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  1. Oh no, not another assist from Hope.
  2. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Sincere condolences to you all.
  3. FFS mods can we not put a ban on these crappy puns. We have had them all at least ten times over.
  4. I thought S Burgess was pretty anonymous after 55 mins. Maybe he tired, but there was more than one occasion where he could have won the ball and was too slow to react, also quite a few wayward passes.
  5. Glad to see Brassy didn't worry about them and let them worry about us.
  6. I wonder if Peterborough are as worried about us and our line-up as Spee is about their midfield attacking prowess - I tend to be a bit gungho and let them worry about us rather than worry about them.
  7. Brown was a good squad player. Broke it up in midfield - spoils his game by going for the hollywood pass too often when simple is easier. Should have kept him.
  8. Welcome back Reece
  9. I will neither condone nor condemn the actions of the Bury fans. I will however condemn the Sheff Utd. fans for their actions here. They were sat just behind me and I knew they were there, not a problem. Okay they equalise but their celebrations were OTT. Standing there and chanting "united, united" was provocative. Lots of people were incensed with their actions and starting shouting at them to get out of the stands. The so-called "yobs" didn't do anything other than go up to the front of them and tell them in no uncertain terms to get out of the home stand.. They were never attacked or hit by anyone, the stewards and police then came in to move them out of the stands. As they were going down the steps at the side of where I was one of them turned back round smirking at the Bury fans at which point someone pushed him and he fell forward down three or four steps, never hit by anyone and not falling down. Next away game can I suggest some Bury fans go in the away end and should we score start chanting and shouting "come on Bury", I can imagine the same people here trying to vilify the Bury fans and say the Sheff Utd fans were hard done to will be the same ones who slag off the Bury fans for going in the away end, and sayung they got what they deserved. Move on, nothing to see here.
  10. Sorry mate, can't agree. We have only seen Barnett actually playing for us when he was fully fit on about two occasions, all the other times he was unfit or brought back too soon. In the games he was fit nothing went past him and he won everything. The good thing about Jacob being in the team and being okay is that it may give time for Barnett to get fully fit. Jacob is doing great, but as SoJ says he is not yet dominant enough. He looks like he will be excellent as he improves game by game but to expect a 16/17 year old to hold down that position till the end of the season is asking way too much of him. Particularly against Hanson at Bratfurt he lookeed exactly that, a young lad up against a strong, very strong direct cf.
  11. And when you couple that to the three/four times he gave the ball away in our half . . . really. He was off the pace and put himself under pressure with an unnecessary booking. He is one of the senior players who knows he should b e doing better but just can't be arsed.
  12. Was described to me as an "ankle snapper" by City goalkeeping coach.
  13. I have never had a problem with Leigh, from day one I could see he wasn't going to have the same impact going forward as Hussey, so therefore I would have expected him to be a much better defender than Hussey, not seen this yet. I know he is still young and should improve, but if he went on the defensive as quick as you do then we would have a great defender on our hands.
  14. All that says is you must have thought he was total shite?
  15. Did I hear somewhere that you used to be a goalkeeper?