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  1. I agree with your first line. As for your second, well, yes. But he's hosting Soccer Saturday, not Question Time.
  2. How on earth could I have forgotten that?
  3. Died of a heart attacked aged just 44.
  4. No he didn't.
  5. We've got Parklife and the Ramsbottom Festival both on Gigg's doorstep. Is there really an audience for a third festival in the Metropolitan borough, especially one in such a built-up area?
  6. Also, Tranmere away on the last day of 1990/91. Super Mike Sheron capitalising on a poor Eric Nixon clearance and firing Bury into the play-offs for the second consecutive season.
  7. Not a Bury game, but vital nonetheless, Morecambe versus Southend. You jammy get, Dave.
  8. I think that following the move to Carrington, Gigg Lane barely registers on their consciousnesses.
  9. One of the nicest men you could ever wish to meet. I hope he gets a great reception. He'll be with his son Alex (who played for Dale of course). Great footage of George scoring, 54 seconds in, against Aston Villa in 1971 here:
  10. Thanks Preston, I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're just down the road from Gary Kelly and Lenny Johnrose, a couple of players who'll feature in the next one which will be called 'Things Can Only Get Better: Bury's mid-90s rise under Stan Ternent'. Stan's assistant is also in central Lancashire too. I'm hoping to take Trevor Ross from the 1985 team to the Northampton game too.
  11. Almost 50,000 watched the derby played in the third tier on Boxing Day 1979. Madness.
  12. Wolves, away. Bull 2, Keane 2. The day before Diana died and the British way of grieving changed forever. I watched it from Keith Curle's executive box and still maintain that if Andy Gray had scored when he hit the bar we'd have won that game.
  13. To follow on from looking like world-beaters under Stan Ternent on Easter Monday 1998, we looked dejected under Warnock on Easter Monday 1999. Lee Sharpe ran us ragged, I seem to remember. I also remember getting knocked out of the FA Cup by Bradford in the 1991/92 relegation season. Phil Babb played for them as our season continued to fall apart.
  14. Went to see Lloyd Cole at the Preston Guild Hall last night. It was something like the seventh time I've been to see him and he's never less than great. He does the first half on his own with just an acoustic guitar then his son joins him on stage for the second half. He's on at the Met tonight and I'm sure that if any message boarders are going, they'll have a great time.
  15. I'll not be linking to the YouTube video on here, but my favourite ever comedy moment is from Father Ted - when Ted unmasks the people behind the King of the Sheep contest and there's the stunned disbelief in the crowd.