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  1. Agree with most of OP's comments ---Mellis, Williams, Brown, Caddis , Lainton to go for me. How many more chances do Mellis and Lainton need to show that they're not good enough ? Personally I would keep Maher, I agree with comments that he could be a decent player. However he hasn't featured since Clark took over, so maybe that speaks volumes
  2. If we're going to be having musical concerts at the new stadium, I'll go for..... Gig Lane..!
  3. You surely jest....
  4. Fair enough, we'll disagree. Leigh has looked a much better defender with the 'protection' of a back 5 . He has good energy but his crossing is poor, Husseys delivery was far better.
  5. Walsall to win on Tuesday, and wins for Peterborough and Fleetwood next Sunday I'd trade a loss at Southend for those results
  6. Leigh has played well but isn't a natural wingback IMO. I believe his assists is nil Hussey would be a better player in this system
  7. Looks like he's carrying a bit of timber..
  8. Decent all round performance, although against a very average team Lowe did well in his advanced midfield role, played some lovely passes, but it's only a stop gap position for him. Tutte's energy makes a difference in midfield 2 excellent finishes from Vaughan, and yet again the centre back 3 of Burgess, Barnett and Kay were superb.
  9. Same starting line up as at Bolton for me.
  10. Kay not even on the bench...?
  11. Brill---iant...
  12. Our weak links have been for longer than one week......!!ūüėČ
  13. I agree Russ, although I am slightly disappointed about the lack of improvement since Clark joined, I had expected better. Notwithstanding the players at his disposal. As you say, next season will be his test
  14. About as closely as he usually does Ian.......
  15. It's not the formation, it's the personnel. With the players we have available 5-3-2 is the best choice IMO.
  16. Tutte did well, he brought some much needed energy to a very static midfield. Having said that, the midfield was pretty much by-passed last night, there was very little composure on the ball, and the constant hoofs reminded me of Preece/ Barrow era . ..!!
  17. My view.
  18. Kay was superb tonight, marshalled the back line really well. C Burgess my MOM though.
  19. I was sat level with the half way line tonight and the turnout looked disappointing
  20. Absolutely dire game but a great point..
  21. Smoke and mirrors
  22. My pal is a Bolton season ticket holder. As we all know, he says they haven't particularly played well all season, but they have a solid defence and are always capable of a goal.... but are beatable He tells me that Madine isn't playing tomorrow night
  23. That's it...
  24. You're kidding, I don't care how we perform as long as we get a result.