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    For all its ups and downs, dramas and crisis! This club has been in my family for over a 100 years. UTS with bells on! Proud to be a shaker no matter what happens on Sunday!
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    We've all been to enough derby matches over the years to know that we'd be let down again tonight, and alas, I wasn't (or was!) to be disappointed. I've seen plenty of comments post-match questioning the players desire and application but to be fair I thought the effort was there tonight, )apart from Mellis but then again I've come to expect that), however we just don't have the quality in midfield to compete. 0-0 would have been a fair reflection of the game, neither keeper had much to do, the free kick that led to their goal was incredibly soft but Murphy should have kept it out. Fair play to Camps, he strikes his free kicks with a Ronaldo-esque 'punch' through the ball. In stark contrast to our Reece Brown, who had a free kick in a similar position 2nd half but tamely scuffed it into the wall, which is indicative of a lack of quality running through the side. If and when we do go down, for me it won't be for a lack of effort, it will be because of serious long-term injuries to 5 crucial players coupled with Flitcroft's atrocities recruitment last summer. Firstly, Nathan Cameron (you could knock 10 goals off the goals against column straight away had we had him in the side all season, plus he'd have chipped in with half a dozen important goals). Then there's the 2 wide players Danny Mayor and Zeli Ismail. Without those two we have no trickery or threat from wide areas, these two could provide a bit of magic to change a game. Couple this with Craig Jones absence who also provides quality from wide. Lastly Andrew Tutte, he's the only genuine 'box-to-box' midfielder we have, has great energy, and is someone else you could rely on to chip in with important goals. We look completely clueless going forward, our decision making in midfield and attack is terrible. Summed up by when we went 2-on-1, all Hope had to do was get his head up and put Vaughan through on goal. Instead he chose to run like a headless chicken straight into the back of the defender. Clark has a huge job ahead of him this summer clearing out all of Flitcroft's duffers. I just hope we can tear it up in Lge 2 with a fit Jones, Tutte, Cameron, Mayor, Zeli and a striker with the Vaughan money! On nights like this I try to find positives, and there were a few. We looked very solid at the back, and the 2 centre halves were excellent (Barnett has improved almost as much as Greg Leigh under Clark) and I thought Caddis had his best game in a Bury shirt at right back.
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    Thought it would be good to show some support for the lad, so I'm suggesting a minutes applause on 11 minutes ( his shirt no ? ) and maybe Keith could put something on the Rochdale site. He's had some rotten luck and while its a local derby some things are more important than football.
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    Good luck but I fear that at least one of your party will return injured!
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    Why do people have to put Leon down just to put more praise on Vaughan? Both are the best strikers we've had in the last few years with Lowe a close third. Leon came with a bad reputation and not once did I see him not put a shift in while in a Bury shirt. He scored some great goals too, Sheffield United away and Doncaster at home. Just because he doesnt run around like a mad man when we don't have the ball doesn't make him any less of a player. Yes Vaughan is the best striker I've seen since I started watching us 97/98. Without Leon, we wouldn't have been in this division to even have a sniff of signing Vaughan in the first place.
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    Almost forgot but once again a fitting tribute to our fans who passed away this season. I think Rev. David Otley puts over a simple but warm message/prayer. It's now we are able to see photos of those fans that we realise how many we recognise.
