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  1. Duly done, much appreciated.
  2. Partner and I are moving to Oxford in a few days, was just wondering if anyone knew the area particularly well? Recommendations for restaurants always greatly appreciated but any other pubs/attractions/gig venues etc. appreciated, especially if they're away from the more obvious tourist areas. Before any one asks, I certainly won't be going in the home end at the Kassam but do intend to give Oxford City FC a few visits. Any generally useful information about the area appreciated. Cheers.
  3. 'FIT BLONDE, LONG LEGS, GREAT STAMINA' Hell, was that a player recommendation or that bird in the bar last night???
  4. Pleasure Land: Hasn't shut down, although I think it may have narrowed the window that it's in full operation. Valuable bit of land it's sat on. Tram: The one that did run won't be returning (don't ask). A smaller version or something similar is planned. Regards, Southstander Exile and Adopted Sandgrounder
  5. With Bish increasingly likely to be in charge, a friendly is apparently pencilled in over here in Southport. Don't know a date. More than happy to recommended pubs/grub. Would be delighted if this was made regular, 'port are a good club.
  6. Just said in another thread that he's almost certain to apply. I can see him getting shortlisted at least.
  7. I'll be very, very surprised if DF doesn't apply.
  8. Bowyer would be a terrible appointment. He's really not up to it.
  9. The old 'leave the top scorer out of a team that doesn't score enough' trick?
  10. Spot on with Rose, again it's about what the defender is thinking. They've had 60 mins of getting battered by Pope and then they have to chase Rose around. Eagles and O'Sullivan may both be better options on the right, I just genuinely don't know at the moment. Soares and Tutte together in the middle has an appeal but I fer they'd be too lightweight.
  11. Lawlor Riley Cameron Clarke Hussey Soares Tutte Etuhu Mayor Pope Clarke KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Pope has to be on the pitch for me, defenders at this level absolutely hate him. For an 'arse and elbows' forward, he's got decent feet and is the best genuine aerial threat we've had this century.
  12. Wasn't Futch thought to be behind Adams going?
  13. Stuck up sods the lot of them. (So says someone who worked with them on a video/photo shoot etc.)
  14. Ref

    Have to agree with that. Whilst not poor, I think some are being a bit generous. Other things I think he missed/got wrong: 1. A number of pretty blatant shoves, particularly in midfield. 2. The late tackle from behind on Clarke towards the end of the game.
  15. Are Nazi salutes allowed? Coming over here...bettering the quality of our football.