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  1. A stitch-up? Or mining subsidence?
  2. Good acoustics
  3. Rotherham's New York Stadium also has a top notch banqueting / party venue under one of the stands.
  4. Shrews new ground is 2km from the centre. Right on the edge of the southern suburbs, and actually quite close to a lot of residential areas. However, visiting Shrewsbury for a match is now a much less enjoyable experience unless you go out of your way to visit the town centre.
  5. The Reynolds Arena was / is about 2km from Darlington town centre, Pike Fold is about 3km from Bury town centre.
  6. They will probably build a faux-rustic Wacky Tavern Warehouse on site which will be eight deep at the bar by 2.15, or serve bottles of Carling inside the ground at five quid twenty five.
  7. I remember doing cross country round there. Usually exposed to the elements, and that incessant traffic noise in the background. Vile.
  8. These things invariably look not quite, or nowhere near, right. Possible exception of the Eric Morecambe one.
  9. I like the story about him forgetting that he owned a Porsche, really sums up modern football.
  10. The vast majority of clubs are, in reality?? New ground or old ground.
  11. Rotherham and Chesterfield, both clubs of similar size to ourselves, have shown that you can build a decent sized new stadium, still within the town and with good access, along with non-football related facilities and money-generation. And without the need for a massive amount of land.
  12. Exactly, a site reasonably adjacent to the town centre would be roughly equidistant from all the places you list, all of which have existing transport links to the centre of Bury.
  13. There would be a danger that any move to a peripheral site, such as the one discussed in this thread, would not only be physically removing the club from the town, but would also lead to a psychological and perceptive severing of BFC from the people of the town.
  14. Rotherham + Luton planning one.