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  1. I've seen Fleetwood twice this season and they were very poor in both games. They have a pretty solid back 4, and the ability to be able to nick a goal in most games.
  2. And one who can control a ball, beat a man, pass it to to team mate and score a goal to help Hope......
  3. I believe that Hope has 9 league goals in over 60 appearances (granted a fair percentage as sub) for Bury, and 5 of those goals have come in 2 games...!
  4. Tutte missed a big chunk of last season through injury
  5. Isn't Leigh one of ours ? C Burgess and Moore will be well of our price bracket. Jones and Tutte to be released, too injury prone, and I would expect Pennant to leave.
  6. You did Foxy, I'll vouch for that...!
  7. Kay played well alongside Bedeau, prior to the back 5 system, and personally I've haven't seen Kay have too many poor games this season Granted I did not see many away games in Oct, Nov
  8. Do you remember Barrie Winrow, played in the Bury youth team and reserves late 60s, early 70s? Barrie is a good friend of mine, and has told me many tales about Collins.....and Greg Farrell..!!
  9. I agree with you about Kay and Leigh. I was one of the very few who stood by Kay. As discussed yesterday, Leigh is not a natural wingback and his delivery is poor. I thought he was extremely average for much of the season, and the back 5 does provide protection for his defensive deficiencies.
  10. Collins was a great player but a real nasty piece of work.
  11. I've never been a big fan of Mellis, but I thought yesterday was one of his better games, particularly 1st half. He does look a better player, and fitter, since Clark arrived
  12. Leigh has looked a much better player overall in a back 5, but I stand by what I said I doubt that he has created a goal (nor Moore).
  13. Neither Leigh nor Moore are natural wing backs IMO. Both get in good positions but are unable to beat a man and put good crosses over
  14. Not a great game, i thought we were marginally the better team but didn't do enough to win. Draw was a fair result Barnett MOM by a mile, Kay had another excellent game and Styles came good 2nd half. One of Mellis's more consistent games. Pope disappointed again. Personally I would have brought Lowe on rather than Hope, who gets worse every time I see him play
  15. 4-4-2, no Cameron Burgess