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    I wish him no ill will. He was a nice man let's not forget. Took us away from relegation to non-league in style ,got us promoted 12 month later and kept us up with minimum fuss . Admittedly it went pear shaped but he was hamstrung with injuries and in my opinion his inexperience found him out. I hope he comes back refreshed and finds himself again.
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    OK, as an expat Shaker now in NZ I find it difficult that supporters are not getting excited enough by the coming season and squad being assembled to buy their season ticket. I'm a regular viewer of this site being stranded on the other side of the world but have never felt the need to comment. I was a regular supporter home and away from the late eighties til the Warnock days ruined my love affair with the club, Gillingham away over the Xmas period to watching us play a dull 0-0 at Plainmoor Torquay on a Tuesday night, or watching Adekola score a hatrick at Scarboro etc etc The squad currently being assembled makes me more excited and hopeful than the Sir Stan Era, I was fortunate enough to witness Kieley's penalty save at Vicarage Rd and the excruciating final minutes before promotion to England's second tier (I REPEAT SECOND TIER!!!). Then came the rewards of beating the likes of City on their own turf. For those who where not fortunate enough to be there it was amazing, little old Bury beating one of Manchester's Giants. The facts are quite simple, 4 years ago we were on the verge of extinction Nobody wanted to buy us or bail us out We were a struggling league 2 team Other than Nugent we had no Youth production for years We have as we all know since been under the command of Mr Day, like it or not he has kept this club running for 4 extra years with a promotion to boot. We have an active youth policy that is reaping it's rewards. Why are we worrying about finance's as fans when every game you as a supporter witness is a bonus. Obviously as an expat a season ticket is not an option for me but i'll be watching the live streams at 2am my time having signed up for the live games. Now is the time to tell your mates at work or the pub, ex Shakers who like me left in their droves with the appointment of Warnock that something good is happening. I'm pretty sure that Dawson, O'Shea let alone Lee Clark and the likes would not even consider Bury if they didn't believe they would be paid or that something good was going to happen. Come on Shakers, this could be our year.
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    For those of you who aren't on Facebook, there's currently a fundraing campaign going on to raise money for a huge 24ft flag to raise awareness for Bradley Lowery. They wanted to raise £350 to cover the cost of the flag, then everything else will be given to the charity. Last look, Bury fans had raised £585 in just over 3 hours. There's talk of a half time walk around the pitch then hand the flag over to Bradley's family if they can attend, or to the Sunderland fans. Sometimes, you can be proud to be a Shaker. Here's the just giving page if anyone would like to donate. #cancerhasnocolours. UTS. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rebecca-tomson-1?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socpledgedesktop&utm_content=rebecca-tomson-1&utm_campaign=post-pledge-desktop&utm_term=pXqV5AJWy Mods, can we make this a sticky until the Sunderland game?
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    In response to the guy who felt the need to tell us all he's not buying a season ticket I'd just like to make you aware that I have bought one. Hope that's cleared that one up
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    Step inside and stroll around the new Shakers History Gallery for a nostalgic uplifting treat. Probably better to watch on a Desktop/Laptop than a mobile.
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    Can I ask why being an administrator of the board has anything to do with my post. I spend a sufficient amount of my time keeping this board going in the background and I love the fact that people disagree or agree with each other. I don't get involved in moderating any content and I believe that this forum is independent so that my views, your views and others have every right to be here. You do have a choice whether to donate to the upkeep of this board but please, please dont think because I administrate this board I get given or give myself any additional powers or amplification of my opinions.
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    I've thought long and hard about buying a season ticket for me and my sons but in the end we will not buy one and pay as and when we go to games next season. I can't in all faith give money to the club when on the one hand they are signing really promising players and putting a team that looks really good together but on the other hand not paying suppliers and getting numerous CCJ's as have been shown recently. CCJ's are issued when a court of law makes a decision to award the plaintiff (the supplier) the right to collect money from the club for services rendered. I might be the only person that gives a stuff enough to prevent the club getting my money over the summer, but I don't mind it being a one person thing if I think I am doing the right thing.
