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  1. Happy birthday
  2. Because this is a message board for club news, views and supporters opinions. All comments are valid, whether you like them or not. If you don't like what's being said, then don't read it--
  3. That's an insult to Ronnie Mauge...!
  4. Like you, I'm a business owner, and I've worked in the finance industry for 45 years. In my experience legitimate businesses/ businessmen don't operate like this, and I find it all very worrying.
  5. 00053268 : BURY FOOTBALL CLUB COMPANY LIMITED(THE) There has been a new CCJ filed against this business for a value of £6,718 on 22 May 2017 That's £19,000 in 4 days..
  6. I was at the Blackpool v Luton game last night. Danns actually played quite well, so let's hope Blackpool have seen enough in him to sign him I was impressed with Brad Potts for Blackpool, looks a decent young player Humerous to hear the many "Oyston out" chants by the Luton fans--who I 'm sure must have outnumbered the home fans
  7. Exactly, how many more chances do some people want to give him to "prove himself ".? He'll meander through his career as a nearly man.
  8. Chubby....
  9. There's other companies not been paid too...
  10. Just saying...! 00053268 : BURY FOOTBALL CLUB COMPANY LIMITED(THE) There has been a new CCJ filed against this business for a value of £12,142.
  11. Possible that Pope and 1 or 2 others under contract will be moving on.
  12. Probably ran himself out, he was so slow--- hence the nickname.....!!
  13. Never...! I can't recall us batting together very often, I used to open and he was always 10 or 11
  14. "Speedys" cousin..!
  15. We certainly could have the oldest team in the division
  16. I'd say ability rather than money was the factor Rob....! Beckford/ Vaughan won't be cheap
  17. I wouldn't put Seddon, or Porter, in the same class as some of the others mentioned
  18. In terms of pure enjoyment and entertainment, Beamish & Gregory were the best to watch, but we've had more productive partnerships---eg: Jones & Owen, Madden & Entwistle
  19. As above, not sure it was his decision to leave Bury
  20. There wasn't much in it....
  21. I'd even argue that without Murphy we would have been relegated, even allowing for Vaughan's goals.
  22. £5000pw
  23. This guy is technically gifted with a football but never made a career out of it...!!
  24. Yet another player fall out with the management of the time
  25. Worry not, our new ground will be ready by August...!