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  1. I appreciate it is a game of opinions and we are not aware of all the goings on within the football club but one thing I can't understand is how little game time Melis has got this season. When I heard he signed him I was as pleased with that as I was with Mayor 12 months earlier. A really creative and clever player with the ability to create chances and use both feet. Even when I have seen him this season (Wigan in the FA cup 1st round springs to mind) he has looked assured, confident and deserving of more appearances. He was overlooked on Saturday (albeit the presence of Brown allowed Tutte to get forward more and he scored 3 second half goals so credit flickers for that). What do others think?
  2. Just seen this on the BT. apparently the FA are now involved as well.
  3. I have little sympathy for Charlton fans after the way they treated Curbishley in the last year of his reign. What that man with that football team was unbelievable. They were appalling to him.
  4. We need to send a message out to these people, You target us... you will suffer the consequences... Yes it may result is us being targeted still, but seriously, do people honestly think had we have voted no yesterday that we wouldn't have been still a target. That our security rating would have decreased... This radical group and people they associate with hate Christianity... they have done since the 7th Century... The only reason that this is now in the wider domain is because "we" (the wider west) trained them to the hill to fight the Russians in the 80s/90s and they have now turned on us!!! What we need to do is show defiance here and that is what this vote represents. You target our tourists on the beach, you will pay. You target innocent civilians in stadiums / theatre and in bars, you will pay. You target us again... Guess what... YOU WILL PAY I would love to ask that horrible woman Diane Abbott (God she makes my blood boil) and Commy Corbyn what they would have done had this been 1939? I am so glad back then we had Winston who didn't cower or even think that entering the negotiating table was even remotely possible. He destroyed Nazism. Would Corbyn have done the same?
  5. Bachmann (outstanding in the last 2 games), Mayor, L Clarke, Cameron, Dodoo
  6. Took my little brother to the united v boro game last month as he wanted to go to game at OT and I don't get to see him much as he lives in Worthing near Brighton. Anyway half way through the first half Boro (who brought 10,000) started doing the light thing on their phones and I am not joking all the boro fans did it. I was perplexed at first as he was and really didn't know what was going on. Anyway one of the guys behind me said it's a protest for the steelworks losing their jobs in the north east and teams in the north are doing it. That was the first time I have seen it happen and since then I have even seen it at Bury games (which I didn't beforehand). Maybe its to do with that?
  7. Very good survey...
  8. Guys at work has just said to me (united fan but watches dale occasionally). "Bury signing Chris Eagles in league 1 is like me playing football manager on cheat mode" Brilliant!
  9. Heard from a pretty decent source today (not directly involved in the club but reliable enough) that Foulds to Everton is a done deal. Bit gutted to be fair, looked really good from the bits and pieces I have seen but hopefully we will get a few quid and % sell on or appearance fee.
  10. I think we could agree that the electorate basically need everything spoon-fed to them these days. In a world of instant news, success and coverage this has created an environment where people want the news or the information they need to access rather than having to look too hard.
  11. Maybe on reflection it was a tad harsh. Someone (cant remember who) made the point that it is league 1 and we shouldn't expect miracles, I thought it was a fair comment. However on a positive if he could work on his defensive display and make strides to improve this in the points I made then he would be one hell of a full back.
  12. Going forward and linking up with Mayor with the ball at his feet. I agree, in 15 years I cant think of anyone clearly better. However in my view defensively there have been better left backs in my team (15 years) of watching Bury.
  13. Corbyn, like him or fear his views (in which I happen to be the latter) is a traditional left wing politician. For years in this country we have been saying that the top 3 parties (Lib dems in third before the SNP came along) are all the same and there is a hairs breath between the leaders. Corbyn offers an alternative view, and this will bring people back from the duldrums to discuss mainstream politics just like they did in the 80s where you had a clear right (Maggie) and a clear left (Kinnock). This appointment is good for the democracy of our country... as long as he doesn't get into number 10!
  14. James - Sounds absolutely brilliant! The website says that the team of that season have not had a lot of involvement in recent years I hope that changes, and being honest I think the owners will do something. One thing as a fan who was not around in this era which made me think how football has changed... Wilf McGuiness (ex united manager in the early 70s after the Sir Matt Busby reign) was our physio that season. Could you imagine that happening nowadays!!
  15. I wonder if his new company phone automatically has a shut down mode after 12pm...?