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  1. Home to Oldham
  2. When I requested information about watching live matches, they told me that the day after the match the whole match would be available to view rather than the edited highlights previously offered. Assuming this information is correct then the new system will be well worth the money.
  3. I am hoping that the information given to me by ifollow is correct, I enclose copy of response to my email asking about viewing live games :- Greetings, Thank you for your inquiry. Full games will be available for replay (Video On Demand aka VOD) by Noon the following day of the live broadcast. Best regards, EFL iFollow Support Ticket Details Ticket ID: WZT-655-93623 Department: EFL Type: Issue Status: Resolved Priority: Normal
  4. I too had problems logging in and Gordon sorted me out with contact details. Everything works fine now. With being an exile (deepest Cumbria) I emailed ifollow to ask about live matches and as I do not live in Europe (excluding GB) I am not able to watch live BUT the day afterwards I was assured than I could watch the whole match with VOD (video on demand). A vast improvement on the highlights package previously offered, can't wait for the new season now.
  5. Wayne Entwistle
  6. You are going to be a busy lad, hopefully mini Spee will be able to help too. Thanks for all the effort you put in to the blogs, they are always looked forward to.
  7. Mr Blade, what are your current thoughts on Leon Clarke, he seems to be banging them in!!
  8. I thought that mini Spee was writing the report but I suppose he hasn't been registered with the Football authorities yet.
  9. What I can't understand is the post from Forever Bury saying that GMP did not control the change of heart on the Oldham tickets and that it was all down to OAFC. If that was the case then the home club can just ignore GMP and do what they want. I can't see GMP putting up with that
  10. Usually before games with possible large away following we get told we are not allowed to sit in certain stands and that all ticket arrangements have been made. Are the police going soft?? Where will the huge following for Bradford be accommodated on Saturday ?I assume Rochdale won't bring many as they struggle to get more than 2300 for home games even when pushing for the play-offs.
  11. Thanks
  12. But as he says in his post match interview, it is very convenient location-wise for him and his family.
  13. I always used the old format which showed people's wishes/predictions as an indication of possible outcomes and then liked to see who had been the most accurate after the match. Shame that is now denied me.
  14. If Bedeau went for the reputed £900K then Miller must be worth much more, strikers who score goals regularly are a rare commodity !!