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  1. Excellent read, I really look forward to them; just one point how does your seventeen month old son pick his scores and is it a fair competition?
  2. Just Jones, Mellis and Caddis; possibly Lainton as goalkeeper number two if we can persuade Murphy to stay
  3. 638

    Nice to see the manager on Facebook thanking the fans for their support today
  4. According to the commentary joint men of match to Barnett and Murphy. Caddis sounded to be OK, though faded a bit second half
  5. Clark was asked in his post match interview about O'Hara and he said that he wasn't coming to Bury.
  6. No Vaughan or Mayor in starting lineup or on subs bench.Starting with Lowe and Pope, suspect Miller will be called on pretty quickly.
  7. The Daily Mail has an article on Brooke Vincent (aka Sophie Webster in Coronation Street), says she is currently Kean Bryan's girlfriend, on loan at Bury from Manchester City! I am a sad case I look for mentions of Bury everywhere !!
  8. And Soares was rumoured to have gone to Wimbledon because his family were down South; I reckon he wanted to help the groundstaff
  9. At least we got a win
  10. yes, this all assumes we win on Saturday
  11. Oldham away to MK Dons Tuesday night, home to Coventry next Saturday would be better for them to lose the first and draw the second
  12. Donated, and thanks for running this board I read it regularly
  13. I was thinking it might be the time for me to make a further donation for the running of this board as I read it regularly. I don't seem to find a way to do this and tried all sorts of ways, support , new topic , said I was not eligible to post on support so that was a no-go. There used to be a regular place you could make a donation but I can't find it.
  14. But that argument was about the number of clubs a player could play for in a season. Birmingham get round that being his original club.
  15. Five one says he is doing something right!!