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  1. Oops, realised I didn't include the link Diane Abbot - first Black woman MP
  2. And Jacob Rees-Mogg 😁
  3. You know Ryan, you would be well served to do your research before you make your offensive statements instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel afterwards. You accuse her of racism because she complains at the treatment that black people have received? Have a read of this and tell me of one single white male politician who has ever received such appalling behaviour. I think even the tabloids have realised they have gone too far with their abuse. You need to get out of the bunker and get some fresh air Ryan.
  4. Did you make that up? Where's your evidence for any of that bile?
  5. Back in the mists of time (at least 20 years ago), the club was collecting a list of "famous" Bury fans which kind of stalled after Mike Read, so I rather tongue in cheek suggested that Audrey Hepburn was a massive Bury Fan. I can't remember what spurious back story I invented but it developed a life of its own so I provided additional proof with this photo of her in a Bury scarf. Thanks to the gullibility sense of humour of the Bury Fans, it became an urban myth that was actually repeated in one or two opposition programme notes. In this post-truth society she is now the most famous Bury Fan - after Donald Trump of course.
  6. I am not a fan of Diane Abbott but she is not a buffoon. If you want to see a buffoon in action, watch any interview by Boris who is the king of Buffoonery. Interesting that despite the vicious personal attacks she endured at the hands of the Right Wing press she increased her majority to 11,000 but, more impressively, actually won 75% of the vote in here constituency. Her own constituents seem to know more about her than our wonderful press who create this mostly erroneous public perception of her.
  7. Just a quick shout for the mighty Sleaford Mods who were their usual belligerent selves in blasting their nihilistic foul mouthed anti establishment tirades on the Park Stage tonight. Best live band I have seen in the last few years. Jason Williamson's subversive and very clever, observant and witty lyrics delivered wrapped in full on anger and spittle like Liam Gallagher wished he could be over Andrew Fearn's spare but driving beats are the absolute reflection of today's society. Love it!
  8. Yes Myra and, if you listened to Boris's car crash interview I referenced above you might be curious as to why he never got the same treatment from the tabloids? And he doesn't have a health condition.
  9. I've just been reading his Wiki Myra and it is a hoot! You would have to make him up if he didn't exist. Here are some of my favourite bits: Rees-Mogg was the Conservative candidate for the traditional Labour seat of Central Fife and attracted ridicule, after canvassing a largely working-class neighbourhood with his former nanny However, rumours that he had toured the constituency in a Bentley were described as "scurrilous" − he insisted it had been a Mercedes. He said in respect of his toff's accent, "it is rather pathetic to fuss about accents too much", though he then went on to say that "John Prescotts accent certainly stereotypes him as an oaf". He later said "I gradually realised that whatever I happened to be speaking about, the number of voters in my favour dropped as soon as I opened my mouth." In March 2009, Rees-Mogg was forced to apologise to Trevor Kavanagh, then political editor of The Sun, after it was shown that a newsletter signed by Rees-Mogg had plagiarised sections of a Kavanagh article that had appeared in the newspaper over a month earlier. In December 2009, a pamphlet which purported to show him talking to a local constituent and calling on the government to "show more honesty" was criticised after it emerged that the "constituent" was a London-based employee of his investment firm In January 2014, he dismissed the sum of £250,000 spent on MPs' portraits as "chickenfeed" He must be the only person in the UK who has a sister called Annunziate. How anyone could seriously believe he was fit to be a leadership candidate of anything, with the possible exception of the Bullingdon club, must be drunk!
  10. I don't think your answer regarding the EU "divorce Bill" is anything other than your opinion? The EU says that the UK should pay a share of money that’s already been committed to various projects. This is part of the constitution we signed up to when we joined. There is no official bill from them yet—and they have said that any bill will be a matter for negotiations. The UK Government has already accepted that argument in principle and will participate in those negotiations so we will find out what the gap might be when those negotiations conclude - or break down. So it is not possible to say whether it is fair or reasonable. Hoey and Field are Tories in disguise and have as good a record as Jeremy in ignoring party whips and voting against the Government - something you and Ryan thinks makes Jeremy unfit to be a Party Leader. Rees-Mogg is just a posturing young fogey who seems to have risen without trace and I am at a loss as to his credentials and achievements other than being a creature of the Telegraph (for obvious reasons). I would gently point out that Davies has been here before as a leadership contender, indeed he was a favourite front runner - until he had to make a speech to conference and display his wide knowledge of very little and failed to tickle the right spots of the Conference. Cameron of course wiped the floor with him and became leader. He will have to have developed his political acuity and learned how to tickle things if he is to do better!
  11. Nah James. You'd expect that from Days but Darren? He was busy, as I recall, trying hi "I'm harder than you" act when he suddenly found himself free and smacked a screamer. I was expecting him to smack SuperKev! Actually, although his body shape didn't demonstrate it, he was actually a very good footballer with great heading skills, good ball skills, a good "read" of the game and comfortable with the ball both with passing and shooting. He really was just an arse though wasn't he!
  12. If only we still had Darren Bullock . . .
  13. Just as an aside on the issue of sprinklers. They were first invented in the c15th by Leonardo Da Vinci. The world's first system was installed in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 1812. The automatic sprinkler system was first developed by Frederick Grinnell in 1881 and, very quickly, the system was adopted by the Manchester firm, Mather and Platt who developed it further at their Newton heath and Radcliffe works. I worked there briefly in the early 1970's and recall the spectacular demonstrations of its effectiveness under its "Simplex" brand. I noticed during my trip to New York that all buildings (and there are 247 skyscrapers in the City) have such systems fitted which allow the fire department to fit pumps to external valves to augment water and pressure to particular floors. The amount of effort and water to extinguish fires by external pumping is ten times less effective and operates on average ten minutes quicker that external water pumping. I was quite impressed that the New York attitude to fire safety until it was pointed out to me by the hotel manager that the fitting of sprinklers are so effective in fire safety that they are allowed to ignore other regulations such as the number of fire safe stairwells, the length of fire retardant corridors and number of fire doors etc! Capitalism eh?