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  1. I'd be very grateful if the mods don't move this post to another section as there is a link to Bury FC. My dad died peacefully at home yesterday morning after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer, aged just 68. He was where he wanted to be with who he wanted to be. I think it is fair to say that he had only a passing interest in football. Born in Bolton, he was very much a Boltonian and kept his strong accent all his life, despite spending very little of his adulthood living in the town or the surrounding villages. I grew up in Rossendale in the 1990s and used to have a season ticket for Bury, along with my grandma and mum. When the former died in September 1996, it became something that just my mum and I did but my dad would still leave his stamp on things, often asking us to buy some shopping at M&S before games and we would look very silly coming through the turnstiles with several bags full! He only attended three football matches in his life: two at Burnden Park in the 50s and 60s, the latter of which saw a defeat to Wolves, who he then developed a strong dislike of for a long time afterwards. The third match was after he moved down to Bedfordshire in 2005 with my mum and brother. We went as a family whilst I was visiting them to see the not so mighty Shakers take on Peterborough at London Road on the 2nd of January, 2006. We bore witness to a gutless performance, with Bury losing 4-1 and looking second best throughout the entire game. He didn't think much of the performance either and said Bury were "crap", which was hard to argue with and also epitomised his very black and white way of expressing himself about things like that. The last decade has been very hard for my parents and my mum often sought solace in listening to Bury matches on Shakers Player when attending in person became difficult. My dad never bregrudged her being lost to the world almost every Saturday during the season for a couple of hours because he knew how much it means to her. My mum would often show him the messages I would write on this message board and he would praise them for being well written, just like he did when my article in the AFC Wimbledon programme was published the day after his last birthday. I'd never thought much about the phrase 'once a Shaker, always a Shaker' before and often thought it was a bit silly... but it definitely applied to my dad. Whilst he was not a Bury fan himself, the fact that he let me attend matches from the age of eight every other week will be something that I am forever grateful to him for. There are of course much more important things in life than football but that's besides the point. We will miss him terribly.
  2. Port Vale 1-2 Bury
  3. Actually, one has been a penalty.
  4. I made that very suggestion to the club last year, only to be told that they (i.e. Ben Miles) didn't believe it was a viable strategy. The demographics of the town have shifted a lot in the last couple of decades and, paired with the general cost of football and decline of pubs, could help pull 'fans' of the two Manchester clubs to Bury if the club can produce an attractive package, both on and off the pitch.
  5. The big issue of our times.
  6. He was nearly 33 by the time he signed for Bury.
  7. But if the wide midfielders can't or won't track back, you're actually losing a midfielder that way.
  8. Sincerely hoping it's Billy.
  9. I think he's doubtful for Saturday but would obviously be a big boost if he can play.
  10. Short of players? Not so sure about that. I make it 34 players with a squad number at the club, with one out on loan (Dudley), four in on loan (Walker, C. Burgess, Moore & Walker), three long-term injured players (Cameron, Jones and C. Brown), one suspended for another match (Soares) and five doubtful for Saturday (Mayor, Mellis, Ismail, Bryan and Tutte). That would still mean around 24 are definitely available for selection, although I suspect Cooney and Harker will be back playing for the U18s on Saturday morning (22 in that case).
  11. Watch this space.
  12. Aye. Reet. A missed that.
  13. What happened to Part 3?
  14. Bloody autocorrect! I meant Swailes!
  15. Speaking of former players and season awards, I was fortunate enough to be the person who presented Chris Staines with his player of the season award say back when. I still have the framed photo somewhere!
  16. The simple solution to the 'Germany vs Austria' quandary is to make every group game decisive, e.g. a penalty shootout after 90 minutes to get a winner and a loser. You then can't really play for a draw/mutually beneficial scoreline, especially if the tie-breaking criteria for group play is changed. Either that or only have the top team in each group of three qualify to a knockout round of 16...
