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  1. Poor support what do you expect, we've been crap. I'm Surprised so many turn up
  2. Neck and neck for player of the month. Surely the lad deserves it for his efforts. Get clicking abd voting. Closes at 7pm tonight
  3. Shows one thing, his commitment to the club. Fair play. I hope he leaves us a very wealthy man because it will mean we are in a good place.
  4. We've had some right rubbish over the years and you are all seriously saying you wouldn't want a player of pennants ability. He'd cruise through this div and imo would be the best midfielder in it. Quality midfielder at this level.
  5. For a start Alan b is right Bury are looking to buy pike gold "club" and land keeping the course. I also had a friend at the Friday meeting. Secondly Jesus christ we've been putting up with crap for decades and poor facilities. At last we finally look like taking this club into the 21St century and people aren't happy. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of one of the biggest developments the north west's seen for years. We will be the talk of the entire region. This complex, leisure and retail development will also be part of a new housing estate stretching from heap bridge to unsworth. it won't be out of town because the towns expanding with this huge development planned and we will be in the middle of it. This could also entice new fans from Heywood, Middleton, whitefield and possibly besses/prestwich. Keeerching As for comparing it with scum moving to Horwich that's nonsense. For a start Horwich is a town in itself pike gold isn't it's Bury. Yes some won't like it but tough don't come then. I'm sure the positives will outweigh the negatives. This is what we've been waiting for, embrace it
  6. We are giving you the 3 points don't be so flipping greedy
  7. clubs just released a plea for local fans to go down tomorrow night, they have a cup game and obviously need all the help they can get ie financial. would be good if some Bury fans can go down
  8. It's meat pies :-)
  9. Cheers folks. I do pop on now and again between twitter and Facebook. not got rid of me that easy :-)
  10. Don't come on here as much
  11. Looks like Robinson it is.
  12. We,ve sold nearly 4000 for the horwich game. personally with over 10 days to go i think thats not bad. lets not forget Stewart day originally wanted to give them 5500 and us 4500 with unreserved seating. If we get 6000 i think that proves the club did right not giving them more than the Cemmy and Family stand. also last time we played them in 1999 i think the attendance was about 7500 so we should beat that easily
  13. Anyone else think it's a load of nonsense, causes confusion and puts people off going? Surely it's better to just average costs out over the season and charge say £20 any game. Just a thought
  14. I don't think they'd be in there long :-)
  15. If you honestly believe that Bolton don't see us as a rival then you are out if touch. They may make out that we aren't but we all know damn well they can't stand us and it's been bubbling underneath for years.