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  1. Have you got the lottery numbers? Great shout, but ended with Lee Clark.
  2. See that grammar school education wasn't wasted on you :-)
  3. Solid defender. Nothing fancy, does the job - heads it away when needed, puts a foot in when needed and gets the ball into touch when needed. Noticeable that unlike Kay he doesn't leave himself stranded over the half way line after trying to play the ball out of defence. MOTM ahead of Leigh for me yesterday.
  4. Thoughts are with you and your family Helen. RIP John. Another who will be up there shaking his head from left to right every Saturday afternoon looking down on Gigg.
  5. Been doggin' again eh?
  6. Allegedly. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Miles has posted under a couple of different user names or via a "friends" account.
  7. Let's face it - anyone who went yesterday saw a team that is spineless in more ways than one. Spineless in the fact that there is no solid spine to the team, one end of the spine (forwards) is decent, trouble is there is no support behind it to pick up anything they may hold up. Don't think I saw a single move yesterday where we strung four passes together. We looked like a shitty league 2 team pumping it up the pitch aimlessly. And spineless in the fact that the players couldn't give a flying "f" about the club, the fans or even trying to win the game. It was, as others have said, probably our worst performance in what has overall been a crap season. No desire, no passion, second to every loose ball and not putting any more than the basic effort in. All the above coupled with a manager (put that because that what it says on tin) who for the second time in charge of us shows he is way out of his depth and who obviously couldn't motivate them yesterday. If he couldn't get them up for that game yesterday then we are headed in only one direction. We definitely showed nothing to say we are good enough, have the will or desire to dig deep enough in all areas of the team from the top down to save our league one status. Sad and extremely disappointing when you look back to where we were at the end of September. Starting for the first time to resign myself to the fact we are going down.
  8. Haha me as well, I read it twice and thought what the hell is Keith on about.
  9. Think he will be missed more than some seem to think he will be. Had more good games than he had bad, and always had time foe the fans. Good luck for the future Tom and thanks for your time here.
  10. Pity then that it is nearly always us, don't you think?
  11. Happy birthday
  12. Oh no, not another assist from Hope.
  13. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Sincere condolences to you all.
  14. FFS mods can we not put a ban on these crappy puns. We have had them all at least ten times over.
  15. I thought S Burgess was pretty anonymous after 55 mins. Maybe he tired, but there was more than one occasion where he could have won the ball and was too slow to react, also quite a few wayward passes.