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  1. You're just being ridiculous now! Surely Philip waters the plants after putting the bins out 😀
  2. Pro immigration Corbyn invites Muslims from around the world to have a happy Eid
  3. Could be an extremist pedant and point out that we didn't play that day, whilst we had 11 men on the pitch "playing" might not be the best description of that performance 😃
  4. The first step is to recognise that you have an addiction. Don't go thinking that because you have the odd year off you are not addicted, you are merely an addiction in remission. Proof of addiction is that you always return to Bury, at no point have you wandered off to Dale or Oldham and purchased one of their season tickets. I think many feel like you 😀
  5. Pedant alert Jacob Rees-Mogg has 3 sisters and a brother, ergo (that's Latin for therefore plebs!) there must be at least 3 other people with a sister called Annunziate!
  6. Unsure if it's Gary's father or brother that you are blaming but feel that it's harsh in either case, especially when you appear to be letting Graham off scot free 😛
  7. Doubt that gift aid would be allowed as it was initially to buy a flag rather than to directly donate to a charity.
  8. I suspect that even the pied piper of Hamlin would struggle to get a decent turnout for that game!
  9. Most of us don't turn up at Gigg because of what is happening now to the club but because we are addicted. We like to think that our club is unique but truth be told had our fathers, grandads, best friends or whoever had been Dale fans and taken us along to Spotland for our early experiences we'd quite possibly be there every other weekend. All clubs will have decent fans to natter to in the stands just as all clubs will have arseholes you could get stuck next to without forewarning - I know we do as I regularly hear people complaining about such a person though never spotted him myself 😆 Attracting new fans requires different parameters from people expecting (possibly) different things such as value, comfort, facilities and ease of access as neutrals' expectations will be higher, eg I never leave before the full time whistle at Gigg and have been prepared to sit in traffic on my way home but when I go to the Etihad I always leave ten/fifteen minutes early as sitting in the car park is a waste of time for me.
  10. As was Oscar Wilde 😍
  11. Can't disagree with anything that has been said. It struck me when Leicester signed a bog standard Hull player for £17m and thought back to when Alan Shearer went for 20% of that in what was seen as a ridiculous transfer!
  12. Had it been a competitive friendly then maybe but by all accounts it's more of a fitness exercise (and why I won't be in the stadium that day)
  13. What? Buy a season ticket otherwise you're given a bar of soap?????
  14. Closely followed by Orange Crush - an end to the Special Relationship
  15. I'm not sure that sequence necessarily indicates priority/superiority, eg Rod, Jane & Freddie, Snap, Crackle & Pop, Snog Marry, Avoid, Game, Set & Match, Scarecrow, Tinman & Cowardly Lion Star Wars trilogy McDonald's Kentucky Fried Chicken & Pizza Hut Price Waterhouse Cooper Lions and tigers and bears (oh my) Rock Paper Scissors Benelux Father, son and the holy ghost Huey, Dewey & Louie I'm also not convinced that the band came up with the initial set 😛