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  1. Where else can you go after playing to 1 million people on Copacabana?
  2. 2015 maybe ?
  3. If the headline act has a strong and loyal following, I would say yes.
  4. Maybe so, but I'm sure there would still have been objections. IIRC Madness played gigs at Lincoln City and Portsmouth last year. Perhaps the extra cash helped to fund both those teams' successful seasons on the pitch?
  5. Noted that Prenton Park, Tranmere is to host a music festival headlined by Madness this May. Suburban Bebington and Birkenhead has fewer nimbies and / or a more supportive council?
  6. Does the mention of talks with the Council suggest a collaboration or joint project?
  7. Expect Northampton to park the bus on Saturday...? Will a point for them just about guarantee mathematical safety? Will be a mistake to expect them to roll over.
  8. Easter 1980, Sheff Weds at home. We are struggling to avoid the drop, they are going for the title and bring 8000+ fans over. 1-0 Bury win courtesy of Craig Madden, who even had a pen saved before getting the winner.
  9. Mixed results, expected Shrews and Swindon to win at home so both drawing could be worse. Bristol Rovers let us down, if they'd won or drawn at Gills would have set up an all-out assault by them on Oldham in Monday's game.
  10. Was this due to a members' vote?
  11. Think one of the 80s Sunday games was vs Chester?
  12. Sure, but wasn't Bishop often the beneficiary of one or two Sam Ellis extra-curricular 'coaching' sessions which were known to extend beyond last orders?
  13. After a hard night in the Social Club...?
  14. Jack Chapman next to Walsh?