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  1. He and others have provided plenty of offensive contribution in recent weeks
  2. Don't get me wrong I've always been a fan of the effort Hope puts in. I just meant if Soares were to come back in at right back maybe we would benefit / have better protection down the right side of defence by having a more of a conventional midfield four rather than maintain the Hope in behind the front two system sort of system, which I believe was in use on Saturday. Whether or not we would have anyone available and fit to do that job any better than Hope anyway is another issue .... As I said earlier if Moore is fit I probably wouldn't change the starting lineup at all.
  3. He assures us he will be there in good time to pick them up on Saturday morning ....
  4. The website often comes in for stick but this was a good little feature ...
  5. On loan from them (Nob) lot I heard ...
  6. Good stuff. Maybe Kay could venture into this sort of thing if he now has a settled defensive partner ūü§Ē Really good (and different style) players for little Miller to learn from IMO.
  7. My money is on Alan Knill ...
  8. Yep. Tend to agree. As I said, get on the front foot, momentum from a good win and all that. Initial reaction is like you - if Moore is unfit, Soares back in at right back however that may make me consider a little bit more protection in midfield, possibly at the expense of Hope.
  9. Possibly not quite ready to start every game but certainly ready to to play a part, in some cases an influential part, in our season, which it doesn't realistically appear would have happened to the extent it has under DF, most notably in the case of Burgess. Circumstances may have dictated how much Brass and Kidd have used the youth and who knows if DF had remained perhaps he would have been forced into playing the same players given the new transfer rules and lack of any additions to the squad but my own view is there has been less of a resistance to turn to the youth (in terms of first team game time) under Brass and Kidd and my opinion is also that both the players and the club will be better for their involvement in the long term. Now we have some more bodies who have come in and hopefully more to return from injury the youth can be treated more as very useful squad players rather than being ready to be first team regulars (possibly with the exception of Burgess).
  10. Surely you mean Futchcroft !?
  11. I am now at the point where I actually had no idea this guy was their manager until he was sacked !
  12. Better than the Don Valley ?
  13. Messageboards ? What do they know !?
  14. Same again ? Soares to come back into the squad but straight into the starting eleven ? If so you would think for one of the front three (thinking Hope) but that leaves us with four midfielders who are used to playing more centrally - Burgess maybe to a lesser degree. Also any news Mayor ? Or indeed Moore ? Would be tempted myself, if possible, to keep the same side and get on the front foot early on ...