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  1. I'm not sure, Andy. I think he's just slipped under the radar, but I'd be grateful if eyes could be kept peeled at Millwall please.
  2. Terry was the first person I asked. They're not in touch. I even found a Charles Hugh Eaves on 192.com and wrote him a letter but didn't get a reply.
  3. Nope, not a sausage. Several MBers saw me trawling the away end at various points yesterday.
  4. Final call ahead of tomorrow, thanks everyone.
  5. Whatever happened to the massive blue and white chequered one which was passed over the crowd towards the end of the 1996 promotion season? I know it ended up in the museum for the Tony Rigby's Shinpad exhibition but I don't think it ever made it into Divisions Two or subsequently One.
  6. This is the first time since Tranmere that I'm going to be getting a ticket to an away game before travelling. Am I missing something here or is Bury's ticket office phone number not on the page? Or do we order them from Charlton and pick them up there?
  7. As per my post in History, can we all keep an eye out for Hugh Eaves please? Thanks everyone.
  8. Me. Wasn't aware of the forum, do they ask for proof of postcode at the door? "BL8... er, I mean NW4".
  9. He was, Cllr Jack Skellern. He was out for a good time, all the rest was propaganda.
  10. Just mentioned in the 'Anything Music related' thread.
  11. Peter Skellern has died. Arguably the first Burmunian to make an impact on the charts before Elbow and Kelly 'Set you freeeeeeeeeeee' Llorenna. 'You're A Lady' always sounds to me, with its muted brass and choral backing, like it would be played in the thin early morning light after a night's dancing at the Palais or the Derby Hall. The main protagonist in this scene definitely looks and is dressed like Albert Finney's character Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, but he's not as rough and tumble as him. RIP Peter.
  12. RUSS HAMMER: He doesn't always do things by the book, but he gets results dammit!
  13. Thanks Chris, I'd be extremely grateful.
  14. Cheers. As I said, I'm hoping to see him at Charlton where I'll ask if he'll talk for the second book.
  15. Does anyone know what Hugh Eaves's habits are at current away games? I know he attends some, but does he go in the home side's Main Stand in amongst their fans or can he be found with the travelling Bury fans? I'm hoping to see him at Charlton but don't know where he might be (if indeed he goes).