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    This is a message from the members of the moderating team; In the past few weeks, for whatever reason, personal abuse towards other forum members and employees of Bury FC has increased This is unacceptable to the club, the owners of the forum, the moderating team who 'police' the forum, but more importantly to the members of the forum who wish to come on here and express an opinion. The moderating team issued several warnings to certain members, but unfortunately these warnings fell on deaf ears leaving us with no alternative but to issue bans, which is something we are reluctant to do, but in some cases are left with no other option. When a member joins this board they agree to accept and abide by the rules of the forum, a concept which unfortunately is beyond some members comprehension. Any further instances of personal abuse will be dealt with by a first warning and then by a ban if it continues, the only exception being is that members who have already been banned for personal abuse will not receive a further warning, they will receive an immediate automatic ban. Members continuing with personal abuse after completing a ban will have the second ban increased in length and so on. All members posting on this forum are entitled to express their opinion/s and to disagree with that opinion is human nature, all that we ask is that that opinion is respected regardless of whether or not you agree with it. If someone disagrees with another's opinion and says 'Sorry, but you're talking rubbish', that will not be classed as personal abuse, it is an opinion, however if someone disagrees with an opinion saying 'Sorry, but you're talking rubbish you idiot/moron/clown etc' then that would be perceived to be personal abuse. This forum is here for the benefit of it's members and there are far too few supporters of Bury FC as it is without insulting, abusing, and disrespecting each other, please treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Thank you.
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    Thanks all for your support. It was my Dad. He's still in Shrewsbury hospital but today was moved from intensive care to the CCU which we see as a very positive sign hopefully. He's sat up, eating, drinking and talking a little now. He's still got a lot to get through but I can only reiterate how unbelievably good everyone at the ground was - Stewards (Lauren was the one mentioned above that helped me, she was brilliant) Red Cross, paramedics and fellow fans. I will pass this onto my Dad and he will really appreciate everyone's thoughts. The club, players, staff, fans have all been in touch aswell as loads from Shrewsbury. Makes us proud to be Bury fans. Unfortunately he's now found out the result though but at the end of the day does it really matter? Just enjoy being there. Cheers.
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    I'd be very grateful if the mods don't move this post to another section as there is a link to Bury FC. My dad died peacefully at home yesterday morning after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer, aged just 68. He was where he wanted to be with who he wanted to be. I think it is fair to say that he had only a passing interest in football. Born in Bolton, he was very much a Boltonian and kept his strong accent all his life, despite spending very little of his adulthood living in the town or the surrounding villages. I grew up in Rossendale in the 1990s and used to have a season ticket for Bury, along with my grandma and mum. When the former died in September 1996, it became something that just my mum and I did but my dad would still leave his stamp on things, often asking us to buy some shopping at M&S before games and we would look very silly coming through the turnstiles with several bags full! He only attended three football matches in his life: two at Burnden Park in the 50s and 60s, the latter of which saw a defeat to Wolves, who he then developed a strong dislike of for a long time afterwards. The third match was after he moved down to Bedfordshire in 2005 with my mum and brother. We went as a family whilst I was visiting them to see the not so mighty Shakers take on Peterborough at London Road on the 2nd of January, 2006. We bore witness to a gutless performance, with Bury losing 4-1 and looking second best throughout the entire game. He didn't think much of the performance either and said Bury were "crap", which was hard to argue with and also epitomised his very black and white way of expressing himself about things like that. The last decade has been very hard for my parents and my mum often sought solace in listening to Bury matches on Shakers Player when attending in person became difficult. My dad never bregrudged her being lost to the world almost every Saturday during the season for a couple of hours because he knew how much it means to her. My mum would often show him the messages I would write on this message board and he would praise them for being well written, just like he did when my article in the AFC Wimbledon programme was published the day after his last birthday. I'd never thought much about the phrase 'once a Shaker, always a Shaker' before and often thought it was a bit silly... but it definitely applied to my dad. Whilst he was not a Bury fan himself, the fact that he let me attend matches from the age of eight every other week will be something that I am forever grateful to him for. There are of course much more important things in life than football but that's besides the point. We will miss him terribly.
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    I'd be grateful if this could be kept in here rather than moved to History. Simply, why are Bury so reluctant to engage with former players? This isn't a complaint about the current regime per se because it's been happening for some time now. I spoke to Phil Stant on the phone this morning for the next book and I asked if he'd ever been back. "Nah," he shrugged. "I don't get asked." Why is that? My uncle gets asked back to Bristol City annually as they commemorate the 1986 Freight Rover Trophy win over Bolton, other clubs make a fuss of their players too - yet when I got Leighton James, Trevor Ross, Craig Madden, Martin Dobson, Frank Casper, John Bramhall, Gary Buckley, Chris Cutler and Wayne Entwistle to the ground last season, I had to fight tooth and nail to simply get them a cup of tea at half time. The recent appearance of Andy Woodward at the Sheffield United game serves as case in point. Here is a man who is at the centre of the biggest sports news story in years. Even the most ardent fan of the current regime must admit that their public perception from newspaper appearances hasn't been great, so it was a real chance to show "We at Bury care for our former players, we stand with them shoulder to shoulder through their hard times." In my opinion, Woodward should have been given the full treatment as we sought to generate a positive public perception. As it was, he was given a ticket for Legends with no-one to look after him and his lads who joined him. It was great to get him along, but surely so much more could have been made of his presence? I do what I do because at Bury I sometimes feel there's little option but to look back at good times, simply because I personally never feel secure enough in thinking we'll have a future. I'd love it if the past could be properly acknowledged.
