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  1. Sincere condolences Spee.
  2. Eagle eyed readers would have spotted that Foulds' transfer article on the official Everton website stated that they paid £225,000 for him. This was edited out minutes later but was too late for the Liverpool Echo who went to print with the figure!
  3. Did the same!
  4. Hope he's back quickly. Not only did he look like he could defend (DEFEND!), he also got forwards well and was quick! Liked his interview last week too, sounded like an intelligent young guy.
  5. Definitely fans but they didn't know a lot about us or our players. Sat behind them though was Port Vale's recently sacked Portuguese manager!
  6. Brown put the first two set pieces into the box and both caused havoc. As for Burgess he was spotted by a couple of newcomers sat behind me yesterday. I thought he did well considering where he was playing but the two guys behind couldn't praise him enough.
  7. Thought he was incredibly generous in our favour to be honest in regards to some decisions! A couple of potential penalties could have been awarded for them in the second half (Kay missed with the first slide but got him with a push seconds after!). One missed on Vaughan in the first half too. He did use the advantage rule really well though and could actually cover the pitch unlike the one previously at Gigg. Also didn't give in to a couple of their early dives.
  8. I think the shock of the win has overlooked this brilliant achievement! Goals aside, he was brilliant throughout. With help from Pope, he dominated their central defenders and didn't stop running and harassing from the first minute to the last, benefitting from the space created by Hope. He took his goals well, particularly the second and was unlucky to hit the post when his movement off the ball for that attack deserved better. Absolute masterclass from a class act. Loved watching him today.
  9. Definitely in your opinion! He was certainly one of the main reasons we got ourselves in front and more importantly, retained the lead.
  10. Already had a bid for Bedeau this week.
  11. They clearly didn't. He had a strange first half as despite us being 4-1 up, his main contribution seemed to be confusing the Peterborough defenders of where he was and who should go to him and therefore freeing up Vaughan who scored four goals and got the glory. The second half he was amongst our star performers. Not only did he have to track back and cover the midfield AND Danns, he also played the best balls of the games, caused havoc in the much used right hand channel and pulled their defence all over the place. Every header/individual battle Pope and Vaughan won (which was a key reason for the win today) had Hope sniffing around. Hope often then laid the ball off to Mellis who then began another attack, often to the unmarked Burgess on the left. That's not just 'effort', that's a clever footballer.
  12. Some of the best football we played was actually in the second half of the game. Mellis had a horrendous first ten minutes and then ran the midfield but the best attacking play in the second half featured him AND Hope time after time.
  13. They have a lot of under age players playing for the first eleven. 7-0 just before half time.