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    Leeds fan heading down on Saturday for the first time this season. Bringing a couple of mates with me. My first game at Gigg was the free Southend game so that gimmick must've worked on me (even if only slightly). Still never been to Spotland.
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    Just to give an insight on the Vaughan family, I was speaking to his dad earlier in the season and said he was to good for this league and would probably move to a bigger club who could pay more, his reply was money isn't always the motivation if you a happy and right now he is. I think it was the Wimbledon game when Vaughan was out, Hallam Hope played and scored two JV went into Flitcroft and said Hallam did well on Saturday if you leave me out for him I won't jump up and down and make fuss he deserves another go. Not a big ego family.
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    We all see the game differently but I am utterly baffled by this.
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    Simple way to get to 3,000 - everyone buys two season tickets. Cash outlay £500, less £150 = £350. £50 of vouchers = home or away shirt covered so fifty quid saving can be knocked off the £350. You then have a spare season ticket to use to drag friends along each week for effectively an extra fifty quid. Bargain!
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    It is so long since I have seen a game at Gigg Lane that the Car-o-Plane wanted its Satnav programming "just in case". It was a warm and sunny day and one of these odd occasions when we have fans from other teams come to laugh at our little quirks such as the similarity to a library in atmosphere, the retro smell of the toilets, the wide range of comestibles at the food kiosk and the announcer man calling us "The Miiiigghteee Shakers" with the fervour of a drunk on Sauchihall Street. We normally lose on these occasions and we lost the first "game" immediately as Fleetwood won the toss and required us to kick towards the piercing sun. Joe Murphy took up position in front of the Fleetwood faithful who are not not as plentiful as I expected but then again my judgement is based on how many we take away. I couldn't find a programme before kick off so was busy trying to identify our own players which proved difficult. I had never seen Murphy, Caddis, Styles, Pennant, Bryan or Miller play in the flesh. Frankly, the game was a bit "meh" - so I found it difficult to generate many bullet points but I'll have a go. The slime was not active but did appear to have seeped into the floor behind the Main stand and didn't smell at all - boo! I was looking out for Still Running Man to sprint over to donate his cap to Joe Murphy but it was obviously too far for him to run. . . Vaughn had an early half chance which he mishit and then was rubbing his hamstring. In fact, I thought Vaughn looked a little leg weary and not as sharp as he has been. His subbing was not a surprise and I noted he went straight down the tunnel. Sharpness is never something you could accuse Tom Pope of but he couldn't escape from the Bolger/Eastham axis who were simply superb all game long Bolger in particular, resembled a tall ginger IKEA floor lamp who attracted all of the balls in the air and was firm and robust in the tackle and clearance I understand the attraction of playing robust tough old fashioned centre forward against robust tough old fashioned centre half but Miller and Hope showed what might have been as they sped past the centre backs late in the game The referee seemed to enjoy watching fouls, letting play go on and then strolling back to give a lecture. I see the point from the point of the game's continuity, but not when it appears that he has forgotten the original incident and then doesn't issue a card. Bobby Grant didn't look a bit like he did on Brookside but he was one of those summoned for a fireside chat by Mr Friend. He was so angry he should have been booked for the colour of his face - purple. Caddis kept vaguely reminding me of Peter Sweeny but only in his appearance. For a classy Peter Sweeney non-lookalike who always knew where the next pass was and always made it in good time - look no further than Callum Styles. In fact, he really reminded me of Bobby Collins. He is small, tough and looks to have a boatload of experience. All this and he is only thirteen! Jacob Melis ran the first half until Mr Friend decided to deal with him immediately rather than have a leisurely stroll ten minutes later so he was unlucky to get a card and, I thought, hung back just a little from then on. Fleetwood threatened only when they broke swiftly and I could see how they were successful in the division with their bullet proof defence and speedy attack. Half time came and went with rumours swirling around that Alan Shearer was in the house. A five minute cameo at the end? Normally, after a tight first half, we concede immediately in the second but we didn't. In fact, after ten minutes or so I started wondering whether we were in fact still playing the first half. I confess I was checking my phone rather a lot to see how my one person campaign against Prêt a Manger was going - Yay! A clutch of substitutions livened things up and the last ten minutes were actually quite gripping. Miller has a gangly run which disguises his speed and he nearly caught the Fleetwood defence napping and the latter needed the help of the Fisherman's Friend a couple of times to escape more dangerous situations. At the other end, a jittery back line conspired to make the final whistle a thankful experience. Sometimes you have these games when a well organised team meets a well organised team and credit should go to Lee Clarke to instil some discipline and solidity into the midfield which has been AWOL all season. An absorbing but unexciting game with some highly competent displays from Leon Barnett (did you see that tackle in the first half - did you??!!), Greg Leigh and Jacob Melis but my MOM is . . . Cian Bolger Pictured below Callum Styles (he's only eleven!) Finally, a word to the person who organised the weather. Well done mate! The Car-o-Plane was feeling so frisky that we left the motorway passing the Breezeblock and swooped over Rivington Pike - just because we could!
