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  1. Brings tears to your eyes. Well done Jermain Defoe.
  2. Totally agree. When does a player actually become injury prone? Re Jones (only last couple of years really - was available for 40+ games previously), same with Tutte as far as i know (although i didnt follow him at Dale!). But as i say, at what point is a player injury prone? Are we getting rid of Cameron as well, Ismail can go too...hey? Vaughan is injury prone too isnt he?! Clark's on record of being great admirer of Jones and i'd be amazed if he didnt give him a chance to prove himself next season, as you suggest. I dont know his views on Tutte, but again, as you suggest, surely he deserves a chance to prove himself...rather than just dumping him. Plus, i think he will be guided by his medical team, rather than message board assumptions!!! Shaker90 - pfft! I'm not talking to you again...not that you'll know one way or the other.
  3. £500K is half way there! I agree they'll probably be a buy out clause, but if there isn't, how much do you think he'd go for?
  4. Agreed. Same with Tutte. Especially with us having a week and a half break after Oxford.
  5. Great question. £1M for me, although it wouldnt surprise me if he has a clause in his contract...you know one of those that he can go for £200K. He's been sold twice in the past btw for £2.5M and £1M just out of interest: http://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=40847
  6. I've just been defending (no pun intended!) Leigh on another thread. But that's football for you...all about opinions. And i suppose, one reason why there's usually such a large turnover of players when a new manager comes in.
  7. I'd argue Leigh has all the makings of a natural wing back...yes he needs to improve, but has energy, speed, skill, etc. In fact, i'd venture to suggest he's better going forward than defending. Moore on the other hand, is defo not a wing back, much more of a natural defender. All imo of course!
  8. You PM'd it. Unlucky.
  9. Oh yes, nice one...didnt know that. Gillingham are in trouble (although not too bad a run in) what a shame they beat us at Gigg...only team to for months. Typical!
  10. Bury Blade - are you not counting these?
  11. 1-1. Can't be arsed DM'ing it (whatever that is!). Sorry mate. And yes i did think...oh yeah! It's a good job i can vouch for you. ;o)
  12. I filled one in recently sent out via Forever Bury, on behalf of Supporters Direct. Looking at the email more closely now, it does mention the Daily Mail, etc. I should have read more closely - think i would have abstained! Although tbf to the Daily Mail, they do occasionally go on some good campaigns (said through gritted teeth!) so giving the benefit of the doubt, fair play to the 2 journalists in question.
  13. And then tomorrow...yesterday. ;o)