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  1. Sure, but wasn't Bishop often the beneficiary of one or two Sam Ellis extra-curricular 'coaching' sessions which were known to extend beyond last orders?
  2. After a hard night in the Social Club...?
  3. Jack Chapman next to Walsh?
  4. Maybe put some key players on the bench. He'll be telling them that they do still have a chance to sneak into the play-offs and will be demanding 100% commitment.
  5. The question was to name a team which had played in the Championship for at least one season since 2005, up to the date of the recording of the show.
  6. This could be Coventry's 'new' stadium in a year or so: Butts Park Rugby Ground in Cov. Not all ambitious ground moves to big new out of town arenas herald in a bright, profitable future.
  7. Remind you of a certain former manager?
  8. Seems the ref was happy to dish out the pens in that game
  9. So, it looked like a foul in real time , it looks like a foul in slow-motion, and it looks like a foul in photographic freeze-frame. Therefore it should have been a pen? Lowe should wear a Barca shirt next time.
  10. Any expats based in the EU for more than 15 years were barred from voting in the referendum, even though it could have a marked influence on their future.
  11. Might be a reaction from the Addicks on Saturday?
  12. When will we EVER have a management team appointed which doesn't produce the usual boorish, dissent-for-the-sake-of-it, tediously distracting spleen-venting?
  13. Was he any good at belting out Paper Roses ?
  14. Don Brennan
  15. The drop-off in attendances around this time of year might be partly a result of older fans staying away due to the damp and cold. And is the demographic of fans getting older at BFC, therefore accentuating the problem?