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  1. There are some suggestions that it's immigrants who are brainwashing our innocent thinking children. Whilst there may be some truth in that in certain cases the amount of propaganda available online and foreign relatives who may be visited means that banning immigration will not end terrorism.
  2. Clearly inspired their opponents - they lost 6-2 to the Royals!!! 👑
  3. I disagree that it does nothing, it sends out the message that these evil losers can disrupt our lives. We remember those who have lost their lives, we support those who have been affected, we pay our tributes to all who have been on valved either as victims or helpers but we carry on chatting, we carry on shopping in the city centre, we carry on going to concerts (safety permitting) and we say we will not let terror defeat us and change our way of life.
  4. The area involved isn’t actually part of the arena, it's a foyer where fans will start to queue from silly o'clock in the morning, it is where ticket touts loiter, it is where the entrance to JD Williams' offices are, the site of a McDonald's that closed in January and a walk through area to get from Victoria to the car parks or Trinity Way. It's the route I take whenever I park on the outskirts.
  5. Really hoping that the reports of fatalities are exaggerated. Whether you feel part of Greater Manchester or Lancashire it's our local major arena and I'm sure most of us have been there whether to see dinosaurs, Doctor Who, wrestling, Kylie or Status Quo. People have travelled from all over the country for a fun night out and no one deserves to go home injured or even worse. May everyone's gods be with them whoever they are 🙏
  6. I think the days of friendlies being valuable are long gone, we have to discount FA Cup, League Cup and JPT games so why would people want to turn up to watch a higher tier reserve team? I suspect that the only exception would be for a testimonial and many attending would not be there for the opposition but to honour the player involved.
  7. Agree 100% Recently Hammond understated the cost of HS2 by £20bn, Gove got immigration figures all wrong and couldn't quote the immigration skills charge despite wanting to double it and Amber Rudd said that police officers didn't need to use food banks because they earn £40,000. None of these made the front pages of the Mail, Express, Sun, Times or Telegraph. We'd never hear the end of tory mistakes because we never hear the start of them!
  8. Misleading and unfair. It doesn't specify who the unfortunate 5% are that the savage reds will target. Philip is married to Theresa and has recently had to move out of his own home and into government provided accommodation. He works in the City and only receives bonuses if his funds make money, lose money or do not grow. Sajid, the son of an immigrant bus driver will be in this group affected and has claimed that Britain's housing market is broken. If taxes become too punitive then he may be pushed to sell off some of his £6m property portfolio. Boris is a hard up Londoner having to work multiple jobs. Increased taxation will impact all of his earnings, including his "chicken feed" earnings from a newspaper (c quarter of a million pounds a year). His wife, a QC will also be hit by these proposals. Jeremy has recently lost his business (in exchange for £14.5m). Despite his business being an on-line based business he doesn't really understand computer security. We are particularly worried about Jeremy's health, he has been missing since the NHS computers went down. Gideon has recently lost one of his jobs. He works for a local newspaper but is not paid enough to live comfortably so is forced to look for work elsewhere. Unfortunately the investment company he works for is only able to give him 4 days work a month. He is that desperate for work that he travels the world to speak to people in exchange for cash. He is one of the lucky ones though, without a meagre £4.5m family trust fund to fall back on who knows where he'd be. Ken is an OAP who needs to work to survive despite being nearly 80 years of age. He struggles to eat so relies on being invited to dinners where he'll be given a hit meal (plus thousands of pounds for saying a few words). Luckily he won't be too worried about the threats from Labour as he recently said that using party manifestos to outline spending plans is "crazy". He also said parties shouldn't be constrained by promises made in the "rather mad atmosphere" of a general election campaign. If you can live with these people being targeted at the expense of the indecisive (like the ones who can't decide between heating or eating) or those tax dodgers (the ones on minimum wage zero hour contracts) then so be it!
  9. Bullockballamos - just above your post!!! 😛😛😛
  10. Free school meals doesn't involve giving cash to people rather it doesn't charge people for something. To apply a blanket ban on the state giving things to people for free would involve charging for the NHS, education, fire services, the police and the use of roads (possibly pavements too) not to mention abolishing the state pension!
  11. I'd like to say that that is complete nonsense, but if it was any other candidate than Ivan Lewis then my mother, a lifetime Labour voter and former Labour candidate would be voting tory (more anti Corbyn) Conversely my dad will be voting Labour not because of anything particularly good about the Labour party but because he wants to get Nuttall out. It's quite a shame that many people are not voting for their preferred candidate rather against their least favourite. There was a positivity around Blair's and Obama's victories which would be good to see again rather than the negativity of recent elections, not helped by the fact that the latest tory flyer was 'be afraid of Corbyn' and the last Labour one was 'beware the tories'
  12. Poor people will not be impacted by these changes. The very rich will not be impacted by these changes - they would not use common care homes frequented by plebs so will continue to use the deluxe care homes that they already pay for. Those that will be hit are the squeezed middle, and do we think that the savings made by individuals paying for their own care will be channelled towards improving living conditions for the poor or towards cutting higher rate taxes?
  13. After those same owners got them relegated 3 times in six years. Isn't expecting gratitude for that a bit like expecting someone to be grateful when you put a plaster on one of their wounds after stabbing them three times?
  14. One of my favourite Bury games was Millwall at Gigg, would have happily repeated that experience in May of next year!