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  1. Sorry, I killed it a few weeks ago, I didn't think anyone was using it.
  2. Just ordered!
  3. I have 3 adult train tickets available for Saturday to Doncaster. Departing Manchester Piccadilly at 11:20 Arriving at 12:35. Departing Doncaster at 18:42 and arriving back at 20:02. Looking for £30 for all three bargain! Message me for details
  4. Ordering tonight!
  5. NB are one of my favourite brands. As a runner I have a lot of their kit.
  6. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  7. We used motor point. Really good service. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  9. I think the northern MI5 headquarters that is currently situated in that exact location would have something to say about putting the ground there.
  10. Yes, started Wednesday I think.
  11. You need too! I want these in a frame
  12. I'm looking at relaunching up the shakers. However, I'm looking at a slightly different layout. Obviously there will be a forum / community but I'm wanting do a news section with satirical articles and user generated content.
  13. I am looking for people who are interested in writing articles about Bury FC and football in general. Please PM me or reply here for details.
  14. Your best bet is to stay over Carl. Me and the misses tend to stay over in the Premier inn at Durham, it's cheap bang in the center and only about half an hours drive to Beamish. If you are going for a night over I would spend the first day in Durham, the cathedral and town center is pretty nice to walk around. Second day I would hit Durham. Beamish is split in to different parts, your better off hitting the coal mine first as it gets rammed. Make your way up to the farm house, then take the tram in to the town for beer, sweets and town attractions, a short walk on to the fairground and steam train. I would then get the bus down Pit Village again for the chip shop, try get there before prime time lunch or afterwards as it's very, very busy. Pit Village all so has the school, church, cottages and band stand. I would suggest visiting the farm last as your legs would have had a good workout by now and you'll probably be feeling it. If you want to catch something to eat before the drive home I strongly recommend