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  1. You mean you've not watched the Vintage Channel? Showing TV programmes from the 1870's they are. Wouldn't mind, but I recorded most of them at the time.
  2. Aim 1 - stay up Aim 2 - mathematically stay up before Lancashire's first game Aim 3 - finish above Rochdale in the table Aim 4 - finish above Bolton in the table
  3. Nah mate. It means 4kingell there's nowt on the telly again tonight.
  4. Great point!! 6 years ago Sky were telling us "HD was the best ever, superb, stupendous..." to get you to part with your cash. I suppose the strapline for 4k will be "more best ever, even more superb, double stupendous...."??
  5. Wonder if any Rochdale fans have got this far? Although it would be nice if they could appreciate this circumlocution although they are probably searching out a parlour that can do it for a tenner.
  6. The future, or the next 3d?? Mine's curved, but only because I left it in the sun too long. Personally, I don't "get" them, because if you are at an angle you see the far side better than the near, and it all just looks wrong. However I thought mobile phones and home computers wouldn't catch on - why would anyone want to pay £699 when you can look pages up on ceefax? - but I did get personal stereos (now missing tooth blueberry wi-fe nosepods) right, was one of the first to walk round attached to headphones back in the day. Did look a berk though. Think 4k will be limited, probably folks will miss a step and wait for cheaper 8k if and when linear channels are available. says he with a 4k TV, but mainly to watch my home vids on.
  7. 4338 - dunno how many from Bury
  8. George Miller on...Pope off
  9. If we lose, tomorrow we could be second-bottom. If we win, the pubs are open until 11 at least.
  10. Darned. 2 - 1.
  11. PV comms say the Port Vale left-back's struggling, and now on a booking.
  13. That's exactly what I read when I wrote it was on DAB. But, if you have a closer look.... It's almost as if they are plagiarising a certain football club's site...
  14. There's no web commentary. Just good old radio!
  15. We should be one up - now we're one down.