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    I would settle for Vaughan renewing his contract! 😁
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    This is the best squad shopping trip since the Hugh Eaves Sam Ellis days. I would say this is even better than Ternant's L1 team because much of that team was not brought from levels above. I expected Lee Clark to have a plan, but I'm stunned by both the quality and the balanced range of youth/experience he has assembled. I share the concern of others who wonder how this is being funded, but I would caveat that we have removed a hefty chunk of Flitcroft's squad, many of whom I suspect were on healthy salaries. Yes, Lee Clark has spent big, but he has gone for quality rather than quantity, and I'd wager that the squad cost is probably equal to last season. My head is saying it is very easy to get carried away with how brilliant this squad looks on paper, and we ought to see how they perform on the pitch. But my heart is saying, wow, this is not a top 6 six squad, this is a top 2 squad. I hope it works out.
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    I agree it is a personal decision. I don't however see the benefit in broadcasting that view publicly. It serves no purpose in my opinion.
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    Achieving Championship status, running a club as a business and being a family club are not mutually exclusive, despite what these directors might think.
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    Really nice change to enjoy listening to our manager giving a good professional interview he comes across really well and talks sense. I couldnt have handled another season of listening to a manager trying to sound intelligent and coming out with ridiculous statements. I will now look forward to listening to pre/post match interviews. UTS
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    Also, with the draw being made in Thailand, will the numbered balls be fired from opposing Ladies private parts into cups, make the draw more interesting.
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    Why not? We have made some of the best summer signings in the last 20 years, they are affordable for anyone In that you can even pay for them over 9 months, we haven't even shifted 1600 yet, dale have sold 2000 and there only signing so far Is Reece brown for god saik, if we don't match that from dale it's a poor poor show !
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    Thanks Stu, I wouldn't want to sound ridiculous when talking about the competition with this new name attached to it. Imagine the embarrassment!
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    I am a grown man with two children.... I miss the days when I might have had the time to consider going online winding people up. What little free time I have managed to cling on to is a little more valuable to me than that!
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    If Clark gets has too many options / Players at his disposal. Be worried. In the opinion of myself and a lot of Town fans his demise at Town was what became known as 'bingo ball' Team selection. You had no idea who was going to play (and where) from one week to the next. In the end, for League 1 he just had too many quality Players at his disposal (way too many). Our Chairman has since admitted he made a mistake in sanctioning the arrival of so many Players during Clark's tenure. In the end, he didn't have a clue who his best 11 were or indeed the best formation to play. I firmly believe that had he had a smaller, tight-knit squad to pick from. He would have got us promoted. In his first season with us, the brand of football was excellent, great to watch. Then every Player who played well against us seemed to arrive and with one of the highest budgets in the league at the time, the fun went and the draws started. You are assembling a good squad with Players who can get you promoted. I think Lee Clark also has the capability to achieve this. But, keep the options more straight forward for Clark. Don't go mad bringing in too many Players or I suspect this post will be remembered!.
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    Can understand your hostility (I was actually in Cyprus when the Turks invaded) but probably the best example was set by the Chief Rabbi of Manchester when Bert Trautmann first started playing for City. He was, initially, subject to a lot of abuse from the fans and in particular from the Jewish Community until the Chief Rabbi of Manchester came out in the MEN and said he 'was just one man and not responsible for his countries actions' Eventually of course he became the legend that he was
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    Is it in the Contract that once they were told about the project and heard about the ambitious plans that was it. They're then shown round Carrington. Also obligatory to mention 3 or 4 other clubs showed interest.
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    Money for league games on TV is now paid out as an equal share between clubs, differing between division. Money for cup games is paid additionally and separately depending on the competition, broadcaster etc. So yes, we get money for this being on the tele.
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    Yes, but by four minutes past seven we were back to our usual rubbish.
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    Bury R.... I would like to apologise for my interpretation of your role as "administrator" on this board... I would further like to reassure postcorvus that I will not withdraw my 50p funding of this forum ...in fact I am willing to double my contribution by the start of the season... my loyalty holds no bounds.....UTS.