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    GAMES IN ALL COMPS (NOT INCLUDING EXTRA TIME) BURY WITH TOM POPE STARTING PLAYED – 31 WON – 12 DRAWN – 8 LOST – 11 GOALS SCORED – 52 GOALS PER GAME – 1.67 BURY WITHOUT TOM POPE STARTING PLAYED – 17 WON – 1 DRAWN – 5 LOST – 11 GOALS SCORED – 15 GOALS PER GAME – 0.88 VAUGHAN’S 22 GOALS TOM POPE ON PITCH – 15 TOM POPE NOT ON PITCH – 4 PENALTIES – 3 It would seem we are a much better team with Tom Pope on the pitch. HAS to start the next two games. (Very sad this i know but I've been wondering what these stats would look like for a few weeks now)
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    We beat the Addicks with help from Danns then Burton away put paid to any League Cup plans. Pope got only a consolation at the Gills whilst the Coventry scoreline suggested a distinct lack of thrills. Oldham was drab but the comeback at Walsall fab - a star born in Vaughan. There was more to come versus Morecambe in the EFL and safe to say September went very well. Vale and the puddle, El-Abd in a muddle, Danny Mayor with the highlights for Shakers Player. At Swindon it was Hope, against Chesterfield it was Pope. Vaughan at the double at Stadium MK with Zeli sealing it in a memorable way. Scunny proved no disgrace whilst at Bradford in the EFL we suffered a similar fate. The season was punctured at London Road and at Dale a disaster as the red cards flowed. We lost to the Dons and it became a trend, Zach Clough fell over and in the ref found a friend. At Northampton a comeback but just not enough, after a bad October things were getting tough. Hope in the Cup but still not a win, Crouch playing for Stoke youth made one or two grin. Southend, where to start !? Dons away we shipped five, it soon became clear Flickers wouldn't survive. BrassKidd came in but we let in five more, a late defeat at Bramall Lane left many a head sore. Maher had a hand in it against Millwall, Danns raised his to the Rovers, the youth came in and did well but the more senior players owed us. Oxford at home and Leigh put in his own net, a point at Fleetwood and a little Burgess chip the best we could get. Decent shifts put in at Scunny and when Sheffield United came to town, corner flags falling all over the place versus Posh, maybe we weren't going down. At Vale Vaughan continued on a Friday night, those flags and their owners getting fright after fright. Soares left his mark against Walsall at the end, defeat to the Shrews but a new formation and two clean sheets and our defence on the mend. To much surprise in came another Clark, now Tutte and little Miller's turns to make their mark. A moment for Lowe at the Valley followed by Coventry and Vaughan and Pope getting pally. Defeat to the Gills, a draw against Oldham, Leigh on form against the Pirates and at Millwall we were able to hold em. Another clean sheet against Fleetwood, Murphy the man, a bad night against Oxford only made me a bigger big Burgess fan. Bradford and Dale were better on the day, the revival had stalled but with the fans at the Macron the players took their chance to repay. So then it came, the Cobblers a must win, our Vaughan back on form and NatCam back although not looking thin. Eagles finally had an influence, sending it down to the final day but win, lose or draw at Southend I wouldn't have had it any other way.
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    Rochdale charged a quid against Port Vale the other week and their crowds are even worse than ours. Well done Bury - it is going to be a a crucial game so get some bums on seats and let's have some noise. If we're going to go down don't let it happen in a library eh?
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    Well sadly I got my prediction horribly wrong. Had a canny time, it being my first game at home for Bury. Old fashioned but tidy ground, It'd no S.o.L but has a certain charm I've missed out on since leaving Roker. The team remind me of ours however, which is really bad news as the midfield was nonexistant and very little in the way of chances created. You can still stay up, even if it's down to others being worse (that has kept us up on more than one occasion recently and you take survival where you can get it). The supporters were very vocal, we were in the south stand near the away fans in the first halfm then moved near the other goal for the second. Some characters about and you can tell everyone really cares, which is a great thing to have. Hopefully it translates onto the pitch soon. I may hate your manager but I wish you well on Tuesday and for the rest of the season. Hopefully we both stay up but if not both teams will carry on beacuse the the fans rather then the team that make the club!
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    To be honest I don't think it's a wise idea to throw anyone in at this stage of the season who has been out for so long. Hopefully we can get two positive results in the next couple of games and Cameron can carry on building his fitness for next season.
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    Whilst I would like it to all be done and dusted long beforehand I would take a little smug satisfaction if we stay up instead of Port Vale due to a better goal difference.
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    Didn't have much opportunity to ask many questions - just had a tour, met a few players and the coaching staff and some lunch. Seems to be a good atmosphere among the players as illustrated by Vaughan entering the canteen enthusiastically shouting "good morning you Shakers!"
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    Some great posts here although I have run out of likes - sorry stillrunningman ! The pre match tributes were moving yet fitting, the Vaughan / Cameron substitution in its own way quite a special moment, the early goal was massive, the team selection and substitutions spot on albeit against an average side, the back three and Murphy again the foundation, the full backs their usual industrious selves, Lowey perfect in that position today, backed up brilliantly by Tutte and Caddis, Pope stepped up to the plate, the reaction of Brass a full time a delight and some of the old shirts were blinding ! Then there is James Vaughan. It has been a tough old year, at times desperate, and it is not over yet but days like today are one of the things that what make it worthwhile. Amongst many other reasons that's why we're Bury fans !