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    Hi all yes Dad finally came home yesterday! He's had an ICD fitted and has had a comfortable first night home. Thanks for asking! Good to have him back. He's looking forward to getting g back to Gigg lane as soon as possible once he's allowed back! Apparently if he wasn't at the football ground he wouldn't have stood a chance so being a Bury fan saved his life! Uts
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    Any one who knows me, knows that since day one of the chairman's regime I have been sceptical and unsure of the motives and modus operandi of the key players in the takeover. If, and when, this house of cards does fall down (and I have no doubts that it will) I have every reason to be able to say, "I told you so..." but it is not intrinsically because Stewart Day and his fellow directors were the wrong people to take over the club but it is their insistence on the way they have run it. I am therefore not suggesting that Stewart Day was the wrong man for the club (there weren't many others about), but that since Day 1 practically, he hs led us on a path that will lead (in my opinion) to the downfall of Bury FC in its current form. The club,in the manner that they have managed it, I will lay the blame solely at their door and no-one elses. People will hear, "we gave it our best shot", "the club would have gone bust anyway", "there isnt the appetite from fans, council, banks etc for a club in this town", "there arent enough fans" etc. etc. - I personally believe a sustainable model with some financial input from a wealthy backer when the time was required (ie help with a new stadium) could have made us a going concern (.... it can be done - as we see at Rochdale). In my opinion, and I wanted to have this posted here before the inevitable happens, so that with a clear head and a clear conscience, I can say there was another way - with Stewart Day in charge - and it could have been successful. Stewart Day could have listened to the fans from day one - I know for a fact that a number of us (plus Forever Bury to their credit) warned of the low fan base - and that there is no evidence of a significant uplift by spending lots of money. Importantly amongst us is a lot of talent, knowledge and reach that could have been utilised to further the club - but (and I include Forever Bury here) they have been systematically ignore. There is more an US vs THEM culture at Bury Football Club than there has ever been. We managed to get into League 1 on 1/10th of the debt (under Brian Fenton and in living memory) we have accumulated since Stewart Day took over. Yes, Carrington, flying to games, Portugal camps, TV Screens, new pitches etc are wonderful - but if the cost is that when HMRC (or whomever) finally wants their debt paid and we go under it was NOT WORTH IT. Investment in youth football is not a panacea to our ills. We need to be churning out 4-5 sales each year to make the investment back - again we have some very astute fans and examples of this everywhere in football who can show that investment in the youth doesnt pay off as easily as Stewart Day and his team seem to think Finally, the attitude of the incumbent regime is always "my way or the high way". I fundamentally believe that a football club like Bury should be bigger than the sum of its constituent parts especially if we are all pulling in the same direction. I know a number of fans (I dont know if it is a lot...) who now dont want to come to watch us any more, who dont bother selling the club to new fans, who feel alienated from their club , who no longer feel it is their club. This might not affect the bottom line today - but it will over the long term. I know a number of you will come back and say well what would have been the answer. And here is mine: 1) The growth of Bury Football Club should be a long term game - Championship football in 5 years time is unsustainble on current spending - a slower more gradual capital spending would have been better 2) The club should have worked with fans to assess the potential and realistic income and expenditure and spent within its means - we have so many fans who could do so much to help (architects, accountants, tax advisers etc). 3) Been open and transparent with fans on the scale of the investment required (not £7m!) and we could have helped to achieve that rather than being a hinderance (supposedly we have lost money on two home matches recently!) Why post this now? I really feel that there is a (growing) group of fans that have felt this way for a long time - that have every right to be upset if their club goes to the wall. I dont want all fans to be tarred with the same brush that we are all to blame when the club starts to really experience difficulties. In my view there was another way and ultimately it is not Bury Football Club, its fans or lack of them, that will be to blame. It will be this regime for all the reasons I state. I just wanted a "public" statement of that probably for posterity before the real shit hits the wall.
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    There is definitely some sort of issue on the BBC Sport website too as it has had us on 20 points since September ...
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    I was there tonight. Soft line of questioning, as expected: all questions had to be wrote down and a piece of paper and I presume were pre-vetted. Lee Clark came off very well IMO. Lots of anecdotes which I haven't put down here - same with Lowe, although he was asked more "dressing room gossip" questions than anything else. Here's what I thought were the key points: I've summarised as best I can, but bits in quotes are actual quotes. Ground Development: Stewart Day: 65 apartments are going on the current site of the club shop, and planning approval for those will be submitted by the end of the month. More information on new stadium and site in May, but we're hoping to be in the new stadium by the start of the 2019/20 season. The stadium will be of a modular design, and "a Championship stadium that will target away fans". They're working with the council, and the capacity is around 10-15,000 - not on expectation of home support going up, but based on travelling supporters from the likes of Leeds and Wolves. The stadium will have will have a hotel, conference facilities, offices, and restaurants: apparently it'll be "a hub, a destination people will want to use every day of the year". Entire complex is apparently on 20 acres of land. Big push towards off-field income, as expected. Redevelopment on the old ground is unfeasible as it's a small site and demolition is prohibitively expensive. They're expecting lots of interest for naming rights as it's a new stadium, but Day don't want the club to change into a corporate brand and go away from the fans. JD Sponsorship: Stewart Day: Speaking of naming rights, the JD Stadium sponsorship was cancelled by JD because clubs they sponsor and supply kit to were complaining. "[JD] still work with the club, just in different ways." Easter fixtures: Stewart Day: Police had a "significant say" in changing games. More specifically, "police intelligence" was why the Bolton game was moved, whereas the Rochdale game was moved to give the players an extra break before Bolton. They're also sing it to test supporter reactions to playing games on a Thursday night. Squad & Injuries: Lee Clark: "over-inflated squad", and we need to get players fit in pre-season to stop injuries. "Soft tissue injuries are preventable with training program and working with our sports science and medical teams". At Huddersfield, he didn't have a soft tissue injury in quite a while apparently. Next season, we'll cut squad size and invest in quality rather than quantity. All players got a clean start: assessed on training and matchday performances rather than history. Alan Thompson: asked about if scouting would be based up in North East. Scouting will be North East and Scotland focused due to histories. They have "people up in Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough watching games." Got good contacts nationwide at PL/Championship level. Thompson and Clark were at the Ethiad last night: Thompson said "everyone's talking about Bury's academy". Styles/Youth: Stewart Day: "no truth in rumour about Styles signing for Everton". "We sell players on terms of Bury Football Club", and if Styles goes it will be for a fee that will break the club's transfer record. Lee Clark: Our academy means that our squad size doesn't need to be as big next year, as we can pull players from the academy for the first team. Spoke a lot about not caring about age, but results in training: if they can do it on the field they're old enough mentality. This season, next season, 5 year plan: 5 year plan briefly mentioned jokingly by SD: "10 games to get to the play-offs!". Feels that we should have been "in the top half or better" with our squad this year, but things happen. Target next year is promotion: "That's why Lee's come in" Lee Clark: wants to make the club more approachable by fans: talked about how the Newcastle squad used to stay and sign autographs at open training sessions until everyone was happy. He wants more updates on website about workings of the club - so injury news, interviews etc. Working with Gordon to do this, and it'll start in time for pre-season. Wants the team to be flexible next year, the formation we have will be a "winning one". Finances: Stewart Day, on reinvesting youth transfer fees: difficult to balance finances because we only sold 1,800 season tickets last season compared to other clubs in the league, but we will reinvest to make us competitive. Apparently year on year we've brought losses down... I asked a question about our persons of significant control and why we haven't completed that part of our confirmation statement, but that one mysteriously vanished into the ether!
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    If you lot can stop moaning as usual for a minute and watch the video you will notice allot of what people on here ( who don't represent the total fanbase) have winged about has been addressed ( obviously people on here will put a negative spin as usual ). The new stadium, the development at the front of Gigg, the conversion of debt to shares, Flitcrofts departure, Lowes return etc etc. We are lucky to have a business minded visionary leading this club out of the doldrums and you lot winge at the length of the interview. If he did it in 10 mins you would moan its to short - get a life and get a grip , laughable. Well don't Mr Day, and THANK YOU ...
