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    Achieving Championship status, running a club as a business and being a family club are not mutually exclusive, despite what these directors might think.
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    I think my memory must be goign to because I distinctly recall enjoying the Stan T season in the championship - obviously bolstered by some great results such as QPR away, City away, Birmingham twice, Forest at home etc, and probably because I seemed to care a lot more in those days too! I'll take another couple of years seeing us "struggle" against genuinely big clubs vs a few years watching us play the likes of Shrewsbury, Accrington, Colchester, Oldham, etc etc. Of course we were going to struggle then, we were up against clubs getting 30,000 at home with international players. It's a bit different when you turn up and watch lower division sides run rings round us and realise just how poor your club has become adn how disinterested some players clearly have been. Maybe with Vaughan, Mayor, Beckford, Zeli, Dawson etc we'll have a shot at repeating that 90s dream; I'm not sure I can face midtable consistency where we're thrilled to finish 12th in league 1 and "cut our cloth accordingly", give me highs and lows any day!
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    Our club can only survive if we are a community club for the whole community and that means engaging fans and local companies to support us. If we can't be bothered to pay people and the courts rule against us (that is a CCJ) then it means we are further away from self-sustainability and bringing even more income into this club. I also imagine that the vast majority of people who commercially support this club are fans too, and if they feel they cannot trust this board because of the bad publicity that these kinds of things lead to, that will further make less people likely to give us money. I own my own business, and I look up a credit report of every company I do business with - that makes good business sense - if I saw a company with this many CCJ's I'd steer clear.
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    Going to Middlesbrough will ruin him. No where near good enough to play in the championship yet. He will sit in their u23 team. He needs to stay at Bury for at least another season getting regular game time where he can improve his all round play. Yes he has a good goal ratio but his all round play is pretty poor at the moment.
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    Let's not embarrass ourselves with these figures... surely 300-750k would suffice with decent add ons.
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    But it's not his to bloody risk. He may have bought the right to be called the Chairman, but he certainly hasn't bought the right to play around with 132 years of history. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it - Stewart Day is not a football fan - he doesn't have the slightest idea how much this football club means to us. It may only be missed by a few thousand, but a few thousand of the most loyal folks you'll find, whose lives would be irrevocably damaged should anything happen to Bury Football Club. At what point did people become so obsessed with this notion of success that they in turn became blind to reality? I speak for myself only, but I don't give much of a monkeys if I never see Bury play in the second tier ever again. In the grand scheme of things I don't care about watching good football on a Saturday, I don't care what league we're in and I don't care about bloody championship football. Of course we can dream of one day being successful but, similarly to Spee, my dream is to one day take a future child of mine to watch the Shakers with me and my dad and quite frankly I don't care whether that's in the Premier League or the Conference North. I've banged on about Day and our finances enough, but aside from that I think a lot of people have really lost sight of what it means to support a club like Bury. We've not been a good football team for about 90 years, and we probably never will be - but ask the old fellas in the South Stand whether they care. Forget what has happened on the pitch - past generations have experienced, for all its deficiencies, the beauty of supporting Bury Football Club - and I take great exception to the idea that someone can be arrogant enough to saunter in from an office block in Huddersfield and jeopardise that for future generations.
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    Is it in the Contract that once they were told about the project and heard about the ambitious plans that was it. They're then shown round Carrington. Also obligatory to mention 3 or 4 other clubs showed interest.
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    I can be accused of several things in my life but not getting behind Bury isn't one of them. I dedicate hours of my pretty scant spare time every week to writing about the club in what I feel is a fair and balanced way and when the opportunities arise, I go to matches. As for enjoying the ride, it would be a lot easier to do that without feeling like the sword of Damocles is hovering over the football club should things not go exactly to plan, which is more than a distinct possibility.
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    Really sickened by the devastation in Manchester but am afraid I'm not a fan of collective mourning.
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    If this is the case I wish both ladies all the best in the future. The receptionists have always been really nice; very helpful and professional whenever I've had any queries. I feel the same way re. alternatives.
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    I do think about it sometimes but as we saw (or didn't) with Andy Woodward, it's very difficult to know what's going on in someone else's mind. Obviously in his case, it was extremely serious and there are bound to be other players going through similarly tough times in their lives. I read Robert Enke's biography a few years ago and I would recommend it to anyone. He was a top goalkeeper in Germany and was due to be their #1 for the 2010 World Cup but committed suicide the year before. It just goes to show that despite some people's perceptions of footballers having pampered lives relative to most others, they are just as vulnerable as anyone else to mental health problems. In Cameron's case, let's hope his injury worries are behind him so that the dark places don't come back.
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    Agreed. Nowhere near as bad a player as some think. Obviously not the best! But certainly not the worst...will be interesting to see how things develops. Certainly a useful player to have in the squad.
