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  1. The tactics thread?
  2. When we were pegged back at the start of the second half it was Leigh's drives forward which got us out and up the pitch. His first run down that side of the second period really was a turning point. Easily MOM.
  3. He did but it's no surprise, definitely needs the summer. He looked in great shape at the start of this season.
  4. Brilliant moment today. Also loved how although he was brought on as a forward, the only thing he had time to do was make a typical Cameron style challenge to clear the ball! He loved it as much as we did!
  5. To sum up one of the reasons why Vaughan is in this side, at Port Vale he cleared a header off the line and about ten seconds later netted his second of the game. Says it all!
  6. If Miller has a good game, he tends to be joined by incompetent referee's assistants.
  7. Thought he and Murphy were both outstanding.
  8. We needed width tonight and Macclesfield fans described him as somebody who could get down the line and cross the ball in. We saw a little of this too during his brief time in our side. With the absence of Mayor and Ismael tonight he'd have been better than what was on offer tonight.
  9. Definitely from the side. Their player then tumbled over ours as the ball rolled away.
  10. Thankfully I wasn't there!
  11. Speaking of recruits, anybody know who the number 46 was in the warm up? He was training with the attacking players.
  12. All the defence did really and as said above Brown did his defensive midfield role well...but we needed more in the attacking third rather than a defensive player.
  13. Lots of effort but in the end beaten by an organised but dour side who didn't look bothered about going forwards. Their goal was unfortunate for us, injury time and never a free-kick. Vaughan worked his socks off again and apart from him only Leigh and Caddis looked like they knew what they were doing. Those two were our only width but our attacks from out wide shouldn't always be coming from the full backs. Can't wait to see Mayor and Ismael back one day! Mellis has put in two very poor energyless performances in a row despite looking to have improved under Clark prior to them.
  14. Photos showed the trip and a pause of the video at the right moment backed it up. We went through it all following the game. It was definitely a penalty. Also, if it was a dive why wasn't he booked?! Others pointed out that the referee awarded the decision Oldham's way because of a handball by Lowe when he tumbled.
  15. This is exactly what I thought too.