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  1. First inning Somerset went from 145-8 to 278 all out, it's really why the game isn't already over, but by no means is it over. However, it's what makes the 4/5 day game so wonderful.
  2. He's no good with crosses though
  3. Good spot!
  4. I fully expect the Tories to field a Jewish candidate to stoke up anti anti semitism feeling as they did recently in Kersal, I can see it being a nasty campaign.
  5. Not sure that people from Hartlepool are your best bet for reversing Brexit. Most want to hang the French, the others are Peter Mandelson who would probably convince the other 27 nations to vote for Brexit even if he did persuade the UK to change its mind.
  6. I always try to debate issues on here rather than specifically campaign but I really do hope that you vote for Ivan in June. Places like Bury South are the places that could well determine the difference between a low Tory majority making them accountable to an opposition or giving them an unchallengeable that wI'll allow them to do whatever they want not just on Brexit but taxation, social care, the NHS and the welfare system. Also, for those who care about the Labour party, Ivan is the sort of person needed to be around when the next regeneration takes place, do you want progressive people like Ivan, Dan Jarvis and Keir Starmer leading the way or Abbott, Livingstone and Cat Smith? The Mayoral Election is another matter, Andy Burnham has written his own manifesto independent of Corbyn and the central Labour party to appeal to what people of Greater Manchester want. He is the only person with the high profile experience to do the job and has shown that he will take up a fight when no one else will and see it through no matter what authorities and the establishment say. I do fear a low turnout, people didn't want a mayor, people don't understand what a mayor will do, the campaign has dragged and theirs another election the month after to distract people.
  7. Sorry I meant the animosity towards him by some was due to his past. There's definitely a thread on here saying what a good game he had at centre half so he does have potential
  8. Just spotted that we are the only division finishing next week, League two's final games kick off at 17:30 the following Saturday with the Championship concluding the following day. Anyone any idea why?
  9. That is a ridiculous suggestion! As if the football league would change things after listening to fans!!!!! 😂
  10. "Don't vote - it only encourages the bastards" is the much quoted phrase but really doesn't make sense. We're getting one like it or not so you might as well have your say. Also due to the voting system your vote could make a difference
  11. How soon some people forget. I am still firmly in the Tope camp!
  12. I wonder how much his past has to do with it, Greg also got OTT pelters but was given chance to improve due to lack of available alternatives
  13. I curse my slow wifi which makes it look as if I am just copying you!!!!!
  14. Should we dig up an old thread discussing that clown of a defender who played alongside Edjenguele a few years ago? Maher wasn't bad for 90 minutes, he just made occasional (though regular without contradicting myself) errors. Keeping him is a gamble but it should be done whilst balancing his wages and a proposed development plan, eg loans, reserve games, etc. Has he been injured or have I missed hin being out on loan, he just seems to have disappeared (is that why they're desperate to get working on those car park flat foundations????)
  15. Does that mean Tim Farron accepts that supporting Bury is not a sin?
  16. Furthermore his moving on will show that, as with Leon, hungry players who will work hard can turn their career round coming to us which may help us in the future. The challenge is filtering out the Leons and Jameses from the dross
  17. Any striker misses chances, if they didn't then they certainly wouldn't be playing in the 3rd tier of English football! Obviously the below stats include all players not just strikers but if the best team in the Premier League only convert one in five chances (albeit against better keepers) then what do you expect from our players?
  18. Was he? Note that I am not disputing that Brass was manager when he signed.
  19. He's been here 9 months yet I still think of Alan Knill when I see AK, but then I'm still wondering why people are talking about Leon whilst talking about formations 😀
  20. For all the talk of Leigh vs Hussey, Clarke returning next season and other desirable players it isn't purely about ability and performance, but also budget. Anyone who plays the fantasy football/cricket/baseball games knows that it isn't about merely selecting the best players. Greg has to improve his defending and crossing but hopefully he can work on that over the summer and pre season, it's hard to work on these things when so much focus must have been on learning new systems and new players
  21. Not sure that word was needed, I think we would have all known which one you meant. Likewise when referring to Brown's performances!
  22. It couldn't be any worse than the new one starring Rylan Clarke. I've not seen the programme but I know that Rylan is in it!
  23. Absolute nonsense. Leon is a great player at this level, it's merely that JV is better but to suggest Clarke is a busted flush is akin to saying the same about Rooney because Harry Kane has scored more.
  24. Sorry for taking a while to point this out but your points per game are significantly understated (by two thirds infact 😆)
  25. The undisclosed stadium