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  1. Or go the whole hog and just award the match to the PL side when the lower league club has failed to win by 4 clear goals.
  2. Probably a 20 page thread on Fail's MB already on this topic.
  3. Signs for Port Vale. Was hoping they'd go for Williams. Oh Well !!! http://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2017/06/port-vale-sign-former-bury-keeper-rob-lainton/
  4. Surely the Citeh games, home and away, deserve special mention. At home in front of a capacity crowd plus TV cameras. Kinkladze, 1-1 draw. Had it all. As for Maine Road, Paul Butler, 1-0 win and the City fan marching on the pitch to rip up his season ticket in front of the directors box. Priceless memories.
  5. One of the proposed changes is scrapping 45 min halves and replacing them with 30 min ones. Typically well thought out changes, (change for change sake), which will do little to alleviate the percieved problem IMO. Sanction the player and club responsible by all means, but not the fans who'll get "less bang for the buck" as I doubt admission prices will reduce accordingly. Throw it out, please. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40311889
  6. Sorry, posted in wrong section.
  7. Football Simon Stone BBC Sport Posted at10:51 Warren Joyce received a typically blunt Australian welcome at his opening press conference as manager of Melbourne City. Former Manchester United reserve team boss Joyce has joined the City Football Group, which also owns Manchester City, his first job since being sacked by Wigan in March. And the first question he was confronted with? "Warren, a lot of people were expecting a big name, a glamorous, well known manager - and you arrived." At least Joyce saw the funny side: "Thanks." Aussies, don't you just love them!!! Priceless.
  8. I suppose we'll only know for sure that he's staying when someone sees a Lorry delivering a load of new corner flags.
  9. Great interview by LC as far removed from Flicker as it's possible to get. Spoilt at the end by the Tower FM reporter covering exactly the same ground, with exactly the same responses. Oh well!!!
  10. Shouldn't we add Danns to the list Notlob to Bury?
  11. Are we? I thought we terminated his contract so he could sign for them.
  12. Hopefully the rumour about Nathan Clark will be just that and he signs for Grimsby. According to Coventry fans his legs have gone and he was a complete liability last season rather than shoring up a leaky defence as they expected. A few years ago, maybe, but should we sign him I think it will be LC's first retrograde step in an otherwise impressive recruitment campaign.
  13. What a weird looking cove Owen Oyston is, who the hell advised him his "look" was a good idea quite beggars belief. Talk about growing old gracefully......Deary me!!!
  14. Adam Thompson on the bench again for NI away in Azerbaijan. Looks like we'll be losing him when there are international games.
  15. Does no one else think the treatment of Diane Abbott by the gutter press and others was utterly shameful. I know she has her detractors on here, (to put it mildly), but surely no one deserves the level of vitriol which was directed in her direction. Scrutiny yes, but when it's purely personal that's another matter entirely, I can only imagine what it must have been like on social media. I truly hate many politicians, both in this country and abroad, but would never resort to this level of abuse, (well I might make an exception for Tony Bliar). As others have said, she isn't the only polititian who can't add up and in the end does it really matter?, they've got civil servants to do all the sums. Didn't seem to make much difference to her constituents, though, and she increased her majority by 11,000. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/diane-abbott-election-result-labour-mp-increase-majority-11000-votes-shadow-home-secretary-hackney-a7781001.html