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  1. For all those claiming that Middlesbrough were broken hence could only pay pennies for Miller they've just gone and spent £5 million pounds on one of our former loanees. Why so much I don't know, especially as the Hammers don't need the cash due to their tax payer subsidised new ground!!!
  2. Sounds a stressful time followed by some horrible times, hope things are going better for you now xx I just read last year's thread in the absence of a new one, I do a similar thing with birthday and Christmas cards too 😊
  3. At least you'll never have to pay full price for her, once she's too old to qualify as a junior she'll be able to come in free as your carer 😀
  4. I could try to find a rational reason for the difference, possibly cup appearances or subs, or I can use this as an excuse to show why you should never trust wiki 100%Đorđević
  5. For some reason I quite like the lad
  6. I've worked with many people who say stay well clear of Blackburn!
  7. I wonder how their players are coping with the strange language. Not Portuguese but the nonsense that Flicker comes out with.
  8. I don't think anyone would argue about Best being a gamble, but I think a club like ours has to gamble. We've already got Beckford & Ajose, do we need a third goalscorer, can we afford a top class one and how likely is it that a top class striker would choose to come to be 3rd or 4th choice? I assume that the decent seasons refer to goalscoring and not performance wise, he could play and help our other strikers score 40 between them which would be a success. It's also possible that he could be a great sub but a crappy starter, someone to make the most out of tired defences rather than engaging in a 90 minute battle of attrition. Had we only got Heardman signed up then we might have difference needs, hopes or expectations but we're looking for someone to complement our current squad.
  9. Glad you explained that one, I read Walls and instantly thought of sausages 🌭
  10. Fuss about nothing. All overpaid in my opinion but that's the industry rather than the BBC overpaying. Very few are there out of lotally, it's a job and if offered more would happily bugger off. Sexist complaints are nonsense, are they saying that women should be paid more purely for being women rather than their demand or popularity?
  11. Has anyone on here seen Leon Best, or any of the others mentioned, play regularly? It's easy to play Championship Manager by looking at stats, and even easier when you have a huge budget but football is about more than goals per game and we don't have a huge budget. We have to pick up bargains, some of which like Clarke (Leon) and Vaughan will be huge successes, other like Eagles and Healey less so. Hopefully the manager has seen potential players, knows people who've seen them play and has an idea of how they will fit in with the current squad, some players may thrive on crosses but have been playing in a team with no width or might be a goal poacher being asked to play as one up front. We have to trust the manager's decisions, he certainly hasn't let us down so far and whether it's Ronaldo or McGinlay we have to back then 100% on the pitch.
  12. I like the idea of signing someone we can develop and flog in a year or two though not keen on trying to treble a player's value if we pick them up on a free 😆
  13. Most of us whine because it messes up our lawnmowing schedules whereas you literally want to make hay whilst the sun shines 😀
  14. And ends up in the right place!!!!!
  15. Think it's Vinny Jones who has the reputation for pinching the crown jewels!
  16. Close, but I think the answer is Queer Day 😗
  17. So that's why most people couldn't get tickets!
  18. Only 38 games? What about the other 8???? Clearly injury prone or ill disciplined!!!! Bloody rubbish signing!!!!!!!
  19. Lowe, Dawson, Ajose, Miller possibly (not that he's even left yet)..... I assumed this thread had been bumped because one of the 15 was about to return!!!!
  20. In the style of Father Jack, that would be a FIFA council matter!
  21. If Ajose was a perfect, risk free, like for like replacement for Vaughan then Sunderland would have signed him.
  22. We've had many players who have been great on the pitch and then turned into a petulant whiny little diva as soon as the potential for more money came along, or went missing when the rest of the team played badly. James wasn't one of them. He played exceptionally when the team was doing well He kept going and pulled us through when we were playing badly He was great with fans He carried on turning up for training with a smile on his face despite speculation linking him with a move. He has clearly moved upwards, yes on more money but for a new challenge at a higher level not just grabbing the easy cash in a sideways move. He has been the model of a perfect professional, the sort of signing we hope most of our signings will be, do a good job for us and move on giving benefits to both parties. Without wanting to focus on the many negative signings we've had it is those that have made us warm to James so much. Why anyone would want to give him hostility or abuse I have no idea, it would discredit the game to do so as football should be about trying to win not about being prats to the opposition.
  23. Couldn't care less. Connor is an obnoxious chav, Mayweather an obnoxiouslyrics arrogant git
  24. We don't need a guy to score 20 goals, we need a guy who can enable the team to score an extra 20 goals. We've seen from his partnership with Lowe when they were both in their first spells with us how effective he can be, hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky for them both being back and we can go up again.
  25. What a waste of money. Last minute flights are soooo much more than booking well in advance, had we signed him sooner we could have paid a lot less for his air fare! Bloody rubbish Bury!!!!!!!