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  1. All irrelevant as my favourite ever Bury headline is still to come on the 2nd of September.... "Vaughan starts against Scunthorpe !" ūü§ě
  2. Just as we leave Europe as well. Typical. Bloody rubbish Bury !
  3. Is getting your dabber out not what got you banned from Gala ?
  4. .... or rather some may say "It's the end of the world as we know it ...." or some Dylan fans may even take issue with that
  5. Pretty sure Danny Pugh is staying there too.
  6. Good luck Rob.
  7. Although ahead of Port Vale on goals scored ?
  8. I thought it said to relive the boredom ....
  9. Effectively top of the Championship !? The 5 year plan has worked !
  10. Don't be Sicily.
  11. Who let that bus driver in !?
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. May I be the first to also recommend the Samaritans.
  14. A breathtaking game of football, apart from an eighty odd minute lull in the middle.
  15. A probable then !