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  1. Some people have too much time on their hands :~)
  2. I wonder how the Daily Mail will report on this ?
  3. I would imagine the photograph was taken in the two weeks following the 31st October. The post is dated Friday timed at 23:00 in readiness for Armed forces day. He was invited by the organisers of Glasto' to address the crowd on the Pyramid stage at 4pm It probably took up all his day because he travels by Train and it was Saturday :~)
  4. "A new undercover investigation has revealed that the Conservative Party may have broken election and data protection rules, urging people to vote for Theresa May under the guise of a phone poll. A Channel 4 News reporter applied for a job with a secretive call centre in Neath, South Wales, run by a failed Tory council candidate and discovered marketing calls to marginal constituencies implying a vote for Theresa May was a vote for an orderly Brexit. Workers were given a script to to say that they were from an ‘independent market research company’ of which there appears to be no record. Prohibited numbers were rung, which also is a potential breach of data protection laws. And on the day of the election the call centre workers were told to say that they were calling from the Conservative Party and urge people to vote Tory. Paying people to canvass is against election rules and could result in seats having to be fought again."
  5. Hospitality in the Commercial area gets a mention with a Click to contacs (no pricing) They have a commercial "Brochure" But nothing there either apart from Sponsors getting hospitality Maybe we now have that many sponsors there is no room for fans. :~)
  6. What about Monday afternoon games? They're not really Mondays are they? :~)
  7. 5, 27 and 34 year old news?
  8. Well if it's ok for Galaxy (Mars) to do it I don't see anything wrong with it.
  9. "see if you can spot something I am missing.?" A Life :~) I think Bury's attendance average per season is mainly influenced by Visitors fans.
  10. Has anyone mentioned the proposed Saturday evening games yet?
  11. Or get the first one Wednesday morning
  12. American football Exactly. American football is 60 minutes the average game lasts three hours :~)