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  1. Classic record
  2. 4-0, Pope all 4.........
  3. I played on Gigg in 1990, but on stand by should their keeper cry off.........!!!
  4. Really great news. As we know, Murphy has made a massive difference to the team, and would be a superb signing. All good teams start with a good keeper, and we haven't had one for years (Nick Pope loan aside)
  5. You'll only just make it Clive, was that good luck or good planning? Are you not making a cameo 5 minute appearance?
  6. Gotcha....! See you there then, and Alan B
  7. To save me trawling back through 3 pages, is anybody on here going ?
  8. Why is PV v Walsall off ?
  9. Hope we don't get another prima donna premier league ref who thinks he's too good for league 1
  10. I wonder how much his "digs" are costing us ?
  11. Postponed, waterlogged pitch....
  12. Funnily enough, so was I that day---courtesy of RBS..!
  13. There's 4 of them and they're Bolton fans....
  14. That would be a tad rude to the people who have kindly invited me..!
  15. Must admit, I'd rather sit in away end, but it's a one off--free meal, drinks and ticket for the game..!
  16. Freebie for me in corporate...
  17. Agree, Pope offers far more than Hope.
  18. He doesn't seem good, he is good..... but I get the point you're trying to make
  19. Maher didn't play, he was injured in the warm up, and has all but disappeared since
  20. Impossible to call at normal speed, which is why I said we got the benefit
  21. Looks like we got the benefit of a marginal decision here.
  22. I'd have brought big Tom on... !
  23. Everything about the club has changed. I was talking to 2 club employees the other day. They told me Clark knows everyone by 1st name,and makes a point of speaking to everyone. Not his predecessors strong point..!
  24. As I said in another thread, what a difference it makes having a proper goalkeeper Sign him
  25. Sounds like Murphy was MOM What a monumental difference he has made, I'd love to see him at Bury next season