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  1. Think your craving was what turned me into a Speedway fan.
  2. Well he was at Carrington this week.
  3. Think Bury was my second love after joint first- The Smell of Tar and Dandelion and Burdock.
  4. Yep, be lucky to avoid the drop now!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Too many good players to choose from-selection nightmare. Bloody rubbish Bury-give the manager a break.
  6. I'd have thought the League Title,the League Cup and an FA Cup quarter Final should be a minimum requirement this year. Already booking my week in Seville for the Europa League tie next year.
  7. Wouldn't mind a sourcing charge at the online shop if it meant clothing was occasionally in stock.
  8. Congrats- we need the fans but the Malaga claim looks to have preference
  9. Back on track,promoted wins 30 wins by February.
  10. Bigger crowd in the house than most Bury home matches.
  11. It's about time that when signing contracts our new strikers should have a clause inserted that they are allowed to score against teams they have previously played for.
  12. Good signing.
  13. Must admit it irritates me that the application doesn't work consistently. Only found out yesterday that Pointer had gone and that Jepson is in the frame for the manager's job.
  14. Sorry thought Medical was some obscure Portuguese lower league forward.
  15. Good job he didn't take his shirt off at the same time. He'd be in the Tower by now. Wouldn't do that to Terry as a relative might knick the Crown Jewels on visiting day.