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    We are always underdogs when push comes to shove, and tonight more than ever. I'll be there and win, lose or draw - once a shaker, always a shaker - COME ON BURY!
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    We may be looking for Jimmy Glass at some point against Southend .....
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    I heard a wispa this Easter weekend will really give us a boost, no more flakey performances, no more being caught betwixt and between in our approach, our galaxy of stars will no longer rolover and more key players will be back after time out. There'll be more than just a few ripples of applause in the crowd, our expert breakaways the hot topic of conversation - Vaughan, I reckon, revels in these sorts of games. In both games the drama will happen after eight and if BuryBlade and Eddie Tarsus are in attendance I guarantee a yorkie and some Turkish delight. Not to mention the new Italian signing - Mr Rocher. Hope I'm not left with a creme egg on my face - just remember - it is marathon not a sprint, or is that a Snickers ? Yes I know I have too much time on my hands, I need to have a break .....
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    Just a few ideas to make the best of the match day experience for the old fashioned punters Shakers baseball cap complete with built in Stanchion Relive the Gigg Lane era with this snazzy baseball cap with a retractable stanchion built onto the peak so we can imagine we are back at the State de Gigg with a view blocking mini stanchion which you can fold down whenever there is any goalmouth action you want to miss accidentally. Eau de Toilette Shakers unique perfume which is literally perfume of urinal just so we can get all nostalgic for our trips to the bathroom. A quick squirt when you are doing your business and you are thrown back in time! The Walk of Slime The approach to our new stadium should have a section of the old slime caked walk from the back of the Manny Road End and fans can be guided on match day by Ben Miles dressed in robes, ringing a bell and chanting "Slime ... Slime ... Slime etc" until one fan slips and falls. Continue until we have a winner. Beats the hell out of any half time jollity I've ever seen. The Bose™️ Stand Here, hardened fans can watch in traditional silence as our team gets whupped thanks to Bose's marvellous noise cancelling technology. A special electronic gate will offer automatic immediate egress once more than twenty heads are seen to shake enabling fans to depart efficiently with disgust. The "What's the Matter With Them?" section Here, fans who develop irrational hatred of particular players (especially goalkeepers), can pay to have the object of their hate shown on a big screen located in front of the section. As the player is displayed, the fans can vent their fury to their hearts content. The Steve Redgrave Clearance Corner Named after the best hoof it out of the ground specialist that ever lived, this area situated on top of the stand will have a specially designed hoop which, when the ball flies through it, lights up, shoots fireworks and plays The greatest hits of: Napoleon VIV The Tartan Stand Here fans can bring along their tartan blankets, flasks and Bay City rollers scarves tied round their wrists and not look out of place as Alan B can lead them every 6 minutes in a collective refrain of "Bluddy Rubbish Bury" and "You Don't Know What You're Doing" The Forever Bury Cabin As part of the Board's total commitment to the continual growth of the Fan's organisation the cabin will be relocated to the nearest allotment. Fans who want to visit the the cabin can do so after the game when a "walking bus" will be formed up and led by Ben Miles still in his robes and ringing his bell "Slime ... Slime ... Slime etc" The Board says it is committed to listening to its fans so, in order to make sure the message gets through, I would like to see an in investment in the best Listen to us - or else! One final thing. Catering. Just like at the Baseball
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    I don't want a apology of him,instead why don't we say thanks to him for doing his best and putting money in the club ,he is new to this football ownership lark give him a thanks and not a "you don't know what your doing ,I know better crap"
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    The club is stuck in the 20th century when it comes to ticket sales. There should be an online system. It grates on me that you still get charged for paying on card for the ticket!!! Even on match days you get charged. If I can buy a 15p fudge bar at the post office on a card with no charge for using my card, why can't I pay £250 without being charged!!!
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    I couldn't miss this match for anything...it's monumental - in terms of the future of our football club. Alarm already set for 4am but if I'm still awake at midnight (after the Joshua fight!) I'll set off then and have a kip half way down and a walk on the prom if I get there early! I stand to win just short of 2 grand if we go down and I'm absolutely desperate not to. I know it's miles away and a ridiculous kick off time but if you can get there, then do, as the players need yor support. And just imagine the scenes at the end of the match if we do stay up... UTS.
