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  1. Really excellent critique Spee, nicely written and observed. A great service for us exiles!
  2. So to sum up. You condemn stories about the right and want more more stories about the left. I think you're biased
  3. 638

    Yes although why he had to read from a crib is a bit of a mystery!
  4. What's the difference between a targeted media campaign and the media exposing the lies of someone standing for parliament? whats the difference between the media exposing Nuttals lies and the Labour candidates sexist nonsense?
  5. Ooh Aah!!
  6. And Eric Cantona!
  7. You want evidence for a claim? Is this the start of a new Ryan dedicated to rigorous and objective facts!! I'm impressed My prediction is that the Brexit and Trump camps (who, by the way I think are not similar in any way other than the surprise of the result) and other anti-establishment campaigners will soon fall by the wayside once they realise that it takes more than rhetoric and slogans to actually achieve real political change. Also, people aren't stupid and once they have had their fun they will be craving for some "experts" and "professionals" to get the country back on an even keel. Look at where Syriza are in Greece and Podemos in Spain. One achieved power and changed nothing and the other got in a position of power and set about attacking each other. Banks is just an arrogant man who will be brought down by exposure to his business dealings which Private Eye are busy unravelling.
  8. Just watching Jeremy's speech following the results last night and, incredibly, he is majoring on Brexit. I wish I knew what Labour's policy was! Both Jeremy and McDonnell have always been anti EU and he didn't cover himself with glory during the campaign when the labour Party's policy was remain. He then imposes a three line whip to vote for the enactment of Article 50 despite the fact he knew many of his London based MP's and shadow cabinet members could not support it and now he is banging on about protecting the rights of EU citizens dwelling here! Now I happen to agree with him on the latter but the problem with Jeremy is that he has spent his life in the middle of cadres and echo chambers. Can he not see that, in the present climate, making a major speech about protecting EU nationals in this country is not just foolish and unwise but is bound to keep on driving support away from the party he is supposed to be leading!? If it were not for McDonnell twisting his arm up his back, I am convinced he would have already fallen on his sword for the sake of the party and I still think he will at some point
  9. Copeland has been a marginal since 1997 and, given the nuclear issues, it was always going to be a slog. I think you are right about May - certainly in that constituency. UKIP's problem is twofold. First, it was always a one person party and they can't find anyone to replace Farage with his blokey persona but second, what do they stand for now that the Brexit vote has been achieved? Privatising the NHS? More Private schools? Less worker regulation? It is going to be interesting to see what UKIP's broader policies are now that they haven't got Nige to make them up on the hoof!
  10. Next to the Goalie who ate all the pies this is the most ridiculous sacking of this season. I will never forget his avuncular and charming press conferences as his side motored to the title last season. A true gent in world football (and there are not many of those) Good luck Claudio and thanks for a fantastic season of football.
  11. Well you poked the stick in the nest there Myra! The faults that lie in our inability to organise our own lives and our own labour come from the way in which our society has been restructured over the last 50 years. All of the things that has successfully seen us through the second world war (women in the workforce, grow your own food on local allotments, self organised groups in the community from ARP wardens to the support of the elderly and disabled) were, in part translated to the 1945 Labour Party Government with its profound changes to society - i.e. Education, Health, Housing, Employment - the four cornerstones providing stability to the country. I defy anyone now to tell me that any of those State powers are in any way beneficial to the people in this country? The Tories in particular have grabbed back power from local authorities, local and regional health bodies, Education authorities and have unpicked workers rights and employment protection. It is this latter thing that has led to the explosion of overseas cheap labour and the "gig economy". I was chatting to some Labour Party colleagues about where the party goes from here as the permanently nice, decent but useless Corbyn lurches from one disaster to another. The alternatives in the Party are all signed up to some kind of centralised control structure à la Blair. I personally have been arguing for a realignment in the party to a more communitarian approach which builds bridges and partnerships and even mergers with the Green and Liberal Parties to create a Party dedicated to decentralising Government allowing autonomous full democratic regional authorities to plan and disburse money targeted to create opportunities for local people. Where you think how much energy is put into community campaigns such as anti fracking or hospital closures or road/rail programmes you can see how this could be dynamic if used to create local policies and initiatives rather than having remote central government in the hands of hedge funds and big business dictating these decisions directly against the will of the local people and their democratically elected representatives. I was prompted to think about this approach when, in my local area in Spain, the local privatised water company had run down the infrastructure and put the prices up, the local authorities used their powers to take back control and fine the company sufficient money to put the service back to where it should have been. Where local people have a stake in the matter, they are more than capable of making good decisions for the benefit of their own community. When we stop thinking of hugely complicated centralised policies in terms of the movement of labour and multi national companies and start to bring it back to local people empowered to make local decisions for their own communities we see a different landscape altogether.
  12. Just a quick word of praise for the in depth reports coming from the youth team and, in particular, the injury/recuperation updates. I understand why the first team doesn't have the same amount of detail but it is very impressive and revealing as to why the youth system is performing so well. Please don't turn this thread into an excuse to keep having a go at the club. This is great! Tsun Dai
  13. Poor sod. Slept three nights before the tie working on the pitch and now loses his livelihood over nothing more than a huge joke sponsored by the Sun. Compare to Joey Barton who is accused of placing over 1200 bets and still playing in the Premier League. I hate the Premier League and the utterly useless FA
  14. Pity I will be living it up in Darlington and London at the weekends otherwise I could have come and heckled you (who are yer who are yer) !
  15. You should come to Lytham St Annes! Fairhaven has a lovely Park with sea views, excellent Café and even a Spitfire . You can always load up for a boat trip and the place is fully accessible. Further along there is St Annes pier, the wonderful promenade, Victorian Gardens and, of course, B&M bargains!