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  1. If true, having suffered with it myself...he needs our support more than ever. I still maintain he's our most naturally gifted player since Tony Rigby. Love your avatar btw. ;o) There's only one Danny Mayor...!
  2. Put them here. Let's have a gallery of them.
  3. Nice one Seasider. You're gonna have to explain the Irish and is it German connection though. ;o)
  4. Cant be a comic then.
  5. Dale at home, Rovers away: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2017/july/checkatrade-fixtures-confirmed/
  6. Oh Malc...! The BBC is great for real news and anyway, i thought you couldnt stand the Manchester Evening News?!
  7. What an appropriate word!
  8. They're already beginning to panic: https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/rochdale/forum/205713/open-cheque-book-still-open!!/#29
  9. Great response and i look forward to your blog. Re the holding midfielder - i think Dawson will be asked to do that. FWIW i also think he'll start the season off with a 4231 formation and then when Zeli and Mayor are fit (hopefully!) a more orthodox 442. Time will tell...
  10. On the basis you're meaning Nat Cam, Zeli and Mayor...what would your starting team/formation be Spee? Oh and more positive feedback from my Dad last night btw - but he's not keen on your hat!!!
  11. Well he did alright at your place...so hopefully he does! But it is a challenge - is he a 442 man? If so, the first problem is our 2 best wingers arent match fit or even fit. Then who do we play on the wing - Humphrey hasnt impressed so far? If he plays 2 up front - presumably that'll be Beckford and Ajose. But then how the hell does he fit O'Shea and Maguire in? Cameron would always be my first choice centre half but still not match fit, so he'll presumably go for Aldred and Thompson. Dawson will be a defo in midfield but no idea who will partner him. Fullbacks - any 2 from 4...the list is endless. Anyway, as said, a nice problem to have. Oh and thanks for Joe Murphy...at least the goalkeeper position is sorted!
  12. Quality over quantity is much better and a nice problem to have. Plus, there'll be injuries along the way. But I know what you mean...!
  13. Agreed. I wonder want it is though?! Due to Nat Cam, Zeli and Mayor still finding their way...i can only think of 5 or 6 definite starters and i've no idea what formation!
  14. Agreed x5! The likes of Blackburn, Bradford, Bristol Rovers, Charlton, Doncaster, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Wigan...to name just a few - will all have equally good or even better squads. As you suggest, we've the potential on paper but let's see have things go. Tbh i'd be more than happy with doing well in the Lancashire Derbies, flirting with the play offs and a cup run. The bookies have us down for mid table - sounds about right to me. Loved to be proved wrong though...and i dont mean relegation! I've still not recovered from Southend away!!!
  15. Not many...very lazy player! A couple more from open play here though:
  16. The keeper wasnt impressed with the first pen antics - i'm surprised he didnt knock him out! I can see him becoming a bit of a cult hero though...
  17. Great news John - 2 babies now then...this Board and Julia Marie?! Regards and best wishes to you all and tell Beatriz there's only one team in Madrid...Atlético.
  18. Great stuff James x2. ;o) From 16:49:50 if that helps further. Top speech - so pleased for him and my Dad who campaigned with him.
  19. Some are complaining about signing a player who scored 24 the season before last...so yep! ;o)
  20. I'll have to stop reading Wiki! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanmi_Odelusi
  21. ...and a good team at that. He was injured or suspended against us when they thrashed us 5-1 too.
  22. I presume you mean one goal? But agree with you...if Wiki is right, he's 24 with 50 appearances and 4 goals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanmi_Odelusi One thing for certain - Dale wont be signing him...so that's enough for me.
  23. More than enough Mike - fascinating stuff. When i was on the Bank Auditing team i used to love going to farming areas...Bakewell stands out. I hadnt a clue though, so the manager i was auditing was telling me all about it!!! Great idea re the pink wrapped bales (my ex wife died of breast cancer) so something close to my heart. Is silage kept in black bin liners and more for winter? Still see those knocking around in fields. On our way to Bakewell we used to sing football songs about them! Dont ask...but probably part of the reason why the Banks collapsed!!!
  24. Defo agreed! 17 goals last season for our 3rd striker aint too shabby.
  25. Quality...i think Tubs will have a chuckle when he's back from sheep sha...err shearing! The weather forecast 'error' worked well for me - i knew the forecast last night, knew the lawn needed cutting but couldnt be arsed. So i for one was pleased they got it wrong again...as my lawns are nicely cut now. :o) I think the mistake they make is when they dont really know...just say so. But for example last night there was a massive rain cloud coming from the Midlands, that covered from Liverpool to Hull and on up to Scotland. How could they get it so wrong? Even the Met Office for Crawshawbooth had it pissing down for hours. If in doubt put a little cloud, with a bit of sun and a rain drop! Tubs - how do you make hay btw? And what's the difference between that and silage?