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    I am as cynical as you are about the money we are spending, but whilst we have made some good looking signings and are probably paying decent wages, I don't actually think some of them are as 'big named' as is being made out. Also worth pointing out we did let 15-20 players go, some of them will have been big earners, Bury Times is claiming Clark's budget is lower than last season, if you take into account the players we had at the start of last season, many of whom since being released, then it wouldn't surprise me if this is close to the truth. We have appeared to spend big for two seasons in league one and seen abject failure thanks to Flitcroft. Despite ridiculous, unsustainable losses, there has been no major consequence. Now whilst I wouldn't be surprised to be proved wrong on this, but I do not see any immediate. major consequence should we not be promoted, especially if we have a relatively, God willing, successful season. In the meantime I should add, this is not me supporting the board or backing them, my stance remains the same, I just don't think that we are in any immediate danger either owing to whatever questionable methods the board are using to run Bury Football Club.
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    Or spend only the money we have and not the money we don't have??
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    I don't understand Sharia law, but irrespective of understanding I strongly disagree that we accept any other laws in this country except the law of the land. Its beyond reasonable and wrong on every level. I would also contest that 99% of immigrants to this country would be happy to accept our laws as part of the deal of settling here.Sorry Myra but that is a step too far for me, I don't think you can have a tandem arrangement when it comes to law. This might sound harsh but the 1% that don't accept our laws shouldn't be here!
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    If this is the case I wish both ladies all the best in the future. The receptionists have always been really nice; very helpful and professional whenever I've had any queries. I feel the same way re. alternatives.
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    "see if you can spot something I am missing.?" A Life :~) I think Bury's attendance average per season is mainly influenced by Visitors fans.
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    A signed framed Bury shirt from the 14-15 promotion season is the only thing worth nicking. In saying that it includes Clive Platt's signature as a theft prevention measure.
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    Yes it is way out, we have played 4760 league games, not 4576. That table was at the end of 2012-13 season.
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    I hope we aren't descending to the sectarianism and violence we see in other parts of the world.
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    Have you ever thought that the 'rent-a-mob' are merely people who demand the kind of social justice which would prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening?
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    if that's true make Danns captain now!
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    Watching Bury's a heart thing, true love an addiction if you like, as soon as you start to analize why you do it your reasoning becomes a heap that you can't untangle.
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    Will Buryite eyes be smiling at the end of the season?
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    Who remembers pre-season matches between the Probables v the Possibles? Probables: Murphy, Edwards, O'Connell, Thompson, Skarz, O'Shea, Dawson, Reilly, Major, Vaughan, Beckford. Possibles: Williams, Jones, Cameron, Kay, Leigh, Zeli, Tutte, Styles, Burgess, Miller, Lowe. Not a bad 22 however you look at it!
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    You make some good points. The only "fact" I'd quibble with is your comment about nobody wanting to buy/bail us out. My view is that the sale was rushed through and it's possible alternative buyers could have been found. Anyway, that's been debated to death in other threads so moving on..... The fanbase can simplistically be characterised as being divided into two broad camps. The first, and I suspect a smallish minority, is concerned not so much with WHAT Day has achieved but HOW he has achieved it. These fans have grave misgivings about the CCJs, the WUPs, the many broken promises, the contempt for shareholders, and a preference to engage with the moneyed rather than ordinary fans. The other group, in contrast, is quite happy to effectively brush such matters under the carpet with the belief that the ends justify the means and ultimately success on the pitch is all that matters. My feet are very firmly in the former camp FWIW.
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    All this talk of Danny Mayor's place being under threat is wide of the mark IMO. Clark described him as the best player in the league when he first arrived. He might get rotated from time to time but he and O'Shea will be the senior wingers with Zeli as the option off the bench after an hour. Mouth watering.