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    My disconnection stems from feeling as though the club as a whole no longer really cares about supporters. I wrote in The Forgotten Fifteen that one of the most important events for me growing from a seven-year-old lad who didn't really care about football into a Bury fan was Wilf McGuinness taking me around the empty ground, telling me about the history of the club and having a chat with players and other officials as we passed them. If you go down to the ground on a non-matchday now, there'll be admin staff there and that's it. With the best will in the world, no-one's world view is going to be changed forever on the basis of a conversation with an accountant - not least one of ours in our current parlous state. You need a presence in the community that you serve. Bury Football Club plays a significant role in how the town of Bury feels about itself. When I was at Holy Cross it was great queuing up in the same sandwich shop as the players. Did you ever go to one of the old player of the season award dos in the social club, Mr Bistow? They were brilliant. Fans and players mixing, even when Bury were one division below the Premier League. Now if you want to go, you have to shell out £40 for a ticket to an event at a hotel. I know the club has to make extra money, but is that not a kick in the teeth to your average Joe in the South Stand? Especially when no other events are organised? It's the same as what followed promotion in 2015. I'll justifiably say that my two favourite nights in the social club (there's that phrase again - the first word is very important, I feel) came after promotion in 1997 and 2011. In 2015, I went to my local instead. No party, no joint celebration, no fans and players as one. When you've got such a small fanbase as us, that's how it actively needs to be. We're talking about Tom Soares and Craig Jones, not Leo Messi and Paul Pogba. In the mid-90s you could walk into a branch of Birthdays in the town centre and talk to the chairman. I sometimes wonder if Stewart Day has even been in the town centre of the club that takes its name. I know that times change, but yesterday I sat with that former chairman and over a couple of drinks recorded his memories of his time at the club for my next book. Do you think Stewart Day will do that with a person who wants to write about the 2015 promotion in years to come? And do you think David Flitcroft would talk to the same person wanting to embark on a project like that? The board as a whole were always extremely accessible pre-2013. That summer, at Radcliffe Borough, I was introduced to one new member. He looked at his watch as he mumbled an answer to my question, he looked over my shoulder as I spoke to him. Do you know what soul-searching, journalistic sucker punch I'd hit him with? "How are you finding things so far?" I'm sure my biggest fan George, or Jonathan, or whatever he's calling himself this week, will get on my back for this, but Bury hasn't felt like 'my' club for some time now. And it was my club. It was all of ours.
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    So good to get to home game for which seems the first time for years (6 months actually) but, as soon as the Car-o-Plane deposited me in Devon Street, the waft of slime from the rear of the West Stand soon had me back in the groove. It seemed that the club was expecting me and had arranged for a whole raft of surprises from the Yellow FC on our Giant Logos and scarves to the half time entertainment in the tunnel and the snatched win at the death. I must come again. First look at our new Goalkeeper Williams. His first two clearances were low and flat and precisely directed - to the opposition. Someone must have had a word with him as his next one went vertically as if he was trying to attract the attention of Elon Musk for the answer to the launch rocket problems of Space X. First look at our new defence. Not bad and I think I can see why Kay has the armband. He has a passion about him. Maher was a solid full back but might struggle in a 3-4-3. Was replaced by the all action Jones who, amazingly, still fools people with his leave the ball behind and suddenly sprint off routine Mellis and Soares in the midfield have a load of experience and read the game very well. Are they too similar? Well, after the amazing run by Mellis in the second half, perhaps not! It did wear him out though and prompted his later substitution. I may have missed this but why is Popey still wearing his wrist cast/bandage thing? A good luck charm? a devise to neutralise Adam El Abd? Speaking of which, was it Kean Brien that came on wearing a similar cast as an homage? We're missing a trick here. Get them branded and on sale in the club shop. Pope is the definition of a willing worker. He is the Sam Gamgee of the front line bravely carrying everything so that the Frodos of this world can nip in take the credit. I'm looking at you Danny Mayor. Vaughn was bristling and full of menace. His start to the season has now been interrupted because his bristling menace was directed towards former Bury stalwart Adam El Abd instead of the goal. So obvious, so inevitable. I hope he wasn't involved in the tunnel incident as he is looking at a long suspension if he was. The Shrews were niggly, battly, scrappy and did seem to carry a threat but our referee seemed to have stopped by an Amsterdam café on his way to the match or has watched the Big Lebowski too many times. His total lack of urgency and complete laid back attitude just encouraged the testosterone to outweigh and footballing nous. The ref seemed to take and age setting free kicks. "Hey dude, where do you want me to spray this line?" It was almost as if the teams decided that the lack of any urgency and involvement by the ref meant they had to provide it themselves and, just before half time they did becoming more and more outraged with each other at minor fouls and infringements until it kicked off with multiple grappling. The ref nearly forgot to book the dude that started it until Soares pointed it out to him. After Vaughn had been booked for excessive testosterone, he flew into El Abd who invited the tackle with a cute belly dance. Groans from everyone in the ground who just saw it coming. After the half time punch up - which was kind of a bit spooky from where I sat as the blue plasticised tunnel thing seemed to come alive writhing and twisting as if it were ingesting the players . . . Amazingly, the same players came out for the second half as went in. I am fairly certain that any tactical talking from Flicker would have involved a suggestion that our ball players should run at the Shrews defence to draw a foul as there is a footballing superstition that referees look to "level things up". On cue, the imperious Frodo, wearing his "invisibility ring" floated through players as if they weren't there until the stupid El Abd decided to smack him straight on to bring him down. A second yellow seemed inevitable even though El Abd pretended to have been hit in the kneecap by a Mafia baseball bat. I didn't see the yellow but saw the red, "sorry dude, you gotta go man". His walk of shame to the touchline was the definition of reluctance. (Wouldn't it have brilliant if a nun with a bell and followed him as in the Game of Thrones - "Shame, Shame, Shame . . . ") Amazingly, in a show of defiant stupidity, El Abd then turned up in the Cemy End flanked by two stewards. I wonder if the the Shrews will take any action against him? We now had a game on. Mayor seemed to have been galvanised and his running through two, three and four players while keeping close control and a total awareness of where everyone else was on the pitch was truly imperious. He often irritates by not choosing to shoot as all retreat before him but his goal today was so inevitable after he glided past player after player that the whole of the South Stand tilted pitchwards as the fans left their seat to punch the air. Magnificent. Naturally, we would not support Bury if we didn't concede an hysterically poor equaliser, so we did. Both sides looked shattered with the exception of Frodo and it looked like we were settling for a draw but Hope came on with his gym body to demonstrate his fitness with a barrelling run the length of the field and shot which, if I wanted to be critical, should have been buried but was well saved. This seem to send a message that we could win. And we did. It was inevitable that Danny "Frodo" Mayor would be the finisher but the whole team seemed to contribute in a fast passing move right inside the box which was triumphantly buried after a HopeyPopey switch pass and a cute move from Danny. If he played half as well for the rest of the season I will be happy. Flicker recognised the teams effort and commitment and brought the subs and support staff on the pitch for a post match huddle which was richly applauded by, frankly, a poor crowd. I noted the Ref and Liners prudently waited on field until they were sure no other punch ups were due. "Hey dudes, you think we should go back to the dressing rooms and carry on scoring . . . "
