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    Welcome into the world my beautiful daughter Julia Marie Risby Fernandez, born 2 days ago in Malaga. Mother and baby both perfect and now home. So proud of them both x I will do my best to bring her up a Shaker, but her Mum, Beatriz, is a Real Madrid fan, Julia is, of course, Spanish - although she has my colouring and looks apparently - and our local team is Malaga... I will aim for 1) Bury 2) Malaga, 3) that other team but will settle for 1) Malaga, 2) Bury, 3) .... whoever they are. Madrid someone?...
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    Can people make it a bit easier on themselves and stop trying to expect every possible new signing to be the new Vaughan? Lots of "after Vaughan this feels like a let down" on here - he is not the traditional Bury FC signing. He was something of a one-off, a very good player who had lost his way and found it in a terrible Bury side. We can't replace Vaughan, but what we can do is concentrate on whether new additions make the squad better, building a different team that is not as totally reliant on the goals of one man as we were last season. For that reason all of Beckford, Ajose and if true Maguire could all be very useful additions.
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    Evening fellow shakers, here's some new art for your toilet walls, I've been wanting to do this for ages, thought I'd wait for this season kit. I've loved doing these, the players that go through your mind when you see a certain kit, random ones too, I look at these kits I think - Rob Mathews, Aidy Randall, Lee Anderson, Nick Daws, I remember games too, not all great either - hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did doing them, I could have done loads more I know, I just liked these. Cheers UTS. They are A3http://posterposter.bigcartel.com/
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    We've had many players who have been great on the pitch and then turned into a petulant whiny little diva as soon as the potential for more money came along, or went missing when the rest of the team played badly. James wasn't one of them. He played exceptionally when the team was doing well He kept going and pulled us through when we were playing badly He was great with fans He carried on turning up for training with a smile on his face despite speculation linking him with a move. He has clearly moved upwards, yes on more money but for a new challenge at a higher level not just grabbing the easy cash in a sideways move. He has been the model of a perfect professional, the sort of signing we hope most of our signings will be, do a good job for us and move on giving benefits to both parties. Without wanting to focus on the many negative signings we've had it is those that have made us warm to James so much. Why anyone would want to give him hostility or abuse I have no idea, it would discredit the game to do so as football should be about trying to win not about being prats to the opposition.
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    Mayor needs encouragement and support, not the criticism he is getting on here. He has been a class player for us, and will be again, I hope, if we all get behind him.
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    Nothing in the 'Tsun Dai Times'.
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    If he does sign, I can see Jeff Stelling having a field day on the 5th of August: Bury 2 (Tsun Dai, Best) Walsall 0
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    I wonder how their players are coping with the strange language. Not Portuguese but the nonsense that Flicker comes out with.
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    How would you know?
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    What a waste of money. Last minute flights are soooo much more than booking well in advance, had we signed him sooner we could have paid a lot less for his air fare! Bloody rubbish Bury!!!!!!!
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    If true, having suffered with it myself...he needs our support more than ever. I still maintain he's our most naturally gifted player since Tony Rigby. Love your avatar btw. ;o) There's only one Danny Mayor...!
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    Nobody puts a gun to people's heads and forces them to go. Some fans don't mind paying £10 to get their football fix that they have missed all summer. Making multiple changes is part and parcel of friendlies with results irrelevant. What people need to stop doing is reading into the results.
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    Can't believe some of the negativity on here towards ajose, " underwhelmed", " hope he proves me wrong" type posts . this is a guy who the season before last got 24 league goals - the same as Vaughan did last season. i really don't know what people expect. The other names people seem to want, the ski des, the marquise so of this world, have they ever scored that amount of goals at this level ? Fantastic signing who won't have come cheap. He cost charlton the same pretty much just 12 months ago as we have just got for Vaughan. Cant believe he will be out of contract at end of season- surely Charlotte Wong have spent £800k and just given him a two year deal ?
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    Waking up to this one.. People are getting carried away, we are Bury and we all would have been cockahoop with this a season or two ago. With all these big signings its gone to folks heads, we need to keep it real ( not real Madrid ..) The way I see it Beckford is Vaughan's replacement, Ajose is a replacement for Pope. ( you can't ago to vastness of improvement with that ) We have options and are not a one man team anymore. It can be argued that even though the best striker I have ever seen play for us has left that we actually have an overall better strike force and are improved in that department.. Well done again Bury..
