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  1. Ahh, the smell of cigars and "Holland House " pipe tobacco on Boxing day fixtures - in the paddock of course!
  2. A beautiful eulogy. RIP
  3. OK. Not full of Nationalists but have a look at the number of Parties with seats in the Parliament who range from Eurosceptic to avowed Nationalism Austrian Freedom Party Austrian People’s Party Belgium Flemish Interest Belgium New Flemish Alliance Bulgarian without Censorship Party Bulgarian National Movement Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria Croatian People’s Peasant’s Party Cyprus Solidarity Movement French Front National Greek Democratic Rally Czechoslovak Peoples Party Czech TOP09 Party Czech Free Citizens Party Czech Civic Democratic Party Danish People’s Party Finns Party German AFD Germany Liberal Conservative Reformers Greece Golden Dawn Hungarian Fidesz Party Hungarian Jobbik Party Italian Five Star Movement Italian Northern League Forza Italia Latvian National Alliance Lithuanian Order and Justice Party Malta Nationalist Party Netherlands Party for Freedom Poland Congress of the New Right Poland KORWiN Poland Law and Justice Party Spain Democracy Union of Catalonia Sweden Democrats UKIP UK DUP In addition to formal parties, there are over a dozen independents who are opposed to the EU and in favour of nationalist agendas which include ex Kippers Diane James, Stephen Woolfe and Janice Atkinson Even with all these parties and seats, they have not promoted once single positive move to reform anything, rather they have blocked, stopped, disrupted and used the Parliament and their expenses as a platform for publicity for their own party back home. My point is that the EU is hardly likely to be on point with so many politicians trying to sabotage from within. The price of Democracy is inefficiency. As for who is fuelling the squabbling, I think we will have to agree to disagree here!
  4. The Ottoman Empire failed? It lasted from the 13th century to the First World War when it lost it's power. It was never a democracy, it was born and defeated in conflict and could not in any way possible be compared to the EU. As for Soviet Russia being compared to the EU - in what way? A communist dictatorship ruling by fear and force? The EU is a useful punchbag at present and we all think that going it alone is better but none of us have any idea what that means or how it will work. In addition, how far would you take the right to self determination? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all seceding? The North having it's own parliament? County federalism? The independent Republic of Gigg Lane? We need to have international collaboration for trade, security, crime, environment, health etc etc as we will soon find out. The EU has become too bureaucratic, bloated and full of fantasist nationalists such as, errr, Nigel Farage but better to bite the bullet and reform than throw it up in the air and have nations back to squabbling and squaring up to each other. Have you given any thought to how this plays into the hands of Putin and his Russian ambitions?
  5. Aye Aye! I’m in a reet good mood. Me and Kiddo watched the whole Peterborough match video back to back three times this morning. Luckily, I was the one facing the telly. The Chur was going mental every time Vaughn scored as his bill for new corner flags is the highest rising expenditure in the club. Apparently, we are now selling debentures against the flags to defray the initial cost and trying to find cheaper flags. On that front, the Chur has managed to secure an extra Pennant on loan to tie us over for now. As you know, our youth squad has started to repay the hard work and commitment we have put into their development by leaving for other clubs. The Chur takes a personal interest in youth development and here he is donating his personal copy of Football Manager to the Captain of the under 11’s team, Nobby Burgess. As you know, breaking our run of bad games is down to more than just luck, it is all part of the marginal gains culture that Flicker introduced and there was a good example of that on Monday morning when we had a doctor come in to give us a heads up on how best to use vaseline as part of our cold weather preparation. I used to think it was invented by the Romans but it turns out it was Ancient Greece. Speaking of Flickers, I thought I would share with you a holiday clip he sent us of him enjoying some down time in Benidorm! Wot Fettle!
  6. Great bit of contrived misspelling there! Credit where it's due
  7. Well you may not remember but we did have an initial shock with markets and the pound plummeting. Markets have recovered on the back of consumer debt rising - hence inflation also rising. The pound has not recovered at all and is at its lowest against the Euro. It is also weak against the Yuan with the result that the Chinese have been on a buying spree of British businesses. My son works in the finance sector and is busy brushing up his German in preparation for the big banks and traders moving to Frankfurt. This will damage the biggest earner for the UK, the Financial Services sector and this, in turn, will hit the balance of payments gap. It is true that the Osborne/Cameron meltdown scenario has not yet come to pass but, as stated, we haven't left yet and, even after May's speech today, it is as clear as mud what will happen next. It will be years before we truly see the impact of Brexit on the UK
  8. Reet. Aye. We can’t buy a win at the moment and I am thinking of something more radical for our next game. Crowdsourcing. Me and Kidder have been studying the fans forums to see what they want us to do to get back to winning ways. The overwhelming point of view is that the players that aren’t picked to play are better than the players that are picked. “Reet”, I said, “Let’s just pick a side with players that haven’t been playing, that way if we do lose the fans can’t get on our back”. Kidder then pointed out the flaw. If we picked all new players, they would automatically be worse than the players we haven’t picked. No wonder we can’t win. After last week’s revelation about the two Jacobs, it was pointed out to me that Goshen was the place given to the Hebrews by Joseph in Egypt and it was there they left after being enslaved by Nigel Pharoage to commence their exodus to the promised land - “Carrington” - where Moses parted the Manchester Ship Canal. I was really impressed with the Scunny Captain Les Dawson as he virtually ran the show. Between playing football that is. The Chur had been looking to recruit a specialist in bullying authority, making up unlikely stories and getting the crowd on his side but, apparently he has been elected as US President so we shall have to look elsewhere. The Chur has also come up with a brilliant and original idea to get more interest in the club. he has suggested contacting former fans’ favourites to become club ambassadors on match days. He also has plans for an interactive museum with historical reconstructions such as the wheelie bins we used as ice baths and the boardroom table where Neil Warnock used to have a pre match rub down and the hole in the dressing room wall that Kevin Blackwell used to listen to the opposition team talk. You may have noticed we have made a start by preserving the original toilets although we have had to source some special incense burners to recreate the original stench. On to the forthcoming game with Peterborough. Tom Pope has had the idea of bringing in Buddhist prayer wheels so that fans can give them a spin on their way in. I think that’s a great idea and the PA people are looking into some amplified chanting to create some great atmosphere. I was a bit sceptical at first but once I heard that it was all leading up to Nirvana I thought, well, Nevermind! Wot Fettle!
  9. No but Roger Stanislaus did . . .
  10. I was careful not to say it was true and I know that it has not been verified. It was the idea that Trump, whose campaign made a virtue out of making up fake news, should be bleating about it that made me smile. Incidentally, having just watched his News Conference, I thought he did a pretty impressive job of handling it - without saying very much!
  11. Just ever so slightly amused at Trump shouting about people creating "fake news" over the unverified allegations in the dossier. Frankenstein created the monster and so should not be surprised that others do the same. It will be even more amusing if true. The emperors new clothes and all that . . .
  12. Agree with everything there but I think people reference the number of times he doesn't take the option to shoot which seems better than what he normally does which is to check back or give the ball to someone in a worse position. That may be something to do with confidence rather than skill.
  13. "Gregory Farrell on half a barrel. He's the drunken outside right" "Silent Night, Holy Night, Christ is playing Outside right" Ga ga ga ga splutter
  14. Chapeau!