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    I guarantee you none of those will happen next Saturday.
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    Seriously? I think we should help get him the best possible deal we can for him and his young family. The guy has been an absolute pleasure to watch this season - his devotion to the team is second to none and you can see how much he hurts for the fans when we lose, especially in the derbies. He deserves to be playing at a much better club than Bury and earning far more than we could ever afford to pay him. He'll leave in summer, no doubt, but I've said it before - he'll leave with my very best wishes. Quite rightly in the League One team of the year, but I would argue he deserved Sharpe's place in the overall Leagues team. Scoring record isn't too dissimilar and he's done it in a far weaker side.
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    ... that is goodbye to James Vaughan at Gigg, thank you and it's been a pleasure ! If it isn't ( 🤞 ), thank you and it's been a pleasure ! UTS
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    That was all part of the gamble and I think that most would happily accept lower gate receipts for a significantly increased chance of staying in L1 on a one off basis. Admittedly post hoc ergo propter hoc but maybe some will return next year after seeing an entertaining game. How a crowd of 5,000 can be declared too cheap I'll never know, queues outside locked gates might be too cheap but not 5,000. Personally, and I know others agree with me, I wouldn't do such a ridiculous promotion again. Shortage of programmes, queues for the kiosks, long queues for the loos and actually having to sit next to people are circumstances I don't expect to have to deal with at Gigg. Bring on winless runs and poor performances so that I can return to my leisurely matchday experience in isolation!!!!
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    Vaughan has the best technique and attitude of any forward I've seen over the last 50 years or so. He deserves a last chance to play at a higher level.
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    Two more things need to happen now this season. Fleetwood to beat Port Vale and Peterborough to win. 🤞
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    When was the last time we showed up for a derby? I'm not just talking about scamming a result (see Rochdale away FA Cup when we won 1-0). When was the last time we actually showed up, treated the game like a derby and we came away feeling proud of our club/team? A good few hundred quid ago in ticket expenses alone for us all, I expect. Where do you draw the line? Ah, it's just another £26 I guess. Might as well chuck that down the drain with the other £3-400 I've spent feeling utterly embarrassed of this club because a few teenagers on the BWFC messageboard know how to push Bradley1s buttons.
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    Agree with most of that but think a bit harsh on Greg Leigh who I think always gives his all and is our most improved player in the last third of the season.
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    A moving and touching minute's applause from all concerned last night. All the best Joe.
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    Whether you believe the '24 hours away from the padlocks being put on scenario is true or not, and I suggest only a few people really do, the tragedy of it is that we only needed £700k to remain solvent and now we find ourselves millions in debt. If you had invited supporters, local businesses etc stakes of £25,000, I am confident that there would have been 40 takers and that would have cleared the debts and given the club £300K working capital and a sensible budget plan could have been formed from there. Having known a former chairman I am told every aspect of expenditure was scrutinised and considered with appropriate cuts made where necessary. That's the way to run clubs like ours. Instead we find ourselves millions in debt, seem to have a plethora of back room staff, a squad that's far too big and way over budget, and was suggested in another thread a succession of ideas that haven't and unlikely to come to fruition. Yes thank Stewart Day for saving the club, and maybe the promotion, but the goings on since then have been highly questionable with the clubs name being dragged through the (court) mud being the obvious! Wigan, budget far higher than ours, is a prime example of why Championship football while achievable, isn't sustainable, for clubs like Bury and Day's ambitions and sentiments are all proving a pipe dream. It would be interesting to get the thoughts of Jill Neville (who has seen good and bad times at the club) without her company hat on. I suspect the well heeled Phil and Gary know though and that's why they have stayed well away. I really can't blame them!
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    Right now I don't really care whose team it is, whose signings they are, whether they will be here next season or not, how we have found ourselves down the lower end of the table or how good the opposition is. The fact is our fate is in our hands and we are Bury FC. On our day we can beat anyone. I will be there on Thursday again and like many others I feel a proper derby performance is long overdue and necessary. Over to you lads ! UTS
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    Looks a bit like our midfield three on Saturday ....
