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    Can I go but withhold payment until I get a CCJ...??
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    To get as few people there as possible
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    A verbose effort for your reading pleasure.
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    Not if the pie and peas is being prepared by a celebrity chef.
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    Twitter update from the club.. Bury Football Club‏Verified account @buryfcofficial 57s57 seconds ago More No problems at the moment, ground staff are telling us pitch is fine
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    GMP have to investigate themselves first then.
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    I've just been to the corner shop, and a polar bear has just asked me if I could give a lift to his penguin mate. March, tomorrow. I blame February for ending too early.
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    Are the proceeds not going to GMP? :~)
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    Christ, I feel ancient, I remember him in our youth team.
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    Well done for listening and understanding that a regular forum needs to take place, but charging £15 to attend it is insulting. I presume that as at the events at the Village Hotel, the questions will be pre-screened too.
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    You know what I'm going to say. I'll leave it at that.
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    That's no way to talk about some of my friends on here!
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    A brief update from Forever Bury. More to follow. If anybody wants any information about FB, please email foreverbury@gmail.com or pop into the Cabin before or after any home match. Early in February, we emailed Karl Evans with questions from our membe’s, and on Friday 24 Feb we met with Karl to discuss the responses. These are attached with FB comments in red. Please send in your questions for March to be received by the end of February. We’ve now had 2 formal meetings with Karl. As stated within the attachment, talk is cheap, but Karl really does come across as being most sincere in his passion for football, and his desire to engage with all supporters of Bury FC. He does appear to want to get to the core of the fans, bring BFC to the public, and develop a strong fan base. No reason at all to doubt his desire. What has been pointed out to him, is this is something which FB has championing for years, something which the current Board of directors, despite the occasional soundbite, appear to dismiss, and something which must be planned, and kept on top of for a period of time, 5 years at least, not dropped after 12 months or so. We shall see…. Within our meeting on 24 Feb, we also discussed:- the role of the SLO and what that entails, both currently, and how it may develop in the future fans forums – a Q&A with the manager, Lee Clark is being planned supporters experiences at match days websites/ticketing etc the Community Trust and how the 3 departments of the Club ie the Community Trust, Forever Bury and Bury FC itself (commercial activities)should be working together for the common aim of promoting the name of BFC the number of staff employed by the Club on both the playing and non playing sides. Future Player of the Season Award presentations Further Junior FB Ground Tours and Pre season Fun Days to which the CEO added watching a players training session An Evening With Derek Spence – 24 March We’re sure everybody must by now be aware of this event. Mid March will soon be approaching which will be the last days for applying for tickets. Please ensure you have your ticket, and help us with the organisation of the event to apply as soon as possible. Available to speak at the Cabin before or after a home match, email foreverbury@gmail.com or phone 07957 497419. It will be appreciated if you could please contact us asap.
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    Best Dramatic Performance should have gone to Zach Clough .....
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    With the caveat that it's hard to always know for sure if a player is injured or just not selected for a side at Bury's level... Craig Jones (signed on 07/08/2012): League: 125 from a current possible total of 218 Cups: 15 from a possible 32 Total: 138 from a possible 250 = 55% Andrew Tutte (signed on 24/01/2014): League: 94 from a current possible total of 146 Cups: 16 from a possible 20 Total: 110 from a possible 166 = 66%
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    Now what makes you think that Kacc? You should have more respect for the man who scored the winner in the world cup final.