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  1. Always gave 100% effort , but in retrospect he shouldn't have kept McGinley on the bench as often as he did- McGinley being a much more natural and assured goalscorer. Hulme's finest game was undoubtedly the 2-2 at Stoke.
  2. Nice work, very enjoyable. Regarding the black and white footage at around 1 minute: was this footage included on the History of Bury FC VHS released about 15-20 (?) years ago? I have a copy somewhere, not watched in ages. And is there more information regarding dates/ opponents etc?
  3. The Anglo - Scottish Cup Group matches provided some memorable and properly competitive pre-season games. Two examples: [/i mg] [/img]
  4. No, that was the same day as a home win vs Cardiff. Steve Elliott goal I think.
  5. Mike Walsh took the Swindon job after leaving Gigg. Bury appointed a North - East born manager in his place, who was hungry for success and with a point to prove, who led the team to double promotions. Just sayin'.
  6. Reports now indicate his father holds extremist views.
  7. In the context of a recently relegated ex Prem Club with a bulging sack of parachute dosh, the current massively inflated transfer market, the fact that strikers tend to attract higher transfer fees... £250K is nowhere near enough.
  8. All that hard-earned parachute cash, and that's all they can offer?
  9. The article states that no trace of the Wellington building remains, but doesn't part of the present College site incorporate the old core of the school building? Also note the obligatory representation of the north (in this case, Bury) in a negative light, something that is quite common now in the national press. Something to amuse the chattering classes in Berkshire etc? This especially stings when coming from The Guardian, formerly The Manchester Guardian.
  10. Will only be for dissent, according to the article.
  11. His attitude whilst at Notts County absolutely stank, however.
  12. The game at Ewood was on Granada Sunday TV and will probably be in the vaults somewhere?
  13. Final game will be Southend. If the fixture computer is kind and gives us Bank holiday games vs likes of Oldham, Dale or Blackburn, GMP will intervene and shift them to less attractive dates and times.
  14. Where else can you go after playing to 1 million people on Copacabana?