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    Almost forgot but once again a fitting tribute to our fans who passed away this season. I think Rev. David Otley puts over a simple but warm message/prayer. It's now we are able to see photos of those fans that we realise how many we recognise.
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    Rochdale charged a quid against Port Vale the other week and their crowds are even worse than ours. Well done Bury - it is going to be a a crucial game so get some bums on seats and let's have some noise. If we're going to go down don't let it happen in a library eh?
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    Well sadly I got my prediction horribly wrong. Had a canny time, it being my first game at home for Bury. Old fashioned but tidy ground, It'd no S.o.L but has a certain charm I've missed out on since leaving Roker. The team remind me of ours however, which is really bad news as the midfield was nonexistant and very little in the way of chances created. You can still stay up, even if it's down to others being worse (that has kept us up on more than one occasion recently and you take survival where you can get it). The supporters were very vocal, we were in the south stand near the away fans in the first halfm then moved near the other goal for the second. Some characters about and you can tell everyone really cares, which is a great thing to have. Hopefully it translates onto the pitch soon. I may hate your manager but I wish you well on Tuesday and for the rest of the season. Hopefully we both stay up but if not both teams will carry on beacuse the the fans rather then the team that make the club!
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    Some great posts here although I have run out of likes - sorry stillrunningman ! The pre match tributes were moving yet fitting, the Vaughan / Cameron substitution in its own way quite a special moment, the early goal was massive, the team selection and substitutions spot on albeit against an average side, the back three and Murphy again the foundation, the full backs their usual industrious selves, Lowey perfect in that position today, backed up brilliantly by Tutte and Caddis, Pope stepped up to the plate, the reaction of Brass a full time a delight and some of the old shirts were blinding ! Then there is James Vaughan. It has been a tough old year, at times desperate, and it is not over yet but days like today are one of the things that what make it worthwhile. Amongst many other reasons that's why we're Bury fans !
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    We are always underdogs when push comes to shove, and tonight more than ever. I'll be there and win, lose or draw - once a shaker, always a shaker - COME ON BURY!
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    We may be looking for Jimmy Glass at some point against Southend .....
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    I heard a wispa this Easter weekend will really give us a boost, no more flakey performances, no more being caught betwixt and between in our approach, our galaxy of stars will no longer rolover and more key players will be back after time out. There'll be more than just a few ripples of applause in the crowd, our expert breakaways the hot topic of conversation - Vaughan, I reckon, revels in these sorts of games. In both games the drama will happen after eight and if BuryBlade and Eddie Tarsus are in attendance I guarantee a yorkie and some Turkish delight. Not to mention the new Italian signing - Mr Rocher. Hope I'm not left with a creme egg on my face - just remember - it is marathon not a sprint, or is that a Snickers ? Yes I know I have too much time on my hands, I need to have a break .....
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    ... that is goodbye to James Vaughan at Gigg, thank you and it's been a pleasure ! If it isn't ( 🤞 ), thank you and it's been a pleasure ! UTS
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    That was all part of the gamble and I think that most would happily accept lower gate receipts for a significantly increased chance of staying in L1 on a one off basis. Admittedly post hoc ergo propter hoc but maybe some will return next year after seeing an entertaining game. How a crowd of 5,000 can be declared too cheap I'll never know, queues outside locked gates might be too cheap but not 5,000. Personally, and I know others agree with me, I wouldn't do such a ridiculous promotion again. Shortage of programmes, queues for the kiosks, long queues for the loos and actually having to sit next to people are circumstances I don't expect to have to deal with at Gigg. Bring on winless runs and poor performances so that I can return to my leisurely matchday experience in isolation!!!!
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    Vaughan has the best technique and attitude of any forward I've seen over the last 50 years or so. He deserves a last chance to play at a higher level.
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    Two more things need to happen now this season. Fleetwood to beat Port Vale and Peterborough to win. 🤞
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    When was the last time we showed up for a derby? I'm not just talking about scamming a result (see Rochdale away FA Cup when we won 1-0). When was the last time we actually showed up, treated the game like a derby and we came away feeling proud of our club/team? A good few hundred quid ago in ticket expenses alone for us all, I expect. Where do you draw the line? Ah, it's just another £26 I guess. Might as well chuck that down the drain with the other £3-400 I've spent feeling utterly embarrassed of this club because a few teenagers on the BWFC messageboard know how to push Bradley1s buttons.
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    Agree with most of that but think a bit harsh on Greg Leigh who I think always gives his all and is our most improved player in the last third of the season.
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    For what it's worth, I reckon that was a good entertaining match with Bury playing some decent football. fantastic to see 3 goals at Gigg and a lasting memory of one Ryan Lowe having the game of his life ( well, you know what I mean) from midfield. Deserved MOM and I can't think of a weak link in the team today. Well done the whole team.
