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  1. Either him or Mackreth. They do look similar!
  2. Hearing Paul Caddis is set to sign for us.
  3. Thick. Their owners have now shown that they don't understand football and it's all about the money and being in the Premier League. If they got related this year, how many of their fans would be as bothered? Their success last year will live with their fans forever and is unlikely to happen in that way ever again and because of that Ranieri should have been given time. Bunch of idiots.
  4. I've bet on him being seen on TV eating a packet of sweets or exchanging Pokemon cards.
  5. Great news. Have loved watching him play so far. Had the same feeling when Nugent broke into the first team.
  6. They are!
  7. Imagine how the Dale fans feel!
  8. Yes. A classic message board one before things start spreading on twitter or the Dale forum! Clark has let us know why Mayor didn't play.
  9. Danny Mayor - he's not been paid.
  10. Didn't see anything either! We had about 3 shouts before Lowe won his.
  11. Barnett played well and Moore got the backwards/forwards pass balance right.
  12. There today as assistant.
  13. Styles' passing stats today must have been sky high!