  17. I've not seen Cameron Burgess play in person before but it's interesting to note that he hasn't played at left back for Oldham even once this season; he has however been the left-sided centre back in three, four and five man defences for them. The main question mark would be who would be the middle centre back of the three on current availability. Given that Bedeau is also left-footed, it would make a degree of sense for it to be him but he's still inexperienced and it is often the job of that player to keep the discipline of the trio in order to maintain a good shape as it 'easiest' to do that if you can see one on either side and helps communication; therefore, it has to be Kay at the moment. It's also of great benefit if at least two of the three are comfortable on the ball, both for the obvious reason that it helps prevent goalscoring chances for the opposition and less likely to concede possession cheaply but also because if you're unfamiliar with that setup or your teammates, it reduces the number of times that the unit as a whole comes under pressure whilst they're still trying to work out the weak points. Reece Brown would be a better bet on this occasion in a 3-5-2. It is a formation he has some limited experience of playing, he is naturally right footed and has performed competently at centre back for Bury in the past. The other 'problem' area is then right wing-back. Without Jones, it's a toss-up between Maher (if fit), who has shown a desire to roam forward when playing right back before and Moore, who has less first team experience and doesn't count that role amongst his list of positions (he stated centre back, right back and defensive midfield in the interview after the Scunthorpe defeat). Given the threat I've already outlined Peterborough have from midfield, I would advocate that Moore or Maher fill in almost as a traditional right back when the ball is in the opposition's possession. That would leave C. Burgess to cover the left channel, doubtlessly vacated by Leigh. Leigh's role would be vital as he would almost be alone in providing true width in this setup. The defence would look for Bryan or Leigh if in space to start attacks and mix it up by going long to Pope but only if he had sufficient support. The midfield in terms of personnel and roles would be largely unchanged from the rough 4-2-3-1 I posted previously in this thread, but with Scott Burgess being the most advanced of the '5' both in and out of possession and drifting into the right channel when Leigh has the ball and/or Pope needs support. Pope's role would also remain the same but Vaughan would be partnering him and looking all the time to stick close to him so he could have the ball laid off to him or run in behind the defensive line for a cross or pass from Pope, S. Burgess or Mellis. The midfield being calm in possession and acting as the pivot between defence and attack would remain the key battleground in the match.
  18. Yes, possibly. Again, I wonder if it's also partly instructions from management. It's really hard to say without being in the inner circle. I'm sure confidence is a factor at times but if it's any consolation to him, he's one of the most reliable long-range finishers I've seen at Bury or indeed anywhere outside the top two tiers in England. Perhaps he also has a desire to score the 'perfect goal' and if he doesn't think it's a dead cert, will look for other, sometimes worse, options.
  19. Thanks for your kind words. I don't actually live near Bury and I believe they already have someone who does this sort of role called Jimmy Dickinson.
  20. Bury 2-1 Peterborough United
  21. Hmm. I think you'd be hard pressed, Josh Morris aside, to find any left midfielders who will score 10 goals per season minimum at any level and always play in that role. Morris also takes penalties and free kicks for Scunthorpe, which, whilst taking absolutely nothing away from his ability and performances this term, do help to inflate that number. Zach Clough has played in a number of positions for Bolton this season and has sometimes found himself at left midfield; he is the only other player on the first page of the League One Goalscorers list to have played a significant number of games in a wide midfield role. His numbers are... unsuprisingly inflated by penalties, too. Without penalty or dead ball taking duties, it's difficult to see how Mayor can score that number of goals at Bury at left midfield. One can only assume he either doesn't want to do it, isn't particularly good at it or is good at them but there are simply more confident or effective players at the club. There have been occasions when he has started more centrally but I think despite what I have already said in this thread, he is easier to neutralise from an opposition point of view if that is where he first picks up the ball. He's not especially strong from a physical point of view or skillful but does have quick feet and more importantly, knows where he wants to end up with the ball. He is rarely to be found in the opposition penalty area without the ball and his aerial ability isn't anything to write home about. Most of his goals in a Bury shirt have been scored from outside the box by cutting in from the left as we all know. He would be better off trying to make late runs into the box between the full back and centre back like Ismail sometimes does. Whether by instruction or mentality, he isn't the best at either tackling or tracking back, so rather than ask him to do something he's not particularly adept at, I would instead like to see positioned further up the pitch than he has been so far as part of either a two or three man attacking midfield behind the one/two striker(s), depending on the opposition and the context of a match. As an aside, he did get nine goals in all competitions in 2014/2015 but he played nearly every match in a relatively settled side by recent Bury standards at a lower level.
  22. You need to have some creative players in amongst the battlers!
  23. Now if somebody had a record player in their car on their way to matches to get them into the spirit of things, that would be impressive.
  24. I think Bury will need more bodies in midfield against Peterborough than playing a wide 4-4-2 formation allows. I hope the lessons are learnt from the last encounter in that regard.