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  1. £75,000.......not too shabby!
  2. If I remember rightly, all clubs get a one off payment from Sky each season instead of being paid per televised game.
  3. I stayed there in 2014, the 36th, 37th and 38th floors are the Hilton Club ( no membership required ) and included buffet breakfast and free wi fi. Great location for everything. Can't remember prices, booked via Expedia.
  4. I'm not doubting your figures, just advising that not one was sacked, all were lost due to natural wastage, retirees not being replaced etc.
  5. Just to correct the point that you are raising....not one police officer was sacked as a result of the cut backs, the 20000 were lost by natural wastage, i.e. not replacing police officers that either retired or resigned.
  6. Tory....Law and order and the protection of this country against any form of terrorism is the highest priority for me, and to place that responsibility in the hands of Corbyn who has voted against every piece of terror legislation since he began his political career and who appears to be unwilling to answer the question of whether or not he would use Trident as a retaliatory measure is far too much of a risk......and as for Diane Abbott possibly becoming Home Secretary....totally beggars belief!!
  7. The problem with people allegedly making false claims arose due to people who actually attended the concert using tickets bought from a secondary ticket site, e.g. Get Me In etc, claiming a ticket for the new concert. According to Ticketmaster, in order to obtain a ticket for Sunday, you needed a booking reference, which the original buyer would have had, and this resulted in 2 claims for the same ticket.
  8. Seasideshaker.....have a great day.
  9. Southstander....happy birthday.
  10. I can merge both accounts if you want......but it will mean that you will now be 140!!
  11. Happy birthday to the grand old man of the South Stand, Still Running Man, a very sprightly 70 today! Have a great day Ian. 🎂 Coincidentally, it is also the 70th birthday of Ian's twin brother, Running Man...also called Ian!! Tut tut!!!
  12. ShakerStu, 32 today, have a great day.
  13. Brown signs for Rochdale!
  14. Giles Coke released by Ipswich.
  15. It's to protect an old injury, he wears it every time he plays, on medical advice. Apparently if he doesn't wear it for protection and gets injured again in the same area of his arm it could cause permanent damage. Not sure what the original injury was though.