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    He's simply voicing his opinion and it's one worth heeding regardless of whether you agree with it; think about it - an administrator of this message board, which is a vital resource for hundreds of people and is dedicated to all things Bury, has now decided to pick and choose matches he goes to rather than give the club a 'guaranteed' income. Does it not at least demonstrate his strength of feeling, if nothing else?
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    I've not emailed him...i've hassled him enough in the past - so i'm handing over the reins! It was more to do with the general issue and him saying CCJs would be a thing of the past at the last Shareholders Meeting. Actually, does anyone have the date of the next Shareholders Meeting...i think it was planned for February?! At least 20 CCJs totalling over £300K in 3 years, by my calculations and some people still think we have a backer...other than Mr Day. How to fall out of love with your football club... Cue the defenders...and i dont mean NatCam & Co!!!
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    Cutting police jobs always makes a country more vulnerable to attacks and the government were warned of this back in 2015, but Mrs May told us it was just 'scaremongering'. It's not just police jobs either, she also cut GCHQ's budget and a number of other security departments that prevents awful terrorist acts like the last three we've seen. I agree the police have done a terrific job under the circumstances, so how about we hire back those 20,000 we sacked as a reward eh? Corbyn isn't promising the earth. His manifesto is costed and exactly what the 6th richest country in the world should be getting. The Conservative manifesto is just a series of soundbites with absolutely no costing explanations. In 2010 the Tories said the deficit would be eradicated by 2015; it's now 2017 and it has nearly trebled!! You can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. The economic plans of the Conservatives are far more reckless, bewildering and short-sighted than Labour's. Dianne Abbot appears to be a constant target for the right. I could show you all sorts of Tory statements that worry me more, like Sheryll Murray who said she's "happy we have food banks". Or literally anything that's come out of Boris Johnson's awful mouth- the man is foreign secretary! That must surely frighten you.
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    It is beyond belief that anybody could conceivably think that voting Tory will keep us safe from terrorism, given the past three recent attacks have happened under their government. A government that has slashed 20,000 police jobs; choosing to fund tax cuts for the rich over the safety of the citizens of this country. Not to mention disastrous foreign policy decisions that serve only to murder innocent people abroad and at home. Corbyn wants to reinvest in our public services- more police, doctors, hospitals etc. He also has a proven track record of avoiding self defeating conflicts (Iraq and Libya). He also wants to stop selling arms to the Saudis, thereby weakening terrorist forces in the most effective and safest way. The Tories will only carry on cutting and privatising our public services because it's what they do. A vote for Labour is in the national interest. If you are indeed working class, a vote for the Tories is a vote against all of your own interests.
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    I think this fella could lead you to the Champions League.
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    Reminder. Skarz captained Oxford last season. They got to Wembley and threatened the play offs. He is older, better and will take free kicks. Can we all start removing thoughts he has come here on a potential 3 year contract as back up. Very good signing.
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    Happy with Joe returning. However a youngster was at Carrington yesterday trying to impress Lee. He stated he was only 22 but the bandana gave him away.
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    All fans of smaller Clubs must rejoice today. All the Derbys, Wednesdays, Norwich, Villa trying to buy promotion. little ol' Huddersfield beat them to it. Re loan Players, what position do you need?.
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    If you MUST use the Lord's name, at least do the decent thing and use an apostrophe. Thank you ☺
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    I do think about it sometimes but as we saw (or didn't) with Andy Woodward, it's very difficult to know what's going on in someone else's mind. Obviously in his case, it was extremely serious and there are bound to be other players going through similarly tough times in their lives. I read Robert Enke's biography a few years ago and I would recommend it to anyone. He was a top goalkeeper in Germany and was due to be their #1 for the 2010 World Cup but committed suicide the year before. It just goes to show that despite some people's perceptions of footballers having pampered lives relative to most others, they are just as vulnerable as anyone else to mental health problems. In Cameron's case, let's hope his injury worries are behind him so that the dark places don't come back.
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    Agreed. Nowhere near as bad a player as some think. Obviously not the best! But certainly not the worst...will be interesting to see how things develops. Certainly a useful player to have in the squad.