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  1. Well if it is true it is a reasonable fee. And we won't be getting Everton striker Conor McAleney to replace him, he's signed for Fleetwood
  2. Ha yes my mistake. I meant Graham Kelly former FA chairman of course!
  3. Promotion and relegation.
  4. Blame Alan Kelly and his cohorts at the FA back in the early '90's when they allowed the Premier League to take control of the game. What the PL really want is a closed shop, they couldn't effect it by abolishing promotion and relation so they are slowly but surely achieving it through financial means, the rich getting much much richer and leaving the poorer behind.
  5. He might not have it all his own way, Vale have also signed a goalkeeper from Burton.
  6. You'd have thought we'd have done them a Bogoff.
  7. Can we have an organ blaring out music during the stoppages in play like in ice hockey. One of the proposed changes is a player can pass to himself from a free kick. Bet some still go astray.
  8. And seems like 3 days.
  9. Well it will surely be away as we were at home last season. I'll go for Peterborough so Dale won't have to play them for a change.
  10. But Burton are favourites to go down?! We hopefully will be at the right end of the table.
  11. Ipswich now reportedly after Kyle Lafferty so maybe the heat is off for now at least as regards us potentially losing Vaughan - fingers crossed.
  12. Why are the Germans so good and we so not. The powers that be have had decades to work it out.
  13. Yep he is part of The Family alright.
  14. Mmm Flicker would say "X/Y didn't want to play for the club" when the reality was they didn't want to play for him anymore.
  15. It seems some Lincolnshire rag was saying we were competing with Grimsby Town for him. I mean, really. ­čśé (Only joking, I'll leave hubris to Hillary Clinton and Theresa May).