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    The sad truth is that if City / United have a big televised game on a Saturday then arguably more people will be in the pubs of Bury "supporting" their team than watching the live event at Gigg. That is not meant as a critic of them, especially as many will have been priced out. For the price of circa 6 Premier league games you could get a season ticket for Bury. There are football fans in Bury who has been disenfranchised or never had the opportunity to get the live experience. These are people who we should target. But, for them to return then everything has to be perfect: game, atmosphere, beer queue etc. I would also look at ways to become everyone's second team in Manchester. The metro means we are accessible. Bury is a good town for after match boozing. The shopping centre is attractive. When we had a tenner entry for season ticket holders of other clubs on fill the ground days lots seemed to attend. Why not offer a very heavily discounted book of tickets for season ticket holders of other clubs? Get Colin Bell / Sammy Mac down as guest of honour when City / United are not playing type of theme events.
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    A Thursday not counting as a Thursday? You've lost me there and I am as pedantic as the next man.
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    My son told me tonight how he remembered cardinal points: NEVER EVER SUPPORT WANDERERS He reckons he made it up but I love it!
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    Really good point Ricky. I paid £250 for my season ticket, if they didnt do them, i'd be paying £460 this season (£20 x 23 matches). It's a no brainer. The offer's too good to turn down...you could even argue the club are shooting themselves in the foot. Still only £275 and extended to 31st July now, with the possibility of a £75 cashback and £25 retail voucher. If you can afford it in one go - buy it. If you cant, use the finance deal they have, even if it's not the best interest rate, it'll still leave you quids in and you just pay over the season: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/tickets/season-tickets/ And: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2017/june/phase-two-offer--extended-until-31-july/ Come on Bury...let's get to 3000. Could you imagine the difference it would make in terms of atmosphere?
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    In Scotland where the Scottish Office is responsible for the building regulations and their implementation we have more stringent regulations but more crucially we also have local authority building inspectors who have been trained in the application of fire regulations in relation to high rise buildings. Before any high rise building refurbishment can commence drawings and specification have to be submitted for approval by the building inspector so that any non compliance is picked up before work starts. Thankfully as a consequence it appears that there are no high rise domestic buildings with dangerous cladding in Scotland. It follows that much of the blame for the sad mess in England must lie with The Department for Communities and Local Government for not ensuring that a similarly rigorous and up to date set of regulations exist and that those responsible for their enforcement are properly trained and resourced.
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    All us lefties paying 300 for a Bury season ticket, pie and programme
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    Good points, well made. In an ideal world, the club needs the names of those floaters/part timers and really target them over the next month. Love the Frankie Boyle joke btw...although i'm sure you've watered it down a bit! Otherwise, it's his least risky joke of all time!!!
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    Great Lakes As an aside, Super Man Helps Every One gives them in order from W to E
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    And Prestwichshakers would still post and complain about it. As a side note part of the problem is that the floating fan/part timer will not be looking at it the way us dedicated supporters will. It will be much more black and white for them. Parting with 250/275 quid for to watch a team who finished 19th last season, no they'd rather renew their sky deal for another year. To semi quote Frankie Boyle 'trying to "Trying to get an armchair fan to understand the value and enjoyment of supporting their actual local team is like trying to get an Amazonian tree frog to understand the plot of Blade Runner."
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    That Fulham game at West Brom was the coldest I've ever been at a football match I was almost pleased when Fulham scored in the last minute , I'm not sure I could have lived through another 30 minutes in minus 100 degrees....!!
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    And Jacob Rees-Mogg 😁
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    It has been horrendous for two seasons and the frustration is what could have been had we had a full complement of players in both seasons. We saw how good we could be last Autumn. If it can be fixed relatively easily, as LC alludes too then his job becomes much easier.