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  1. I've given you enough likes recently, so stop chasing them!
  2. Rotherham are very well placed to be on this list.
  3. I don't remember Billy Sharp losing 12 games in a row with Sheffield United this season...
  4. You raise some good points and Vaughan has certainly had a lot of experience of being at much larger clubs than Bury and not featuring for different reasons (normally injury rather than doubts about his ability but not always the case). Happiness and being settled tend to become more influential factors as time goes by in a player's career. Of course, the ideal situation includes financial stability/relative prosperity, too. How much real 'say' he will have if and when a suitable offer comes in should he want to stay is highly debatable. This is why as much as I appreciate his talents and think Bury are lucky to have him, you realise that most talented players don't stay here too long. Until the time comes when the club either don't have to sell their brightest stars of any age or when the fees are so high that the potential for reinvestment in the squad or infrastructure can help propel them up to the next level. Everyone would love him to remain at the club (if financially viable) for at least another season but as I said above, I wouldn't begrudge him a move anywhere if it was in the best interests of both him and Bury's future.
  5. I believe the idea behind that (other than to save money) is to cut the squad size down and make it easier to assess other individuals more in-depth to make more informed decisions as to who to retain for next season.
  6. I'm sure the club is indeed looking at the possibility of extending Vaughan's contract but probably from the scope of looking to leverage as high a transfer fee as possible for him rather than with any real hopes of retaining him for next season. He is in his prime in terms of his age (and form) and no-one would begrudge him for trying to take another shot at making it in the second tier with a bigger club if it meant that at least some of the money could be reinvested in the rest of the playing squad.
  7. The bricks haven't been paid.
  8. One point gained or... ?
  9. There are better options out there even in that price bracket.
  10. The pitch hasn't been paid.
  11. He's put his foot in many times, but, much like Paul Scholes, he's just not very good at it.
  12. Do I expect Bury to be dominant against Fleetwood? No. Do I believe there's at least a decent chance of winning against them? Absolutely.
  13. An "easy win"? Not in the slightest.
  14. I'd imagine there's a decent chance of that as long as Bury survive.
  15. I assume he meant since the turn of the year or so.
  16. Happy Birthday!
  17. Will the Shakers be fed to the Lions?
  18. He'll be starting for the U18s against Accrington tomorrow. He's only just come back from quite a while out injured. Besides which, striking options is the one area Bury definitely aren't short of at this moment in time.
  19. Thanks! Yes, it is a shame he couldn't in that particular setup but let's say that you wanted most of the team to be quite narrow and have all the width provided by Leigh and Jones, you could easily have Miller as one of the three behind Vaughan, with any two from S. Burgess, Styles, Mellis, Tutte and possibly even Mayor. I think sometimes a slightly deeper position would suit him more as he's very direct and not short of pace or hold-up ability.
  20. Great question, which the act of even asking goes some (but not all the) way to explaining why Bury still have an outside chance of relegation. There are of course many other factors at play but the most obvious has always been the injury table. As it's almost come to be a purely hypothetical exercise in the last two years to even entertain the idea of a fully fit squad, I have not considered in my XI below any possible opposition, just what could work and not be too unbalanced: As I see it, Bury do not have the right players currently to play what I suspect most fans would like (a traditional 4-4-2 shape). The full backs are too attack-minded and the wingers poor at tracking back and by that I include the ability to do so effectively and inclination to do so. Both Mayor and Ismail are best utilised as high up the pitch as possible, but doing so would leave big gaps behind them. It's for that reason I have chosen Bryan over either Tutte or Mellis. Bryan is the most defensive minded midfielder in the entire squad, is good in the air, can cover a lot of ground, left-footed and strong in the tackle. His presence, like Cameron Burgess' in the centre of defence, offers a decent balance of left to right footed players. If you include Murphy, I would make it five players in the above XI who either prefer to strike the ball with their left foot or in Ismail's case, dribble with it. Burgess and Cameron as a partnership would dovetail quite well - they both tend to cover gaps for their teammates, both are physically imposing and generally calm on the ball, particularly in the Cameron's case. Caddis is there over Mellis or Tutte because he's better/more assured at tackling and more versatile in the roles he can play than the former and a better passer than the latter. He is also decent in the air despite his stature and the best pivot in the squad. Leigh and Jones would of course bomb on at every opportunity and I'd rely on him to cover for Jones quite well as someone who has played right back in his career quite a lot. Like Mayor and Ismail, Styles is best deployed high up the pitch to play in both of them and Vaughan; he is better at winning the ball back than you would guess just by looking at him but is of course at this best with the greatest number of opportunities in advanced areas to bring others into the game or set up a goalscoring opportunity. Mayor is at his most effective cutting inside and dragging defenders with him; Ismail is most effective running either in between the left back and left centre back anticipating a pass or round the outside of the full back and then cutting into the penalty area. Having Vaughan as the nominal one striker would not in my view hamper his effectiveness so as long as the triumvirate provide plenty of support or dummy runs to ensure he isn't swamped by defenders. Vaughan is probably the best all-round striker Bury have had in my time of watching - he still has plenty of pace, competent at dribbling and taking on his man, very competitive in the air and most importantly of all, normally calm in front of goal and capable of scoring a wide range of them as well.
  21. Actually, MK Dons is on my doorstep, easily accessible and has comfy seats with legroom. So I hope they stay up.
  22. And what's more, Kean Bryan has been a welcome (re)addition to the team.
  23. I'm not going to get drawn into how much Miller will leave for (and he will go sooner rather than later at this rate) but the comparison with Lookman is an odd one. The latter had more than 30 starts when he left for Everton, can play anywhere across the front or on either flank (so comparing goal returns isn't a reliable barometer) and had much greater exposure by playing for a London club in the Championship when he first burst onto the scene at senior level. The 'best' outcome for all with Miller would be for him to stay at Bury for probably another season, start more games and see where that takes him. It's just nice as a fan to actually bear witness to a number of prospects like him coming through at once. It's not happened before in my 23 years of support.