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    Aye. Reet. Well we finally didn’t lose which means that we now have something to build on. Not losing is a good habit and, despite the fact that I had no alternative but to pick the side that played, I will take all the credit for it - well me and Kiddo. I’ll let the fans think that I had the courage to blood the youngsters when DF didn’t . . . Speaking of the youngsters, they are really keen to learn and have asked me to put on a special training session for them to demonstrate how to clear a ball when facing your own goal. They are special kids they are like. As we gear up to the January transfer window, the Chur had us all in for a Powerpoint presentation on the club’s finances. After thirty slides full of flow charts, special purpose vehicles, venn diagrams, leveraged drawdowns and tax efficient joint ventures it became clear that we will have around three shillings and fourpence to get some quality players in. Me and Kiddo have a list so we will get our heads together over a Baileys on New Year’s Day and cross them out one by one. A lot of fans seemed surprised that we brought Rob Lainton back for the Fleetwood game but, let me tell yer, this guy is one tough cookie. Three times now he has come back from some serious escape goating from our terrific fans and here he is back again! Quality! A lot of fans have asked me how the players spend Christmas day being as like they are professional footballers and, here at Bury, we are nothing if not top class professionals. We put on sessions with experts on: Cracker pulling; Tree dressing; Present wrapping; Turkey carving; Eating a drumstick without getting grease on your cheeks and; Falling gently asleep in an alcoholic haze in the armchair watching the Great Escape. People keep asking me when Cameron is coming back but I am hoping he doesn’t. After the disaster he had last time he was around I wouldn’t want him anywhere near here. Why on earth he held that referendum no one knows. Tosser. Here are me and Kiddo’s New Year’s Resolutions: Not getting sacked Persuading Vaughny to change his flag breaking celebration (The Chur is trying to buy a flag making firm but, for now, every goal he scores costs us £22.30) Buy more cotton wool (the Chur brought an expert in who told us we had to wrap the players up in it to avoid injuries) Remembering not to eat a pork pie just before being interviewed Teach Gordon to call me Gaffer and not Brassy Try not to insult the fans when they perfectly reasonably and legitimately make stupid and offensive remarks against me and the players. No getting sacked. Finally, the perpetual problem we have at the club in writing proper English on our website might have been solved as the Chur has brought in a professional Spell Checker to make sure everything is perfect from now on. The Chur reckons he is the best in the Business and here’s a photo of him on his first day after spotting a redundant apostrophe and an inappropriate use of a gerund
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    I think you’re basically asking why I’m alienated, for want of a better of a word, by the club. I’ve now had the opportunity to put together a much more considered response. Apologies for the length of but I trust you’ll understand why…. …..It’s really a drip feed of things. Heres a round dozen of them in no particular order: 1. The Board’s bullying of FB, the main body representing me and hundreds of other supporters through, for example, the threat to remove the Cabin should FB not vote with the Board. Plus the demand for FB to pay £50k for the privilege of letting the fans have a voice on the Board. The club has made admirable efforts to increase numbers through the turnstiles but when it comes to having a say in the running of the club they rarely want to know unless you have a few spare tens of thousands to cough up. 2. Some of the Board’s values appear to be at great odds, if not diametrically opposed, to mine. I have particularly in mind, the club’s failure to make its HMRC payments on time. Payments, let’s remember, that fund vital public services including paying for doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters etc. It’s odd that simultaneously the club appears to have absolutely no problems in ensuring well-paid footballers receive their pay cheques on time. Most of us, of course, have no choice when we pay our taxes, either through PAYE or VAT. It’s four WUPs alone this year and what’s the Board’s response now its running out of excuses? Well, the best it can come up with is like a chorus line of spoilt 7-year olds “Boo, hoo, it’s not our fault, HMRC is out to get us”. I find it difficult to be associated with this sort of nonsense. 3. The same goes for the twenty or so CCJs taken out against us, one of them by a former chairman who ploughed his own money into the club to keep it going for several years. The club might have disputed some of the claims for good reason but the bottom line is that the judge ruled against the club. I wonder how many of those CCJs were awarded to small businesses whose owners and employees were not paid for work they had undertaken in good faith, expecting to be fully paid in time, thereby threatening their livelihood? Again, simultaneously, there’s seemingly no delay in paying well-heeled footballers on time. It sometimes makes me ashamed to be a supporter of such an organisation. 4. The lack of recognition of the history of the club exemplified by when we reverted from blue to white shorts, without any consultation with the fans. At the time, I received an email from the Commercial Department asking me whether I was renewing my player sponsorship (as an individual, not a company, I hasten to add). I replied saying before I did so that I wished to know why the kit had been changed, overthrowing years of tradition. The response was “I don’t know”. How lazy and unprofessional was that? In similar circumstances I would always endeavour to find out or forward the query to an appropriate colleague. Nor can I recall any other organisation dealing with my email in the way that the club did. To make matters worse I then heard that Flitcroft had a mini rant at “negative” (don't those in charge just love that word?) fans over such a "trivial" matter. I really resented being told what I, a fan of 50 years, should be be thinking by somebody who had been employed by the club for just four years. Just an other episode in making me feel a little more disengaged from the club. 5. Some time ago, Day invited fans to suggest ideas about cutting costs…..a welcome, if very rare, move to engage supporters. In July I spent a good part of one weekend putting together fairly detailed proposals about an initiative which, if successful, would increase future revenue (so equivalent to “cutting costs”). I sent this via FB, to be asked at a Q&A session, rather than to a director because in the past Day et al haven’t always responsed to my emails. Now, one would expect a swift response given it was a request from the chairman. Yet 18 weeks later and I’m still awating the club’s considered response (in spite of FB's valiant attempts to follow up). 6. The unnecessarily divisive attack on supporters, with phrases such as “negative fans” (yep, that word again) and “keyboard cowards” liberally thrown about, for simply politely seeking more transparency about the club’s finanances. More recently was Thomas’s “without wishing to sound arrogant, the club wouldn’t be here…..” comment. Well, I’m sorry, Glenn, but “arrogant” is exactly what you sounded and hardly likely to engender a feeling of inclusivity between fans and Board. 7. Day simply not doing what he says he will do. Now, I’m not talking about ambitious aims like Championship football within 5 years, but easily fulfilled promises such as holding fans forums. I’m still waiting to hear who has the ground naming rights, promised “in a fortnight” 15 months ago BTW. Promising something and then not delivering, possibly with the intention of never fulfilling it, is a pretty dumb way of conducting business because it leaves people feeling let down and increases mistrust. Again, I feel alienated. 