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  1. ... in the EFL Team of the week .... 👏 He has been an excellent addition for me 👍
  2. Howay man, Howay man, two wins howay man .....
  3. Best Dramatic Performance should have gone to Zach Clough .....
  4. I recall there seemed a lengthy spell when KB didn't seem to want to play Jonah - or at least start with him anyway.
  5. Agreed. Greg Leigh also looks to be benefiting from having him nearby and appears more settled overall.
  6. At least it all went without a hitch .....
  7. With Shakespeare in charge they could end up Bottom ?
  8. Trying to remember all the injured players often reminds me of The Generation Game ! Brown, Miller, Tutte, Cuddly Toy !
  9. What about Jose Fonte ?
  10. ''Initially' I didn't have a clue what you were talking about ....
  11. It never gets old ... and neither does he ! A great result and a great start for the new manager continues. UTS
  12. To be fair Chris Brown could do a decent job as our 'in crowd security' given nobody would probably recognise him ....
  13. Did little Burgess not do similar when he scored against Bradford after that killer ball from Pope ? The players clearly think a lot of him.
  14. Hard to see any other changes other than the forced one however we do have a couple of alternatives to what you have suggested I think ? Beadling as a straight swap in the centre or Deslandes in at wing back in if Moore moves to the centre. I don't think we have actually seen either Beadling or Deslandes yet ? That way the central midfield isn't directly affected. Like you though I would expect Caddis and Moore would be moved and little Burgess brought in. Like I say it is hard to see why anything else would be changed apart from can Lowey start again ? The fact that he only played an hour yesterday will surely help. Pope and little Miller are certainly not bad options to have instead although my initial thoughts would be same again up top.
  15. 6-0 to the Shakers !!!!
  16. Trust you to make a meal about it ...
  17. Agreed. Cheques to be made payable to Bury FC, spelt HMRC ...
  18. He is terrible. Not worth a wage. I suggest you let him sign for us on a free and get him off your wage bill immediately!
  19. Will it be Taylor Moore to central defence and Deslandes in at wing back do we think ? Or is Caddis the next choice wing back with someone replacing him in midfield ? Or does Beadling come straight in for Kay ? At least we have seemingly better options now ... Can we recall Danns ?
  20. Happy Birthday !
  21. Was that not Tutte ?
  22. 638

    No longer just me, you and Fatboy Slim then ....
  23. He sounded immense today. From what I have seen his experience and calmness have been totally what we have needed and been missing for a long time and he appears a great communicator with his defence.
  24. Not sure if you are referring to my post above or not but I always felt and said on more than enough occasions that Brass was doing a good job during a difficult time of recovery and that much of the criticism sent his way was more than a little unfair.