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  1. Bistow ,you have to stop this. Your perverse form of stalking will not get Tom to be your pen pal. Leave it alone before the restraining order is issued.
  2. Well acknowledged. Have we allegedly done a sneaky bit of business with Tom. He goes on the understanding that Wimbledon must finish lower than us. Still 5 ahead with two in hand but the gap has narrowed dramatically since his arrival.
  3. If his Korea takes off he could be Gangnam Styles.
  4. Has Lennell been frozen out by Westley?
  5. Those happy days. The ground was a sell out to home fans so several well behaved Addicks polished up their northern accents to join us and there was no trouble.
  6. Unfortunately because we do have a small minority of support who are vile, people do immediately think the worst. Whatever the facts hope she is ok.
  7. Hollands or pie and mash. Unfortunately even 75% of cockneys would go for Hollands so not a great security question.
  8. It's that undercurrent of anti Sheffield feeling running through the minority of our support. In fact there's only about three clubs in all the five divisions they like.
  9. Not so much rose tinted spectacles, more drastic need of an optician. Surprised Tom Soares wasn't equally blamed for the missed penalty.
  10. It helps after such a momentous result but I was really pleased that the interview with Lee went so well. Havn't seen genuine passion for football demonstrated for some time. A good beginning.
  11. 5 year plan back on-13 wins and might scrape the play offs.
  12. While I don't support the Flitcroft view that a youngster shouldn't force his way into the team till he is 28, we should still try and keep our young players fresh. I would rather Miller made a number of appearances from the bench in the next thirteen games than him being bludgeoned by a couple of experienced opponents in the next 2-3 full games and his explosive talent being lost to us.
  13. You might have thought that against the mighty minnows of Lincoln Joey might have felt inclined to swerve away from his general disregard for the rules of the game. But no he chose to rake Rhead's shin at a corner and when he got little reaction he went down in a heap suggesting the forward had struck him. Fortunately the ref wasn't fully taken in although Barton escaped a booking. What a shame for the little imp (see what I did there) that he got his just rewards in the last minute of the game.
  14. Day never gets rid of anyone quickly. He likes his tea to Stew.