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    Well I for one liked David Flitcroft and I hope his time here, both good and bad, helps him further his career in football. I thought message boarders might appreciate a run through some of DF's greatest interviews just for the nostalgia factor! Christmas Interview with Flicker Keith Welcome back to the club David, I bet it’s just like you haven't been away is it. Some old faces you recognise and I suppose some new ones that you’ll get to know? DF Without a doubt. It’s a challenge, a hard challenge but a good challenge and a challenge I like and a challenge I’m definitely up for. Anybody who knows me knows that I like a good challenge and I play it hard but fair and that’s all I ask from my players. Keith I suppose you’ve had a good look at the squad and know who you want, who’ll be leaving and who you’ll be bringing in in January? DF Without a doubt. Over the Christmas period it will be hard, a hard challenge for the squad and for me. We have some dwarves who will be toiling away in the background and I have my eyes on a couple of big lads upfront - “Donder und Blitzen” if the Chairman can find the money. It will be hard but I’m up for the challenge and I have a good bunch of lads who are up for the challenge. Keith What do you think you can bring to the club. Will it be your determination, your drive, your will, your legendary sense of humour or will it be all of these? DF Without a doubt. I am a very driven person, I drive my players and I am determined that they will be driven as much as I’m driven and determined to succeed. You have to have that hunger which I still have and which I want to see in the squad. Any of my players who don’t have that hunger, that drive, that determination can go to Torquay and I’ll bring in players who do have that hunger, that drive, that determination that I still have and what I want my players to have. Keith The squad isn’t bad really, you just need a couple of results don’t you? DF Without a doubt. This squad is a good squad, a big squad. They are a great bunch of lads and I’m getting to know them which is important as I need to know that they are up for the fight, that they play the right way, that they’ll battle and be determined and show some passion and drive and (Gordon pulls the plug…) DF on Financial Fur Play (Extract from recent interview) …without a doubt hard work, drive, determination, focus, drive and determination is key. Key to what we do on the field, key for the players, the chairman and key for Bury Football Club. The biggest influence in the short term, the medium term and the long term plans for this club is the financial fur play regulations and the impact will be massive. Me and Brassy and Futch are already working now to cut out as much fur as we can from the club so that the only fur that we have is the fur that’s flying on the training ground and on the pitch when we go out to do our work. Yeah, the club cat’s gone, Gordon’s hat, the stuff we found in the kettles, the toilets, behind the Chairman’s sofa, Dean Howell and the dice in the players’ cars. We have to be professional, rigorous and hard in making decisions about fur because it’s the clubs that work the financial fur play regulations the best that do the best and that’s what we want for this football club without a shadow of a doubt. Because I’ve been around, gained experience, learned massive loads of stuff about fur from Hilly, the Championship and my brother I can benchmark and see where we are and what we need to do and, if it means that we have to bring in players with less fur then we will. The Chairman’s brilliant and has absolutely massive loads of connections in football at Huddersfield and we will use them to our advantage. Because of the financial fur play regulations we have now got a massive reserve of fur and, because we want to work smart and recycle and be efficient me and the Chairman have come up with a plan to use the excess fur to turn the JD stadium into a massive furground for the fans and their kids to enjoy DF interview on Rochdale Keith Flickers, I here you have been doing some new training exercises with the lads with a new twist – getting the lads to play as Star Wars characters, I bet that’s got them going a bit eh? DF A question you have asked? Keith Err, yeah, how has the new Star Wars themed training gone down? DF A doubt – without it is. A team greater than the one creates the force. Keith Oh I get it, you are Yoda aren’t you? Are you not frightened the lads will get carried away with light sabres and the like? DF Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to headbutting. Pardew ask. Keith So you’ve got Rochdale coming up. What will it be like meeting up with Hilly again? DF There are always two. No more. No less. A Master and an Apprentice. You will know the good from the bad when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the force for Knowledge and defence. Never attack. That is why we rely on the young Jedi Obi-Wan McNulty. Keith There’s a lot of connections between the club – obviously yourself but also the likes of Brian Barry-Murphy. DF Great promise he showed but he went to the dark side. Careful you must be for the dark side looks back. Keith (exasperated) So can we have a prediction Flickers? How do you see this one going? DF Massive this one