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  1. Good points, well made. In an ideal world, the club needs the names of those floaters/part timers and really target them over the next month. Love the Frankie Boyle joke btw...although i'm sure you've watered it down a bit! Otherwise, it's his least risky joke of all time!!!
  2. Coming home from Darlington with a smashed coach window in the middle of winter was pretty cold too!!!
  3. Agreed Mike. And that was the days i didnt put an extra jumper and pair of socks on. Oh the foolishness of youth...!
  4. That link is ace. Great work by Buryshaker and some great comments by the Mackems.
  5. Agreed.
  6. I could ask similar questions about your assumptions re Corbyn, the BBC, the SWP, Nationalists in Northern Ireland, etc, etc. But I won't.
  7. Really good point Ricky. I paid £250 for my season ticket, if they didnt do them, i'd be paying £460 this season (£20 x 23 matches). It's a no brainer. The offer's too good to turn down...you could even argue the club are shooting themselves in the foot. Still only £275 and extended to 31st July now, with the possibility of a £75 cashback and £25 retail voucher. If you can afford it in one go - buy it. If you cant, use the finance deal they have, even if it's not the best interest rate, it'll still leave you quids in and you just pay over the season: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/tickets/season-tickets/ And: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2017/june/phase-two-offer--extended-until-31-july/ Come on Bury...let's get to 3000. Could you imagine the difference it would make in terms of atmosphere?
  8. Get in SK!
  9. At £238 a ticket...i'd have thought most of them would be Tories! Being serious though Malc - he cant be in 2 places at once. Much of his speech was about peace...i'd rather that than a token gesture by Mrs May to go to Liverpool, when she couldnt even face people initially from Grenfell Tower. Re leadership or popularisim - both imo. You need to be popular to become a PM. That said, i still dont he ever will be...but there's no nowt he's a GREAT campaigner.
  10. Legend, total legend.
  11. Is it one of Flitcroft's interviews?
  12. Keep the red flag flying high SK.
  13. Sophy Ridge on Sunday (Sky News) opening item and I quote: "The remarkable rise of Jeremy Corbyn, seems to be reaching new heights this weekend, cheered on by a crowd of tens of thousands of people on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury and the ultimate accolade, his name being chanted to a tune normally reserved for Premier League superstars" Is that balanced enough for you Razza?
  14. Oh don't get Razza onto Channel 4!!!
  15. Tbf extensive research by Razza though!