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  1. Sky Sports guy who reported Jay O'Shea and O Connoll has just tweeted Bristol City for £900k
  2. £640 now
  3. I have concerns myself naturally but upto now where has it got anybody ? Also after over 4800 posts I've never posted anything that upset anybody enough to receive a warning of any description. Also over 12000 tweets and many thousands Facebook postings without any type of warning so I'm not upsetting that many with my 'spouting' and 'sarcasm' have I ?
  4. Fair comment . But I just don't see the point in returning to the same point at every turn . The club is still here regardless of what has happened in the past 4 years and until the do dos hits the fan what can be done? I'm a firm believer in making the most of a bad situation as I genuinely don't see the point in negativity .
  5. Please don't mistake having heads buried in sand to ones who just don't see a negative in everything .I'm as concerned as the next man but I feel dwelling on it will achieve nothing .
  6. Spouting off about what exactly ?
  7. Awaits the old favourites to call by.
  8. Linked again with Ozthumer by a few transfer sites and he'l demand a fee so unless Day is absolutely loaded the Vaughan money will be used bringing in the Turkish Messi. Straight fight between us and Blackburn they reckon on twitter .
  9. Sitting pretty is 'that famous old club'
  10. Anybody at fortress Gigg . We're going to be a force at home this season . #nostradamus
  11. All 3 will play at a lower level next season unless Danns scams a contract at Donkeypool.
  12. Kay told he can leave ...LC
  13. Dismissed out of hand by the Chairman but with rumours surfacing Ipswich have tabled a second improved bid we maybe seeing new strikers soon .
  14. I'm not for one second saying it's true but here's the latest rumour
  15. In his interview today LC says there is no truth in Nathan Clarke joining so that can be put to bed.