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  1. Bury 2-0 Coventry City
  2. Possibly tomorrow and, erm, next season.
  3. I am. There's a second Southern Supporters' Event taking place before the game but at the time of writing, no details have been released by the club whatsoever on what's taking place this time! That, coupled with £5 entry and an opportunity to see Lee Clark make more of a stamp on the side was just too much to pass up. If you see me in the stand, come and say hello.
  4. Craig Jones Kelvin Etuhu Andrew Tutte Chris Brown Rob Lainton Ishmael Miller Anthony Dudley Jacob Mellis Paul Rachubka Niall Maher Reece Brown Jermaine Pennant Ryan Lowe (from a playing point of view) Paul Caddis Second year scholars: Cameron McCulloch Jesse Arizie Ciaran Best Tsun Dai Dion Johnston Will Osgathorpe Nathan Turner
  5. I don't think he played particularly well, no. My point was up front is the one area currently that Clark can rotate. Hope was a good choice yesterday because the manager expected Charlton to have the majority of the ball and Hope is a tireless worker who can at least make the player in possession think carefully about his next move in a different way than someone like Pope can.
  6. Probably with an eye on a bit of rotation for Tuesday's match.
  7. His inch perfect pass in the first half that led to a corner for Charlton was quite sublime.
  8. Yes to all three.
  9. Danns is injured!
  10. You might've seen a couple of posts on here I made about Bury's new manager that aren't the most glowing, purely based on a gut reaction to his appointment. However, I was browsing on my Kindle last week and noticed he had written (with the help of a ghostwriter) a very recent book about his playing and managerial career, mostly about coming through the ranks at Newcastle but it touched on his other clubs and stints as a manager up until about October 2016. There aren't any mentions of Bury but there are a couple of Rochdale, one being a compliment he paid to Keith Hill and another mentioning Jordan Rhodes' short loan spell there in 2008 (which I don't recall!). It's quite well ghostwritten and insightful in places and I thought I'd share in brief some bits that are of particular interest or just funny: Whilst he was in negotiations to sign for Sunderland, he had a clause inserted into his that should he be called up to the England squad, he would receive a bonus. What he didn't disclose is that he knew he had been called up a day before signing it so he could get the bonus straightaway! His brother has had time in jail for three armed robberies His mum would knit nets for the goals when he played football on a grassy area near where he grew up He's known Alan Thompson since they were sevenyears old and his mum was a dinner lady at the school they went to and they're best friends He turned down an offer from Liverpool of £250,000 at 14 to join them He's an advocate of bringing football apprenticeships back He thinks a big reason why Newcastle fell away in 1995/1996 and lost their big lead to Man Utd is because Kevin Keegan dropped him from the side... He signed Peter Clarke whilst manager of Huddersfield and described him as "someone I could rely on to be an extension of myself in the dressing room" Jordan Rhodes had never heard of Kenny Dalglish... He never got involved in salary negotiations of any player at Huddersfield Rates Anthony Pilkington as his best ever signing as a manager Tried to sign James Vaughan for Birmingham whilst he was manager but it fell through "because we couldn't get the budget for his salary" Blackpool only hired cleaners from Monday to Friday, so he'd often find broken glass on the floor when he got to the ground on a Monday morning because of ongoing anti-Oyston protests He couldn't even get the club to buy footballs for training with Has some... choice words to say about Nile Ranger who he dubbed "Mr. Attitude" He found it hard to sign players for Blackpool for a number of reasons, not least because Karl Oyston refused to ever pay agents' fees The budget for the whole Kilmarnock squad per week is £20,000 The standard of Scottish football is higher than it's currently given credit for Had an offer to join Newcastle Jets in the A-League whilst manager of Birmingham Presciently said when Thompson refused his offer of being assistant at Kilmarnock that "I'm sure we'll work together sometime in the future" Found it hard to adapt to East Ayrshire slang: "My first trip to Aberdeen on the team bus was another occasion where there was a breakdown in communications. The coach driver asked me if I knew Ken. Obviously, I didn't know who Ken was. He repeated it again and I still couldn't understand him. Then I thought maybe he'd called me Ken. I said, 'No, my name's Lee.' It brought a lot of merriment among the staff." His youngest son Bobby is in the Newcastle academy system When he was at Fulham, goalkeeper coach Mark Crossley said they should invest in a greyhound called Droopy's Okocha; the dog broke a leg in its first training session! Extremely critical of Mike Ashley and the Newcastle side that got relegated last season (but not of Rafa Benítez) Wants to manage Newcastle one day, shockingly If he was president of FIFA/head of the FA: He would be against an introduction of the 'Rooney Rule' (where at least one black or ethnic minority candidate has to be interviewed for a vacant head coach/manager position) Also against shoehorning women into the mens' game "for the sake of it" but if they're the best for the job, they should get it He would make U10s football summer based and do away with any work on tactics and shapes in that age group He would bring back "proper reserve football" Introduce a winter break in January Localise the fixtures around Christmas and New Year Obviously, you have to remember that some of the above will be biased in his favour but I still found that I 'knew' him a bit more after finishing the book and where he gets his ideas from and I'd recommend it to anyone on here who wants more of a feel for who he is.
  11. Something like that, with Barnett a bit wide (closer to Moore than Cameron Burgess was to Leigh) and Styles nominally the deepest of the midfield three.
  12. Even more than Yulu!
  13. Probably hastily arranged... but I expected better than to have to ask twice what time I needed to be there.
  14. Here's my take on the lineup.
  15. Honestly don't know if it's considered private. No harm in e-mailing or ringing the club early in the morning to check. I think they asked me well in advance to confirm attendance from a catering point of view if the first event was anything to go by.
  16. Yes. Practically had to beg Ben Miles to give me information on it. Ian Kendall will be giving a presentation and then answering questions.
  17. Charlton Athletic 1-3 Bury
  18. Tsun Dai is one of the remaining second year scholars I think will turn pro at the end of the season. I just hope his injury setback hasn't halted his development too much.
  19. Absolutely, I agree. Not exactly holding him to his word and I retain the same concerns I set out in my blogpost about it... so we'll just have to see what actually happens.
  20. Working on the presumption that after the introduction of three points for a win is going to yield the highest number of points obtained in the last six matches, the following list shows how many each season. 1981/1982: 8 1982/1983: 8 1983/1984: 7 1984/1985: 10 1985/1986: 8 1986/1987: 8 1987/1988: 8 1988/1989: 6 1989/1990: 8 1990/1991: 8 1991/1992: 8 1992/1993: 6 1993/1994: 4 1994/1995: 16 1995/1996: 13 1996/1997: 14 1997/1998: 7 1998/1999: 10 1999/2000: 9 2000/2001: 4 2001/2002: 4 2002/2003: 11 2003/2004: 8 2004/2005: 11 2005/2006: 7 2006/2007: 7 2007/2008: 13 2008/2009: 12 2009/2010: 5 2010/2011: 13 2011/2012: 10 2012/2013: 7 2013/2014: 9 2014/2015: 15 2015/2016: 9
  21. Happy to say my question was answered early on in the show, with Clark indicating that turnover of players would be lower under his management (although I suspect only after the close season will that become apparent).
  22. Thanks, guys. Hope to celebrate it with another win on Saturday!
  23. For your reading pleasure. I hope with Saturday's game to include some photos and videos as I'll be there in person.
  24. Coventry have to play against both Port Vale (TBC) and Swindon (this Saturday). Swindon have to play against all three in their next four games... and the other opponents are Gillingham! Chesterfield have to play against Swindon (March) and Port Vale (April). Port Vale have to play all three.