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  1. No, they don't. Bolton will be promoted if they draw barring a ridiculous margin of victory for Fleetwood.
  2. Danns Is With Wolves Arena.
  3. Whilst a reduction of players is both desirable and inevitable, I don't want Bury to ever go all out to keep any player, particularly when considering the club's financial position.
  4. Are the Cobblers in for a good shoeing?
  5. I'll bream from ear to ear once it's complete.
  6. Over Billy Sharp? I doubt it.
  7. A compliment is this?
  8. This just in: lots of players currently on the books at Bury are themselves fans of other clubs. It doesn't mean a single thing when it comes to self-preservation.
  9. Kean Bryan will get a brace.
  10. I agree with all of that apart from the bit I've highlighted in bold. I think he is and that's what will help to set him apart from other strikers in the years to come. The effort, work rate and anticipation are there, as is the finishing at times. The 'raw materials' are all present except the first touch.
  11. Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want...
  12. Both he and John-Joe O'Toole will be big misses for Northampton on Saturday.
  13. Gillingham 3-0 down. David Buchanan sent off for Northampton against Shrewsbury - 1-0 up but down to ten men with more than 30 minutes remaining.
  14. Gillingham now 2-0 down at Charlton.
  15. Gillingham, Shrewsbury and Port Vale all losing.
  16. Yes. Don't get me wrong, he is (still) a very good player though. Where he has been missed most is ironically as a threat in the other penalty area. His departure and subsequent signing of Antony Kay (who was/is not the same kind of player for both better and worse) has been cited in my view wrongly as one of the main reasons for Bury being in the current situation. The shortcomings in the current squad are obvious but I don't really think the centre of defence as a whole is on that list. Purely hypothetically, if I could have any player back from last season, it would be Chris Hussey. Some posters on here derided him as only being good for set pieces... and that is precisely where Bury have had not even a hint of consistent quality in 2016/2017.
  17. Pass me the valium, old chap.
  18. I honestly don't think he's been missed in the way that most perceive to be the case.
  19. Oldham have just taken the lead through a Jay Spearing own goal...
  20. "Concede at Gigg Lane? You're having a laugh!"
  21. Let's be kind and say that that is the case at every single EFL club... so if you're trying to make a laboured point about how that means they don't care, you'd need to apply it far wider than outside Gigg Lane...
  22. 3-1 with the last kick of the game.
  23. Gillingham 2-1 up deep into injury time...
  24. Bristol Rovers have just equalised against Gillingham.