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    I know he still remains a part of the club and I know we all have our opinions on his managerial capabilities but I would just like to say a thank you to Mr Brass for his efforts during his spell in charge, which came under difficult and very testing circumstances. His passion for the club and his drive to do well for the club always stood out. I know Mr Kidd will also remain but would like to thank him for his efforts too. UTS
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    Hello, Killie fan here, thought I'd pop in and share some thoughts. Bit disappointed Lee's gone. He wasn't everyone's cuppa tea but I liked him. He was open, honest and a likeable guy. Not a particularly great football manager, but a nice guy. I think it's a case of jumping before he's pushed. We've just gotten into the Top 6 but the league is a bit mental at the minute, a couple of losses and we're right back in the relegation places. His tactics are strange at the best of times, his recruitment and turnover of players is quite remarkable and some of the guys he's given contracts to/signed on loan are never footballers at this level in a million years. Hopefully his eye for a player improves with you lot! He did unearth Coulibaly and made the club a decent amount of money, and losing him was a blow but our form wasn't great even when Souley was here. Lee got us out of a hole last year, by the skin of our teeth, but he got us out if it. Seems Bury in a similar situation, hopefully it works out. Regardless of what I or others think of Lee as a football manager, he's a top class bloke, and I wish him and Bury all the best.
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    Not a good performance but one thing I will say about tonight is that Bury has some of biggest moaning prats in the country.Some of the comments aimed at individuals and the team in general were beyond belief.
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    Great day out. First half both teams looked flat but didn't think either deserved to be in the lead. Unlucky bounce deceived Burgess and then unluckily for us bounced onto their player's knee and into the net. Second half was as dominant as i've seen this season. A lot of chances and the penalty miss. Their most dominant player was dismissed and it just added to their pressure. Lowe gave their keeper the eye and then unusually for him sent it that way for an easy save. Mellis was great in the second half but young Styles ran the show and enabled the likes of Tutte, Moore and Leigh to peg Chesterfield even further back.
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    Wife always sends me a card to commemorate it though. Trouble is she she gets confused and thinks it was Peter Valentine who scored. Happy Paul Butler day, folks.
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    Deserves his own thread for way he played yesterday, his little prompting passes and the way he covers the full width of the pitch reminds me of a young Paul Scholes, he's destined for big things but he must be patient, we just need a young Roy Keane now, but seriously I love watching him play lets enjoy him while we can.
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    And the club would never want to keep us in the dark, would they?
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    Why don't you give the new system a chance before you going condemning it? 4 points from 2 games, and 2 clean sheets is a decent return Folk on here, probably you included, said MK Dons would murder us if we played 5-3-2. Well they didn't.! We were shipping goals, and that had to be addressed. It may take a little while for players to adapt (Leigh and Moore in particular), but if we don't concede then we don't need to score 3 to win every week
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    Awful game, but another clean sheet. Plenty graft, the players worked hard, but little craft and too much long ball. C Burgess, Kay, Barnett were excellent. They had to be the numbers of times MK sliced through our midfield. Mellis was woeful, Tutte gone after an hour, and another disappointing game from S Burgess. Pennant showed nothing in his brief appearance Murphy looked very confident and dominate, and he must get some credit for the 2 clean sheets. Pope looked laboured again, and maybe time to give him a rest Lets hope Vaughan is fit for Saturday
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    Thank you Mark for making me laugh :~)
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    Because nothing says 'I love you' like the fayre that a £35 ticket in the Bartercard Suite/Legends gets you.
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    I can give you a lift , I live in Lumb. I do set off quite early though say 6.15pm in Hassy. Pm me your details,Cheers
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    Styles made a big difference when he came on. Fantastic composure on the ball, great touch, good distribution and didn't get pushed off the ball like some of our players. He's ours and only 16. Kerching! A mention too for Greg Leigh who was once again excellent for a "clown". Great day out for the 360 of us, "We are staying up!" Wasn't thinking that after 60 minutes.
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    Odd one at first glance, my immediate thought was why now after the transfer window has closed? Why bring Lowe in as coach, sign players, etc, etc if this was going to happen? Why pay compensation when we don't have any money? However, having thought about it, I believe that it's no coincidence that Clark has jumped ship exactly one year after taking charge at Killie; rumour has it that his contract terms allowed him to leave with little or no compensation payable after one year, so it's understandable why Stewie waited if that is in fact the case. Stewie knows Clark well from his Huddersfield days and it could well be that he has been speaking to Clark for some time, waiting for the year to be up. If so, it could also be the case that Clark was consulted about the signings, Lowe included. I'm only surmising here but I'm hoping that this is actually what happened, because the alternative is that Stewie really is off his rocker
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    I am sure someone will be able to help ... I must admit however the thread title made me think it was a misguided attempt by the club to advertise one of our unwanted players !!
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    As you know this is a big bugbear of mine. For years English clubs have been obsessed with height, going as far as asking the parents of U7s kids they've scouted how tall they and the grandparents are. Marcus Rashford was let go by City at 14 for not being tall enough. Only now have the FA issued a directive to clubs that they must follow the Barcelona model and look for technical ability and allow for late developers instead of just going for big lads born August-December in the school year. Clearly not being followed by the likes of Everton, whose scout at a recent U8s tournament was pitchside before the game had even started and rang his colleague to say "Get down here & look at these, they're tall." That's why England's produced lumps like Peter Crouch & Emile Heskey whereas elsewhere you have Messi, David Silva, Iniesta, etc all 5' 7" or under. And for those old enough to remember the French midfield of the 1980s, arguably the greatest ever, I give you Alain Giresse (5' 4") and Jean Tigana (5' 6").
