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  1. The last 8 mins played behind closed doors, "to maintain the integrity of the competition". Now where have I heared that one before?
  2. Todays match with Colchester adandoned after protesting crowd invaded the pitch. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39676226
  3. Southend apparently sold over 8000 tickets so far, lets hope they'll start trooping out well before the end after a Shakers masterclass. We owe the Tango Man big style.
  4. Really nervous about this one and hope we don't set up to "respect the point" because, as we know, a lucky deflection or whatever, can change the whole course of the game and we end up losing. Attack them from the start with the same lineup as started the last game and lets get our equaliser in first. Whilst I really don't expect both PV and Gills to win on Sunday, after Tuesday anything is possible so lets not have to rely on other teams slipping up. For others of a nervous disposition, as we ARE Bury FC, I believe Sarfend are in a poor run of form having lost 4 of the last 5 games, their main creative player, (Wordsworth), is probably out and their strike force of Ranger and Cox have been far from prolific recently with the former back in court this week so perhaps not available anyway. This all points to a win for....... Eek pass the smelling salts.
  5. Now facing another winding up petition over a £5 million loan. Tsk tsk, these clubs who aren't able to live within their means. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39731246
  6. Given that the vote was perceived as a kick in the goolies for the political establishment, I bet the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is well chuffed that the "old guard" have rallied behind him in opposition to Marine Le Pen, could this cost him the election? Should Le Pen win it will send shockwaves through the EU and could render Britains Brexit posturings totally meaningless. https://www.mail.com/int/news/europe/5138758-old-guard-rallies-newcomer-macron-french-runoff.html#.1258-stage-hero1-1
  7. Blades apparently re-signing Ched Evans from Chesterfield. Has he really done enough there to justify the reported £500,000 fee? Anyway, this might put a different slant on Bramall Lane being a possible destination for JV should he leave us. Leon has become a bit of a cult figure there now after his recent goals and performances since coming back from injury. Billy Sharp already a legend there and would Wilder release James Hanson so soon after signing him from Bradford? How many strikers do they need? There's an article in the Bury Times that LC and the Chairman are going to pull out all the stops to keep JV here next season, I know they would say that wouldn't they?, but how great it would be if they could pull it off. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39697804
  8. I know if he stays on his present no of cards it'll be wiped, should he pick up another though and be facing a ban I doubt it would be wiped, but not sure of the ruling.
  9. Should he play at Southend and get booked, will his ban start next season, (assuming he's still here of course)?
  10. Peterborough have nothing to play for but still beat Brizzle 4-2 yesterday. Fingers crossed that they spike the arrogant Winkies.
  11. I'm still hoping that lot in Horwich implode on the last day. If they do go up I'd be devastated if James Vaughan ended up there, especially with their history of stealing our better players.
  12. Shows the passion of the man with regard to his club. A true Football man, unlike most of them on TV who won't soil their hands with anything outside the PL.
  13. Hope to God all the paperwork is in order for young Hulme, really can't afford another points deduction following Southend this season. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  14. "Hallam Hope, he's one of our own"
  15. Listening to GMR a couple of weeks ago and Jimmy Wagg was saying Rochdales Academy is the 3rd best in the country. Not sure where this has come from or whether it was just a throwaway line, but quite a feat if there's any truth in it.