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    Well we were a league 1 club when we sold him 😉 To be fair Miller looks like he can certainly finish - you'd be daft to sell him at this stage though. He needs to be starting games for you next season and getting a proper run in the team.
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    The situation covered in series is partly relevant to my current job in terms of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, so I made a point of recording it. I found it very difficult to watch, however It is well acted by all concerned, deeply moving and harrowing. It also left me seething with anger. Very recent safeguarding legislation ties up loose ends and every LA must by law now take a multi disciplinary approach to abuse. It beggars belief that these children were completely let down by the authorities who seemed to be more intent on 'passing the buck/not my job guv' than supporting them. The sexual health worker who fought tooth and nail for justice for these girls deserves national recognition.
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    Carter & Stant Rowlands & Spence
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    I know we've had our run ins with them in the past, but we've also had some great games down the years. Sad to see them drop into the twilight zone, and perhaps a timely reminder of what can happen to any small club.
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    The terrorists have learned to take advantage of the freedoms we enjoy. Mao's simile applies here- the terrorist "...is like a fish swimming in the sea (of the people)". Terrorists want tanks on the streets, internment and the backlash craved by some in the media. They want to set us against each other. The only realistic response - in the current political context - is to go on as normal.
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    Taken from another forum, and not specifically about Bury so feel free to move if necessary, but here are some quite interesting views from the Peterborough Chairman Darragh Macanthony. It does make you wonder about the offers we must have made over the last month, for players who will be highly sought after as well. Or are they all just swayed by Carrington and 'The Project'?
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    So if we have been running like a business for at least a couple of years, how come we hired so many staff that we now need to make redundancies?
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    How will Lee Clark set up Bury tactically in 2017/2018 from what we know of the squad so far?
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    What happened on Monday night was truly abominable. Equally, I think it's important to draw breath and not to succumb to mass hysteria. But, if that's what you want, fair enough. Not for me though.
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    Great article and when you read quotes like: “When you’re out for that long you go into a bit of a dark place and it’s difficult to get out of. It has been difficult because at times it has been lonely." It reminds me that it's not just the physical side players have to contend with when injured but also the mental side and if i'm honest (and i'm sure if most of us are) not something i/we really think about. More..."when's he due back?" and "oh no, not injured again!" Food for thought anyway.
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    Hahahaha although I have no doubt he'll play like Iniesta in the two games v us.
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    Good luck to the lad, footballing ability aside he did nothing wrong here.
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    Spot on, Mike, and it's often the same when anybody even dares to question how the club is being run: - "why do we need all these posts...there's nothing we can do about it" - Flitcroft's comments about "negative fans" - "time to close down this thread" - the Board's "keyboard cowards" statement - the club's withdrawal of funding for this message board - the CEO's "negative" fans comments in the last two programmes of the season Credit to those on here who at least attempt to engage in grown-up debate when they disagree with what's being said.
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    It was made clear that due to the fear of being accused of racism the authorities in Rochdale( police and social services) allowed the most despicable acts to be performed on children ( white girls) until the evidence became over bearing and they had to act and thank goodness for the brave health worker who raised this at great cost to herself. Even more so, the bravery of those girls, after all they had been through, they found the courage to stand up and speak out ,which was an unbelievable feat of endurance. In even court the accused were bawling out racism claims. A powerful documentary with some extremely powerful lessons.
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    I got in a lot of financial trouble a few recessions ago and accumulated about half a dozen CCJ's. There was no way out for me, it was either bankruptcy or CCJ's and try and get back on my feet.They were all settled in the end but it took years to get my credit rating back. I haven't had one in 25 years and do not want to see one as long as I live. Which makes it all the more mystifying!
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    Non league keeper loses his livelyhood for eating a pie during a game and causing a furore about people laying bets on this. Retiring PL and England defender stages a 26th minute substitution, with the collusion of the opposing team, and people laying bets on this. Will the Football authorities take punitive action against him and the club? Well we all know the answer to that one. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39999708
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    simply amazing, i challenge anyone to watch this and not shed a tear, both of pride and sorrow WE ARE MANCHESTER
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    I'm still sick to the pit of my stomach but this is truly incredible:
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    I disagree that it does nothing, it sends out the message that these evil losers can disrupt our lives. We remember those who have lost their lives, we support those who have been affected, we pay our tributes to all who have been on valved either as victims or helpers but we carry on chatting, we carry on shopping in the city centre, we carry on going to concerts (safety permitting) and we say we will not let terror defeat us and change our way of life.
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    ....So they make up a story about Middlesboro & Bury....bet sales went through the roof ;-)
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    There's some tasty local matches next season - Blackburn, Bradford, Doncaster, Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham & Wigan. Just need to Blackpool to come up now and that'll be over a third of our matches.