8. The very sudden and unexplained withdraw of the club’s funding of this message board, a key means of enabling fans to discuss all things Bury FC and for the club to disseminate information. The days when former director, Mark Catlin, was a frequent poster on here are now a distant memory. There was certainly a much greater feeling of “We’re all in this together” then !! 9. The failure to keep shareholders informed of major developments, let alone the reasons why, such as the transfer of the major shareholding to Mederco. A related example was the club’s contravention of company law by sending the abbreviated and not the full 2014-15 accounts to shareholders. 10. The appalling standard of grammar and spelling on the club’s website even though things do appear to have improved recently. That’s bad enough in itself but possibly worse is that fans on here have said they’ve offered to proof read material but the club has dismissed those offers. As a fellow fan, the club’s response makes me feel alienated. 11. I am never invited to provide feedback on anything to do with the club in stark contrast to the plethora of both profit and non-profit companies and organisations with whom I have dealings. The last few emails I have receieved from the club related to various offers from its partners which did little other than reinforce my perception that existing fans come bottom of the pile as far as the club is concerned. 12. My preference would be for somebody running the club who was a supporter beforehand or, at least, had some connection with the Bury area. Now, I fully appreciate that the era of the local butcher, baker or candlestick maker fulfilling such roles has long disappeared at the highest echelons of the game. However, I’d still hope there is room for chairmen with a local background, or a club run by the fans, in the lower divisions. Somebody who appeared out of the blue from nowhere, who nobody had ever heard of, continues to sit a little uncomfortably with me. At times the club feels like a franchise and part of the Mederco brand rather than Bury FC. As James has pondered, I wonder whether Day has actually ever set foot in Bury town centre? With all his media appearances and risible video interviews, Day’s tenure at the club comes across as part ego trip and part craving attention rather than about promoting the club itself. That might be unfair. It might be unreasonable. But it’s just the impression I have and I feel alientated by it. You might think after all this that I’ve nothing good to say about Day et al. Quite the contrary! As I’ve posted elsewhere several times, they’ve done some good, especially in dragging the club into the 21st century. Believe it or not, I was one of very few who stayed on to applaud the Chairman in his “lap of honour” after the Pompey match, the final game of his first season in charge. However, as Keynes is famously reputed to have said “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” Maybe you can pick holes in some of the items I’ve listed and perhaps some are individually rather insignificant. However, collectively (no doubt there are more and the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts) they encapsulate why I feel rather alienated from the club. Did I feel alienated during the Eaves area? Absolutely not because extremely few, if any, of the above issues applied then. Of course, the club is bigger than the Board, but when the Board acts in the way it does it inevitably affects how one feels about the club as a whole. I expect many of you feel differently but I’m just telling you as it is for me. As someone else has posted, the current board seem to leave us with a choice of “lump it or leave it”. Sadly, I feel that the club is slowly nudging me towards leaving it.
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    You might be waiting a while. I've been a supporter for 30 years and I've never ever not gone to a game because of the manager. I go to watch Bury.
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    12 taxmen taxing, 11 bins overflowing, 10 strikers missing, 9 loans outstanding, 8 suspect signings, 7 drains aclogging, 6 loos ablocking, 5 business plans; 4 sendings off, 3 penalties, 2 forums, And a vulture in a pear tree.
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    I know we are not playing well but some members of this message board really take the biscuit when the loudest shout they muster is by calling our youngest and most inexperienced player a pillock at the top if his voice. I thought we tried to give encouragement to our younger players not vitriolic criticism... Rant over.
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    Not posted since the Bolton game, as along with many I was disappointed with the result, my disappointment continued after the Northampton game but for different reasons. Not the result or the performance of the players but the abusive behaviour of some of the supporters. Why is it when a Bury team goes through a bad spell, we get the calls of, your getting sacked in the morning, whether it be David Flitcroft, Kevin Blackwell, Ritchie Barker, Alan Knill etc its a disgrace!, its a disgrace to taunt someone and gloat over the loss of their livelihood, its a disgrace and it reflects poorly on our club. Our current manager is 42yrs old a young manager who is learning about football management, he doesn't have yrs of experience to fall back on, he is going through a horrendous injury situation and whereas in September when most of the teams we played were in the bottom half of the table, October has seen us up against teams in the top half. Any supporter worth their salt would make an attempt to get with the players and manager, get through this hiccup together rather than look for an escape goat. Canon Smith spoke with pride in the 80's about teams under estimating the little man from Bury at their peril, if he had heard the chants on Saturday he would have turned in his grave. I like him think the Bury fans are better than that, Saturday gives you the chance to prove us both right
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    Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you so much, we're just short of our target for the year of £2,000 - currently just another £57.99 to raise! And all that in a couple of months or so. It's amazing we've done this so quickly and we want to thank you all for donating, and for using the forum. The fact the forum has developed and grown in one form or another for nearly 20 years shows it's a valued community but this goes to show just how much. And to think the club wanted to shut it down..! Once we reach the £2,000 we'll close the fundraising in that goal, but we will leave an open donation goal running too. At this stage its hard to be totally sure what we'll need in the first year - for instance, we just found out we need to spend some more money on a piece of software to make the new prediction game (coming soon!) work smoothly with this forum. But if we end up with more money than we need, we'll use it for the good of the message board and the fans. Remember, we are a non-profit company and none of us take any money out of the company. Thank you all again from all the admins, mods, and all the other users of the board!
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    Absolutely quality away following
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    I know he still remains a part of the club and I know we all have our opinions on his managerial capabilities but I would just like to say a thank you to Mr Brass for his efforts during his spell in charge, which came under difficult and very testing circumstances. His passion for the club and his drive to do well for the club always stood out. I know Mr Kidd will also remain but would like to thank him for his efforts too. UTS
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    Latest squad update ; We had two Williamses now we have one, two Robs now only one, two Bens now one, still two Ant(h)onys but one out on loan, a Maher and a Mayor whilst some say we are also having a Mare, technically two Camerons, an ex Leon and a current one, a dodgy Barnett, an odd number of Clark(e)s now disposed of, Moore signings, two Burgesses (No way !), an OKKay, two Jacobs - one just scored a cracker - still an Ismail and an Ishmael, still a big Miller and a little Miller, more Daleys on here than if Tom and Arthur's families were to meet, probably an incorrect pluralisation from me or a missing or misplaced apost'rophe, the reappearance of a Brown and the ongoing disappearance of a Brown, Brass given brass, Kidd's kids, "The Scouse Winger", the Danny totaliser remains at 1 + a Danns (I think), Hope and Tommy remain even if Britain doesn't, whilst there is also a faint Flicker and an imminent Trump ..... ... oh and a Rachubka !
