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  1. I thought Accy did have about 3 rows of seats in that bike shed. Or they used to at least. And shudder re Aldershot! I remember saying to my son at 3-0, with about half an hour to go - enjoy this... :o(
  2. Swindon and Notts County are both sides. With Swindon having the option of behind the goal as well if there's a large following. As Tubs says, Bradford can't make their minds up! Agree with you in having the option of both is good. Wimbledon are another who do that.
  3. They really are a funny bunch: http://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/rochdale/forum/187941/bury-drawing-big-bucks-apparently/#27
  4. They are mates apparently...which is slightly surprising! But fair play, good theory.
  5. Well if it helps - you're right re Lincoln. ;o) Take your point though re behind the goal...so at home for example, i always go in the Les Hart Stand. The only thing is, when we're actually kicking towards a certain goal, i do actually prefer to be behind it, somehow the atmosphere seems better and can see the goals (as in scoring!) better as well. But overall, i'm with you, the side is my overall preferred choice. I'm still bitter we cant go in to one end for one half and then the side for the other...oh for the good old days!
  6. I'm hearing that Mayor might need an op and Ismail injured in training...so there may be some method in the madness.
  7. Yeah...he did, on Christmas Eve.
  8. Excellent work Mav. I know £400K was quoted in some independent Everton website for Foulds, but Jon did post this the other day: Eagle eyed readers would have spotted that Foulds' transfer article on the official Everton website stated that they paid £225,000 for him. This was edited out minutes later but was too late for the Liverpool Echo who went to print with the figure!
  9. Sounds like Matty Foulds! I'll bow to your superior football knowledge though Ricky. ;o) But that wasnt really the question. I suppose i'm just asking - who's better/has the most potential. I dont know btw! But i do know Foulds was only 17 as well, when he went to Everton and it would appear for much less money. That's all the point i'm making. One thing for certain though, the Daleys wont be happy!!!
  10. Twice i think. One against Accy and once against Leicester.
  11. It is suspect! Behind the goal at Vale. Sorry. But just imagine when Vaughany scores a 90th minute winner in that end... ;o)
  12. An amazing figure imo. Is he that much better than Foulds?
  13. Yet another brilliant piece of articulation Spee, sadly this time on poignant news, rather than football analysis. Although sometimes your posts on Bury FC are poignant. ;o) My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Mum and the rest of your family, including your Dad's friends. I can tell he was very, very proud of you...always remember that. Chin up mate.
  14. No need to apologise - great effort Liam. REP - i know we've chatted before and you were very helpful over more serious matters. Just one thing though (assuming/hoping(!) we're in the same division next season) maybe give us a couple of weeks next time...we're a bit slow around here, a bit like Antony Kay's turning circle!).
  15. Chatting to my son tonight and apparently someone was lifting him up from behind! Made me laugh anyway!!!
  16. Thank you and from you too. My 'likes' are nothing like your %age conversion rate though! Although in my defence 'likes' didnt start until after my first 10000 posts!!! ;o)
  17. I like it! Your dreams must be even crazier than mine. ;o)
  18. That first goal was a classic! Is it Super Birks falling onto the pitch in celebration?! Mellis' goal - sublime. Mayor tormenting the defence for the third. And what a crunching tackle by Soares to set up Hope. I tell you something, on our day and if everyone was fit...we have some team/squad - bit of credit for Flitcroft there.
  19. Cheers mate. But how do they really know anyway? Never trust an independent scouser! And even if right - i still think that would be with add ons, e.g. £200K and then say £50K for 25 appearances, etc., etc. up to £400K. Interesting though they gave him a 5 (FIVE) year contract...so who knows - they could be right. The real money maker though, is if he's a real success and then goes to Man City (to replace John Stones!) - could you imagine if he went for £20M and we had a 25% sell on fee. Okay...but i'm allowed to dream!
  20. If it was a straight £400K upfront and then with add ons - then what a deal. You know me though...i'd be sceptical on that! ;o)
  21. They didnt though...it was linked to add ons, etc. - that's the point i'm making. Powell joined Manchester United from Crewe Alexandra on 2 July 2012 in a deal reported to be worth up to £6 million, depending on future success and appearances. He made 3 appearances and was released on a free.
  22. Fould's fee was quoted as 6 figures - which could be anyway between £100,000 and £999,999! I tried to push Mr Kendall for a more specific figure at the Youth Q & A session a few months ago...but he wasnt for giving much a way. Which was fair enough. I think these days, it's all to do with the add ons. Nick Powell went to Man Utd from Crewe for £6M? I bet Crewe didnt even pick up £1M in the end, after Man U released him on a free.
  23. Very true...he's not even reached his prime yet! Time to give him an extension to his 2 year deal, otherwise i think we'll have to take the dosh in the summer.
  24. I wont...i'm trying to avoid him at the moment!
  25. Agreed. Love that type of thing. UTS.