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  1. More that it was fundamentally ungrateful to decry previous incumbents who were responsible for the few successes we've had since 1960 and which will be the only achievements that the bulk of this message board's users have seen.
  2. Oh good lord!
  3. Referring to the way the club was run between 1960 and 2013 as "Sunday league sports club" is hugely disrespectful to fellow fans who felt they could make a difference and had a degree of clout behind them to do so.
  4. Define 'soon'. It'll be a while yet.
  5. I'm a member of the forum (grey jumper in the picture) as a representative of the hospitality sections. The first meeting was really a 'get to know each other' session at which we listed what we felt the club as a whole (not just the areas we were representing) did well and what it didn't. Karl is easy to talk to and receptive to new ideas. I'm hopeful that the forum will be a good thing.
  6. The interviews that I did with survivors of the fire were, if this doesn't sound too strange, a highlight of compiling The Forgotten Fifteen. One of them was my former department manager from a job at Asda and the insight he gave was compelling.
  7. That's sitting in my pile of 'bought but never consumed' pile of physical media including books, CDs and DVDs that Fopp Manchester tricks me into getting with promises of excellence at low, low prices. Having just watched the trailer, I'll give it a go tomorrow night.
  8. Mark was more than a little disingenuous when he left. He said he was leaving to concentrate on his other business interests and a couple of months later popped up at Pompey. I liked Mark on the occasions I spoke to him and he obviously used us as a stepping stone into football which I have no problem with, but at least be honest about why you're moving on.
  9. Gift-wrapped, with a nice bow and in a presentation bag for any supporters of our neighbours who might be reading this.
  10. Philip Collins in the Times always gives a good account of the town.
  11. The club have quoted Kay Johnson Gee, the accountants, who said on Twitter that they were looking forward to the event. I'd be interested to know how many tickets for the night were sold to individuals rather than companies buying tables of ten.
  12. Is that the Southend who'll have a point to prove after Bury pipped them to automatic promotion in 2015? OH GOD!
  13. I agree with your first line. As for your second, well, yes. But he's hosting Soccer Saturday, not Question Time.
  14. How on earth could I have forgotten that?
  15. Died of a heart attacked aged just 44.