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  1. Whilst I would always place greater emphasis on tactics rather than shoehorning certain players into the team regardless of the opposition, there has to come a time when Styles and other promising youth products with similar builds are pitted against more physical sides. It's otherwise very hard for them to gain the necessary experience to deal with a more 'disruptive' style.
  2. Groin and tight hamstring respectively. Clark said he hoped Vaughan would be involved against Charlton next week.
  3. I am. There's a second Southern Supporters' Event taking place before the game but at the time of writing, no details have been released by the club whatsoever on what's taking place this time! That, coupled with £5 entry and an opportunity to see Lee Clark make more of a stamp on the side was just too much to pass up. If you see me in the stand, come and say hello.
  4. Can't see that happening unless Clark strips Kay of the captaincy...
  5. Four.
  6. Chesterfield 1-2 Bury
  7. I'd be grateful for feedback on my latest blogpost, which both details my initial reaction to Lee Clark's appointment and also a preview of tomorrow's game. It's fairly lengthy (over 1,000 words) and it took a lot of time and effort. Let's hope for similar levels of commitment tomorrow!
  8. The reality of modern professional football in England is that players are known about well before they even play a senior level match, even by sides at the third and fourth tiers (in most cases). So perhaps 'unearth' is the wrong verb. For me, it would be did he improve anyone and/or restore their reputations? The answer is an unequivocal yes. That's not to say that every signing worked out well - far from it; indeed, in my view too many signings were made instead of working with what was already at the club, be it a senior pro or an academy graduate. I'm a big believer in coaching, both as a 'resource' and as a method of improving players rather than always going for the short term choice all the time and signing a player you perceive to be more of a finished article. As Leigh is still at the club, I think it's way too premature to say he's never stepped up to the plate. He's another example of someone who is not the finished article and who needs both competition for his place and coaching to become a real asset for Bury. To do this, he and others like him must be afforded time by management and supporters alike. Ever since a time I can't quite put my finger on right now, the general expectation levels have increased. I think they need to come back down a bit in some instances if the club is to move forward from its current throwaway mentality.
  9. Indeed he did. Not personally interested in anything a manager says. The actions are all that really matters. Time will tell with Clark but I have big concerns over this whole affair.
  10. Did he run over your cat once upon a time or something?
  11. Five goals in a struggling side with a very limited number of chances and mostly appearing from the bench suggest to me that he is an effective player to have on the pitch.
  12. At which point? When he did well when first thrust into the action or the second stint when not fully fit?
  13. I live in hope.
  14. No idea what you're talking about...
  15. If you can want to relive the excitement of last night in text form, please feel free to give my review a read!