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  1. Vinny (63 years old) Have a fab birthday x & although he no longer posts on here Happy birthday Maurice (ulstershaker) 54 today
  2. Shaker Norra (25 years old) for yesterday
  3. Spee (31 years old) for the 19th Domino (64 years old) for the 20th
  4. kentshaker (64 years old) Happy birthday for yesterday
  5. After 23 agonising minutes online this morning I finally got pre sale tickets for Celine Dion at Barclaycard Arena July 27th then a message comes up sold out !!! Phew .I'm looking forward to this one
  6. James (36 years old) Happy birthday (again:))
  7. RaRa (64 years old) Happy birthday for yesterday & as he spends as much time here than on his own board kingkeith (42 years old)
  8. All the above
  9. And that was your last one ... Threats of violence regardless of the name calling is unacceptable bye bye
  10. Has a stroke & dies a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher dies
  11. & now her mother dies
  12. Maddentapin (53 years old)
  13. Roll on the end of 2016
  14. In memory of Adrian Webb (23.12.52 - 27.5.11), a loyal, dedicated supporter and sponsor of the club and a good friend to many users of this message board sadly missed beardy
  15. Myra was right Noddy was born in Caldmore Walsall