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  1. Assuming Kay is suspended (is he?) and injuries are as they are, with no new ones(!): Murphy Caddis, Moore, Barnett, Burgess, Leigh Styles Burgess, Mellis Lowe, Hope Hopefully with Mayor and Vaughan on the bench.
  2. Agree with much of that tbf - reads as though he played half decent...as i've said. I'm not his agent or in his fan club btw - that's why i call him the 'nearly man'. He's just not as bad as some make out. Mr Bistow is gonna go mental re Popey though! I like Pope, but not sure him and Lowe work well together - need at least one striker with pace imo. That's another attribute Hope has... Who would you have played up front on Saturday just out of interest or more importantly against Coventry?
  3. That's the point i'm making though, if that's the case with Hope, why did Clark keep him on for 83 minutes? I would venture to suggest because overall, he was happy with the way he was playing.
  4. You're right Razza - we gave him a 3 and a half (THREE AND A HALF!) year contract in Jan 2015: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30649489 I'd love to see efng's face now.
  5. Any other ex directors or known friends of the time?
  6. I was only teasing you! Don't disagree btw but then yet another player that we paid money for that we let go for nowt. Good job Popey came on a free. ;-)
  7. We've got enough wingers. ;o)
  8. Harsh! I'm not saying he was great but he certainly wasnt poor(ish) - as said, he had a half decent game for me. Dont disagree with your next point BUT why didnt he play Miller then (he's a tireless worker)...if Hope is as poor as some suggest? That's the whole point i'm trying to get across; if Hope is a Sunday League player, why is our new Manager playing him for 83 minutes in a tough away game after a week of seeing him in training?
  9. Not sure about probably. Possibly maybe. The point i'm making really though, is why didnt Miller start for example? He wont start on Tuesday...i'll 99% guarantee it. I'm not Hope's biggest fan btw (far from it) but he played for 83 minutes yesterday and he played pretty well. Anyone there want to disagree with that?
  10. Perfect summary.
  11. I don't. ;o)
  12. Bit harsh Mike! I call him the 'nearly man'. But tbf he was half decent yesterday, plus there must be a reason why Lee Clark put him ahead of Pope and Miller.
  13. Aye...that's not looking good.
  14. Cheers mate.
  15. Yeah...tbf i did think of Beadling, as you say, would be a straight swap then, rather than making 2 changes. Think Deslandes is a left full back though. And no we havent seen either...so hard to judge! Actually, they must be being driven demented, coming on loan and not even getting a game. I was going to put Pope in just to wind Mr Bistow up! I love Miller, but is his strength coming on as sub? There's no way he could keep his work rate up for 90 minutes...there again, is 60 minutes better than 30? Does anyone know for certain if Kay is suspended?
  16. He did indeed, from 35 secs (i've included the killer ball by Pope for Mr B!):
  17. Loved the way Lowey ran over to Brassy and jumped on him as well...just like the good old days!
  18. The way the Charlton defenders passed to Mellis for our goal (TWICE) was pure genius though.
  19. Happy birthday lads and thanks for all the work you do/did as Mods - VInny now and Maurice in the past. A thankless task...so have a beer or 2 on me.
  20. Agreed. Missed off Murphy's best 2 saves for starters, Hope's screamer (and their keeper's brilliant save), those 2 or 3 chances we had near the end and they even managed to show a highlight of one of their attempts...that was offside (2nd one that hit the bar). Pathetic.
  21. ...or GMP. ;o)
  22. Started really well at right back, but not convinced he's a wing back, although he has improved there recently. Can comment on centre back coz he's not played there yet! Physique wise, maybe right back is his best position, for now anyway. Looks like one of our centre halves is suspended for a couple of games now though, so i'd be amazed if he didnt fill in at centre half, unless we bring in another of our many loanees (Tom Beadling from Sunderland - but he's not even played a game yet!). More (no pun intended) below, there's been a couple of previous threads on him and a fellow Bristol City fan has been asking for updates. Good result for you lot yesterday overall, but must be gutted after being 2 nil up. You'd have taken a draw before hand away at Newcastle though. Hope you dont go down btw...we wanna play Wigan, Blackburn and Rotherham! If we stay up that is...!!!
  23. What a dive that place was! Good crack though, until someone let a smoke bomb off.