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    He's the ONLY midfielder who drives forward with the ball and commits defenders, thus creating space for himself or others. It's generally considered to be an integral part of the game of football!
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    Eh? You looked at the last 8 games and identified away to a side unbeaten in 3 months in the league which has conceded about 3 in that time as "one of our last chances to get a win this season?" Looking at the others we can beat Fleetwood, Oxford will have half a mind on Wembley and Bradford almost managed to lose at home to Swindon yesterday. All winnable in my view.
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    I am considering buying all 3,000 tickets. It would cost me £525,000 but I think I am right in saying I would have £75,000 to spend in the club shop ?
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    All the crocs are still out injured, Mayor, Zeli, Cams, Tutty, Mellis, Jones. Etuhu, brown, miller all kicked out. If the injured were to comeback and then avoid injury then the praise of LC in regard to this would be valid. Brass simply brought players in which weren't the walking dead, if any praise I'd due its brass for bringing these players in during the window - the 3 players who have been a revelation, Murphy, Moore, Burgess.
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    Nevermind if I was oxfords manager . Clark needs to tell our players to get a couple of meaty challenges in the first 20 mins and see if their up for it
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    Mellis not giving the ball back after he got kicked in the head and then their player getting a yellow card for the resulting foul.
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    It seemed clear that DF wanted Pope out at the start of the season. Yet the formation with Zelli and Mayor on fire suited him and we were flying until he got hurt at PUFC. That is when we collapsed - DF "replaces" him with dismal miller - presumably sucking up all the cash that was available. We then lose all our defenders bar Kay and don't win for a club record. Pope hurries back and much earlier and probably against medical advice / common sense returns as our form slowly - very slowly - returns. Maybe it has caught up with him a bit, especially as every game is a physical contest. But when he is not involved we really miss him. Lets not forget he puts his body on the line every game and get off his back. They is not room on there because he is carrying a centre half!
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    Sun. Beer. Important football match for both sides. A team that now cares. A decent pitch. A £10 ticket offer. Best striker in the division on show. Can't wait. Bring on tomorrow!
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    Footballers take a lot of stick and most of it is deserved but Jermain Defoe deserves so much praise for his involvement with this lad
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    He worked hard today, consistently found space and executed some good passes. MOM for me.
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    No thanks Sam , don't blame you for trying to entice headlines,you know that those questions will illicit negative responses anyway. Fake news to come I reckon!! Just my opinion for what its worth. Good luck anyway.
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    Get him signed and then go for C Burgess. The 2 of them have been fantastic.
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    To be fair, I think we have tried lots of different schemes such as "Kids for free", "Early Bird Season Tickets", matchday offers such as Saturday's match, Flexi tickets and even free entry for the rearranged Southend match 2 years ago. The problem is the Bury public. They just won't support their local team in good numbers. I suspect that even out of the hardcore 2,500 that not that high a percentage reside in Bury. Just looking at this forum seems to indicate that a lot of supporters are from areas outside Bury such as South Manchester, Stockport and even Southern exiles and Norwegians! I can't comment too much on our PR as I don't really know how much we have tried to get the support of the people of Bury but I suspect the real problem is that we are not publicising the club enough. There was talk of a permanent club store in the centre of Bury but I don't think that has happened. How many matchday posters are placed in Bury itself? The only one I am aware of is at the end of Gigg Lane. I hope our new CEO is looking at this. He must have lots of ideas from his time at United.
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    only Pope in recent seasons in the same class
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    At the risk of being toxic, No. Jimmy Wagg or someone else at GMR would have been happy to do it I'm sure if an MC was needed. As for the cost I went to many free events as a kid, and apologies for repeating a point that I and others have made previously, but I met the players, I think my first one involved me asking Alan Knill (lovely autograph) playing against Marco van Basten. Friends at school idolised MVB yet I spoke to a guy who had marked him. How cool did I feel being a Bury fan and twenty odd years later I'm still stuck with them.
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    The guy from Sky Sports probably cost a bit, but the question is did we really need him anyway? If you don't want to make a loss on events, which is a perfectly reasonable stance, then don't have unnecessary costs in the first place.
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    I felt we only saw brief glimpses last season of the quality he possesses, in large part down to his season being interrupted by injuries. This season I believe he has been much improved, firstly in terms of his availability fitnesswise and secondly in terms of the quality he displays and the better level of consistency he has shown during games. Yes he could still improve on his consistency as well as his discipline (thankfully the red cards look to have disappeared in the second half of the season !) but overall I have enjoyed watching him more and more as the season has progressed. I thought he was very impressive again yesterday, especially in the first half and hopefully he will be here a good while longer to show even more improvement. Joe Murphy, others in a defensive sense such as Leigh and Barnett again yesterday, the ever impressive youngsters and the class act Vaughan have stood out for praise in recent times - I feel Mellis is also very deserving of it.
