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  1. Agreed, murder is murder but when it's murdering kids it just feels worse somehow. Dont know about any BFC connections but i know her best friend was seriously injured too. I'm gonna stop now...it's depressing me too much. RIP Olivia.
  2. Yeah...just totally devastating. I cant imagine what her family must be going through. As you say, such a waste of life and such a pointless way to die. It sickens me that someone can actually go out and target children, although sadly we've seen it throughout the world. I despair, i really do...
  3. A 15 year old girl from Tottington High School has sadly died. Just found out my niece was there on the night too, she's fine, but... As said, so sad.
  4. Pure quality.
  5. I know i shed a few...
  6. I'm still sick to the pit of my stomach but this is truly incredible:
  7. Cheers for the link. Great read.
  8. I love a dry sense of humour. ;o) And i do try the glass half full thingy...but it's got a hole in it!!!
  9. Flitcroft whinged about it 3 years ago and then since then it's just been the kids playing against them. What i dont get though, is that they're a semi pro club who get most matches played every other week, so it cant be that bad and if it is that bad, why are we risking our kids on it? I'm with Dr Death on this - Big Time Charlie syndrome.
  10. I'm surprised we've got Sunderland, after seeing this on Lee Clark's Wiki page: However, at the 1999 FA Cup Final he was spotted with the Newcastle fans wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Sad Mackem Bastards". He was immediately dropped from the team, and never played for Sunderland again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Clark_(footballer) Newcastle would have been ace.
  11. There's some tasty local matches next season - Blackburn, Bradford, Doncaster, Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham & Wigan. Just need to Blackpool to come up now and that'll be over a third of our matches.
  12. I hope Styles is playing then! Seriously though, what would your blog's view be on it all? We seem to have gone from sending a 1st team, to school kids in about 3 years. Add in the fire that destroyed half their stand 6 months - it would have been a nice gesture to send a 1st team squad, imo anyway. We moan at Man Utd and Man City for doing (or not doing as the case maybe) exactly the same thing. I'll never forget Accrington Stanley helping us out by playing a friendly when we were in Administration...giving us all the proceeds - that's what football should be all about. Aahhh well...that's modern day football for you.