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  1. And will Pennant feature ?
  2. Brass will have 1 or 2 selection problems--- good ones Hopefully Moore will be fit to play right back. Should Brown or Etuhu start in the defensive midfield role? If Mayor's fit, he starts for me. I doubt Zeli will start after so long out. Hope, for all his endeavour, simply isn't good enough IMO, so I'd play Burgess wide right. Even though his best position is central, he'll do a better job than Hope. I'd imagine Mellis and Soares will be central midfield.
  3. See if he cottons on....
  4. Agreed. I really wish we could harness Etuhu into a consistent player, because he's the best we have in that defensive midfield role
  5. I noticed that too, as he was twice at Scunthorpe, but with different results
  6. Just my opinion..ūüėČ Obviously you don't agree
  7. I couldn't get past all the Audi and BMW drivers blocking the outside lane....!!
  8. Having now seen the goals, maybe Kay should have closed the player down better, but he was obviously just trying to "jockey" him. If we're being super critical, have a look at Laintons positioning, he's was too far over to the left, and gave their player plenty to shoot at. Good job the penalty incident wasn't Maher, he'd have been slaughtered on here. Defenders have to learn that they cannot touch players in the penalty area these days, forwards will dive
  9. Anybody found the goals yet ?
  10. In the games I've seen, Kay is constantly taking to and waving his arms at fellow defenders
  11. Couldn't make tonight, so I haven't seen the goals yet. Kay has been excellent in the last 6 weeks, and has played nowhere as badly as some make out, certainly in games I have seen
  12. Not much change there then.......
  13. Sounds like a Flitcroft tactic...
  14. You need a new radio..!
  15. Indeed. Took me 1hr30mins to get from Leeds this afternoon , I couldn't face another 2 hours driving