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  1. Nonsense. The quality of tv is just as good as it was 10 years ago! Oh hold on I'm watching Dave so that explains it 😁
  2. Does 4k mean that it's millennium proof for the year 3000 and 4000? I'm unsure if it's because I'm tight, I have low standards or because the emperor is genuinely naked but I find non HD perfectly acceptable.
  3. I've found that there's been a tremendously amount of double standards. Firstly I saw Emma Watson protesting in America, agree or not with the protests I certainly don't think that foreigners should be protesting against legitimately elected leaders. Secondly there are a great many countries around the world that treat women shockingly yet I don't remember protests on this scale. Surely we should be having a protest every week be it against Pakistan, Afghanistan or Ethiopia (although we did help fund their Spice Girls for a while). If people were that bothered about women's rights we wouldn't be dealing with Saudi Arabia or Qatar.
  4. I'm sorry but how can this be progress? It's not that long since TVs were advertised as "Flat Screens" as a sales pitch. If having a flat screen made it unusual then surely that means that all the others were curved?
  5. Don't see what's wrong with hoping that all teams below us field ineligible players therefore lose points today!
  6. The EU will remain our biggest trading partner
  7. It's a sexist position. It's always been a woman in that position. Bloody positive discrimination gone mad. They could have appointed a man for the first time but oh no woolly liberal America votes to keep women in the job!!!!
  8. But he's been very busy in those games so he's been able to impress, if he'd been playing for a great team then he'd have had nothing to do and wouldn't have been able to showcase his skills 😃
  9. And who of them was signed as a teenager by a top tier club, played in a domestic and European cup final and has managed to balls up his career despite earning a fortune? It's all about his current attitude which we should have been able to gauge.
  10. He might not be expected to play on the wing, he's probably lost his pace so he could be the creative central midfielder?
  11. He's been training with us so hopefully CB has been able to gauge his current state of mind and fitness, a luxury we didn't have with either Healy or Eagles (or even some of our summer signings) so hopefully this will be more of an educated signing rather than a championship manager style shot in the dark. Maybe he's finally realised what a privileged position he's in.
  12. Propaganda - a genuine male goose
  13. Miliken, MacPherson Paints, Birthdays, Nationwide.....
  14. Truly shocking that Jon Voight is now referred to as Angelina Jolie's dad, as distressing as hearing Janet Ellis and Keith Allen referred to as their offsprings' parent rather than their own celebrity.
  15. The winning goal at the Macron will be my favourite even if it is a Nugent distance strike 🙄
  16. Come on you lazy good for nothing mods, we want a "do not dislike" button!!!
  17. Maybe I was being a bit pedantic but to me full of suggests the majority to me. The vast majority of MEPs are not Eurosceptic and whilst they may be frustrated by the UKIP style groups they are certainly not being prevented fro action by them. How many Euro sceptics were there at the turn of the century? The rise of UKIP is down to the rising power and control of the EU rather than a feeling of nationalism in my book, if the EU had responded sooner then the rebels would not have grown so much I think most Brexiteers, though certainly not all, want cooperation with Europe.
  18. Is it not HP who sent software updates to their printers to stop them working without official HP cartridges? Also the annual cost is without factoring the cost of the printer into it, I'm not sure what the average life span is nowadays.
  19. It is most definitely not full of nationalists, maybe we would have seen more reforms if it did have more such people. The EU has shown no willingness whatsoever to reform, look at Cameron's pitiful renegotiation attempt. I believe that countries do want to cooperate with each other, and it appears to be the EU, saviour of peace and cooperation, who are breeding squabbling with their attitude towards Brexit. If the EU had agreed to look at reform then I am convinced Remain would have won and we'd have remained a member for a generation (a proper generation not a Krankie generation) but the problem is that no one in power believes that there is anything significantly wrong with the EU except for its lack of control in certain areas.
  20. More facts in one post than in pretty much every piece of referendum literature. It's amazing what having a neutral slant on things can have
  21. Ali G, Borat & Bruno (who's movie I took my mum to see 😶) suggest he's not a one trick pony. He's a very smart guy and able to improvise very well (I do know not all is improvised) As for Miranda please could you tell me what her one joke is as despite having seen her numerous times I am yet to witness this phenomenon
  22. Oh no he wouldn't!
  23. There's a feeling that because it's on a website then it must be true but most things are speculation, quite why an Everton fan site should be any more reliable than this messageboard I don't know. Only a Bury source would known whether the fee for Bedeau is higher than that for Foulds, and they would have to be certain of both to be able to make the claim without doubt. What if the Bedeau offer if £300k, believing Foulds to be £275k would make it higher, £400k would make it lower. Then of course it's whether you include add ons or not. It's pure speculation and fairly irrelevant whether it's £300k or £400k when we're running a £2.5m deficit.
  24. There's a difference between being ready for a some appearances and being ready to be a regular, Scunthorpe can be pointed at but the kids also had some MOTM performances, plus there's a difference between being a sub or playing a full game, and also it's seen as being easier to be a forward rather than defensive player. One youngster has five goals already for example. One of the problems with not being ready is sometimes the only way to become ready is to be given experience, and Flicker didn't really give that opportunity. We lost a load under Flicker and then a load under Bradd, or should that be Kiss, but the defeats felt less painful when the kids were playing, possibly as it felt like it was an investment.
  25. Good accurate reporting, their source is that they read it in a newspaper but then to look as if they know something about hin point out that he's come up through the ranks whereas I could have sworn he came up the M1 & M6 (probably the toll road as we like to spend money to look professional)