stretching. Magnificent. Of course we still have aberrations, the defending was very shaky last night, but we'd have lost that game a month ago. Suddenly we're looking like a side that could easily end up mid-table at worst. Would you rather we had Etuhu, Danns and Maher back in the starting XI? Erm, no thanks.
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    Christ Almighty! We've just won 3 games on the trot and people are moaning and saying we'll be lucky not to be relegated. Some sort of parallel universe, perhaps?
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    A verbose effort for your reading pleasure.
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    Nevermind if I was oxfords manager . Clark needs to tell our players to get a couple of meaty challenges in the first 20 mins and see if their up for it
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    Mellis not giving the ball back after he got kicked in the head and then their player getting a yellow card for the resulting foul.
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    It seemed clear that DF wanted Pope out at the start of the season. Yet the formation with Zelli and Mayor on fire suited him and we were flying until he got hurt at PUFC. That is when we collapsed - DF "replaces" him with dismal miller - presumably sucking up all the cash that was available. We then lose all our defenders bar Kay and don't win for a club record. Pope hurries back and much earlier and probably against medical advice / common sense returns as our form slowly - very slowly - returns. Maybe it has caught up with him a bit, especially as every game is a physical contest. But when he is not involved we really miss him. Lets not forget he puts his body on the line every game and get off his back. They is not room on there because he is carrying a centre half!
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    Sun. Beer. Important football match for both sides. A team that now cares. A decent pitch. A £10 ticket offer. Best striker in the division on show. Can't wait. Bring on tomorrow!
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    I accept tonight's result was naturally influenced heavily by being up against ten men for a large part (and we did get some overdue luck tonight) but this is more of an overall assessment of things on the pitch at the moment. The games are going to get tougher but considering the position we had got ourselves into I am very happy and optimistic about the run in. A very important three more points tonight and a continued impressive start under Lee Clark and perhaps more importantly players looking like they know their roles in the side. I felt Chris Brass did a very good job in tough circumstances but the appointment of Clark appears to have been made at the perfect time, the chants of 'Lee Clark's Barmy Army' were good to be a part of on Saturday too. Murphy - if it wasn't for Vaughan being the obvious choice for Player of the Season he would be a real contender for his performances so far - not bad for a January loanee. A decent back up in Lainton too. We now have three settled centre halves who each now their roles and bring good balance. Have we finally sorted our Barnett out !? The arrival of Big Burgess has brought more of an aerial threat as well as greater calmness in defence and has helped to settle to ever improving pocket rocket that is Greg Leigh on the left side of defence. Kay was in need of a settled defence alongside him and is benefiting now from this and the current set up. Taylor Moore, whilst not naturally a wing back is also improving. Beadling also a very good back up. Things needed sorting defensively first and foremost given where we were and this has been done. Mr Brass deserves credit for this and for improving the disciplinary record when in charge. In central midfield we have some better options in those three positions - the return of Tutte, the addition of Caddis and the more recent return of Bryan all big positives IMO to add to the more impressive Mellis of late (although out injured tonight) and the real prospect that Callum Styles is (who appears to be being managed pretty well at the moment). That said does anybody know where little Burgess is ? The class act of Vaughan backed up by Pope who will probably need a six month break after completing ninety minutes, 'One of our own' little Miller and Lowe, who was allowed his cup of cocoa tonight is also quite a strike force to depend on with points still neeeding to be won. Not forgetting Hallam Hope - again not a bad back up. Easy to say all of this after a three nil victory against a side with ten men I know and as I say there are more points that need winning but I for one am a much happier Shaker right now ! UTS
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    Joe has reported his cancer has returned, obviously immensely sad news. I am sure everyone connected with Bury FC wishes him all the best for a full recovery as soon as possible.
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    Another masterclass in Centre Forward play from Vaughan. Been watching Bury since the early nineties and he has got to be the best all round striker I've seen. Probably our best defender at corners as well as an amazing workmates. Would have been my MOTM if only for that superb assist for Leigh's goal. Assuming he's off at the end of the season he will take some replacing.
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    Possibly, possibly not. As a Bury fan, it's difficult to call to mind many players even featuring at 16, let alone looking comfortable (for the vast majority of the time) in senior, competitive matches. I think he is partly hamstrung at the moment by the issues in midfield that have been plaguing Bury for at least two seasons now, i.e. never really having the right mix of roles, individual strengths and/or numbers in midfield. Whilst he is targetted at the moment and can be pushed off the ball, his tackling is actually quite good, all things considered. Forget how slight he might be physically and watch him carefully the next time he goes in for a challenge. He has all the ability now but it's being able to improve and utilise it in the right areas that he needs to focus on. I can easily forgive fans being excited about him because it's not often Bury have someone who can get people on the edge of their seat and who still receives encouragement when things don't always work out.
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    It's a big game, I don't live in Mexico any more and I want to do my bit for the atmosphere. To the drum haters, I'm giving you fair notice at least UTS!!!
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    Why do we have a thread slating pope? Some fans are obsesssional in having to slate we lost but played better than when we have won recently
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    and a further but extended point- I just can't get the mind-set that when a player moves on its viewed by some as a kind of Judas act of betrayal. I am pretty sure everybody moves to better jobs in their career - its a no brainer. There will be no booing from me if JV is playing for another club next season and we are lucky enough to be playing them!!
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    Never the same when someone returns to this club. I'm sure we will notice the drop in stick speed.
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    According to the club proofreader the MOTM award was going to be Bistowed upon Pope
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    To get as few people there as possible
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    Footballers take a lot of stick and most of it is deserved but Jermain Defoe deserves so much praise for his involvement with this lad
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    No thanks Sam , don't blame you for trying to entice headlines,you know that those questions will illicit negative responses anyway. Fake news to come I reckon!! Just my opinion for what its worth. Good luck anyway.
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    Everything about the club has changed. I was talking to 2 club employees the other day. They told me Clark knows everyone by 1st name,and makes a point of speaking to everyone. Not his predecessors strong point..!
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    Barnetts in the first half when it looked all over a goal . One of the best tackles I've seen. Unbelievable.
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    I've been expecting him .....
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    Lots of hard work to be done and plenty more cup finals to be played. I am pretty sure Clark will be saying the same thing to the players. Last night was a must win and we won, I don't know about others but I'd have taken any kind of win pre kick off. I predicted Coventry would dig in and battle with nowt to lose, that is exactly what they did. This is Bury, since when did we make things easy? Yet we still looked dangerous and created openings and chances throughout the second half, even after Coventry got back in the game. A month ago the teams heads would have dropped as soon as Coventry scored, this team's heads didn't. The fact is we played average against a poor side and won, we will probably play better sides this season, put in a better performance and not win. Anyone remember the general resignation after the Walsall and Shrewsbury games? Since then we have taken 13 points from a possible 15. We have let in just two goals and kept three clean sheets, yet we still seem able to create chances and find the net. Ideally last night would have been more comfortable, it wasn't but we won and that is all that matters. On the bigger picture of our form we have lost just three times since Christmas, two of those defeats were to Scunthorpe and Sheffield United. Plenty more football to be played but I am more than encouraged with the last few games.