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    If his Korea takes off he could be Gangnam Styles.
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    Will do. Was late last night when I saw highlights. Idiot of the day (me) where do I sign in ? Well corrected it was Burgess. Apologies to Kay
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    Thought Barnett deserves a mention for last night. In the past he’s looked shaky and off the pace when coming back into the team but he didn’t look an inch out of place last night. Really hope he keeps fit as he could be massive difference for us in terms of keeping clean sheets.
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    Our opponents don't think so. Which is why they have to have 2 sometimes 3 surrounding Danny when he has the ball thereby leaving us with 1 sometimes 2 men open.
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    Stone Roses inspired. Needless to say I've been pretty sad since November.
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    Just found this on Google, must be going back ages but thought i'd share. No idea when or why it was done and okay i'm bored! But thought i'd share:
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    What is it with Bury FC and everything being in twos !? Browns, Millers, Burgesses, Clarkes, Clarks, Camerons, Ishmael/Ismails and now this !!
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    Did he run over your cat once upon a time or something?
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    There are some complete idiots supporting Bury
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    From what I hear Lee Clarke was approached at the end of Flicker's tenure but the compensation vastly reduced on the twelve month anniversary of his appointment, which is now, Chris Brass, Kiddo etc have been aware of this and knew it was immanent. No time for bickering this, lets get behind our man and keep us in Lg1 starting at Chesterfield.
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    There's parking the bus and then there's that...
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    Cracking appointment. There's nothing to be upset at here.
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    Jeez... let's pass the razor blades around and all commit hari kari at Tuesday night's game!! No wonder there are only 2000+ " die hard" supporters .. ! Lighten up!! I realise that things aren't perfect but put things into context... We have a football team to support... or join the millions of armchair supporters who tune into sky sports. Your choice.
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    Mellis moving forward made a big difference for me. He's never a holding midfielder in a zillion years imo, i know some deep playing midfielders are the play makers...but he's not one of them either! An attacking midfielder, bursting forward, doing those little incisive passes is when he's at his best...again imo.
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    I hope Lenell was consulted first !
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    Me. Wasn't aware of the forum, do they ask for proof of postcode at the door? "BL8... er, I mean NW4".
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    Enjoy: http://www.skysports.com/football/chesterfld-vs-bury/359048
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    Lowe was beyond the defence, about to shoot and was denied a clear goalscoring opportunity and there was no attempt to play the ball. Has to be a red card IMHO.
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    What managers and coaches say in interviews are aimed at the opposition as well as fans. Therefore it comes out that Vaughan and Mayor are fit for next match, so Chesterfield waste time planning for this. Hour before kick off not on team sheet and opposition have to cope with that. These "games" goes on at every club
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    Whatever problems Danny has, I hope he overcomes them as soon as possible, both for his sake and ours. He is a very talented player who is worth the entrance fee alone when on form. Not many others on the books at the moment who can get fans off their seats like Danny can.
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    It certainly seems to have an 'evil power'. In recent seasons a lot of players have gone in and never been seen since ......
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    Filled up at the Tescos today, really looking forward to the game!
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    Breaking News....."Bury are spending what's left of the Bedeau Transfer money on building an extension to the Home Team dugout!"
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    Killie and Hudders... really appreciate your optimism/ concern ! At this moment in time we need a "manager" to instil renewed confidence in a team that is playing way below its capabilities.. I personally think he is highly regarded by our chairman who sees him as the next stage of progression for our future ....first as a league 1 club and then... who knows what's next? Mr Day is certainly trying his utmost to deliver a progressive outcome for such a poorly supported football club..I for one admire his drive... wherever it leads us... because no one else has the balls at this moment in the club's history to pursue such an ambitious target as this guy...wherever he got his finance from,how far this will proceed in the future as he already probably knows.. is all down to guts and self belief... we either play Notts forest or Forest Green in the next few years, or we have to call ourselves North Manchester Rovers ! At this moment He has a vision ... we can be part of it or not. Here endeth the sermon according to Steve with the help of a bottle of Asda cheap white wine!
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    I thought he'd been banned?
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    Hopefully Clark isn't too deer and is able to get us out of a rut.......
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    To be fair for 20 games we didn't !
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    Pope should have been off earlier. We came alive when Lowey came on. His intellectual flicks and off the ball movement is second to none. Pope was getting no change from their defenders nor the ref. Lowey invites the foul and normally gets it, although even tonight's ref wouldn't have probably given any. I reckon we might have nicked it if Lowey hade come on much sooner.
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    Wigan fans on him signing for us . He's upto it in a back 5 but in a 4 he is vulnerable and if you play from the back he's not your man. Seems a fair assessment to me
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    We've had a post cheering the fact that Bryan was at a home game watching the game and now Mayor. Is this supposed to be an achievement. Injured players actually watching us play? Are we to presume they don't actually have to watch the game these days if they're injured and it's fantastic if they choose to watch us rather than have a night out or a night in at home. It's their job. Least they can do is watch the team play if can't contribute on pitch.
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    If it is any consolation even if we had won five nil in an entertaining and thrilling performance you still wouldn't have got those two hours back
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    It's a disgrace that it is still not a Public Holiday.
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