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  1. You'd get the club shop for that much, although it is due to be demolished so maybe not a great deal after all. Do you have 2,999 friends to bring along? You do realise that your 2,000 likes are not all from unique users don't you??? 😀
  2. I also included Scotch Tape and sandwiches, as well putting a caveat at the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As a 30 year old you worry, as a 21 year old you look at it as room for improvement and ££££ 😎
  4. £250 is a decent price, and throw in the 9 prizes available to early birders I think it is good offer. What makes it a great promotion is the cash back offer(s) The lure of a £150 season ticket will get people talking about it and will definitely attract extra sales, that's the idea of a promotion. The figures involved also make it extremely unlikely that we'll actually have to cough up the extra hundred quid. The suggestion that we need an extra 1,100 sales is misleading. Last season's total sales were c2,000, to trigger the cashback sales have to be 3,000 excluding u18s & posh seats. I wonder what the like for like comparison would look like, but anyway a great promotion!
  5. Bloody naysayers!!!!! 😛
  6. Arbroath Smokies, Plymouth gin, Eccles Cakes, Cornish pasties, Melton Mowbray pork pies, Bury Black puddings, Haggis (although not the US), Grasmere gingerbread, Kendal mint cake, Sandwiches, Scotch whisky, Scotch tape, Scotch Eggs, Chorley Cakes, Newmarket sausages, Cumberland sausages, Shirley's hot pot, Wrexham lager, Yorkshire tea, Devon custard, Manchester tarts and Red Leicester are all protected authentic products* that can only be produced within a certain radius and that the rest of the world will pay handsomely for! * Okay I might have included one or two non genuine products in the list but this is a Brexit discussion so if you want accurate facts then you've clearly missed the last two years!
  7. Picking on your quote as it's the most comprehensive. Visas/waivers I'll ignore, we've discussed and disagreed on them before 😀 The single market has to go but I don't think I've heard anyone be it Boris, Nigel, Nicola or Tony suggest that they are against a free trade deal, it seems that all are for that be it softies or hardies. Cheap booze (and cigarette) cruises I couldn't give two hoots about and I sat that as someone who brought back 16 boxes of fags back from Benidorm last year. Such acts subsidise France or Spain's health services rather than our own and at a time that we could do with cutting back on drinking and smoking maybe it would be a good thing if they cost more? Your bin point will be dealt with councils cutting back bin collections further 😉 Some menial labour jobs will require overseas immigrants but we need to increase the number of Brits in work, there are many desperate to get a low paid minimum wage job and others who need a kick up the bum to do it. As Ryan has pointed out being in the EU doesn't protect from inflation. An inflation point possibly to do with the EU is inflation always bad? It's a long and complex debate including British living expectations, money cycles and balancing impacts on increasing certain low waged incomes whilst reducing spending power of other low earners which is probably best not attempted at this time of the morning on a mobile phone ☺
  8. Quick question for people. If confirmed as £110 would anyone be tempted to get a ticket for Dale as well as Gigg? No use to those who go home and away bit for those who don't would a selected 10 or 11 games around a tenner a pop appeal? A few years ago I bought a golden ticket at Oldham, five games for £15 of which I used 4 as the other clashed with a Bury game, so I can certainly see the appeal. I push biked it to one match, it took half the time to get home as it did to get there due to the gradients involved!
  9. I can't believe that the promotion has received so little response from people, ignoring the cash back the prizes of refunds/tours/shirts available for early birders is a great example of things to offer that are virtually nil cost yet have a decent perceived value. For those alone I say well done to the club.
  10. Simple way to get to 3,000 - everyone buys two season tickets. Cash outlay £500, less £150 = £350. £50 of vouchers = home or away shirt covered so fifty quid saving can be knocked off the £350. You then have a spare season ticket to use to drag friends along each week for effectively an extra fifty quid. Bargain!
  11. People have died, that is literally a tragedy, and I don't want to diminish that horrible thing, but I think we are all aware that there is the potential for deranged people to commit these crimes. What disgusted me, but is possibly a reflection on society today, was one quote which I am paraphrasing that said "I saw one person in distress, then I saw a second person down and I started filming" Is it just me who's reaction would be either to try to help one of the injured people or to freeze in shock, more likely to be the latter if I'm honest, but at no point would I be thinking "oh good I can get a good video here"?
  12. It would have to be a bumper deal for him to consider it so I really can't see it happening. It would be of no benefit to anyone to announce that we'd offered an extension and it had been rejected as some would jump on him as a greedy so and so which could affect his and the team's form.
  13. The problem with any system with feedback is that it is so easy to fake it and it is so expensive to properly police that to do so would be prohibitive for small traders
  14. I can understand the medical profession's reluctance to accept this responsibility as if they do then how long until a victim's family sues a GP because one of his patients that he didn't report kills someone?
  15. It's rare that I agree with Tebbit but this is an exception Let's not forget that he wasn't just a shit towards Brits and protestants but also catholics who dared to break his code. Declaring him a hero is like saying that the Krays were great for neighbourhood watch schemes.