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  1. I'm already married with a child. Anyway, I just thought I'd stick my oar in with a few thoughts of my own: The 0.8% figure stated is presuming that everyone who has bought a season ticket thus far lives in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. Whilst I don't have any data to back me up, I'm almost certain that there will be a significant number of the ~1,650 who reside in Rossendale, Bolton, Rochdale, Wigan, Oldham, Manchester, Stockport and further afield, at least enough to take the percentage down to 0.7 or even 0.6. Does anyone have access to accurate historical data in terms of number of season tickets sold, particularly vis-à-vis average (public) wage every year, the average cost of a full-paying adult season ticket every season and how they'd be adjusted for inflation in today's money? The economy of the day will have an affect, in some cases more than which tier Bury were in at a particular time. With hindsight, significant work was not done marketing the club for years (arguably decades) before internet access and latterly social media became commonplace. This partly explains why clubs of a similar size, say at the start of the Premier League era to Bury, have been able to slowly build up their attendances (even without significant financial backing and/or a stadium move). All that said, the overall popularity of football has skyrocketed in the past 25 years as well as access to many other forms of entertainment that didn't exist beforehand. Coupled with that, there are certain issues currently dogging the sport in England (e.g. high ticket prices well down the pyramid, cost of travelling to away matches, TV companies dictating when matches take place, excessive salaries paid to players and agents in particular, perceived lack of FA/PL/EFL governance especially relating to club ownership) and when you think about it, you could actually applaud Bury and other clubs for maintaining or slightly improving average home attendances in that time. Speaking of applause, you have to look to Rochdale for their strategy. This close season, they have been quite bold. Under the auspices of Chris Dunphy's stewardship, they have spent within their means year after year whilst for the most part, playing an attractive brand of football, especially under Keith Hill. Their older fans had to contend with decades of finishing close to (and sometimes) bottom of the fourth tier. Now they are at their zenith as a football club and have a decent chance at once again being in contention for promotion to the second tier, all the while not overextending themselves, not making wild promises they'd struggle to keep, maintaining effective communication with a consistent message with their fans across a variety of media and it has paid dividends for them before a ball is kicked in anger. In my view, Bury need a really bold strategy that goes way beyond aggressive season ticket pricing, moving to a new stadium and playing nice football to entice more people (although the stadium would help matters somewhat). They then need to stick to their guns and tone down certain other things to keep the club afloat and attractive to the outside world.
  2. They could make a betting firm together.
  3. He'll be 29 next month, so the club had best get rid.
  4. I wonder if Bury score a last minute winner, will Lee Clark rip off his shirt and tie to reveal this once more...
  5. Absolutely no chance of this happening.
  6. Indeed it was... and it still remains the case.
  7. I don't believe that for a second. Notice how the rhetoric has already shifted from Lee Clark regarding keeping hold of Vaughan in the space of several weeks.
  8. According to the official account on Twitter, the kit supplier will still be Kappa next season.
  9. Will Buryite eyes be smiling at the end of the season?
  10. I still expect him to leave despite the rhetoric contrary to that from the club.
  11. Lowe will only be considered in an injury crisis.
  12. AV was/is not a proportional system of voting.
  13. Really? Look at his past history in management. He's done the same, whether totally on his own volition or otherwise, wherever he's been.
  14. But that's why he's picking and choosing matches - the club loses that 'guaranteed' income a season ticket would provide... and I imagine he'll also err on the side of going to fewer games, compounding the issue.
  15. I expect this might put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. Excellent signings but at what cost?
  16. Wrong section.
  17. Neither of the two main parties are going to have it in their manifestos as it is not in either of their best interests. That's why they have remained together through crisis after crisis - yes, the Gang of Four split from Labour in the early 80s was a significant event at the time but the Alliance were savaged in terms of seats, given their relatively high vote share. The AV referendum in 2011 was not a vote on proportional representation but at least it was a choice of sorts to do away with FPTP, hence why the Conservatives allowed it to happen in the first place and then, in partnership with most of Labour, created one of the most negative campaigns I've ever seen to prevent even that halfway house of a voting system from becoming a reality. The boundary changes next year (and consequently the reduction in the number of MPs) make any move to PR even more unlikely to ever happen.
  18. He's simply voicing his opinion and it's one worth heeding regardless of whether you agree with it; think about it - an administrator of this message board, which is a vital resource for hundreds of people and is dedicated to all things Bury, has now decided to pick and choose matches he goes to rather than give the club a 'guaranteed' income. Does it not at least demonstrate his strength of feeling, if nothing else?
  19. I've made my mind up never to vote until there's a referendum on proportional representation. The current electoral system is a completely busted flush. So never again, in other words...
  20. No, but the emphasis was on 'really'. Selling off U18s talent to fund expensive first team signings is only going to go one way if promotion isn't achieved next season... and even that isn't a guarantee of financial viability by any means.
  21. Starting to get really worried about the financial state of affairs now.