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  1. I disagree that today's Gigg is soulless. The stands aren't wildly different from when they were made out of wood which has helped retain the ground as a whole's character. If there's one thing I don't like about it it's that every spare square centimetre has an advertiser's logo on it; this is the first time the comparison will ever be made, I think, but it reminds of how I used to be disappointed by places like the San Siro and how they'd have banks and banks of advertising hoardings when I used to watch Football Italia on Channel Four. The covering of the hospitality lounges in sponsor logos and the huge JD in the MRE/Main Stand corner looks tasteless too.
  2. Sorry for your and your family's loss, Spee.
  3. It's a Forever Bury event, not Bury FC. I'd hope that the club have seen the post and that this event has been organised and I imagine they'll be keeping an eye on how many tickets it's sold. It's a cracking start and I hope that more comes from it.
  4. Good luck Karl.
  5. Interesting comments. Leighton James only played in one season of course. It was a promotion season, yes, but he was winding down his career too. He felt enough for the club to drive up from South Wales on a Saturday morning to attend - whilst suffering with prostate cancer, we later found out - though. I was lucky enough to speak to Chris Swailes yesterday and even though he signed in the season we stayed up in the second tier, he only really made an impact in the relegation season that followed. He clearly enjoyed his time at Bury though and I bet he'd enjoy coming back. Not that he can, he's manager at Dunston now so his Saturday afternoons are taken up. As I said in response to BBA above though, there's a list as long as your arm of players who'd be delighted to come back.
  6. Don't forget that when our current regime took charge they put a picture of Sergio Aguero scoring the tittle-winning goal for City vs QPR in the Main Stand corridor. Jonathan Parkinson, the then-commercial manager, couldn't seem to fathom why this was making steam come out of my ears.
  7. I appreciate he did great things for the club but my initial point was that it's not just about players from the fairly recent past. Craig Madden is great company and would be brilliant in a Q&A, as would Derek Spence. Tommy Claxton would relish being involved in something, as Vinny said Greg Farrell would have middle-aged men losing the power of speech. Johnny Robinson was at the game the other week. There's a list as long as your arm.
  8. There's a part for so many former players to play. We as fans have a part to play as well, to give these lads a good reception when they come back. Greg is a hero to so many. As long as fans like you and my dad are still going to Gigg, I think there'll always be a place for him and many more in the matchday experience.
  9. You'd like to think it'll be commemorated, but since May last year was the 20th anniversary of promotion from Division Three and it passed unnoticed, I'm not sure.
  10. Yep. This is him shortly before the invention of the disposable razor:
  11. Given Morecambe's dubious ownership, I'm not sure how much my namesake is on at the moment or how frequently he's paid.
  12. I found Stephen Dawson doing the draw especially galling, because I'd arranged for a number of former players to be at that game at the second book signing: Martin Dobson - former England international, former Bury manager who got the club promoted using just 15 players, was then scouting for Leicester City and could have provided David Flitcroft with information on Joe Dodoo. Frank Casper - assistant to Dobson, widely regarded as one of the best players never to play for England. Former manager Chris's dad. Craig Madden - Bury's record goalscorer of all time. A hero to many supporters in their late-30s and 40s and beyond (sorry to be brutal folks, but it's true). John Bramhall - assistant chief executive of the PFA. Imagine the goodwill that could be fostered in ten minutes of the board networking with him. Wayne Entwistle - home town boy made good who had the best season of his life in 1984/85 as he and Madden stormed to more than 40 goals between them. It's simple, simple stuff and shows former players that they're valued - and that's not even considering how much they can help with various issues as outlined above.
  13. Here's the Bury Times sports reporter talking about it being on TV, so if you can find the old Sky listings then you shouldn't have any trouble finding the game:
  14. As I said, I think that Andy being shown he is a valued guest rather than simply getting the pork pie and polystyrene cup of soup that comes with a ticket in the Bartercard Suite/Legends. For Stewart Day to acknowledge him and be seen to be acknowledging him. A short story on the website with a picture of him saying "We're with you, Andy." As for the rest of the extensive network of former players, I'd rather have An Evening With Phil Stant in the social club/Pymgate Lounge than An Audience With Royston Vasey.
  15. I'd be grateful if this could be kept in here rather than moved to History. Simply, why are Bury so reluctant to engage with former players? This isn't a complaint about the current regime per se because it's been happening for some time now. I spoke to Phil Stant on the phone this morning for the next book and I asked if he'd ever been back. "Nah," he shrugged. "I don't get asked." Why is that? My uncle gets asked back to Bristol City annually as they commemorate the 1986 Freight Rover Trophy win over Bolton, other clubs make a fuss of their players too - yet when I got Leighton James, Trevor Ross, Craig Madden, Martin Dobson, Frank Casper, John Bramhall, Gary Buckley, Chris Cutler and Wayne Entwistle to the ground last season, I had to fight tooth and nail to simply get them a cup of tea at half time. The recent appearance of Andy Woodward at the Sheffield United game serves as case in point. Here is a man who is at the centre of the biggest sports news story in years. Even the most ardent fan of the current regime must admit that their public perception from newspaper appearances hasn't been great, so it was a real chance to show "We at Bury care for our former players, we stand with them shoulder to shoulder through their hard times." In my opinion, Woodward should have been given the full treatment as we sought to generate a positive public perception. As it was, he was given a ticket for Legends with no-one to look after him and his lads who joined him. It was great to get him along, but surely so much more could have been made of his presence? I do what I do because at Bury I sometimes feel there's little option but to look back at good times, simply because I personally never feel secure enough in thinking we'll have a future. I'd love it if the past could be properly acknowledged.