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  1. I always look at how a team performs in the last 10 games of a season as an indicator of the following season. Look at Leicester! Our performance in teh last 10 hasnt been ground breaking - W2 D4 L4 (before chesterfield) = 46 pts over a full season.
  2. Postcorvus - I was on one of those bricked coaches, never forget that cold and windy trip back across the M62 - was that the FA Cup defeat or the league defeat - cant remember.
  3. Best DealToBeLeveraged?
  4. Its called Panama
  5. Maybe we should ask our new financial controller these questions as he in looking after the day to day finances of the club
  6. Thought he was excellent - may be because he didnt have to run that much!
  7. Who can forget Terry McDermott - he was the Enforcer in his days at Gigg
  8. Can anyone explain teh fact we had more shots according to the BBC stats than Coventry today?
  9. I will be there
  10. Although I do remeber us beating Notts C away 1-0 with 9 men for most of the game - big Ronnie put us ahead on 7m then backs to the wall!! Great result tonight - saved Cameron's face! Still he has been massive for us these last two seasons!
  11. So the question is - why didnt we start playing the way we obviously are - 2 in a minute and we are on top
  12. I was not allowed into Gay Meadow - Shrewsbury - because I was wearing an orange waterproof jacket and the steward told me that if there was an emergency, I could be mistaken for a safety steward. I said that there was an emergency, then I will be on my way to the exits and if people follow me all well and good. They eventually let me in but said that "they would be keeping an eye on me" I think we lost 4-1 with Preece getting a consolation for us!
  13. I remember years ago that the Police controlled traffic at the Gigg Lane/Manchester Rd exit. They would not allow cars to go up Gigg Lane. Today was a farce, with a supporters coach blocking Gigg Lane and cars coming up Gigg Lane - and with cars trying to go down Gigg it was a gridlock for 30 mins. Is there any common sense in our Police today?
  14. Confidence my man - have some confidence!
  15. Well yes but I am a dreamer!