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  1. That has been on the accounts for the last three years. He will get it right eventually I suppose.
  2. Pathetic! You have never been a true Shaker!
  3. Even if the Noblot do go 2 up I would imagine Fleetwood would still go for the win to guarantee first play off spot . I don't feel they would fancy playing scunny or bratfert. Think they would prefer Southend or Millwall who have been very stuttery of late.
  4. Absolutely spot on Sevoid. He says he is enjoying his football better than ever here so maybe a little chink of light there regards keeping hold of him. On top of that I think he enjoys the idol status he gets from the fans here.
  5. Corrected your sp. Myra . . . so unlike you.
  6. He just added another half mill to his price today. Thank you very much Vaughny watching you effort, work rate and goals has been the highlight of an otherwise poor season.
  7. Rearrange these words . . . cuckoo land cloud
  8. What a mess. We have looked a doomed team since Shrewsbury away. Definitely not wasting money on Noblot now. Like others day by day starring to feel more and more removed from what was my first love.
  9. feckin hammered
  10. You must have missed it the first ten times then.
  11. JasonsDad . . . I believe it to be irony from Shaker90. No bickering here . . . move on.
  12. I'm sorry but 17 or 27 he should be putting a tackle in in that position and not just watching Marshall glide by.
  13. I thought this was typified with the two Bradford goals. From the highlights for the first Marshall cuts right across the defence. Styles has jogged back and could have put a tackle in but just stands and watches him pass him. The second goal Burgess could and should have done a lot better. Don't for one minute accept the "they looked tired" - they had just had ten days to recover. Thursday and Tuesday needs to see a massive improvement because both Fail and Noblot have goals in them. If we stand off we will get royally hammered.
  14. I would still keep the back five. Kay too slow in midfield and never looks comfy coming forward with the ball for me.
  15. Leave Caddis out and put Kean Bryan in there, he can put it about a bit and get stuck in and win the ball to allow Mellis and Styles to play their more natural ball playing game would maybe be one way to go?