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    Today was the last game of the season for me - on Friday morning I'm leaving the country for a few months (a non-Bury FC-induced decision), so I thought I'd share some final thoughts before I do. This afternoon I saw more than enough to convince me that, if the club is managed correctly and responsibly on and off the field, the next game I see next August will be in League One. For 75 minutes today we matched the league's best side, and on another day, had we taken our 2/3 chances, we could have walked away with 3 points. I love seeing us line up 4-4-2, I really do, but I thought Brass got it pretty spot on today and our downfall today came in the form of a few individual errors and a good opposition. I'll start with some negatives: - The management team still face a huge problem in motivating some of our players. For 50-75% of today's game, Mellis and Etuhu were excellent - Mellis is mobile, skillful and creative, and when he plays we move the ball so much quicker. Likewise, when Etuhu switches on and decides he can be bothered, he is a perfect anchor in front of the back 4 at that level - he is aggressive, mobile and plays the simple ball well. The problem Brass etc face, however, is getting them both to play for as close to 100% of the game as possible and make the most of their undoubted talent. - We'll struggle without Danny Mayor (assuming he's going). Today, in my opinion, the worst, or rather least effective, two players on the pitch were our two wingers. For large parts of the game we used the ball well, moved it quickly and got it into dangerous positions out wide, only for it to be wasted. I think Burgess and Mackreth put 2 decent balls in the box between them all game, Mackreth looked like he's going to struggle at a level where pace alone isn't enough and Burgess looks by far the weakest of the 4 young lads. - We lost again. It's all very well and good leaving games saying how well we played, how hard we tried or how well the young lads did, but the fact is we haven't won in 18 (?) now, something for which the management and senior players need to be held accountable. - The club continues to be run with deceit and dishonesty by people whose motives/sense of responsibility are far from clear, who think it's okay to lie to supporters/customers and are seemingly risking the club's future for the sake of an ego trip. This, for those of us who choose to concern ourselves with the facts of the situation, is still exceptionally worrying and I feel will continue to be for some time. However... - As I wrote above, we played well for 75 minutes today - we got two key, creative players (Vaughan and Mellis) back and we looked like we were capable of hurting the opposition. At Fleetwood we were committed and brave, but hoofed it for 90 minutes, whereas today we played some bloody nice stuff at times too. - Styles and Bedeau are outstanding. For lads aged 16 and 17, they did not look remotely out of place again today - Styles oozes class, composure and ability and Bedeau mixes the ability to defend and get stuck in, with the ability to play football. - The fans were patient and supportive have proved what most knew all along, that lack of effort, lies and mismanagement are what make supporters angry, not on-field results alone. - Brass has got players playing for him and playing for the club, he comes across as less self-interested, more intelligent and generally speaking more likeable than Flitcroft. The jury was out on him for me, and to a large extent still is, but the signs are positive; he's putting out teams which are young, committed and in today's game, tried to play the game the right way. - If we play like we did today, we will be playing League One football next season. Add Cameron, Bryan and a confident Ismael into that team and it is far too good to be relegated from this division - the team we put out today mixed ability and creativity with commitment and physicality and a few tweaks in personnel/tactics will see us win enough games to stay up, I'm sure of it. I desperately hope that the next Shakers game I see is in the same Division as the one I saw today, and I hope it's from a team who play with the same level of ability and desire as the one I saw today too. For me the biggest question mark in all of this is nothing to do with what's happening on the pitch, it's what is happening in that board room away from any of our prying eyes. On the field we've got good players and sellable assets, but both of those pale into insignificance unless we can work out what on earth our Chairman is playing at. The club has been run for some time in a completely unsustainable fashion and it seems seems, judging by our most recent signing and a sudden focus upon our younger players, that the penny may have finally dropped. I just hope it's not dropped a year too late. UTS.
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    We've all been to enough derby matches over the years to know that we'd be let down again tonight, and alas, I wasn't (or was!) to be disappointed. I've seen plenty of comments post-match questioning the players desire and application but to be fair I thought the effort was there tonight, )apart from Mellis but then again I've come to expect that), however we just don't have the quality in midfield to compete. 0-0 would have been a fair reflection of the game, neither keeper had much to do, the free kick that led to their goal was incredibly soft but Murphy should have kept it out. Fair play to Camps, he strikes his free kicks with a Ronaldo-esque 'punch' through the ball. In stark contrast to our Reece Brown, who had a free kick in a similar position 2nd half but tamely scuffed it into the wall, which is indicative of a lack of quality running through the side. If and when we do go down, for me it won't be for a lack of effort, it will be because of serious long-term injuries to 5 crucial players coupled with Flitcroft's atrocities recruitment last summer. Firstly, Nathan Cameron (you could knock 10 goals off the goals against column straight away had we had him in the side all season, plus he'd have chipped in with half a dozen important goals). Then there's the 2 wide players Danny Mayor and Zeli Ismail. Without those two we have no trickery or threat from wide areas, these two could provide a bit of magic to change a game. Couple this with Craig Jones absence who also provides quality from wide. Lastly Andrew Tutte, he's the only genuine 'box-to-box' midfielder we have, has great energy, and is someone else you could rely on to chip in with important goals. We look completely clueless going forward, our decision making in midfield and attack is terrible. Summed up by when we went 2-on-1, all Hope had to do was get his head up and put Vaughan through on goal. Instead he chose to run like a headless chicken straight into the back of the defender. Clark has a huge job ahead of him this summer clearing out all of Flitcroft's duffers. I just hope we can tear it up in Lge 2 with a fit Jones, Tutte, Cameron, Mayor, Zeli and a striker with the Vaughan money! On nights like this I try to find positives, and there were a few. We looked very solid at the back, and the 2 centre halves were excellent (Barnett has improved almost as much as Greg Leigh under Clark) and I thought Caddis had his best game in a Bury shirt at right back.
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    For Lee Clark, a great achievement for an incoming manager. In my opinion he has benefited hugely from the work of Chris Brass. OK, on taking over Brass didn't turn things around immediately, but Clark came in to a team where a degree of confidence had been restored, had suffered 1 defeat in 6 games and eventually tightened up. Clark has kept the system introduced by Brass, with the addition of Caddis to the squad. It looks like absolutely the right decision to bring in Clark but he's been helped a lot by not having to come in and change everything, throw his weight around. This revival in fortunes has its roots in Brass and long may it continue!
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    Do you remember the last day at Tranmere, how the season was a roller coaster and the effort it took to move up a league? well we Bury supporters have long memories and can count on that feeling of being promoted, the euphoria, pride,on many, well a few! Occasions and I guess it's what keeps up full of hope and watching our beloved team. We appear to be going down with a whimper. So Flicker got sacked, and the clubs taking a different direction , what the hell is it? Because all I see is we replace an experienced manager with a novice, we recruit players in positions not required, we're back to having more goalkeepers than centre halfs, and it feels just like October, November , December, etc. we have 50-70 applicants for the job, and yet we have at best a half decent coach in charge. I like Brassy, but come on, let's feel like we have some fight left, it's still February and not to late, but do nothing ! Which it appears is where we are at, and then a whimper it will be. how can a club be second in the league, playing some good football, talk of what could be, disend into utter chaos within 5 months? Good chairman make tough decisions, at this moment I'm not seeing that. So is the plan to sell youth and hope ? Because hope is not a strategy! Nor is he a winger 🤠 UTS..
