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  1. I reckon Benn Heywood could get a spot in midfield with the mileage he can do. Not sure if he can pass or head the ball but that never stopped Etuhu getting a game tbf
  2. Did you mean to type can't?
  3. Maybe he trained at Carrington for a few days and got injured
  4. The support given to the Offside Trust is via Twitter, all the Club need to do is "follow" @OffsideTrust and do 1 tweet showing their support I use twitter quite often and have tweeted the Club twitter account, 5 times to date, to ask them to offer their support to this cause Within the "100s of Youth Clubs" mentioned above is "@buryjuniorsfc" so somebody from within the Club knows about this
  5. From the Shrewsbury messageboard about 2 hrs ago.... "Just spoken to the patients son. His dad is critical but stable in hospital and still fighting He's extremely grateful for all the work done by stewards Red Cross and West Mids Ambulance at the ground and all the work being done by nurses and doctors at the hospital I told him that town fans were asking after him and had him in their thoughts for which he was very grateful" Read more: http://blueandamber.proboards.com/thread/94264/bury-fan-status#ixzz4XubjXmNy
  6. Wind powered trains exist... http://www.wired.co.uk/article/dutch-trains-wind-power
  7. Tweeting with those injuries is beyond the call of duty
  9. Belmont FC, a club formed from the merger of two cricket teams, renamed themselves Tranmere Rovers in 1885
  10. From the man himself.... http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=derek+spence+BURY&&view=detail&mid=21E037A265E6AC3EF9F021E037A265E6AC3EF9F0&rvsmid=21E037A265E6AC3EF9F021E037A265E6AC3EF9F0&fsscr=0&FORM=VDMCNL
  11. That ^^^^ in itself is a concern!
  12. Will there be a video from the Chur explaining yesterday's comings and goings?
  13. I'm not
  14. Hope had to do the work for 3 during a spell in the second half
  15. Whilst I agree it's no way to run a business, I not sure where the negative publicity is picked up? On here and the dAley board possibly We've long stopped borrowing from regular credit sources so I don't think the club are that bothered