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  1. Ignore the pricing on the network. It is totally free for next season at least Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  2. The new network is free by the way Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  3. This is totally down to the server being decommissioned and the fact that the club are concentrating on the new network. There is no financial problems with this board.. It's simply down to the club concentrating on the network Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  4. Unfortunately the server this forum sits on is about to be De - commissioned and it may go very quickly The club's decision is to not replace it and allow the flow onto the new network The server going is out of our control. The new network is the future for all things social from the club for the foreseeable future Obviously I have to thank all the mods for running this over the many years in some very trying times Have met many friends on here over the years and the passion shown by everyone is obvious to everyone The last 14 or 15 years that this forum has been running has seen it's ups and downs but it's been a blast The forum and server will vanish over the next few days. Thanks everyone for your contribution Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  5. [video=youtube;CSlM1DcHv_g]
  6. 2-0 Nathan Cameron header from corner
  7. commentary is via player only, the way we are doing it tonight (the only way we can do it) will not work via the app - player only i'm afraid
  8. My own personal response to some of the comments on this thread Some comments are disrespectful to the chairman and board of directors, to what has been achieved and what has happened over the last ten months. The club is on a more secure footing now that it has been in the last twenty years. Plans are afoot to make it even better; until those plans have been firmed up and made concrete they will stay within the club. Plans like these do not firm up overnight, over a week or over ten months. Once the chairman has firmed up his plans for the future then he will reveal all, though I do know he is keen to reveal them at the AGM, which is also on the horizon. Stewart Day and his team have brought a huge wave of professionalism into this club and for me it’s a genuine pleasure to be a part of it. This club was on its knees – from where we were on the last day of last season to where we are now is nothing short of miraculous. By rights, we shouldn’t even be here – there was no other option rushing in to save the club and to turn it around. Sorry, there was another option – get off the site so we can redevelop it into houses, which was quite rightly rejected by the old board. The club is still going strong, financially sound and professionally stronger than it’s ever been As for me making just 13 posts this year, some of you on here know my life has been turned completely on its head this year after a fairly dramatic change in circumstances just three days into the New Year. For those that don’t now – I am now separated from the wife. It’s not a thing you get over with quickly, nor do I expect to get over it quickly. Unfortunately this message board hasn’t been my biggest priority this last three months because I’ve attempted to put myself and my kids first. What I will say is that the chairman and board have been outstanding to me and my situation, the help they have given me can only be described as unsurpassed and totally surprising. Old board would not have helped an employee like the new board have done for me. Plans are already being made for next season, both on and off the field, when they are ready to be made public they will be. Finances are stronger, new investment into the club can only be good for the future surely. I cannot for the life of me understand the need to question everything that has happened, will happen and may happen. This message board has been running for years and has for a lot of that time asked for new investment, new ideas, and new thoughts – yet when it does come, it’s questioned. New board didn’t have to invest, they didn’t have to keep the club running – but they did and they are moving it forward at a fair rate of knots. The AGM may answer a lot of questions that people have. As a shareholder myself, I want to know what the future holds, from what I have seen and heard around here – its excellent, the future looks very bright. I don’t know all of it, but from what I have seen, its excellent. But until the chairman and board are ready to release all the info, there isn’t a lot more I can tell you. We all need to keep a little faith, show some patience and watch it all come to a head, and get behind them
  9. Its a hand held camera with built in microphone, there is no attachement for external microphone... The designated area for interviews at southend is the touchline by the dugout Unlike a previous manager, I cannot turn off the wind
  10. Tapatalk is the 'app' for iphone, ipad, android and Windows phone - allows users to use the forum much faster than actually using the phones browser
  11. there is a slight problemette with it, should be sorted tomorrow
  12. have it on video, will upload later
  13. NOT suspended and available to play if needed
  14. have just seen this and had the same problem - email fired off (again)
  15. it was outside the dressing room, which is their designated area for press... not a lot we coud do about it