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  1. A signed framed Bury shirt from the 14-15 promotion season is the only thing worth nicking. In saying that it includes Clive Platt's signature as a theft prevention measure.
  2. Just sorting mine out now the fixtures are out. First 2 weeks in November is looking good. Miss the FA cup and Gillingham away.
  3. Bit rubbish this. We haven't had a signing for a few days. Seriously though, if we start pre season training next week it would be ideal to get the final 2 or 3 in for the start of that. I presume that is on hold until Danns, Williams and Kay move on. On other matters, has the club said when the new kits are being revealed? I'm looking to pick one up as a present if its before mid July. They also mentioned building flats over the summer but nothing on that front either. Planning was supposed to be in by the end of May.
  4. Aye but can you live with having to go to the Isle of Wight.
  5. I can't imagine he would want to join us as a backup.
  6. If we do lose Vaughan, I expect we will make sure a replacement is lined up before he is allowed to go. The Beckford deal came from nowhere. If we could find another "potential" gem then it might not be too bad business to take an improved offer for Vaughan if one comes in. John Akinde at Barnet has had a couple of decent seasons. He's certainly improved with experience. 80 goals from 134 appearances in the past 3 years. My only worry with a Vaughan/Beckford partnership is their injury records. We could very easily lose both to injury.
  7. I doubt it will happen anytime soon.
  8. Or Thompson
  9. I didn't notice him on the released list.
  10. Joined Salford on a 12 month deal. Not sure why it's not on our official site yet. I'm pretty sure he will do well for them.
  11. Thank goodness for that.
  12. Wasn't Wes Brown rumoured a few weeks ago?
  13. She's just gone on the quiet until people forget how thick she is.
  14. The thought of Corbyn, Abbott and co running the country would be too much so I have to go with the tories. Diane Abbot called for "10,000 policemen in every ward in the country" there are 7,659 wards. She wants 76 million police officers.
  15. Scunthorpe are reporting that they paid a fee for Burgess. Add to that a 3 year deal.