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  1. Is it not 8? I think a lot of teams will be in the same boat and once the season starts, there will be a fair bit of rotation going on anyway. Vaughan (if we can keep him) and Beckford have played together before - granted, only for 12 games or so! Mayor will start and Murphy but you're right: the back 4 and midfield will take time to gel but that's what friendlies are for? I just think with the quality and experience we are signing so far, we will be too much for some teams at the start of the season. Fingers crossed!
  2. Looks good to me - however, I did panic that we had re-signed that journeyman of a striker again - or was his name Ishmael?!!
  3. Called it!! ­čśé
  4. Now we are in the need for some pace/flair. An update on the progress of Zeli would be useful.
  5. Guessing he wasn't up to it as mentioned earlier. He wasn't given much of a chance but to send him out on loan when we were in desperate need of a player with pace that could beat a man, showed he wasn't wanted at Bury.
  6. Macreth, Mayor and Zeli? No other out and out wingers is there or attacking midfielders? Scott Burgess and Styles can pick a pass I suppose. Do you know of more, Spee?
  7. Even though he WAS thrown straight into the first team? How have we developed him? Sent him back to where he was playing?! I think Brass and Day were hoping for me and Clark has come in and realised he's not up to it. Hope I'm proved wrong. He has got pace to burn and also has age on his side so he could come good after a full pres season with us and training at the amazing Carrington!!
  8. And the fact that he was sent out on loan when we literally had no pace in th team. Perhaps my wording was wrong.
  9. Wingers and flair players seem to be where we are lacking. Obviously playing with a fully fit Danny Mayor and Zeli would be fantastic - but there's been no sign of the latter for a while or any mention of his progress and Mackreth didn't look up to it if we are going to be pushing for the top half.
  10. That's all part of contract negotiations, surely? We can always go back with a bigger offer!
  11. Adam Thompson isn't a Lee Clark connection. He's out of contract because Southend haven't acted quickly enough and the manager is on holiday! Plus, we could offer more. He's entering his prime and has miles on the clock. He's definitely got the fans excited!
  12. Some fans are getting very excited about who the next signing is going to be - and they are fans that seem to be in the know, predicting correctly in recent months. They are reluctant to divulge this time round. Any predictions? I'm going to stick my neck out and go for either Matt Done or Jay O'Shea. I wouldn't have even considered these two 4 weeks ago but our recent signings suggest we are going for it!
  13. I can't give an answer but in terms of Beckford's wage. I'd imagine it's less than the combined wage of Hope, Ishmael Miller and Brown.
  14. Noticed he was on loan at Sheffield United since January so yes I'd imagine there will be some bigger clubs interested than us, unfortunately.
  15. With our supposed Everton contracts, could we get Mcaleny perhaps?