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  1. He's now in his 70s and had had poor health a decade ago so he might not be able to get to many games nowadays. He is a Charles according to previous directorships so I'm disappointed that you haven't had a response. Hopefully he is well.
  2. I don't think they were. Loose women described as "squabbling sour-faced ladies” - which bit, apart from the ladies, is inaccurate. Would sour faced squabbling men have attracted criticism? He described Janet Street-Porter as a “polished turd” and said a “speccy blonde girl” on BBC’s The Apprentice should “piss off”, the only shocking thing is that he didn't want more of them to piss off!!! After Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, appeared on BBC’s Question Time, Snell tweeted: “Diane, you are great, then you say something incredibly arsingly stupid.” which is inaccurate though if anything is over complimentary! Exactly who was offended by these comments???? Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall have been called names on here, should everyone be apologising for them? For me there is a massive difference between those tweets and ones suggesting that Israel should be relocated! Yes he called Brexit a pile of rubbish but then isn't that what the Lib Dems and many millions of other remoaners are saying just as many Brexiteers thought that the EU was a pile of poo. We complain about parliament being full of professional politicians who've been groomed to become an MP and then have a go at someone who tweets fairly normal things.
  3. Andrew Neil is only odious if you are the one being interviewed. He's expects people to justify their answers and drills down when they spout clichés or contradict themselves. He is an excellent interviewer.
  4. It's been that long since we've seen Ishmael that I can't remember him doing that! 😉
  5. That'll be handy if Lainton ends up back in goal!
  6. We've scored 4 goals in 4 games, possibly our worst run of the season yet have ten points. I think that says a lot about our defence as a whole which is heavily influenced by Joe.
  7. It's as much about affecting those teams we're playing as picking up points for ourselves. If either any of our last 3 wins had been reversed points aside it would have given teams confidence, Charlton are on a bad run, continued by losing to relegation fodder and this could affect them mentally and cause them to continue their poor run.
  8. Starts
  9. I think it's back to the theory that we don't want to give first team news away to the opposition as we want to win those games whereas it's not about the results at youth level. If anything, and this might sound daft, you want to give the opposition as much info as possible so that they can best prepare to play against us as that will test and develop our youngsters even more. Getting to know our home grown (even if they've only been with us months and not years) players rather than the overpaid mercenaries (none in particular just generic professionals!) helps us feel part of the club so the more we know about our kids the better for the club as a whole. The fans have been much more accepting of poor results whilst the kids have been playing so maybe the club are learning from listening to the fans that youth is the way to our hearts. Too much positivity, struggling to resist sarcasm so will end the post now
  10. It was the luck of where the by election was, there are plenty of potential by elections that the Tories would be in the same position, and it's not long since they lost a safe seat to a party with less than ten seats
  11. I know there have been clashes in Gorton but my experiences of momentum are very few, they seem to be signing up to vote in the Labour Party but doing very little else to get involved. Considering how many recent additions there have been very few have been seen at branch or constituency meetings, nor for campaign events. The only time I've seen a decent turnout was for the leadership endorsement.
  12. The stewards or all the other Bury fans????🐿
  13. We keep on hearing this story, though with different claimants. No Bury fan wants these to continually crop up, those of us who are troubled by the board's actions would love to be sitting in our new ground eating humble pie having just flicked through our accounts and seeing a repeated profit and healthy negative assets. We do not enjoy stories like this. If you are making a stand against something then you announce what you are doing when the bill comes in, you announce it at shareholder meeting, you announce it at fans' forums, you announce it on local radio before the hearing. You do not wait until you've failed to turn up at court and then make a comment.
  14. Yes, but we can't tell you why it's a secret 😛
  15. Having visited Oldham town centre the fact that Boundary Park is out of town can only be viewed as a positive!
  16. Thank you. If even neutrals can see that there's a conspiracy then there must be!!!!
  17. Maybe they did but the solicitor wanted cash up front. Cluster made a better stand than we did, at least we could have stated a few facts in court had we turned up.
