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  1. 'Now we've ensured promotion we can concentrate on the Semi Finals' Oops! Crystal Ball in overdrive
  2. last few seasons we've usually been at home the same w/e as City, if it remains so, that would suggest an away game - Charlton
  3. kyle lafferty or james vaughan??? Buy cheap, buy twice
  4. disappeared sorry, but here it is again, hopefully
  5. Found the Sicily Branch of the Shakers Fan Club in Taormina, where the recent G7 Summit was held - just wondering who the secret Shakers Fan could be? (ps: sorry I can't rotate it)
  6. If you sit in the South Stand you are automatically enrolled as a S S M, (South Stand Moaner) and between now and the first game of the season you should practice the historical South Stand chant 'bloody rubbish Bury' this is to be used several times at each game, even if we are beating top of the league 3-0!
  7. Oh dear, I fear you've just opened a can of worms with this one!
  8. Pre Season Friendly 16th July - wonder how we managed that?
  9. or perhaps he thought Thompson was the better bet. We couldn't realistically hope to have Cameron, Thompson and Burgess all at the same time
  10. Can understand your hostility (I was actually in Cyprus when the Turks invaded) but probably the best example was set by the Chief Rabbi of Manchester when Bert Trautmann first started playing for City. He was, initially, subject to a lot of abuse from the fans and in particular from the Jewish Community until the Chief Rabbi of Manchester came out in the MEN and said he 'was just one man and not responsible for his countries actions' Eventually of course he became the legend that he was
  11. According to the local Northampton paper we terminated his contract Justin Edinburgh has snapped up the 31-year-old who has had his contract terminated at Gigg Lane, and officially joins Town on July 1. Read more at:
  12. Nice to see Ryan Lowe and George Miller looking very involved with the Youth Dept in Holland
  13. don't know if it's been mentioned before but Jacob Mellis has joined Mansfield
  14. Ray of Hope: The Football Transfer Rumours site say Notlob are interested in him for next season
  15. mmm....interesting one that about KH and Ewood, got to be quite honest haven't heard that one. Based on previous experiences Rochdale will presumably go for a former player and currently not in employment, so no compensation involved, and I would presume they would ask KH for his own personal recommendation too. Trying hard to think of someone who might fit the bill for them