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  1. Is Hope playing then?
  2. Loads of free parking. Within 100 yards of Stadium if you get there early enough. Otherwise directed around back by marshalls past the cinema. About an extra 200 yards. As well as cinema also ten pin bowling. Not sure about alcohol.
  3. Good interview with him on Cod Player. Reporter tried to draw him in to us being a very physical side in a derogatory way. Ashley did not rise to the bait. Well done Ash.
  4. Going to Oxford tomorrow. Wouldn't want to miss Popey's hat trick.
  5. Considering all his qualities amazed that neither us or Bristol have taught him how to take a throw in. One for Bistow here.Maybe Popey show take all our throws from now on.
  6. Think I do but with Stewie nothing would surprise me.
  7. Ronky you have hit it on the head. If we can just market that supporting a small conurbation club is the new cool,we will have to move quickly as even Old Trafford will not be big enough to house our newbie fans. Our shirts will be anticipated more eagerly that the latest Apple product.
  8. If he stays at League 1 level then 750k-1m is best we can hope for. However if a Championship sleeping giant wants to guarantee they are not in the relegation fight he could go for 1.5k. Possibly a club like Norwich could be a good fit.
  9. Coventry are the form team of the last two games.
  10. Few of ours did against Chesterfield.
  11. No contest.Leigh is the man of the season. Vaughan hasn't scored in three of last four games. Bloody rubbish James,pull your finger out.
  12. Although it would be detrimental to us,be great to hear Appleton say no contest,Chance of promotion or Micky Mouse Cup.Don't bother turning up to Wembley we are fielding the office and catering staff.
  13. But even though they are from different places why splice them together on Shaker's World. Doesn't take much ability to edit out the least interesting of the two almost identical pieces.
  14. Not so much nitpicking, as feeling give us a little more time to take on board the club's abandoning of the policy of 'Pay your money and shut the ..... up'
  15. Not talking about the team but our after match reporters. The interview with Leon was a case in point. Those of us who have raided our piggy bank to pay for Shaker's World deserve more than a set of questions directed at Leon followed ten seconds later by another set of identical questions by the second interviewer. This duplication has been going on far longer that our earlier run of defeats. Come on sort it out.