is. Strong the Dark force is. Believe we must in our training and prevail we will. Me. Brassy. Mutch. Ready we are. DF on Fleetwood Keith Another Tuesday Night Game Flickers – this time against Fleetwood who are doing well up there in fifth place. I suppose you’ll be looking to kick on from the Rochdale game and get a result I know the lads are up for it and will want to score some goals for the fans who have been brilliant really (on and on and on . . .) DF Without a doubt. Everyone at this club, me Brassy, Mutch, the Churman, Jill Neville, Mike Curtis, Glen, the maintenance lads, the cat; we are all working hard and disciplined and focused on getting this club right. Right on the field, right off the field and right under the field. Keith Have you got a plan for Fleetwood? DF We always have a Plan. We have a Plan, a back up Plan, a Plan B, a Plan C, a project, a project management team, a back up team, a design, a strategy, a blueprint. We leave no stone unturned at Bury Football Club and me and the Churman and Glen and Brassy and Butch and Jill and the Ground staff and the maintenance lads and the cat all are of the same mind that if you fail to prepare for these games you should prepare to fail and failure is not in my vocabulary, its not in the Churman’s vocabulary or Jill’s vocabulary (etc etc) Keith What do you know about Fleetwood? DF Well no-one is sure if the Romans used it as a Port but the Danes did but it didn’t really become what it is today until some bloke called Peter Fleetwood built the town in the 1840’s. It made its name as a deep sea fishing port until that all disappeared in the 1970’s and now it’s only the football club, the Fisherman’s Friend Factory and the designer outlet where me and our kid go for our cheap suits. Keith (alarmed) I didn’t mean Fleetwood the town DF Oh right (giggles). Well I don’t know how he pulls all those women he had looking like a seven foot emaciated stick insect and no-one ever fancies drummers do they? Keith (exasperated) That’s Fleetwood Mac. I’m talking about the team Fleetwood DF We don’t bother too much about who we’re playing. We’ve had them scouted but we concentrate on what we’re doing not what they’re doing. Our lads are prepared, they’re fit, they’re disciplined, they’re focused, they have a plan, they know the plan and me and Brassy and Clutch have been drumming the plan into them so we expect to win, we go into every game expecting to win, we have a winning mentality, the club has a winning mentality, the Churman has a winning mentality, Glen and Jill have a winning (that’s enough!!) Keith Finally, Flickers, you said after the last game that you had a pair of “eyes in the sky”. What did you mean by that? DF A good friend of the club has made available his “Car-o-plane” for us so that, during the game, we can take it out of the club car park, take off up Gigg Lane and circle the ground looking at the shape, the pattern and the formation and that gets fed back to me on the touchline. Anything we can do to make this club better, to make this club perform better and make the team perform better is something that we’ll do every time without a shadow of a doubt. DF Takes Stock Keith Flickers. You’re on a good run now and have competed well with some of the top teams in the division but we’re really on the home stretch. How do you see it going for the rest of the season? DF When I came here, I was inspired by the Churman who had a vision. A vision and ambition. He had a vision and ambition and precision about where he wanted to take this football club. Me and Brassy and Butch have a job to do the make the Churman’s vision come true. We have to design the project, design the team, design the training, design the tactics and design the tracksuits. Keith You’ve designed the tracksuits? DF Without a doubt. You have to look at every tiny detail and the comfort of the players on the coach, in the dressing room and on the pitch is critical. When I came here it was a mess. It was diabolical. The players were wearing nylon, the trackies weren’t fitted, the colours clashed, there wasn’t enough room in the pants for the larger gentlemen and the zips were cheap plastic. Keith Right err so how has that helped the results on the pitch DF You have to get in the minds of the players – in their mindset. You have to look them in the eye to get inside them and, when I do and I see that they are embarrassed by their tracksuits, I know I have to do something about it and the Churman’s been brilliant buying good quality materials and a couple of high end Japanese sewing machines. We have talent in this club. Real talent. The club’s press officer, Gordon Sorfleet, turned out to be a world class seamstress – something he learned in the Navy in order to get out of deck swabbing duties. Ten days later and I guarantee you won’t find a better tracksuit outside of the Premiership. Keith You’re off to Southend on Saturday and then another long trip to Torquay on Tuesday. That’s a lot of travelling and I understand you are planning to fly to Exeter to cut down on time spent on the road? DF Without a shadow of a doubt and this is where our designs and attention to detail come in. When the Churman first had the idea of flying down, me and Brassy and Hutch put on some extra session for the lads on arm flapping, take off and landings. We brought in an ex-Red