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    The one thing becoming more apparent is that our best player is at his best when Tom Pope is alongside him
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    Now I am not for one minute a professional footballer but I like to think I'm reasonably fit, i spend 5 hours a week in the gym, i swim and i go for a few vigorous walks a week. 2 years ago I stopped playing 5-a-side due to a knee injury. I just started playing again in the New Year, and I have been plagued with calf injuries despite never having problems with them before. No amount of pre-game stretching, gym-based strengthening or muscle rubs prevented me tearing my right calf twice. What I am trying to say is you can think you're reasonably fit and do all the training ground and gym work in the world, but until you actually step onto a pitch and play competitive football, nothing compares to the dynamics of twisting and turning of a real game. I have real sympathy for Jonah. This board tonight is rightfully full of criticism for players who are evidently not putting in the effort, yet many seem equally happy to throw onto the scrap heap our longest-serving player and one of our few players who you can guarantee will leave the field every week having given every ounce of effort in their bodies. I would argue Craig Jones is exactly the type of player Lee Clark will want at the club next season.
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    That performance had relegation written all over it. Midfield non existent, no energy, drive or passion. Mellis strolls through games (totally ineffective), and I'm not sure what some see in Caddis. Styles was the best of the bunch, but lacks the physicality needed. As such, the forwards struggled to get any good ball, but I can't defend Miller today, he was completely inept. Today was a big disappointment following a 10 day break, and a massive improvement on that performance needed to have any chance of beating Rochdale on Thursday
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    We would struggle to beat Dale Winton at the moment.
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    At least he's getting some much needed game time. It was good to see him back at Gigg. Wherever he ends up after the end of the season whether with us or elsewhere, I wish him luck.
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    Of course we have it in us, Dragged ourselves out of the relegation zone and had something like 2 defeats in 14 games , if we all had your attitude the players may aswel pack up and say we give up now eh?
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    Your Grandad came from a generation that were taught to keep their troubles to themselves
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    Never before, in all my years going to Gigg, have I seen it in as good a condition at the end of the season as it was at the start, so well done to all concerned, pity we can't roll it up and take it with us when we move.
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    For what it's worth, I reckon that was a good entertaining match with Bury playing some decent football. fantastic to see 3 goals at Gigg and a lasting memory of one Ryan Lowe having the game of his life ( well, you know what I mean) from midfield. Deserved MOM and I can't think of a weak link in the team today. Well done the whole team.
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    Clark did not inherit a bad bunch of players. I know there are some who won't give credit to Flitcroft for anything but if Clark can bring players of the calibre of Vaughan and Leigh to the club - like Flitcroft did - I'll be very happy.
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    As much as I haven't really liked seeing players thrust straight back into the starting line up after time out, it was a delight to see Tuttey start and complete a full ninety .... and play well.
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    But I'm pretty sure they will start with 11 !
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    Where do i start?! First of all, i think we flattered to deceive in our first 10 games overall...so probably letting Peter Clarke go and signing 2 experienced goalkeepers, neither of whom were good enough, was the real beginning of 'how?'. There's been plenty of other mistakes at all levels but tbf we have been unlucky with injuries and i'd also specifically suggest the vast majority of teams in this division would struggle without Nathan Cameron, Danny Mayor, Zeli Ismail, Craig Jones and Andrew Tutte. All 5 would be in my starting 11...you cant have those missing most of the season and hope to do still well. In summary, bad mistakes and bad luck imo. That said, still 9 points to play for - all we can do now is support our team for the remainder of the season. So get yourselves to Bolton and down to Gigg against Northampton. And if need be...Southend!!!
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    Too many times people say this is a must win but I truly think this is that game. Draw its going to be hard, lose against Rochdale and we are in serious trouble. If there was ever a game to get to this is it. We have all spent thousands over the years watching this club and now its time we make a huge effort, forget the games in the past push the players to step up also. No excuses no hiding its time these lot showed what it means to them to be a professional footballer. Blood and guts required win i think we will be ok lose and I fear relegation thats how important tomorrow is
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    Have to correct you, this isn't our local derby its theirs..
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    It could well be the case that the injury was nothing to do with anything that has gone before. Either way I thought it highly questionable to start with him after so long out. Regardless of any injury he eventually picked up he was out on his feet after about a quarter of an hour. What was stranger for me was that there was no great necessity to have him back in the starting eleven. What chance does he ever really have to make a proper recovery if he is going to be put straight back in after so long out ? I also thought the removal of the fresher Taylor Moore later on in the game was the wrong decision.