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  1. Actually, the interest rate is not quite as good as i first thought - APR wise, i.e. there are cheaper ways to borrow the money...but still not a bad little deal: If you cant afford the money up front or dont have other ways to borrow the money at a cheaper rate - if you were to go to say 20 matches averaging £20 = £400...then why not get a season ticket costing £300 paid in effect over a season? A no brainer really.
  2. Have a good one Stu.
  3. Agreed...at a pretty reasonable interest rate too - if my calculations are correct! Ending up paying, just short of £300 over 9 months, for a £275 season ticket (that's just over one match). So as you say, well worth it, if you are going to go to all/most matches. Plus, the 6 month deal might be even better?
  4. Karl Evans: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2017/january/statement--karl-evans-appointed-new-ceo/
  5. Oh no...you mean there's going to be a Shaker Callum on here one day?! Only joking Razza lad. ;o)
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-40060657
  7. Cheers Mr Harrison.
  8. I might be being thick here but what are we signing in to? I can see everything i need to without signing in. Is it Shakers World or that other nonsense of a message board they have...or am i just being thick?!
  9. I know redundancies happen, but both have always been excellent with me. Katie married to a Bury fan too...
  10. Agreed, although i was more meaning mental health issues directly in connection with long term injuries. With respect, Andy Woodward and Robert Enke were separate issues, if that makes sense, albeit worse issues. Might not be easy this, but if the club could keep us more updated and whilst NatCam might not of wanted to share what he was going through, if he/the club had, i'm sure he would have been inundated with support and best wishes to help him through. Or maybe we should just think about it more and do it off our owns backs. I've got Robert Enke's book too and my goalkeeper shirt in his memory:
  11. Great article and when you read quotes like: “When you’re out for that long you go into a bit of a dark place and it’s difficult to get out of. It has been difficult because at times it has been lonely." It reminds me that it's not just the physical side players have to contend with when injured but also the mental side and if i'm honest (and i'm sure if most of us are) not something i/we really think about. More..."when's he due back?" and "oh no, not injured again!" Food for thought anyway.
  12. Agreed. Nowhere near as bad a player as some think. Obviously not the best! But certainly not the worst...will be interesting to see how things develops. Certainly a useful player to have in the squad.
  13. Agreed, murder is murder but when it's murdering kids it just feels worse somehow. Dont know about any BFC connections but i know her best friend was seriously injured too. I'm gonna stop now...it's depressing me too much. RIP Olivia.
  14. Yeah...just totally devastating. I cant imagine what her family must be going through. As you say, such a waste of life and such a pointless way to die. It sickens me that someone can actually go out and target children, although sadly we've seen it throughout the world. I despair, i really do...
  15. A 15 year old girl from Tottington High School has sadly died. Just found out my niece was there on the night too, she's fine, but... As said, so sad.
  16. Pure quality.
  17. I know i shed a few...
  18. I'm still sick to the pit of my stomach but this is truly incredible:
  19. Cheers for the link. Great read.
  20. I love a dry sense of humour. ;o) And i do try the glass half full thingy...but it's got a hole in it!!!
  21. Flitcroft whinged about it 3 years ago and then since then it's just been the kids playing against them. What i dont get though, is that they're a semi pro club who get most matches played every other week, so it cant be that bad and if it is that bad, why are we risking our kids on it? I'm with Dr Death on this - Big Time Charlie syndrome.