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    I like Mellis, much improved application from previous seasons although how much of that was down to fitness levels / injury we'll never know. Having said that, the Danny Mayer goal against Wigan a couple of seasons ago will stay long in the memory. Mellis wins the ball with a strong tackle on the half way line, brings the ball forward before threading a perfectly weighted pass for Mayor to run on to and smash home. Sublime. Hopefully, now he's playing on a more regular basis than was the case previously, will bring the best out of him and we'll see a lot more like the above. For myself, the thought of seeing him on the pitch next season, (hopefully in L1), along with Danny Mayor and Zeli Ishmael is a truly mouthwatering prospect.
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    There'll definitely be a plague of some sort when the Dale arrive
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    Best footballer on the pitch today. Anything decent came through him. Good tracking back, broke up a hell of a lot in midfield with great tackles, won plenty of headers. Think he must have done something to you for to say he was woeful.
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    ...and compare that to Blackwell's "garbage" comment when he first came in! He may have been partly right(!) but being a top manager is so much about man management. Good post BBA. Re Vaughan, i've already resigned myself to him leaving in the summer and tbf he deserves one less chance to make it at a higher level. As long as we get a fair whack for him...!
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    Seeing is believing. I will believe it when I set foot in the new stadium.
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    That's an awful lot of XXXL Jessy Reindorf t-shirts.
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    As usual, the media has not dealt with yesterday's murders in a rational or balanced manner. The Daily Mail website has a headline which suggests that M15 should be called to account for not preventing the murder. It is also showing video footage of the attack as it happened. Channel Four identified the murderer - only they got the wrong man!. The Daily Telegraph has tried to drag Donald Trump into the story, whilst other media sources are more concerned about "Islamophobia" than they are about rational analysis of the probable motive of the murderer.
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    Enjoying your new seat in the Tom Pope Stand?
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    Although I live reasonably close to Carrington I don't often go that way but was glad to see that finally all the MCFC logo's have been removed and it now quite simply states 'Bury Football Club'
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    I'm going to be one of the floaters shakerite66 mentioned at the top of this thread, my first visit to Gigg Lane since you lot beat my team (Rotherham) 3-0 in 2008. Looking forward to it,I know I'm a yorkie but be nice to me..........
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    I don't expect Vaughan to stay and any move by him will be done with me wishing him all the best and giving him a warm reception if he returned in the colours of another club. However Vaughan's passion says a lot for his respect of the club and the fans. IMO he appears to appreciate the chance the club gave him when his career was arguably on the rocks and so it would not surprise me if he signed another deal just to ensure his stock goes up that bit more.
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39399863 Good to see litle Bradley out with his hero and best mate and to see Defoe in the England squad - long overdue IMO.
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    He's good in possession, can create openings, and has a shot in him, but when he's passed the ball he stands admiring it instead of moving for the return etc. Out of possession, he is a liability by not closing players down, not tracking back, not tackling and generally not doing the dirty side of the game. Midfield players have to do a lot more than he does, in my opinion, to come into the "good" category.
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    He also passed for Miller to finish in the same game. And scored himself of course.
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    We lost October, November and December this season due to a shower of .......
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    I think it would be fitting to show our support for this brave man by holding a minute's applause when we play 'Dale.
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    YES PLEASE TO THIS. Yes, I am shouting.
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    The best one we had who was a signed up Bury player was Jensen, before that Garner? Am talking players contracted to BFC not loan players etc
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    Just advertising a game that I, along with my old classmates from Tottington High School (Class of 2000), am participating in on this coming Sunday (26th) down at Gigg, 2pm KO. We are taking on a Hollyoaks XI, so if you want to see these lads in action (you won't want to see us blowing out of the proverbial holes in backsides!) or just head down to Gigg and support a worthwhile cause, it's pay on the day - £5 adults / £1 U16s. Anyone not able to get down but still wishing to make a donation to support Ali's Fight for Fusion, please find the link to the GoFundMe page - www.gofundme.com/alisfightforfusion all details in here. Thanks!
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    I don't think the club could offer anything better than that. Unfortunately, I think it will be very difficult to get to the 3000 mark unless we increase our PR output.
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    What is the difference between a "soft" Brexit and a "hard" Brexit?. Who decides which is which?.
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    Welcome to Gigg on Saturday. I don't think anyone will blame you for giving Rotherham a rest til next season - heart goes out to you mate, everyone has a bad season once in a while but yours has been something truly phenomenal. Dunno what the record is for the fewest points in a 46 game season but it can't be many less than you already have. At least it is over soon.
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    Its obvious they are petrified about our emergence which could be the death of their club. We will have a Shiny fashionable new stadium, scintillating championship football, a wonderful match day experience, clean toilets that work and a brand everyone in the immediate area and beyond will want to be associated with. They can try all these incentives but this season ticket attempt is in effect a death twitch. They will always be in our superior glorious shadow which is going to get bigger, darker and now ultimately terminal from their perspective. Know doubt they will come to watch us when the inevitable does happen, every silver cloud has a grey lining I suppose !
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    Also the referee who allowed Bradford City's last minute winner to stand when Barry Conlon barged Wayne Brown and the ball over the line in an incredibly bad decision against us at the time.
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    They won't make a bid as they have other things to tractor in.