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  1. Very sad news RIP
  2. That's definitely super birks....
  3. That was a great performance that day It's been discussed since, but Williams lack of bravery shown on their goal, he didn't want to get hurt
  4. Hope wouldn't be in my team either. Can't fault his effort, but offensive contribution very limited
  6. Fine with me, it's not me who's complaining about an "out of town"'ground
  7. Pike Fold is in Bury, not the back of beyond
  8. I think pretty everyone is aware of all that
  9. Where are they going to fit that ?
  10. Don't put the flags out just yet...
  11. I know we've had this debate many times before, but where do the people who are against an "out of town" stadium see a realistic and viable town centre site for a new ground?
  12. Light hearted Sunday afternoon banter..
  13. There are 1000s of United and City fans who live in and around Bury who never get to watch their teams live A new ground may just tempt some of them to start watching Bury.
  14. I notice that the land next to the police station has been fenced off and work begun Is this the site for a new car dealership?
  15. I notice that non of the Bury players are wearing gloves since Brass took over.. Soares and Etuhu being the prime 'culprits '
  16. The club hasn't had much success in attracting local people Maybe targeting a wider audience could be the solution ..
  17. If it was to be Pike Fold, the ground would be far more visible to far more people driving on the M62/M66 than a town centre site
  18. "Visible centrally "?
  19. I'm only commenting from memory but I seem to recall their crowds increased substantially when they first moved. I stand to be corrected It doesn't necessarily follow that a move for Bury to, say Pike Fold, would mean numbers drop
  20. The move to Horwich didn't affect their crowds..
  21. So you're now saying that the location isn't that important then?
  22. We've hardly attracted big crowds having a ground close to the town centre Maybe an "out of town" ground may work in the club's favour..
  23. Correct
  24. I thought he played ok, but left side is not his best position.