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  1. Genuinely gutted if true most complete striker i've ever seen in my 38 years plus of watching us
  2. Cunningham, Lee, Patterson and John Mc****y spring to mind same reason why I also despise them (well one of the reasons and believe me there are plenty)
  3. If they are good mates then Vaughan needs to have a word in his mate's ear about workrate as Danns could learn a lot from Vaughnie.
  4. They will shift 2000 as most of them will be subsidized by state benefits to pay for them.
  5. Like most have said on here in a winning team he'll do a decent job when the chips are down all best is what I say!, get's caught in possession far too much for me and has tendencies to mugged by the opposition he also dosen't like cold Tuesday night's in the winter months very much a fair weather player.
  6. GK Murphy RB Edwards/Jonah Lb Skarz/Leigh CB Cameron/Thompson/Kay/ O'Connell CM Dawson/Tutte/Styles/Reilly LW mayor Rw Ismail Am O'Shea Cf Vaughan/Beckford/Miller On paper that looks pretty awesome and gives Clark plenty of options for formations and line up wouldn't like to be in his shoes to pick our 1st 11 in a good way though!
  7. I'll be avin a cheeky each way bet on us to win the league top 6 easily providing we don't have a season of injuries like the last one.
  8. Just spoke to a Celtic supporting colleague re O'Connell rates him highly 6ft 1ins ball playing centre half Walsall wanted to keep hold of him, reckons he will stand out in league 1.
  9. Or Paul Butler?
  10. 6-0 at Gigg was the day of the Hillsborough Disaster if i remember Rightly.
  11. Hope for Swindon's sake he's got his 'synergy back for the project'
  12. Your lot will be after next season when your back in your 'true home' the basement division can you still apply for re-election these days?
  13. That would scare the hell out of Flitcroft plans B & C
  14. No thanks, whilst here he was solid enough and part of the promotion team under Baker however he lets the attacking player come inside far too often, feel as though we can attract a better class of player good enough for league 2 not so sure about league 1.
  15. Or the absolute tosser wearing his Sheff Utd tie after we drew a Friday night game live on Sky 3-3 against his 'boyhood team' always despised him after that little stunt, and often call him a name that rhymes with stunt, whenever i see him on tv my tourettes kicks' in 'Neil Warnock your a ......'