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  1. Venison - I thought it was a little deer.
  2. Nailed on
  3. Hardcore for the over 65's is very popular
  4. As a loyal fan I feel duty bound to watch however I turn the sound off
  5. Very important to have a bouncy home end
  6. So, if Israel versus Palestine ends in a draw there will be a shoot out.
  7. Will never complete the Panini album
  8. Another of the great unwashed form up the road
  9. No plans; if we go pop I'm giving up work, going on the dole, stop washing, sleep with my sister and supporting Dale - like you
  10. If he plays his cards right, becomes a cheeky chappie, silly moustache etc he could be on TV every day of the week in years to come!
  11. Can he drive?