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  1. They are quite rare due to the fact you can't see both sides.
  2. As long as we can stop him tackling,he should be an asset.
  3. And now Jones has gone. Jeff could be our best hope to reverse Brexit. He'll be wearing a Remoaner's scarf next Saturday.
  4. Apparently there are going to be standing areas in grounds at the next World Cup to give the Russian fans more room to swing axes.
  5. And not forgetting that apparent cheat Cope who used to chuck for Yorkshire.
  6. Or even Colin Woodtho(r)pe.
  7. Have you not been paying attention. There is only one rule on this board. You are in either the Hope or Pope camp. So you can't like or dislike both.
  8. Yep,the Natwest Bank has just closed in Biggin Hill.
  9. Flitcroft didn't bring in Vaughan/Leigh. They sneaked in and claimed squatter's rights on his day off.
  10. A poll of League 1 club fans said they were so bored with the standard of football this year that they were going to boycott the final week and take a cheap break in Skegness.
  11. They give and they take. Bromley have announced after their second year of consolidation that they will ne building a new stand at the Norman Park end. That is long overdue but the negative side is that they are following in the footsteps of Maidstone/Sutton and installing a 3G pitch. Yes it's a revenue increaser but having seen the games at both these grounds we might as well install some basketball hoops as well. Something for old fogeys like me and Jeff Stelling to whinge about when Hartlepool visit next season.
  12. Probably 10pm after PV invade the pitch ten times.
  13. If our board had invented a whisky we could name it the GlenStewie Arena.
  14. We should name the stadium after our most reliable source of club information-The Tesco Vera Arena.
  15. Hopefully I will not be able to remember the way to Oxford/Wimbledon next season.