  18. I'd say shocking but it really isn't anymore. They can hardly complain about lack of support when they can't be bothered to turn up to represent the club. Was this mentioned at the shareholders' meeting on Wednesday???? 😉
  19. You're focusing on one area of minor additional red tape and ignoring many areas where, for the population as a whole, bureaucracy should be reduced. The visa waiver application system will be nothing like an application to teach in a primary school, such claims are worthy of Trump! What is wrong with it being a privilege and not a right to move between countries? Do you approve of unlimited unvetted immigration? How about our rights to say no to criminals coming into this country? Let's improve travel further and get rid of other bureaucracy, let's stop passport checks and security checks? The balance has to be the right level of bureaucracy but we may disagree on what that correct level is. There are many reasons why someone will go to London (although why they would want to when Manchester is just up the road I don't know) rather than Brussels or Paris just as many Brits will choose to visit Brussels or Paris over London. The cost, based on the US one, is minor and would impact on very few decisions if it was a per trip fee let alone one that is a one off every 5 years. If cost alone was someone's determinant on where to go then they'd probably look at London anyway due to the devaluation of the pound. Hurrah we'll be swamped with tourists post Brexit 😀😀😀 The red tape for the mattress is unknown at the moment, that is down to negotiation. If some red tape would encourage you to buy British then maybe that's a good thing for British employment. The exact issues around this area are worthy of a thread on its own, although I will say if you're planning on buying another one in just 3 years then the quality can't be that good 😆 EHIC isn't free, it's paid for by our government and it's far from unbureacratic with many Brits being forced to pay and then reclaim for treatment. There's no guarantee it will be axed and eve if it is treatments should be covered by travel insurance which all travellers should carry. Flight cancellation/delay protection should be grandfathered in initially, whether it continues should be up to us via the government. You are cherry picking the benefits of EU membership 🍒🍒🍒 I'm not sure exactly what's been taken away so far apart from free movement, and I am prepared to pay fifteen quid for access to the EU in exchange for the fact that migrants will receive a higher level vetting.
  20. Is that the one that's opened up in the old Mercedes garage? I hate generic things like Vet 4 Pets as they tend to have low investment in the business, disposable staff and a shut up shop and sod off attitude. However with their overheads shared by many outlets it allows them to advertise and have a much better customer advertising and interaction programme. Your vets will focus on vetting rather than Internet exposure, which is great for retaining business but not for attracting new business. I needed a vet for my bunnies and it was very difficult to find out much about most vets whereas V4P have a very slick website.
  21. Ten minute application that lasts for 5 years sounds fine, much better than those pesky visas required for Turkey/India that are required practically every time. It us up to the EU to decide who they want to let in, I'm sure minor criminals will still be allowed to get drunk in Magaluf. If not then they'll either go to Turkey or stay in the UK and boost our economy not Spain's. In fact it might make Magaluf a bit more palatable if I knew that convicted thugs are less likely to be there. A bit of a non story until you get the morons who will claim to have known nothing about it and then get photographed sad faced in the Evening News complaining how it is Spain that ruined their dream holiday rather than their own stupidity.
  22. Employment centre staff are supposed to evaluate someone's job search in something like six minutes a fortnight? Need I say more?
  23. As long as there are league tables and an organisation's performance is based on said league tables the organisation's focus will be on those league tables. Career advisors do not boost league table performances so why should schools bother about these?
  24. Businesses view employing people as their contribution to the community. They fail to recognise the work that the country does to provide them with an appropriate workforce and customer base. If anything the pendulum has swung so that companies expect to be rewarded for having a base somewhere. It is this attitude which is why I am not a fan of the decentralisation that is taking place at the moment, whilst I have less issue with decentralisation of spending I am very concerned by the decentralisation of revenue raising. Higher income areas will have higher revenue raising abilities and, generally, have lower spending requirements. Leafy Surrey will have less unemployed, less disadvantaged, less low skilled immigration (although plenty of Russian oligarchs) for the local area to look after. I can also see that if areas are to keep more of the business rates that whilst Sue's hairdresser, Wilsons' greengrocers and Pat's Butchers are stuck on the high street paying whatever is dictated bigger companies who do not care where they are based will hold councils to ransom and negotiate between say Bury & Bolton councils to get the best deal before deciding which side of the road to base themselves on. Few businesses do well out of a low wage economy yet few do anything to help prevent this.
  25. Absolutely, it is all about suitability and that expands beyond just health, be it logistics, literacy, physicality or even training as there are a hell of a lot of minimum wages jobs which require a certain skill set, you certainly wouldn't want me cutting your hair, doing waxing or looking after your pre school children!