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  1. God I hope not. Can you imagine Novak and Ishmael Miller, (another Clark old boy), as our strike force next season.
  2. Christ, I feel ancient, I remember him in our youth team.
  3. Arguably the greatest player we've ever produced, celebrated his 71st birthday on 26th Feb. Belated birthday greetings Colin. https://www.mancity.com/news/club-news/2017/02/26/colin-bell-birthday/1488098927641
  4. Hopefully Russell Slade will still be there tomorrow as most Coventry fans think he's tactically inept and all round clueless. Some want him gone with a new man put in place to plan for L2 next season, it would be rude of us not to help them on their way. Hopefully Vaughan will be back to run amock and the rest of the team surely picks itself after Saturday. Anticipating a stress free 2-0 win
  5. Nige interviewed by Piers Morgan for "Piers Morgan's Life Stories". Along with Andrew Neil, these two are amongst the most odious in British Public Life / Broadcasting so should be "unmissable" viewing. Say's he's frightened to go outside his house, and that he wants his "life" back. Also narrowly dodged an egg along with Paul Nuttall in Stoke. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39078478
  6. Talking about the never ending saga of our injury list, most of us accept we're not likely to see Cam, Jonah or Zeli again this season, (don't get me started on Chris Brown or Ishmael Miller), but what about others, some of them loanees, who seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Kean Bryan and Tom Walker?, both a waste of a wage if they're not going to be involved even as cover. Niall Maher and Kelvin Etuhu, injured or just out of favour? Rachubka, is he still with us? Have I forgotten anyone? It's hard to keep track. Anyway, we've got three vital games coming up and it would be nice to think Vaughan and Mayor will be involved, the former, especially, could have a field day against our next three opponents.
  7. Judging by Charlton fans reaction to Karl Robinson, (Gobinson as some have christened him), and his inflexible approach to team formation despite not having the players to play it, I think we dodged a bullet with him. Quite a few, myself included, thought he'd be the perfect fit for us, how wrong can you be? Anyway, well done Lee Clark, continue the winning streak for the next two home games and things will start to look very healthy for us, could we beat last seasons finishing position?
  8. Ranieri gone at Leicester???
  9. Mowbray replaces Coyle at Venky's FC. Don't think they were sorry to see the back of him at Coventry, but whatever, it truly is a managerial merry go round at the moment with the same old faces shipping up at different clubs. Wouldn't be surprised to see Coyle at Port Vale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39053428
  10. Owen Coyle leaves Blackburn by mutual consent. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39044853
  11. Would've thought they'd have more serious matters to investigate than this. Oh well! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39037401
  12. Ref for Saturday is our old friend Trever Kettle.
  13. Back to G. Miller, what a cool finish yesterday, (and not for the first time either), puts some more seasoned pro's to shame. Wouldn't have been surprised to see Lowey miss that chance if it had fallen to him, seeing as how his afternoon was going.
  14. How great is it to go on to our opponents MB after a loss to us and find them in total meltdown. My favourite quote: " We just could not cope with their midfield runners when they had to change their tactics at half time". Haven't heard that too often this season. http://www.thecfss.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=59559&st=80
  15. Hope you are right obviously, but surely it's up to the club to clarify the situation and not keep building things up to fever pitch followed by a massive let down afterwards. I'm sure that's 2 or 3 times now where we've been told he's back in contention only to have him disappear again. Apologies if I've missed anything official on this.