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  1. His book is a very good insight into a strange period at the club: http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/14664410.No_fame_or_fortune_____but_the_tale_of_former_Shakers_star_Tom_Youngs_is_a_damn_good_read/
  2. I am, yes, together with my dad and two uncles (one of whom is named in the marketing material).
  3. Given we're putting our manager up in the same place as Jose Mourinho (according to the BT), you mean?
  4. When I was working at United Utilities, we had a conference about sewage treatment in the 'Legends' lounge overlooking the pitch at the Macron. Appropriate, I thought.
  5. Bump.
  6. Same plea ahead of this Saturday's game please, folks. If you see Hugh at Millwall, please let him know that there's someone back in Bury who'd love to speak to him as unfortunately I won't be at the New Den.
  7. Have a good one, Ian!
  8. Members of the cricket club will hope not, given it's their pitch that it's held on. Public Service Broadcasting were brilliant at last year's - they're well worth a YouTube too. A mate is trying to get hold of New Order tickets. I hope he's successful, as it sounds like a phenomenal gig. The Warehouse Project in 2015 was smashing but this promises to be so much more.
  9. Do you mean the North West, Barry? You should try and get to the Rammy Festival this year, it's brilliant!
  10. I don't think gambling caused his Alzheimer's, Barry! It's a very emotional read, that story. He may only have played five times for Bury, and he may not have looked back on those games all that fondly, but he's a former Bury player nonetheless. The bits about QPR today show how it's all the more important that clubs recognise their former players if you ask me (you didn't).
  11. Precisely my point. It was nothing to them but it meant the world to me. And as you say, it's what keeps people away from more tempting clubs.
  12. I disagree, Wills. I think it's more like one of the old player of the season award dos, when players, management and fans would mix freely together.. They were free and when I went to the one in 1998 aged 17 I was joined at my table as I munched my pie and peas by Dean Kiely and Chris Lucketti. I reminded both of them about it when I interviewed them for the second book but they didn't remember speaking to me. I, however, have never forgotten it.
  13. Take your copy of The Forgotten Fifteen to the evening if you're going. As part of the 1984/85 squad, I'm sure Terry would be happy to sign it for you.
  14. Forgive me a moment of self-promotion, but when I spoke to Colin Bell for The History Boys in the programme, it gave me one of my favourite tales from interviewing former players. I'd got the interview through Ian Cheeseman, who arranged for Bell to call me at lunchtime at work. I thought I had enough time to nip out for a sandwich but when I got back to my desk the lad on my pod, who had no interest in football, told me he took a call for me while I was out. "Someone called Colin Bell rang for you," he said, as the massive City fan on the desks next to ours turned round slowly. Bell rang again ten minutes later and he was great to talk to. He looks as cool as anything in his old squad pictures.
  15. Wasn't Glenn Thomas's new position as Vice Chairman supposed to be all about a proposed ground move?