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  1. Don't you just hate it when we establish a bit of form and yet fall two points behind safety.
  2. Love a bit of Freiburg-sod Brexit.
  3. It's now official-Mabel at Aldi has replaced Dot at Tesco for reliable rumours. Apparently(you heard it here first) Bury are playing on Friday rather than Saturday this week.
  4. Think I prefer the ginger threads.
  5. Suspect away grounds will now start greasing the poles so James will slip off them fall into the crowd and be booked for over celebrating.
  6. Thinking of you at this difficult time. My Dad took me to watch Bury from 1960. He stopped going after the second of his strokes but I did persuade to come to a game when I was visiting. Remember having to suggest to him not to cheer when Peschisolido was scoring for WBA but on the whole he really enjoyed it.
  7. I'd vote for renaming to Carlsberg if all that was achieved. Although we have turned a corner as far as discipline is concerned, Carlsberg Cloggers would have been appropriate around Xmas.
  8. That's a Lowe blow.
  9. And a few tables to play dominoes.
  10. Yep we need to convince him we are Championship bound in 2018/19 otherwise another big fish will snap him up to guarantee promotion next year, as Sheff U tried to do with Leon.
  11. We might hear the word Churio.
  12. Especially when the turnstile doesn't click when you try and get in.
  13. Isn't that Gary Brabin?
  14. Currently turning round 3 times and pinching my nose.