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  1. Eagles from the early 70s Do i win a prize?
  2. Not long after the MRE reopened with seating I gave it a try, we scored 6 in the Cemmy End in the first half and it finished 6-0, against Carlisle It's a poor viewpoint as it's too shallow, if we don't move to a new ground it would be ideal to make it a terraced area
  3. Lovely piece Spee Thoughts and condolences to you and your family
  4. I think Bedeau turned 17 a few weeks ago
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/donald-trump-inauguration-line-up-bands-singers-performers-the-make-america-great-again-welcome-a7529306.html Not even D list
  6. I thought he was getting booked but I think the ref went to his pocket for the magic free kick spray, Hope may have had his boots sprayed in the subsequent action?
  7. Do the U21s have a Chur?
  8. There wasn't any sentiment in my post
  9. The 2 points we gained, at Fleetwood and Bradford, when he was thrown in at the deep end may prove vital come the end of the season. The comments in the OP are over the top and attention seeking by the poster
  10. Mr Day just produced propaganda, they were staged interviews
  11. I'm sure we could conjure up an own goal though
  12. Being released by Accy isn't a great point in his career He's signed for PV on a short term basis and I'd be surprised if anything came of it
  13. Met up with Spike Carter and David Pugh a few months ago, both would be naturals for this type of venture
  14. No, I'm working tomorrow Why three question marks?
  15. Well that should put off any floating fans from going