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  1. Safe journey folks. I know you will be loud and I know you will do us proud. UTS
  2. With Kay, Barnett, Burgess at the back we are steady, they make other defences look like Rod, Jane and Freddy.
  3. We beat the Addicks with help from Danns then Burton away put paid to any League Cup plans. Pope got only a consolation at the Gills whilst the Coventry scoreline suggested a distinct lack of thrills. Oldham was drab but the comeback at Walsall fab - a star born in Vaughan. There was more to come versus Morecambe in the EFL and safe to say September went very well. Vale and the puddle, El-Abd in a muddle, Danny Mayor with the highlights for Shakers Player. At Swindon it was Hope, against Chesterfield it was Pope. Vaughan at the double at Stadium MK with Zeli sealing it in a memorable way. Scunny proved no disgrace whilst at Bradford in the EFL we suffered a similar fate. The season was punctured at London Road and at Dale a disaster as the red cards flowed. We lost to the Dons and it became a trend, Zach Clough fell over and in the ref found a friend. At Northampton a comeback but just not enough, after a bad October things were getting tough. Hope in the Cup but still not a win, Crouch playing for Stoke youth made one or two grin. Southend, where to start !? Dons away we shipped five, it soon became clear Flickers wouldn't survive. BrassKidd came in but we let in five more, a late defeat at Bramall Lane left many a head sore. Maher had a hand in it against Millwall, Danns raised his to the Rovers, the youth came in and did well but the more senior players owed us. Oxford at home and Leigh put in his own net, a point at Fleetwood and a little Burgess chip the best we could get. Decent shifts put in at Scunny and when Sheffield United came to town, corner flags falling all over the place versus Posh, maybe we weren't going down. At Vale Vaughan continued on a Friday night, those flags and their owners getting fright after fright. Soares left his mark against Walsall at the end, defeat to the Shrews but a new formation and two clean sheets and our defence on the mend. To much surprise in came another Clark, now Tutte and little Miller's turns to make their mark. A moment for Lowe at the Valley followed by Coventry and Vaughan and Pope getting pally. Defeat to the Gills, a draw against Oldham, Leigh on form against the Pirates and at Millwall we were able to hold em. Another clean sheet against Fleetwood, Murphy the man, a bad night against Oxford only made me a bigger big Burgess fan. Bradford and Dale were better on the day, the revival had stalled but with the fans at the Macron the players took their chance to repay. So then it came, the Cobblers a must win, our Vaughan back on form and NatCam back although not looking thin. Eagles finally had an influence, sending it down to the final day but win, lose or draw at Southend I wouldn't have had it any other way.
  4. ... and in fairness our lowest attendance of the season was only because we are a bunch of hopeless romantics.
  5. In and out of the squad his health causes moans but League One or League Two I hope we keep Jones !
  6. By my calculations if 1350 fans with a bet on make the journey and we go down that is £2.7 million coming back up to Gigg. Just saying like.
  7. Are you talking about ex Bolton manager Sam Allardyce ? 🤔
  8. Hopefully Millwall and Dale will both be losing by a couple late on and Southend settle for a point to get them into the play offs on goal difference !
  9. R11 will like this , oh wait he already has !
  10. Sunday's game plan ; 1) as soon as Joe Murphy gets a yellow for time wasting sub him for Rob Lainton 2) as soon as Lainton gets a yellow for time wasting sub him for Ben Williams 3) as soon as Williams gets a yellow for time wasting sub him for Paul Rachubka 4) in the event we have conceded at this stage or if Rachubka has actually already left bring on Jimmy Glass
  11. Wrong film and maybe it wouldn't be classed as the greatest of great escapes but any excuse .......
  12. Exactly !
  13. One example is when you are not sure if you want to keep using Brass.
  14. If I remember correctly the powers that be were fearful of Bury in the League One Play off final clashing with Bury in the FA Cup final ....
  15. In fairness if they can't get together enough coaches, this opportunity could arise against Wigan again next season .....
  16. Thinking about it, Michael Caine has also previously worked with muppets 🤔
  17. If the question is why are they are week apart rather than the kick off time aspect, it is because all three of the play off finals cannot take place in the same weekend this time around, as the FA Cup final is taking place during that weekend this season. One league, the middle one, has effectively had its season moved forward a week.
  18. Or Get Carter back ?
  19. Sorry if I am being stupid (or if I am being whoooooshed at all) but just want to double check. I am assuming this price is for a concession ticket (apologies if I am assuming incorrectly!) so : 1) is the starting price £125 - not £110 ? 2) is the offer for the concession ticket (if we reach 3000 tickets) not £25 cashback and £25 in the shop ?
  20. My 3000 arrived today.
  21. A good Sunday or a bad Sunday. A League One team or a League Two team. Tranmere away or Southend away. little Miller or Big Miller. 3000 season ticket holders or 30 season ticket holders. New stadium or no stadium. .... and even in the event of an emergency at Gigg Lane UTS !
  22. The "I can't believe we're not better" stadium.
  23. To be fair that was probably taken before kick off ....
  24. On the plus side if all our members of non playing staff bought a season ticket, there is a very good chance I will get my £75 back !