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  1. Haven't seen Caddis, so I can't judge him, but I'd release all the others bar Lowe--Jones and Tutte because of injury records Lowe may decide to hang up his boots and concentrate on coaching
  2. No/ yes/ yes
  3. I saw him play for Telford at Salford yesterday. Very rare these days to find an ex premiership player playing non league
  4. Disagree Foxy, I can't imagine why: 1. Clark would change a winning formula 2. Pennant would get a start
  5. I'll be amazed if more than 2500 2-0
  6. Similar thing happened last season
  7. I'm not far behind Baz in my opinion of Hope. In the games I've seen this season, other than undoubted effort, he's produced little end product.
  8. You could find 5 lads on Redvales on a Sunday morning to do what Hope does...... run around for 90 mins and achieve nothing.
  9. 😂
  10. Happy birthday
  11. 638

    Bit of personal banter with SBS....
  12. 638

    Some might even praise Kay soon......😉
  13. I think you've made your point, your point, your point , your point , your point , your point, your point.....😵
  14. 638

    Incredible turnout, nearly 200 more than Chesterfield
  15. I heard this story 1st hand a few weeks ago, apparently the defence the club put up was shambolic and amateurish
  16. A steward told us at half time that a Bury fan had collapsed with a suspected heart attack before the game. Anyone heard anything about this, surely not the sort of thing someone would make up ?
  17. Coventry.....!!
  18. Whoosh.....
  19. Me too
  20. No problem--- you'll need to be early though, we were there at 11.30am on Saturday....!!
  21. Ian can navigate..........
  22. Ever tried a map Andy....??
  23. "Go and get me the winner George"...
  24. Spot on Andy, I said at HT yesterday, and last Tuesday, that Mellis should play further forward
  25. 1 defeat in 4 since Soares left ?