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  1. Typical FA! This website did come up on Google as well, but it said 'not a secure site'. http://www.futsaluk.net/ So dont blame me if anyone gets any viruses! And oh man, it is quality:
  2. Actually, i'm assuming you're meaning when he said it at the last Shareholders Meeting, you know...at the same time it was said the Audited Accounts would be completed by November! And not something he's said recently? Here's a prediction for you - the Audited Accounts will be filed late again. Anyone want to bet against that?
  3. Fair play Ricky.
  4. Well they say you learn something everyday! Sounds like great stuff. Is this the best website for it? http://englandfutsal.com/
  5. At the same time, you could argue that it was unwise. An extreme analogy would be putting in a young up and coming boxer, with the world champ...you simply wouldnt do it, well no trainer worth their salt would anyway. Let's not forget, he's only 16 (SIXTEEN). Yes, i take both yours and Spee's point and there needs to be a time when it happens but it's all about balance and managing him imo (which i know you wont agree with!). ;o)
  6. True! But it's the thought of Bury Blade rabbiting on about Billy Sharp at the same time. Should we change venue and not tell him?! He's only supporting Sutton coz they're SUFC anyway!
  7. You're too modest Myra. Couldnt agree more re Trump though - borderline psychopath at best, deranged lunatic at worst. We should be very afraid.
  8. Well said Myra and even if by the slightest chance Trump is right, you should work for the press. ;o)
  9. Mellis moving forward made a big difference for me. He's never a holding midfielder in a zillion years imo, i know some deep playing midfielders are the play makers...but he's not one of them either! An attacking midfielder, bursting forward, doing those little incisive passes is when he's at his best...again imo.
  10. Hah! I'm too shy anyway...keyboard coward and all that. ;o) Plus, i'm entertaining Running Man and Bury Blade (i know, i know!) tomorrow night and wont be able to get a word in edgeways with those two!
  11. You 2 are as bad as each other! Here's one from Sky News entitled: Trump: The Disruptive President http://news.sky.com/video/trump-the-disruptive-president-10763412 And yes, i know i will regret this post, you pair of right wing nutters! ;o) That's a joke btw...well the first part isnt but sometimes i just cant keep quiet.
  12. Good points, well made.
  13. Still too much emphasis on physique, etc., in the English game...pure football talent is the most important imo. Not saying we could have Styles playing centre half! But you know what i mean. Never heard of Futsal before...dont worry i've googled it! And fair play to the lad and kind of proves my point. Hope it works out for your nephew, if not, he knows where to come. ;o)
  14. Amazing and it is an amazing offer...and to offer to away fans too. Fair play to them. It is an extra £3 on the day for adults, if you dont buy a ticket in advance: http://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/away-details-charlton-athletic-3563536.aspx But even at £8, it's still the bargain of the season. Thought it was gonna be about 30 quid!