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  1. Donated, and thanks for running this board I read it regularly
  2. I was thinking it might be the time for me to make a further donation for the running of this board as I read it regularly. I don't seem to find a way to do this and tried all sorts of ways, support , new topic , said I was not eligible to post on support so that was a no-go. There used to be a regular place you could make a donation but I can't find it.
  3. But that argument was about the number of clubs a player could play for in a season. Birmingham get round that being his original club.
  4. Five one says he is doing something right!!
  5. Surely some financial arrangement could be made where he went on loan, which is perfectly legal. When the loan ends at the end of the season the bulk of the money is paid to finalise the transfer. There would have to be strict conditions that even if injured or not playing for the new team, the arrangement would still be finalised. If the money is right then I see no reason why he couldn't go, we still have Pope , Miller and other future stars yet to play
  6. Can't drop Bedeau or Styles!!!
  7. It helps if they can command more than one position in defence surely
  8. It seems to be a trait of BFC recently, we had the Clarkes, Popes and now the Burgesses.
  9. Team selection for tomorrow should be interesting, obviously Soares suspended so full back is Taylor Moore; Centre half pairing, I hope he doesn't drop Bedeau but if Reece Brown available and a new player yet to come in then I can't see Kay getting the nod.
  10. A point !!!! AT last , out of the bottom four as well
  11. Any sightings of injured players returning ??
  12. I had given up predicting as I always predict a Bury win or draw and that hasn't helped in the grand scheme of things. But today I feel more confident and predict a Bury win two - one
  13. I just worry that the only reason they have been given extensions is to improve their saleability for us in January
  14. Questioning the reasons about the new roles seems to suggest that the chairman has perhaps identified a new manager but can't approach him officially until January.As long as the new man is/would be happy with the coaching set-up as it is now would seem a reasonable scenario to me.
  15. It was reported that he was ill