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  1. You must have been sat on my knee, that's my view.
  2. Bolger should have been booked for the foul on Mellis I think it was. Also the stupid decision not to play advantage when Styles was coming out of our defence on the break.
  3. Best footballer on the pitch today. Anything decent came through him. Good tracking back, broke up a hell of a lot in midfield with great tackles, won plenty of headers. Think he must have done something to you for to say he was woeful.
  4. Have marvelous day. Best wishes.
  5. Or the day after Nooge had been sold, he turned up on the terrace at Macclesfield with the Bury fans. Can't ever see Dogba doing that.
  6. Another touch of class from Caddis was the corner in added time. As he put the ball on the quadrant he said to the liner he was taking it and just moved it about 2 inches. Hope then stood there with his foot on the ball pnlu just outside the quadrant while the two Cov defenders complained to the ref about time-wasting. Only when the ref motioned that the ball was in play did they go to get the ball off Hope. Haha.
  7. Timing mate, timing . . . it's all about timing.
  8. Probably get slated for this (I know he's only 16). Thought he got knocked off the ball very easily. This can easily be rectified by turning his back into his opponent (like Xavi or Iniesta do) to either block their tackle or get a foul as they go through the back of you. A little slow on a couple of occasions to track back. A few stray passes as well that led to attacks for Cov. That said, still young, still learning and still developing. Lots of pluses to his game, close control and some lovely passes with the outside of his boot. Needs to keep improving and we will have a class act in midfield - a game controller and a match winner.
  9. He was about 4 foot out of his area. Liner wasn't even looking at him. Other poor decisions not given, particularly against Pope and Vaughan should have gone our way. Also a couple of poor decisions for "fouls" on their no.10 who just went to ground when anyone went near him.
  10. Have you got the lottery numbers? Great shout, but ended with Lee Clark.
  11. See that grammar school education wasn't wasted on you :-)
  12. Solid defender. Nothing fancy, does the job - heads it away when needed, puts a foot in when needed and gets the ball into touch when needed. Noticeable that unlike Kay he doesn't leave himself stranded over the half way line after trying to play the ball out of defence. MOTM ahead of Leigh for me yesterday.
  13. Thoughts are with you and your family Helen. RIP John. Another who will be up there shaking his head from left to right every Saturday afternoon looking down on Gigg.
  14. Been doggin' again eh?
  15. Allegedly. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Miles has posted under a couple of different user names or via a "friends" account.