Arrows guy to teach the lads how to fly in formation and we designed some Bury FC themed flying helmets. They are all wired up so we can go through the tactics while flying down. When we land at Exeter, I want the locals to be in shock and awe at the quality and professionalism of Bury Football Club as we swoop over the airfield and land in a perfect 3-5-3 formation. Keith What’s the latest on the injury front? DF When me and Brassy and Crotch started out this this project with the Churman we designed everything so we knew who would be injured and when, we knew how long it would take for them to come back and that allowed us to bring in the right people as cover. We examine every little detail at Bury Football Club. We have practiced playing against 10 men because we design our game to make sure that the opposition will lose a man. We need to sharpen up on that but we have along way to go before we are challenging in the Championship but look how far we’ve come from when I arrived and it was a shambles. We were bringing in players every week, loaning them out, people weren’t fit and getting injured, we changed the team every game. The manager was falling out with players . . . The difference is now – we have a plan. DF Interview on Daggers Keith Flickers, after a couple of long journeys to away matches you are home to Dagenham and Redbridge on Saturday and a chance to get back to winning ways. DF Without a doubt. We have to put Torquay behind us and refocus and rethink and restrategise and me and Starsky and Futch have been working on a plan, a good plan, a strong plan and plan that should see us destroy at least one of Dagenham or Redbridge but hopefully both. Keith Right. What’s the situation with the goalkeeping position? You changed goalies at half time at Southend and Reice kept his place at Torquay but the defence didn’t seem very confident. Will there be changes again? DF I’ll always change things if I think it’s the best thing for the team, the game and for Bury Football Club. If I see a way of improving things on or off the field I won’t hesitate in making the decision. I’m the manager and I have the job that the Churman trusted me with to make the hard decisions. So Brian will be back in goal on Saturday. Keith You lost at Torquay but, to be fair, you could have won that game with a bit of luck. Do you just need the rub of the green? DF Without a shadow of a doubt and, with the Churman’s money and his drive and his energy and his desire to improve things everywhere at this football club – we will have a green pitch – but probably not until next season. Keith How’s things on the injury front? DF Well everyone seems to be carrying a little niggle at the moment but its at times like this that the big characters have to stand up and be counted and lay their lives down for this club. Craig Jones for example. Here’s a lad who has had loads of injuries but he is such a battler and a big-hearted player that he went out at Torquay and deliberately got injured during the match and played through it just to set the standard for everyone else. He is a born leader. End of Season review with Flicker – Part 1 – So Far, So Good Keith Well here we are Flickers – a 12th place finish– was that what you expected when you came here? DF Well yeah Keith we planned and designed our route to this place – we don’t leave anything to chance. Our preparation is meticulous, our planning is meticulous – meticulousity is what I bring to this club, it’s what I’m about and its what Brassy and Much buy into and the players buy into and the Churman buys into. Keith (bemused) You knew you would finish twelfth? DF Well you can never be absolutely certain in this game. Injuries, suspensions, transfers, players losing form but we calculate all those variables into our new spreadsheet that the Churman bought us and we pretty much knew in November that we would finish twelfth. I would have wanted to finish higher of course but you can only work with the tools you have and we inherited quite a few tools. Keith Stewart Day been really supportive hasn’t he and he’s bought you a new spreadsheet? DF Without a shadow of a doubt. We were using one of Brian Fenton’s spreadsheet but it didn’t work properly as whatever we put in it left us with a negative balance…. Musical Ending To the music from "Pirates of Penzance" – for those who aren’t familiar with the song here is the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1dy44jV8EM DF: I am the very model of a modern Football Manager, I've information Vanorama Conference and Amateur, I know the Grounds of England, and I quote the games historical From Abbey to the Zampa, in the order alphabetical; I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical, I understand the wages, both official and deductible, About ballistic theorem I use a high speed camera, To film the curving path of Nat Cameron’s high Parabola. Brassy and Fletch and Stopcock: To film the curving path of Nat Cameron’s high Parabola. To film the curving path of Nat Cameron’s high Parabola. To film the curving path of Nat Cameron’s high Parabola. DF I'm a very good complainer and of phrases diabolical; Of the referees' ability to cause issues problematical: In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, I am the very model of a modern Football Manager Brassy and Fetch and Stopclock