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  1. According to a twitterer we're supposed to be after Jack Grimmer, 23yr old defender from Fulham who was on loan at Shrewsbury last season
  2. When Deslandes joined we were playing 4-4-2 and Greg Leigh was getting stick from all quarters. Then we switched to 3-5-2 and Leigh blossomed and became undropable, unfortunately it was just the wrong time and place for Deslandes
  3. That was my first game as well! We were probably both in the Boys Stand
  4. Big gamble bringing him back, hope it comes off Not much pace in the starting 11
  5. Sheff Wed may get promotion via the play-offs? Utd's promotion may spur them on over the remaining games
  6. Sitting on the fence then ūüėÄ
  7. I had a horrendous pie incident at Chester Rushed to the game after work and was starving at HT, bought a chicken balti pie/pasty but most of the filling leaked down my jeans Never got the stain out btw I think Port Vale is one of the worst grounds/places I've been to
  8. OK?

  9. Good news about Murphy but I think it's time to forget about Lainton I'd hope Kidd and his scouting network could come up with a good option
  10. I bought the entire stock of M Jessy t-shirts when they were 3 for £5 a while ago
  11. A minutes applause after 15 mins would be appropriate 15 is his Dale squad number
  12. Hopefully he'll be getting specialist coaching from Ryan Lowe. His goal celebration on Tuesday suggests he is.
  13. One other missing game is against Rochdale, in fact I think they may have to play them twice in the run in?
  14. Seems I was correct! Get ready for the Patriotic Alliance https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/mar/14/ukip-donor-arron-banks-says-he-has-quit-party-to-set-up-ukip-20