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    (The first in a series of interviews with our new Eternal Champion) Aye. Reet. Yer probly knaa like that the Chur has passed the chalice to me and me mucker for now like. We are all devastated that Flicker was cruelly sacked but delirious that he has gone. I personally will be so pleased not have him keep putting me in a headlock and knuckling my skull till I cried. Ryan and I have agreed to greet each other with handshakes so there’s an instant improvement I can report to the fans. The Chur is a big man with big plans and I’ve been told to tell you all that he will continue to be the real football thinker behind the team which I can tell you is a big relief for me and Ryan. When we get sacked, we can point this out to him through our LMA representatives to get more settlement money. Anyway, handshakes are not he only improvement. We have decided to make some marginal gain style improvements to the team to get back to winning ways. Off the pitch we have brought in a punctuationalist to help rearrange the apostrophes in the press releases. This will make them more understandable. You may have heard that the Chur has talked to Crewe about bringing Ryan Lowe on to the staff and I think this will be a great thing. His positivity, his cheeky scouse humour, his sharp haircut and media friends all help to settle the lads down. He is the reincarnation of Terry McDermott except he says, “look” before every sentence which is the modern coaching way. We are all concerned about our injuries and have made some changes to Carrington by dismantling the brick wall that Flicker used to make the players run though by way of match preparation. We have also altered the players dietary preparation - for example, replacing Popey’s Smarties with pieces of fresh fruit. One or two of the players have lost the plot recently and Kiddo and I, rather than try and locate it for them have tried to help them visualise another way by showing them the show “Twin Peaks” - a hugely successful TV series that had no plot whatsoever. We need to stop the goals against and get a grip at the back so we have ordered huge gloves for Ben Williams and a bluetooth microphone headset with amplifier and speaker to allow him to communicate better with the numpties defenders in front of him. Finally, a quick word for our fabulous supporters. Velocity. (©Gordon Strachan) In order to help me cope with criticism Kiddo and I have created some post-it notes to stick on my walls, doors and car windows. They have such phrases as Lost the plot Clueless He’s a clown Lost the dressing room No plan B Why does he keep picking Soares? etc This will help me manage the fantastic support we have at Bury Howay the Lads! Aye. Reet.
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    Brassy's CV: Player Manager at 27 (Twenty Seven) - okay it went pear shaped but York must have rated him. In 2007 he became our 'Centre of Excellence' Manager - so we must have rated him. Alan Knill appointed him as his assistant and took him with him to 2 other clubs - so he must have rated him. Bury FC head hunted him and paid compensation for him - so as crazy as that sounds...it happened. So Flitcroft must have rated him. I know for a fact Lowey really rates him. I'm not saying he'd be my choice - but as others have said, let's give the guy a chance. Oh and finally, he's a decent and honest bloke who talks sense - no bull shit jargon from him...so it's a start. Dont bother picking holes in what i've said, just get behind him and our football club...we simply cant afford to be relegated. UTS.
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    We've argued about Flitcroft's merits as a coach and manager. I'm sure most of us have been shocked and saddened by this appalling run of defeats and by the news of our financial problems. Through all this, the players have enjoyed good wages and the best facilities available at this level. We wouldn't be in this mess if they had repaid the faith put in them by the chairman and manager. Some of them seem to be happy to be serial losers. Their efforts aren't acceptable. It is time for them to "play up".
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    This is not an analysis of what has been and what could possibly come. There has been and will be plenty of other (good) threads in that regard. This is just me taking the opportunity to say COME ON BURY!! At the risk of sounding like the late, great Victoria Wood - Let's do it !! - (not that ) Let's recapture the spirit of Bradford last season, let's use this as some sort of turning point in the season ! Let's do it for those making the Tuesday night trip, including those on the coach that has now been arranged ! Let's do it for those who can't go, let's do it for those who aren't going whatever the reason ! Let's get on TV again so we can make amends ! Let's get the cash ! This may well all be said in blind hope rather than any expectation but sometimes that's all you have - LET'S DO IT !
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    I'm not sure we need to move, the club have put a lot of effort in over the last few weeks to improve things, there's much less congestion getting away from the ground recently, it's as if there are less people around and they have also introduced a phased departure system encouraging fans to leave from 60 minutes onwards rather than making everyone want to wait until full time.
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    I just thought you'd like an opinion from a Birmingham City season ticket holder. Caddis is predominantly a right back and played 95% of his games there for us. He likes to go forward and is excellent when going up and supporting the front players. He can also player further forward either as a winger or on the right side of the midfield and he is a skilful and intelligent player. Opinions about him were divided amongst us Blues fans. The majority liked and rated him but there were some who thought he was sometimes lacking defensively, particularly sometimes being 'turned' too easily by a winger, or occasionally a bit slow getting back there after an attack. Like many of our fans I was sorry to see him go, but like what often happens with all clubs, our new manager didn't rate him and after having bought another right back in January he was surpless to requirements so being as his contract was up in the summer he allowed him to leave early. I think you've got yourself a cracking player and I think (and hope) he will do well there. As for your manager. He has his limitations but his passion, dedication, and hard work is second to none. He did quite well with us considering he inherited a poor squad and wasn't given any money during his 3 years here. Okay it all turned a bit sour in the end but you could do a lot worse than him. Good luck this season. Neil
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    No plans; if we go pop I'm giving up work, going on the dole, stop washing, sleep with my sister and supporting Dale - like you
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    I would assume that Bury football club is in the heart of everyone who frequents this message board, I would also say every one of us is hurting at the moment. I'm trying not to get into the on the pitch going-ons but in my opinion it's the right time for Flitcroft to be released. My much more urgent concern is that the stark reality outcome of the off the pitch going-ons is that Bury FC will cease to exist in the near to mid future unless a very wealthy backer comes forward to help or completely takes over. Day & Co have obviously taken off more than they bargained for & this has shown more & more to be the case as time's gone on. One thing I will never forgive them for is misleading others & fans into thinking it would be their own money funding Bury FC in their 5 year plan. Their biggest mistake & one that they will carry in their own consciences is using the club/ground as collateral. The thought of anyone having rights to do as they wish with the club/ground saddens me enormously. On taking over it was reported that the club was up to 1million in debt BUT owned the club/ground. Now three years later the club is reported to be 7-8million in debt & doesn't own the club/ground. As touched on in another thread (main issue) other ways could have been used &/or investigated more intensively 3 years ago, in my opinion regardless of which way, we would not be in the position we find ourselves now. What will now be, will be, but I hope Day & Co will put some thought & consideration into just how passionate & effected the fans of Bury FC are when handing over the keys.