In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, He is the very model of a modern Football Manager DF: I know our mythic history, of Ray Pointer and of Colin Bell; And of managerial disasters such as Warnock and Kevin Blackawell I quote in elegiacs all the stats on pass completion rates And tackleabilities and Johnson Paint cup replay dates I can tell undoubted Navas from Di Canio and Suares, I know the young left winger from that Greek club Aristophanes! Then I can sing the Cemy Enders' songs of which I've heard the din afore, And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore. Brassy and Froch and Won’t cock: And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore. And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore. And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore. DF: Then I can write the club's FA fine in Babylonic cuneiform, And tell you ev'ry detail of Robby the Bobby's uniform: In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, I am the very model of a modern Football Manager Brassy and Fash and Wilko: In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, He is the very model of a modern Football Manager DF: The project is the thing that keep us strategised and synergised And the Churman we all love because he keeps the club all monetized. We design the way we play to make the most of the abilities Of our players and their strengths and their depths of runabilities When I have learnt what progress has been made in ballistic gunnery, When I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery-- In short, when I've a smattering of elemental strategy, You'll say there ain't a better Football Manager than me! Brassy and Flush and Bilko: You'll say there ain't a better Football Manager than him! You'll say there ain't a better Football Manager than him! You'll say there ain't a better Football Manager than him! DF: I speak in ones and two and threes and confuse all my adversaries In gnomic interviews where I practice iambic imageries In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, I am the very model of a modern Football Manager Brassy and Flash and Bongo In short, in matters mangling language like a bungling amateur, He is the very model of a modern Football Manager
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    I really like Clark and of course no one really knows what's going on/gone on behind the scenes. However, if Danny Mayor is allowed to leave without playing another game for Bury, then LC will plummet very rapidly in my estimations.
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    Does no-one understand sarcasm ? If we had a team of players last season who played 50 games we would have been looking at the playoffs not scrambling against relegation
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    I do sometimes wonder what goes through people's heads when they raise an eyebrow over signing someone who scored 17 in League 1 plus assists. If he was poor on paper, Id be saying to give him a chance on grass, but this guy has a proven history at this level too. I genuinely think if we signed Messi, there are some on here who would complain about his height or whether he'd track back on corners.
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    For all his faults, Flicker knew how to get the best out of Danny Mayor, some players follow managers and this could be the case with Danny. I really hope I'm wrong on this, I love to watch him play, I know that in lg1 you need a pressing midfield but you also need players that create and score. Danny needs to be loved and a sign to say, handle with care. I for one love his ability, I hope Lee Clarke handles with care.
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    If he has a crap game we can sing- Tsun dai bloody Tsun Dai!!
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    I don't think he dominated (as he shouldn't against this opponent) therefore chased the game and therefore looked off the pace. Can I remind people it is preseason and we have been up against opposition that we are not going to be up against in the league!
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    Id be very surprised if Day cares about what the Huddersfield fans think though.
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    I hope it is fair when comes back to Gigg for the cup game. It would be sad if all he got was hostility and abuse. He would have needed his head testing not to have joined Sunderland and play in front of huge crowds, probably four times his wages plus a good cut of his signing fee. A footballer's career is short and you have grasp whatever opportunities you can. Without him we would have been as good as relegated by Christmas. Good luck to the fella.
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    In all seriousness I actually see this not so much as a chance to give him a good reception on his return but a chance we normally wouldn't get to say goodbye and thank him for his efforts. One of the best players I have had the fortune of seeing at Gigg. One of the very best in terms of quality and effort.
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    We all need to calm down. The pressure of expectation could weigh heavily. We've assembled a decent team, but so will others. You win nothing on paper in July.
