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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. My brother in law,a former NHS consultant sends his winter fuel payment back each year. For three years he received a replacement without explanation. Then last year he was told there is no facility to accept refunds.
  3. Perhaps Ricky Miller is on a higher salary than Wayne Rooney.
  4. Yes,but you only get a seat behind the main stand till you pay three instalments.
  5. You will have to be more specific,i.e yesterday,today or tomorrow.
  6. No doubt we are now collecting Callums. Is our Chairman,a closet trainspotter?
  7. Stationers love 'em for their service to brown envelopes.
  8. Really sickened by the devastation in Manchester but am afraid I'm not a fan of collective mourning.
  9. Allardyce,Redknapp,Evans and Venables to name just four who tarnish football with their supposed inability to be content with a good living and yet are all still lauded for their contributions to the game.
  10. I think he was at Grimsby when Hurst was manager.
  11. Amazed they edit 'Aching to get here once Flicker left'.
  12. Having said that just clicked on the Dawson interview I watched 20 mins ago and now nothing happens when I click any of the videos. However belatedly the sign in is now available which I did and now videos are viewable again. Teething issues.
  13. Must be selective on who it lets in then!!!!
  14. Probably were on Zero hours contracts with a permanent salary dependent on how many season tickets we sold.
  15. Piers Morgan complaining as Ariana did not contact relatives of victims families. That's rich as until the appalling incident happened, he probably didn't know where Manchester was.