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  1. Yep Yasir 's idea
  2. In response to the guy who felt the need to tell us all he's not buying a season ticket I'd just like to make you aware that I have bought one. Hope that's cleared that one up
  3. You're actually giving the club more money but maybe u have it to burn so fair play
  4. Shame Utds players weren't so classy in celebration
  5. The league average Is 2 million
  6. Sales are 20% up on last season apparently. The club needs to extend the earky bird by a week becoz loads waiting for confirmation of league 1 status
  7. 700 no problem. As for people saying it's a done deal we are staying up. Not a chance is it. Can see Vale beating Fleetwood you see if Bolton score early Fleetwoods heads will drop. We need Peterborough keeping it 0-0 for as long as poss or score :-)
  8. If you use this link they are handing out £15 rewards on I used someones and got £15 cashback and so did they and so on and so on, helps pay towards your match ticket
  9. Lose to us I don't think they will go up
  10. Murphy Moore Burgess Kay Barnett Leigh Brown Styles Tutte (told he's fit) Lowe Vaughan
  11. Day won't pack his bags he's committed himself for the long term by converting 4 million of debt to share equity. Let's have a bit of faith in the guy instead of this constant negativity. Staying up, just
  12. Absolutely obsessed with us. Thought they didn't care Nothing will please me more than to shut these arseholes up. Clarke should send this to our players.
  13. Great to see the club listening and opening Monday 11 to 2pm as well as Tuesday morning. After Oldham winning this must now be the biggest Bury v Bolton Derby for 30 years and a must see. Just hope many of the fans who said they won't go becoz they didn't want to see them promoted now will because it's less likely. Plus I seriously think it's a winnable game albeit a tough one. Let's get to the Macron, get ourselves out of this mess and spoil their party in the process. The perfect scenario
  14. Told this morning Bolton fans can pay on the night??