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    I've worked with many people who say stay well clear of Blackburn!
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    Underwhelming? I really don't get this. Serious question, Who are you expecting us to sign? This is a great signing . I remember his link up play with Lowe when we first had him. Nothing short of brilliant Top football brain. He's still only 25 , I think playing alongside beckford he will do well and they will score 30 goals between them barring injuries. I think it will be down to the manager to get the best out of ajose and work out the best system for him. This is the same player who was top scorer in the league not last season the season before with 24 league goals in 38 games. You don't lose that overnight.
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    14 goals from Ajose is just fine with me! We have just played two teams one just coming out of the premier league and one just going in to the premier league and held our own in both first halves with a stronger on paper team. We are not going to need as many goals this season because we have a much stronger defence!
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    Tsun Dai looks a good prospect to me as well, good work ethic and good awareness, maybe a bit reluctant to really hurt in the areas that matter but that will come with confidence. Two very solid performances from him. Our youth system is something we should be very proud of, its 2nd to none at the moment.
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    I will definitely applaud him loudly upon his return (assuming they play him). Finest striker I have seen in 25 years watching the Shakers. And seems a decent young man to boot.
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    He's done well and is well liked everywhere else he's been, clearly is a good Keeper. A little more patience and maybe he would've come good for us as well.
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    Any half decent manager would at the very, very least have a bloody good go at turning Danny Mayor into the championship footballer that, given his ability, he should be.
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    What a player he is going to be looks as confident as styles and can take a man on like Mayor going to be phenomenal player if he carries on like this!
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    Agree with you entirely, fellow Barry. I am concerned there is somewhat of an immature reaction to the new squad from some on here, seemingly demanding instant success and shiny things, and it doesn't always work that way. 7th is not a failure, but the play offs are possible. However, we do not know who is about to get injured and for how long, whether we will actually perform away from home at any point, or how quickly the team will gel (we've lost all 3 pre-season games so far), and demanding top 6 doesn't really help anyone. Remember we weren't even in the play offs by Christmas in 1995/96, and I don't think we were in 2014/15 and we ended up getting promoted both times. However some seasons have gone the other way. Personally I would like to see fight, I don't want to see a single other 10 minute collapse where we ship 3 goals, turning up in the odd derby, and some entertaining football starting with a calm, organised defence. None of that was evident after September last season.
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    At least you'll never have to pay full price for her, once she's too old to qualify as a junior she'll be able to come in free as your carer 😀
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    Some people would say kicking a corner flag after scoring a goal is equally (or more) unnecessary. Personally, I think it's irrelevant.
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    Are we really complaining about potentially signing a player who scored 17 goals in this last season? This place.
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    Would work better in the West Midlands!
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    I don't care who the new striker is, where he has been or what he has done before - it what he does for Bury that matters.
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    Has anyone on here seen Leon Best, or any of the others mentioned, play regularly? It's easy to play Championship Manager by looking at stats, and even easier when you have a huge budget but football is about more than goals per game and we don't have a huge budget. We have to pick up bargains, some of which like Clarke (Leon) and Vaughan will be huge successes, other like Eagles and Healey less so. Hopefully the manager has seen potential players, knows people who've seen them play and has an idea of how they will fit in with the current squad, some players may thrive on crosses but have been playing in a team with no width or might be a goal poacher being asked to play as one up front. We have to trust the manager's decisions, he certainly hasn't let us down so far and whether it's Ronaldo or McGinlay we have to back then 100% on the pitch.
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    Seems like it works out cheaper than adding the luggage to your flight.
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    Bloody hell TA, you have 5 bogs?
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    James Vaughan will get a standing ovation when he returns, a great player for us and we're good supporters.
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    Bury FC. More returns than Amazon Prime Day !
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    He'll get a hero's welcome if he plays, and rightly so. You might get the odd not right booing him but the rest of us will cheer him to the rafters remembering the inspirational player he was. If Beckford proves to be half as influential then we're lucky indeed.
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    Everybody has an opinion...personally I feel we have a player who just like Vaughn when he came to us was at a crossroads..in his career..he needs to be wanted at a football club. A shrewd move. Those people who think he is a waste of time have short memories...(2011) he is going to relish this season with a foil like Beckford as a partner IMO..