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  1. What did he do to you?
  2. Indeed. I thought Chris Neal had an outside chance of playing for England.
  3. Who says Bury will be bottom half next season? Or indeed Sheffield United in the top half of the Championship.
  4. Bah. Surprised they wanted the game to go ahead in that case! I've updated it now. Cheers for the heads-up!
  5. Luton Town's new stadium has been "on the go" for longer than I've been alive!
  6. I've given you enough likes recently, so stop chasing them!
  7. Rotherham are very well placed to be on this list.
  8. I don't remember Billy Sharp losing 12 games in a row with Sheffield United this season...
  9. You raise some good points and Vaughan has certainly had a lot of experience of being at much larger clubs than Bury and not featuring for different reasons (normally injury rather than doubts about his ability but not always the case). Happiness and being settled tend to become more influential factors as time goes by in a player's career. Of course, the ideal situation includes financial stability/relative prosperity, too. How much real 'say' he will have if and when a suitable offer comes in should he want to stay is highly debatable. This is why as much as I appreciate his talents and think Bury are lucky to have him, you realise that most talented players don't stay here too long. Until the time comes when the club either don't have to sell their brightest stars of any age or when the fees are so high that the potential for reinvestment in the squad or infrastructure can help propel them up to the next level. Everyone would love him to remain at the club (if financially viable) for at least another season but as I said above, I wouldn't begrudge him a move anywhere if it was in the best interests of both him and Bury's future.
  10. I believe the idea behind that (other than to save money) is to cut the squad size down and make it easier to assess other individuals more in-depth to make more informed decisions as to who to retain for next season.
  11. I'm sure the club is indeed looking at the possibility of extending Vaughan's contract but probably from the scope of looking to leverage as high a transfer fee as possible for him rather than with any real hopes of retaining him for next season. He is in his prime in terms of his age (and form) and no-one would begrudge him for trying to take another shot at making it in the second tier with a bigger club if it meant that at least some of the money could be reinvested in the rest of the playing squad.