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    Another very well organised and dignified tribute to the fallen which has thankfully become the norm. Lest we forget.
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    Imagine in those dark days when "no-one else was going to come in" and they were "ready to lock the gates" if Fenton had stayed and mortgaged the stadium to the hilt and put us millions of pounds in debt to these shady lending companies? Imagine if he'd made empty promises of aparthotels, and concerts? He'd have been getting absolute pelters.
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    Thought it would be good to show some support for the lad, so I'm suggesting a minutes applause on 11 minutes ( his shirt no ? ) and maybe Keith could put something on the Rochdale site. He's had some rotten luck and while its a local derby some things are more important than football.
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    Spotted on Stewy's desk . . .
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    Hello, Killie fan here, thought I'd pop in and share some thoughts. Bit disappointed Lee's gone. He wasn't everyone's cuppa tea but I liked him. He was open, honest and a likeable guy. Not a particularly great football manager, but a nice guy. I think it's a case of jumping before he's pushed. We've just gotten into the Top 6 but the league is a bit mental at the minute, a couple of losses and we're right back in the relegation places. His tactics are strange at the best of times, his recruitment and turnover of players is quite remarkable and some of the guys he's given contracts to/signed on loan are never footballers at this level in a million years. Hopefully his eye for a player improves with you lot! He did unearth Coulibaly and made the club a decent amount of money, and losing him was a blow but our form wasn't great even when Souley was here. Lee got us out of a hole last year, by the skin of our teeth, but he got us out if it. Seems Bury in a similar situation, hopefully it works out. Regardless of what I or others think of Lee as a football manager, he's a top class bloke, and I wish him and Bury all the best.
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    Not a good performance but one thing I will say about tonight is that Bury has some of biggest moaning prats in the country.Some of the comments aimed at individuals and the team in general were beyond belief.
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    Stewart Day must be on first names terms with the High Court by now. Whatever the whys and wherefores, I hate this, and name of the club I have supported for nearly 60 years being regularly dragged through the mud Not a way to run a legitimate business
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    Hi. Bristol City fan here. For those of you on Twitter, you may have seen my positive thoughts on Taylor Moore already. He's not Adam El-Bad!!! He's not been given much game-time since his moves from RC Lens in August, and 4 of his 7 games have been at RB, which from the evidence is not his natural position, Centre Back is. He is blessed with pace, and very comfortable on the ball. He ought to fit in well alongside a ball-winning centre half (I see you loaned in 6'4" Burgess from Fulham, although I know nothing about him). There is a bit of footage of him on Hull's Youtube for the EFL Cup game earlier this season, not sure if you'll find the Fulham game from the previous round. He is a well grounded young man, who looks like he'll be a leader in future. I hope he gets good experience from this loan, and if you've still got Swindon, Bristol Rovers and MK Dons to play, hope he helps inflict defeat on them! Good luck for the rest of the season.
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    Daleys will be killing their sides laughing with the moronic suggestions in this thread
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    I don't think anyone would doubt that being your wife is a difficult job 😀
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    In the restart of your Managerial Career. You shouldn't have been removed from your coaching position but your dignity and love of our club will mean you will always have our respect. Promise us a team to wear the shirt with pride, keep them fit and on the pitch until full time and coach the team back up the table please. Promise us no Verve, Synergy, Baller or Intel and don't tell us you make people better every single day and we will always be with you in battle. Maybe nice if you invite our previous Manager to do a Q & A in the Social Club and hopefully you will be backed to improve the team in Jan. Good Luck tomorrow and forever after UTS
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    Promotion, with a record points total. That will always be in the history books. Respect should be shown for that. Those who show no respect show no class.
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    I'm writing this thread early. As it stands, we're losing 3-0 and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that our season is over competitively. HOWEVER, I'm not here to start yet *another* Flitcroft thread because that's not the main issue. We are bad. Perhaps the worst football I've seen us play in over a decade at least, but that should not distract us from what is happening off the pitch. There are fans who haven't liked the manager from the first day, there are those who still support him. Let's put those, comparatively, insignificant differences aside for one second and unite to save our club. Stewart Day and that dreadful bloke Glenn Thomas are blatantly destroying our club. I can handle defeats, manager and player changes, but what I can't handle is four winding up petitions in one year and selling our ground to pay off debts that Day is responsible for. Our form is worrying because it will distract fans from this. Before it's too late, this board should be used to discuss ideas to implement a genuine fans movement; personally I'm not convinced that Forever Bury are that. There aren't many of us, but we are loyal and we can make a difference. What do you think? Protests? Opposing the selling of Gigg Lane? Do we have the fan base to create a new club in the future? There are countless things to discuss here, so let's get it started rather than moaning about our embarrassing performances. If Day continues to be in charge, we won't be seeing any performances whatsoever.
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    I really feel for you. A long trip on a Tuesday night, not cheap and many will have taken time off work. I had hoped tonight you could be the ones to witness the turning point in this god awful spell and that the spirit of the cup game at Bradford could prove an inspiration yet by all accounts you have witnessed what can only be described as a shambles. Safe journey home, although many may understandably be home already ! If it is any consolation the hardy souls who make this sort of trip always increase my pride in being a Shaker. UTS!
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    Which 20 year old has been dropped exactly? If you meant George Miller, he hasn't started a game and is barely 18... not that I don't think he shouldn't have more opportunities, but at least base your argument on the reality. 13 year olds playing in the U16s is worthwhile news at a club whose future has two major factors underpinning it, one of which is a successful youth academy. Emeka Obi was only just 14 when he was playing in the U18s and whilst we may not know the details of the deal taking him to Liverpool, it only encourages other young players and their parents to see Bury as a viable option with whom to hopefully one day either become professional with and have a realistic chance of featuring the first team (regardless of who's the manager) or be scouted at an earlier juncture and signed for a bigger club after the numbers start thinning out as the age categories go up.
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    Am I alone in saying that I actually enjoyed the match today?
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    GAMES IN ALL COMPS (NOT INCLUDING EXTRA TIME) BURY WITH TOM POPE STARTING PLAYED – 31 WON – 12 DRAWN – 8 LOST – 11 GOALS SCORED – 52 GOALS PER GAME – 1.67 BURY WITHOUT TOM POPE STARTING PLAYED – 17 WON – 1 DRAWN – 5 LOST – 11 GOALS SCORED – 15 GOALS PER GAME – 0.88 VAUGHAN’S 22 GOALS TOM POPE ON PITCH – 15 TOM POPE NOT ON PITCH – 4 PENALTIES – 3 It would seem we are a much better team with Tom Pope on the pitch. HAS to start the next two games. (Very sad this i know but I've been wondering what these stats would look like for a few weeks now)