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    Is he at Blackpool ? My friend, who is a big film fanatic by the way, was saying something about Danns is with Wolves.
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    Clark did not inherit a bad bunch of players. I know there are some who won't give credit to Flitcroft for anything but if Clark can bring players of the calibre of Vaughan and Leigh to the club - like Flitcroft did - I'll be very happy.
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    Don't forget the six coaches Northampton brought....thought it was a blinding effort from them them considering they have nowt to play for
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    Brilliant moment today. Also loved how although he was brought on as a forward, the only thing he had time to do was make a typical Cameron style challenge to clear the ball! He loved it as much as we did!
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    and bolton to screw up play-offs, giving, bury, bolton, blackburn, rochdale, oldham, wigan and maybe blackpool next season, mini lancs league
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    I couldn't see a scenario where it would be appropriate to bring him on, I certainly didn't want him to be having to be overly competitive and risk injury but the 3rd goal presented the perfect opportunity. It was great to see the reaction of not just the fans and Nathan but the rest of the squad and management. It was obvious how much his return meant to everyone.
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    It has been a funny old season (again) but we have kept turning up as we do. There is still much to decide yet but I hope tomorrow can be a positive end to at least the end of the season at Gigg Lane as well as a fitting tribute to those we have lost throughout the season - as we continue the excellent end of season remembrance tradition. It started well - against Charlton a bloke called Danns even got on the scoresheet - and although we never turned up against Oldham, September was very, very good - Danny Mayor's double against Shrewsbury perhaps my stand out moment at home. Watergate versus Vale and a divine intervention from Pope and we were flying high. What followed was testing, tiring, draining and often disastrous but at least our away form was just as consistent. Vaughan being Vaughan, the Mellis strike against Sheffield United and Hope's brace against the Dons in the cup was probably as good as it got ... and then Peterborough at home !! I couldn't go !! Typical. An upturn of sorts followed. A late Soares goal against Walsall with one of his final touches in a Shakers shirt could still be crucial. A new formation, a new manager, much needed clean sheets, a defeat to the Gills but little Miller sealed it in style against the Pirates. It hasn't been easy but sometimes it makes it all worthwhile just being able to see a class act like James Vaughan or the sheer effort, or improvement in a young man like Greg Leigh and how much it meant to him to grab a goal against Bristol Rovers. No wins in three against tougher opposition recently but hopefully there will be three valuable points tomorrow in front of an increased crowd, an atmosphere to savour, a chance to say thank you to some players who have may not be seen again but who have always put a shift in and I think it is wear your old shirt day again too ?? Anyway, either way I will be back there again next season to no doubt be excited, pleasantly surprised, disappointed, deflated and eventually optimistic and nervous all over again ! UTS
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    Tottenham are aiming to move into their new ground at the same time. Only they've financed, bought the land and built half the stadium at this point in time ....... To be fair though the two projects are chalk and cheese. 60 000 all seater stadium / state of the art with hospitality bursting out of every spare function suite / packed to the rafters every match day / additional globally sponsored events......... …… and then there is Tottenham!
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    So silverware is all it's about and it's OK to play crap as long as you win something? No thanks. As I've stated on here before, I've watched Bolton as well as Bury for many years and whether or not they won any silverware was totally irrelevant when you could watched the likes of Okocha, Djorkaeff, Campo, Hierro, Anelka etc work their magic. Same with Bury, give me Dobson's footballing maestros, promoted but no silverware, to Stan's D2 championship-winning-but-boring team any day. I'd also crawl over the proverbial hot coals to watch the mercurial Sir Gregory Farrell play in any team, irrespective of whether that team won any silverware. It's the quality of the football that matters, silverware is just incidental.
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    As much as I haven't really liked seeing players thrust straight back into the starting line up after time out, it was a delight to see Tuttey start and complete a full ninety .... and play well.
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    But I'm pretty sure they will start with 11 !
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    I guarantee you none of those will happen next Saturday.
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    This. A few mistakes does not mean he is lacking in ability, he is just raw and needs coaching. I presume you would have binned Nat Cam off after his first season Mr Bistow?
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    Just to weigh in on the discussion, I wouldn't have been able to make it yesterday had the game not been at a reduced entry fee. Travelling in and from Preston on top of the usually fees would have set me back a good £25, even as a student. Yesterday enabled me to do a full day's travelling and entry fee for under £10, which was fantastic.
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    LC said on GMR Vaughan said to him to get Cameron on. Nice touch by Vaughan.
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    This. It's days like today that make me feel like part of a community at my club, my home town. I was very emotional with the Vaughan sub and Cameron coming on. I just hope to high heaven that we are not going to Southend needing a point to be sure, couldn't stand the tension.
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    He is the best striker I have seen in my 27 years
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    It has been a massive boost having Tutte available for the last couple of games.
