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  1. By the sounds of things there are plenty of scouts having a proper gander !
  2. Aldershot doesn't help when your seat is half a seat and you know you have to walk through a park on the way back to the coach ! That was the definition of a draw feeling like a defeat for me. Still, got some sort of revenge a few years later with the Ajose lob. Wrexham on a Friday night and an equaliser deep deep into injury time from Glynn Hurst against nine men and the crush that followed - that was a good memory from a 'side stand' too !
  3. I also have a vague memory as a youngster of sitting in one of the side stands at the old Saltergate. All I remember is we were mixed in with Chesterfield fans, we lost late on and some were less than magnanimous in victory !
  4. I actually wrote Accy by mistake (thinking out load) but saying that I am sure there was seating available to away fans in their main stand ? Aldershot is another - although that game where we went from three up to three all didn't look great from any angle ! ☹️ ... and Bradford away when Bish scored a late free kick (Knill's first game?) and we won 2-1 was a special memory, made better by being in an elevated position !
  5. Now we await the arrival of Rory Delap ......
  6. The days of Channel 4 with James Richardson were good.
  7. Good thread this. As others have said naturally one positive is it can be great to watch your team shooting toward you (especially second half) but there is the drawback of being so far away from the other goal you often don't know what is going on - always makes me laugh when sometimes the visiting supporters are so far away they don't know their team has scored and there is a delay between the goal and the cheer ! What are the grounds where you are not behind the goal ? Dale obviously, Crewe, Orient, and there are others were you are not behind the goal but pushed to one corner of the 'side stands' - Carlisle ? Oxford ? (Both don't use the ends behind the goal still I think). MK Dons this season anyway, not sure about Swindon, Bradford, Notts County these days ? Often I have chosen the seated area when the option is there, i.e. Accrington, Morecambe, Burton. I remember us beating Morecambe 4-1 away a few years ago and being in a really good position for Schumacher's second (our fourth). I don't know why but I remember it more for not being behind the goal.
  8. Agreed to both. I keep forgetting he is only 28 too.
  9. 750k plus add ons is a lot more than I would have expected and would certainly soften the blow of seeing a good young player only play a small number of games for our first team !!
  10. A bit more of this would be nice, seem to remember he was quite a regular for a while at Liverpool and if memory serves me right he started a Champions League final. He is 34 now by the way and needs international clearance before he can play (mind you Port Vale is almost like another country ) ...
  11. Apparently Van Basten came to this conclusion after once watching Andy Bishop play !
  12. I see your point although you never know, he could be the perfect player in terms of helping to prevent younger players make the same mistakes he may have made ...
  13. As was pointed out by RaRa earlier this week not as much as maybe one would think however this would suggest more than £2500 a week ...
  14. A bit early to be calling Brassy God !
  15. Quote of the day from a work colleague ... "Ah yes, of course, it is Trump's ignoration tomorrow ..."
  16. The search has already begun to find someone with the same surname ...
  17. Well we all may have our thoughts on the lad but he deserves a fair chance with us. Welcome Jermaine. UTS
  18. 😄 They were never the same after Obi left
  19. "Styles, Miller, Bedeau, Burgess" Allegedly Simon Cowell's next big boy band ...
  20. Same again ? Soares to come back into the squad but straight into the starting eleven ? If so you would think for one of the front three (thinking Hope) but that leaves us with four midfielders who are used to playing more centrally - Burgess maybe to a lesser degree. Also any news Mayor ? Or indeed Moore ? Would be tempted myself, if possible, to keep the same side and get on the front foot early on ...
  21. I am very sorry to hear this Spee. My condolences to you and your family.
  22. I have already suggested out of tribute to the late Mr Taylor, "Do I not like that ?"
  23. Or a 'hard like', a 'soft like' and a 'blue and white like' ... These mods can't just get away with it by saying 'like means like' !
  24. I thought they were joking when they said he had the ball on a string ...