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  1. Well let's see shall we. No one on this post had made any negative comments and up pops the old favourite himself, saying he is waiting the old favourites. Spouting your usual sarcasm because people have concerns about the future of the club.
  2. Hilarious, you are usually the first to comment. Again no-one has commented on anything and you are spouting off. I assume you include yourself in the "the old favourites".
  3. Best wishes and havea great day
  4. Says the King of Lurking!
  5. Regular Happy Clapper . . . oh it goes round and round you know?
  6. Birthday wishes to you all. Hope somebody has bought shaker-ste a decent joke book.
  7. Cheeky!
  8. Have a brilliant day and best wishes.
  9. First two games he had for us he wasn't match fit, after that he was excellent until injured. Brought back too soon from injury and had a couple of bad games. After that and until the end of the season was excellent. Probably one of the better players who dug in and saved our league one status. Sorry to see him go. GOOD LUCK LEON, thanks for the efforts.
  10. Have a great day ShakerStu and Shake-Yer-Burys
  11. Best wishes SRM.
  12. One word, three attempts to get it right . . . a little like your namesake. Just waiting for the third attempt though at present.
  13. Can't beat a bit of self-praise. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  14. Alan B treasurer of Bury CC. Is that Bury Clueless Clowns?
  15. I hope you all realise Mr Bistow was TP - loved the craic.