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    As much as Mellis frustrated, he is a talented player. I would have been intrigued to see him play next to Dawson kicking him up the arse all game. May have been just what he needed.
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    Really hoping that the reports of fatalities are exaggerated. Whether you feel part of Greater Manchester or Lancashire it's our local major arena and I'm sure most of us have been there whether to see dinosaurs, Doctor Who, wrestling, Kylie or Status Quo. People have travelled from all over the country for a fun night out and no one deserves to go home injured or even worse. May everyone's gods be with them whoever they are 🙏
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    The masterplan is to put the Burton promotion defence back together.
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    Tonight, 5 miles from us, many families have lost dearest and beloved Tonight, we have to believe in what we are, a free and democratic society, our forum allows us to express all our views, whether we agree or not Please, my fellow shakers, out of respect for the fallen, can we suspend our forum for 48 hours, in respect to those who have lost their lives and for their families But tonight the Message, we WILL ALWAYS portray shall be, united in that WE ARE NOT AFRAID RIP, Please leave condolence messages here and give thanks all the emergency services with a special thanks to all of those, who are offering, rooms, transport and help, for all those lost and bewildered #roomformanchester #missinginmanchester
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    We really missed this type of utility player in the midst of our injury crisis last season. Always gives 100% and not afraid to leave his boot in. On occasion he has exceptional delivery but the quality is so erratic which frustrates. Would have been satisfied (he is not a delighted type of player) if he was with us next season providing he works cheap. I think it was CB who made the point when he signed, that he is in his mid 20's, played for over 10 different clubs but has less than 100 league appearance. Clearly there is something there, but he either has never been given or taken his chance.
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    Its a good move for both Rochdale and Brown I believe there is a player there, he will be a starting 11 player at Rochdale by Christmas, good luck Reece
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    Agreed, although i was more meaning mental health issues directly in connection with long term injuries. With respect, Andy Woodward and Robert Enke were separate issues, if that makes sense, albeit worse issues. Might not be easy this, but if the club could keep us more updated and whilst NatCam might not of wanted to share what he was going through, if he/the club had, i'm sure he would have been inundated with support and best wishes to help him through. Or maybe we should just think about it more and do it off our owns backs. I've got Robert Enke's book too and my goalkeeper shirt in his memory:
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    Hill has a habit of polishing rough diamonds, Brown is a big strong athletic lad with a good attitude. Who knows what might happen with him.
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    I don't believe they should waste any newspaper space or news headline time by announcing the identity of this vermin. Take his pathetic martysm away from him, if there is an afterlife he will be roasting in hell as we speak.
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    Personally, I hope Mr Day gets us into the Championship no matter what. I have spent all my life watching lower division football (apart from the 2 years in the late 90's) and I would love to see us play in the Championship on a regular basis before I leave this planet. Purely a selfish point of view but probably shared by many of my generation if they are honest.
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    Some very good acting by the three young female actors involved in this programme. First part very difficult to watch, with the next two not as difficult, but still difficult. Good performances also from the more seasoned professionals - Bury's Riley, Bolton's Peake and Chorlton born Sharp.
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    It must drive Millwalls real fans nuts. They do have families, kids and real supporter's like we do. They go and watch and endure their fair weather idiots like everyone else does. Millwall fans forum is basically agreeing to what Morrison said and seam to be at the end of their tether with the ' fair weather idiot fans' that turn up on big occasions.. But, they don't seam to clamp down and dish out lifetime bans on mass so until that point it will continue. You would have thought in this day and age banning these numpties would be straight forward enough..
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    I come from pretty much the same background Tubs. But it's getting increasingly difficult to supply those basics on the income that a great many of their parents have. And we're not just talking about benefits here - I work for my local Foodbank and I can tell you that at least a third of the clients are working - and they often aren't the archetypal raggedy types. They are genuinely trying their best, it's just that they're extremely badly paid (zero hours et al) and badly served by a government who seems hell bent on demonising the poor and screwing them into the ground. But let's not kid ourselves that some so called rich kids don't get neglected to the point of going without meals. No, bugger means testing - let's make sure that all kids get fed, and the only place to monitor that is at school. Who'll foot the bill? I would suggest, for example, that the likes of Amazon UK actually start paying taxes for once in their parasitic existence. And don't get me started on Trident.
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    I agree,he's dropped from Chelsea in the premier to Mansfield in league two.Who next? Dover?
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    Is Keith Hill confusing the role of 'First Team Coach' with 'Accounts Manager'?
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    When I qualify (assuming I don't already) as one of the aforementioned old fellas I want to be able to watch the club, I don't want to tell the tales of the two spells I saw us in the second tier before the club folded.