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    It was a great moment. A chance to say thank you to James Vaughan - without him we would probably be down already - and the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Nathan Cameron, with him we would probably already have been well safe by now. The roars as Nathan came on and as he made that tackle on the touchline were brilliant and must have meant a lot to him after such a difficult number of months / year. If it was a goodbye to Vaughan, hopefully it has coincided with the long term return of Cameron, who could be like a new signing.
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    ditto, mellis is a player for winning games, surround him with quality and he'll be an asset, surround him with dross and he'll look crap.
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    Well done James Vaughan, lets hope you can be chosen again next season after scoring loads more goals for us in League One.
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    ^ this. Unless they're the elite who do well everywhere, managers and players seem to find that one perfect fit in their career and exploit it. How many strikers have we signed on the back of them being prolific goalscorers elsewhere (Ellis, Jepson, Harrad, Healy) and then they can't hit a barn door for us, but then score regularly after they leave? Same with players who look ok at Bury but then go on to do good things elsewhere (Danny Pugh, David Johnson (6 goals a season at Bury, 20 odd and England U21 caps at Ipswich), many many others). Managers are no different. Even Bury have had golden 1 or 2 season spells when everything came together and the right players and managers overcame dire limitations to produce title or promotion seasons (back to back in our case with perhaps 3 exceptional players in Kiely, Butler and Lucketti and some very hard working kids and veterans or the Dobson era, or the golden bit of Mike Walsh's reign when lee and co were one of the most entertaining sides in England). This is part of the great joy (and great misery) of watching a club like ours. 1 great season in 10 gives a bigger high than moaning bitterly cos you're only finishing 6th or 7th in the premier league or whatever nonsense you see at Arsenal and Utd these days. The signings Clark makes for us may turn out to be superb and we'll stay up this year and romp league 1 next year. It could happen, but then he could make even worse signings than his predecessors and we'll get hammered every week again. That's aprt of the beauty of football - some players and staff fit one club when they're vilifed or hounded out of others. We won't know until next year which of the two Clark is.
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    The problem that we have as a society is that generally speaking most people would prefer to live in a Labour version of a society but prefer the Tory version of paying for it.
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    I wouldn't mind the horror of playing in the Premier League for a season or two. Though we'd still get crowds of 3,500 and people moaning cos we've given Liverpool part of the family stand.
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    We've got to win - simple as. We might still need 4 points to stay up. Trouble is I don't see where the goals are coming from. We never looked like scoring last night. Not criticising the performance - it was very solid and we gave it everything - but we've got to get a win from somewhere. Port Vale and Swindon will win at least one of their games I reckon.
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    We're not stretching the opposition under Clark. It's rare we get to the by-line - crosses are coming in early, diagonally (and inaccurately) to immobile strikers with their backs to goal. There are huge swathes of the pitch we're just not using. Thank goodness we're looking tight at the back (Oxford game excepted)
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    I hope that some of the "not sures" will be galvanised by yesterdays favourable results. Even at 1500 (definitely achievable) we've got a good following behind the team, and we really do have to get behind them tonight. Let's leave the usual "bloody rubbish Bury" negativity for the post match autopsy if the result calls for it - whilst we're at the Mucron let's make some bloody noise, win lose or draw.
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    Its simply impossible to miss this match, I would crawl over broken glass for a week to get to this one.
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    I bet this is the only club in the country were fans complain it's to cheap.
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    We haven't really had a properly decent derby performance from this group of players all season. They have one final chance in the biggest game of the lot to make up for some utter dross and to make this one the one that actually lives long in the memory. I may only be there in hope on Tuesday but, although I considered not going at all, I ultimately felt I have to be there.
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    Pick your 11 biggest physical players at Bolton and hope for the best. No craft or guile from them in both games i saw against us. Good luck for the remainder, unlucky on Thu.
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    You are probably right. They are employees and the brutal truth is that they will never really share the passion of a fan however that applies to every club now and most players in the history of the club game. Although I completely understand your frustration at the current situation I just don't particularly appreciate the earlier comment telling us to "give up" on a thread about team selection in a big game against a big local rival. It is you, it is me, it is us and it does mean something.
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    Enjoying your new seat in the Tom Pope Stand?
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    Intact . Happy days 😀👍
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    Bolton fan here in peace if that's possible at this stage of the season. Massive game for both teams this one and feeling nervous already. Think you were above us the first time we played this season and you were on fire. Current form though is out of the window for this one and you have to fancy your chances at our place. Quite a few teams have bossed it at Bolton this season. Bristol Rovers, Oxford and Chesterfield all had plenty of the game alongside many others. In this league anyone can beat anyone and I've been surprised how we've managed to stay up there as long as we have. Here's hoping for a great game for all the right reasons let's hope you travel in numbers and help make this a derby game to remember.