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  1. Spot on Andy, I said at HT yesterday, and last Tuesday, that Mellis should play further forward
  2. 1 defeat in 4 since Soares left ?
  3. Yes, let's blame Kay even though it was Burgess's fault........!!
  4. No wonder he looked exhausted at the end....!!
  5. Disagree Baz, he got caught out one or twice, but made some very important interceptions in the 1st half
  6. Agree Pope/ Lowe, but disagree re Barnett, he had another decent game, as did Kay and C Burgess, despite his error for their goal
  7. He also missed one for us when Miller was having his shirt pulled
  8. Pope hasn't played well for a few weeks now, however he still has a big part to play till the end of the season Like others, I'd prefer to see Miller used as a substitute for now
  9. Styles was at the fulcrum of most of our good moves , he has to start next week
  10. Leigh played well. 2nd half Barnett went to right back, and Moore played further forward
  11. The ultimate game of 2 halves We were awful 1st half .Obviously words were said at half time, and a change in formation, we dominated 2nd half
  12. Maybe he's seen as a good leader Despite what some think to the contrary, Kay never stops talking to and cajoling the players
  13. I saw him back out of 2 tackles at Shrewsbury and watched him ambling around on Tuesday. He doesn't look a committed player to me
  14. Everyone is highly confident following Clarks appointment
  15. I think it was more his lack of commitment rather than any positional reason