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  1. Fully deserved: http://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/vaughan-in-pfa-team-of-the-year-3684039.aspx
  2. Well...he certainly saves. ;o)
  3. http://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/ugo-ehiogu-3685901.aspx RIP
  4. to you both.
  5. Aye it does. A perfect summary.
  6. And that goal was when we were 4 nil down! Hhmmm... I'll take 1 nil on Sat. ;o)
  7. No wonder Mackreth has been recalled then. And where's Etuhu? Seriously though, i've never known a season like this for injuries...makes last season almost injury free!
  8. Yep...that's the main one! Seemed to go on for about 10 minutes. Quality effort.
  9. I don't...they're only 3 points behind us! Agree with the rest of your post though. ;o)
  10. I'm still singing some of the songs...!
  11. ...Dave Robertson sacked as Peterborough Manager - signed a 3 year contract in May, sacked in September! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34168377
  12. I hope everyone knows that, as still chance for a last minute change of mind for some. MASSIVE game this...would be great if we got towards 2000 going - we'd make some noise then.
  13. Cheers lads and for those who are going - see you there. Massive game this and could you imagine, just imagine...?! UTS.
  14. Any tips? On the 3 times i've been before, i've just parked on the Retail Park...but dont think that's allowed really! Over to Scales & Co. ;o)
  15. I was wondering what PUSB stood for - 'Play Up Sky Blues'. All the best with what's going on at your place...
  16. David Buchanan just been sent off for Northampton.
  17. Same difference!
  18. Looks like that was a big fat NO. A bad start to the day...
  19. I'm not a Flitcroft fan but tbf we did have Jones as well, so that's 4 wingers in effect...Maher or whoever could have filled in for him at right back. Re injury records - Mayor hasnt been injury prone until this season. Okay there were doubts over Ismail and Jones BUT for ALL 3 to get injured for so long and the other 1 (Walker) just not cutting it - i think there's a bit of bad luck in there as well. Not disagreeing with you overall btw, just adding a bit of balance...imo anyway. ;o)
  20. Oh crap!
  21. Well imo we've missed last season's player of the year...a true leader (we have very few of those), who should have been our captain. Utter madness from Flitcroft to let him go.
  22. Really?!
  23. What would you give for this guy? Is the loan transfer market still open?!?!