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  1. He's one of "these people" John
  2. "These people"
  3. OK fair point but there is surely a wider agenda here. Trump is finding out now how difficult it is to keep everything within the country when we all operate in a Global economy. Becoming inward looking and deciding everyone who isn't "French" should become second class or ostracised or deported or - as is happening in some places - attacked is a return to the right wing policies of the thirties. When you already have a diverse population you cannot put the genie back in the bottle without creating hate filled and divided society. You cannot grow an economy without the movement of labour and its about time we saw some honesty from politicians who should stop blaming refugees for the effect of wars that they have started, stop blaming working class people for not having jobs they have allowed to disappear. They should start blaming themselves for creating the mostly unregulated conditions that allow multi national corporations and financial bodies to behave in a quite despicable fashion across the globe avoiding tax, evading laws, enriching billionaires and ignoring the despair they cause when they shift assets, jobs and capital around the world. The depression and political conditions of the Thirties were caused by exactly the same factors, greedy capitalists, lax regulation, huge corporations, feeble politicians and corrupt bankers. Blaming people who have come to live and work in their countries is not the answer. The global economic conditions we are all experiencing should have a global solution but until politicians start to challenge vested interests and introduce some regulation and enforcement we will continue to blame and punish those people in our societies who have the least power and influence. Le Pen's dog whistle policies are like shooting fish in a barrel for her in terms of creating the boogie man we can all blame. Having policies that depend on increasing Police numbers, prisons and heavy regulation of who and who can't have jobs is nothing more than fascism and she is the daughter of a fascist who created the fascist party she leads. I recognise that this is a harsh shout but I am genuinely worried about the kind of societies we are creating.
  4. I don't know where you get your information from RL but hardly anything you state here seems to be supportable by reported facts. Le Pen might present a more acceptable face of FN than the abomination that is her father but she is a clear extreme right wing politician whose policies are based on hate and isolationism. "France first" for jobs, immigration, welfare, taxes etc etc. Return of the Franc, exit from the EU, increasing prison places and judicial penalties As for Macron - no-one really knows where he might land in terms of his political priorities but his manifesto is to relax labour laws; cut business taxes; reform unemployment system; encourage social mobility; cut public spending (but boost investment); shrink public sector; reduce number of MPs; establish eurozone government; hire 10,000 more police and gendarmes.. Socialist? Which one would you be supporting?
  5. Jericho?
  6. From the Independent. Cue Monty Python gags. It's just a flesh wound . . .
  7. "Dear Jeremy, Could you please clarify for me what the Labour Party policy is towards Europe and Brexit should a miracle occur and you get elected? When you've done that, perhaps you could then explain what your own personal position is?" Completely absent from his first major campaign speech and don't expect the Tories or the press to not notice that!
  8. I have mentioned before the existence of some interesting photos and reminisces from a certain madame who has not gone away. Tatton is the Northern Poorhouse for Georgie Boy!
  9. Signed from Man City on a youth contract. 16 yrs old
  10. Just to throw some variables into the mix The Tories have some 20 seats under investigation from the last election which will get buried in the next election - or maybe not and become an "issue" The "Euro Sceptics" - the likes of Bill Cash, John Redwood, Michael Gove etc have not gone away and are making life difficult for May at present. Will the election be an opportunity for May to silence them or empower them? The Tory Brexit stance will be interesting as it may well spark off civil war. Corbyn, I guarantee this is fact, does not want to be Prime Minister. His interview in response to the election announcement was bizarre. He was talking all the time in the third person like he did not want to take any responsibility. His first response was of course his de facto "this is what I am opposed to" followed by some irrelevant generalisations about - oops I forgot. Very very sorry to see an old colleague in Alan Johnson jacking it in to play more of his Hofner Verythin. He really should have stepped up and replaced Gordon Brown before Cameron squeaked in with a coalition. An absolute solid socialist compared to Jeremy. (His two part biography is absolutely brilliant) Rumour is of up to twenty other Labour MP's going the same way as they see no viable way forward where they can make a difference RL! You have referred to May being on the "left wing" of her party. Tell that to the immigrants who she has hounded from her time as Home Secretary. tell that to the Remain campaigners who couldn't see her anywhere during the campaign. Tell that to the Euro wing of the party who are horrified a her "hard" Brexit stance. Tell that to her own Education Secretary who watches her adding overseas students to her definition of "immigrants". Tell that to the poor sods who work in the NHS as they see her encouraging the odious Jeremy Hunt privatising it day by day. She is 100% a careerist who is an old school Tory who doesn't like foreigners, people who didn't go to Grammar School and just loves being a Victorian Benefactor to us poor Northerners. I really have no sense of whether this election will be fought under Corbyn or whether he will do the decent thing and retire back to the back rooms where he can get misty eyed about East Germany and Cuba or whether someone will step up to the plate and start to lay out an alternative anti austerity, pro society future which may well be out of Europe but in an inclusive, well respected and stable society. That last paragraph was simply imagined of course...
  11. Do you think it is perfectly OK for a millionaire to waltz in and out of of a political party just to pursue his own political agenda?
  12. What does the fact that they appear to be mixed race got to do with anything? Do you accept that politicians who deliberately lie to stoke up emotions help to create a climate of fear and hate?
  13. I think there is some missing of the point in my post above. This is not about demonising the voter but about attacking the illigitimacy of politicians who deliberately lie in order to wind up the emotions of those voters. Why do members of the general public attack someone they identify as an asylum seeker and kick him nearly to death? As long as politicians lie about such things, distort their circumstances and demonise them - then people will act on their emotions. the Tory MP in Croydon referred to the assailants as "scum" but that was an emotional reaction. A day's reflection may lead him to think about the link between the language used by those politicians who use inflammatory language and made up stories and the consequences they cause.
  14. I had a couple sat next me on a plane out of Liverpool on Tuesday night. They were off to Benidorm to look for a retirement home. The guy was asking me lots of reasonable questions about costs, taxes, expenses and process but things got sticky when he asked about the impact of Brexit. I explained that the Euro costs 15% more and, that if no deal was done then healthcare and pension payments may be an issue. The era of cheap flights and visa less travel is definitely under threat. At this, his wife exploded into a mighty rant about "your up" so loud that the cabin staff came over to ask her to quieten down. It was interesting to hear why she had voted to leave. Hatred of the EU bureaucracy, the fact that they interfered in what kind of sprouts she could buy but mostly it was a stream of hatred against foreigners flooding into this country - especially all these terrorists. As most people have observed, facts are irrelevant to political debate - only emotion. When she was calm, I pointed out that, by emigrating to Spain, she was doing the exact same thing that she was exercised about. She agreed and thought it was hilarious. This whole debate has brought normal political debate crashing down to the level of little Englander insults and casual racism. Jam tomorrow? We shall see.
  15. I liked it best when he started wearing pointy boots and his clearances started spiralling in random directions.