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  1. Hope hasn't featured in the last 2 games, so maybe that's a sign he's on his way too
  2. I agree with the signings but there are 12-15 players who are not good enough and should be released.
  3. Final league position has proved that the majority of these players are not good enough. Very big job ahead for Clark
  4. Southend 2-0 Bury Bolton 3-1 Peterborough Fleetwood 2-1 Port Vale Northampton 1-1 Gillingham
  5. Decided not to bother, playing cricket instead.....
  6. Sadly I fear we'll lose too, so we will need to rely on Northampton or Fleetwood
  7. I'm swaying that way, had it been within 100 miles, I definitely would have gone
  8. I really can't decide whether to go to Southend or not......
  9. 200 tickets sold at 10am this morning
  10. We had enough of playing players out of position under Flitcroft...
  11. Stay off the prawn vindaloo.....
  12. He's bottled it now it comes down to it....
  13. Mellis only turns up for 1 game in 10, no good to anyone
  14. Breckin's driving............ūüöó
  15. Are you not going to Southend?