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  1. I certainly agree with that! And tbf to forwards, if they dont go down = no penalty. But it's now got to the stage where it's embarrassing...
  2. Really good points. Etuhu certainly has the ability, but does he have the heart?
  3. It's very similar to when Blackwell was here...losses didn't worry me at all, coz I knew that would mean the sooner he would go. The same applies with Corbyn! That said, at least Corbyn is a far more decent bloke. But the sooner he's gone as well the better. Otherwise, the Labour party will be obliterated.
  4. Wrong thread!
  5. Nah...come on, the demonstrations should be blacked out! Seriously though, well said. But you are wasting your time, completely wasting your time. The 'rabid right wingers' are out...be afraid, be very afraid.
  6. He's got them covered. ;o)
  7. Well...as you suggest, some rate him and some dont! So i'll stick with marmite.
  8. Agreed...totally biased.
  9. Defo Vaughan. Watch the video again.
  10. Didnt Hope nip in for the loose ball to set the 2nd goal up as well? Brown is obviously our marmite player, but i think the one thing we can all agree on...is he isnt a full back!
  11. I didnt think Burgess panicked, crawled all over him or dived in, in the slightest. The softest of soft penalties imo. Great spot re Vaughan heading the corner out though...he puts some mileage in does that lad. No wonder Norwich and Huddersfield paid £2.5M and £1M for him respectively.
  12. Legend - James Vaughan and you! Great play by Hope for our 1st. The 'penalty'...what a joke. And Vaughany's corner kick drop kick for his 2nd...with our fans urging him on. Pure quality. Brilliant counter attack too...we even had Etuhu bombing up the pitch! UTS.
  13. Thanks for that Jon.
  14. Good points all round!
  15. Agreed. Good point. Well done lads. Unbeaten in 2 now! With Vaughany already nailed on for January's player of the month.