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  1. 1994
  2. I stopped going for a while when Mike Walsh was manager, the 'football' was unwatchable. I think only the Blackwell era was worse
  3. No loss for us, but good luck to him.
  4. What that the one where the final was played over 3 legs...??
  5. Bloody hell... 00053268 : BURY FOOTBALL CLUB COMPANY LIMITED(THE) There has been a new CCJ filed against this business for a value of £10,455.
  6. Happy birthdays
  7. I'd prefer to see a "proper" centre half Pete..
  8. Has he ever played there before, and is he good enough? I'm not sure for either.
  9. I'm surprised at this. Leigh and Skarz will not play in the same team
  10. Barnett was excellent in the last 12 or so games. Looks like his departure has opened the door for a new signing..!
  11. Agreed, I commented on him a couple of weeks ago, I was at the Blackpool v Luton game
  12. Happy birthday Ian, hope you're having a good day
  13. Happy birthday
  14. Because this is a message board for club news, views and supporters opinions. All comments are valid, whether you like them or not. If you don't like what's being said, then don't read it--
  15. That's an insult to Ronnie Mauge...!