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  1. Indeed!
  2. The surcharge won't be that much more than if they posted a ticket to you and charged accordingly; but IMO the trick would be to buy your ticket in advance for less than the pay-on-the-day charge and the surcharges wouldn't seem too bad and you might get more fans buying advance tickets (making stewarding easier).
  3. Never heard of him, but that Lineker bloke doesn't deserve a penny. A football programme needs exactly zero panellists, just show the action. If I want someone constantly down my ear telling me the defence is rubbish, the midfield non-existent and the attack better off in the days Kevin Hulme I'll sit in the South Stand thank you very much.
  4. It's all Britain's fault for being in a Temperate Climate Zone. And, no, we can't have an in/out referendum on it. The good news, though, is it stops us having extremes of anything - except moaning about the weather. So it's usually very, very difficult to forecast, certainly beyond two days and the best you will get is a best guess, unless we are slap bang in the middle of an anticyclone or the jet stream is bringing us a string of depressions (usually around 4.55 on a Saturday). But, but, with all the online weather maps and charts available you don't need a bloke on the telly to tell you what it's not going to do, you can do it yourself! The Atlantic surface pressure charts are there for a reason, and there are good and accurate rain radar sites - http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=radar;sess= is my personal fave, there's sat24.com and the most accurate of the lot is the Lancashire CCC Fixture list.
  5. Problem with 20/20 is it doesn't breed openers. Sure it breeds those that can and hit the ball between their legs for four down to Long John from the first ball, but that would last you about an over in Test cricket.
  6. I'd be tempted to open with Ali until Hameed gets his form back, I reckon he could do the job perfectly well and there are more middle-order batsmen in the county game capable of Test cricket than openers. Although Ballance is the exception that proves...
  7. The best shout there's Rashid. Not sure about Somerset's Jos Buttler - we really need someone who can dig in. Hameed's had all sorts of problems, hand, nose, loss of satnav telling him where his bat is in relation to the off stump..... But hidden away amongst the obvious weakness of the bating (Cook and Root apart) is that Jimmy Boy Anderson's nearly old enough to be a grandad. He's either 35 or 36 this month. Sure Broad's a heck of a bowler, but below that? County trundlers like Finn. If Anderson packs in before Australia we will be facing 500 before we start. Once upon a time we used to have Gillette Cup and a County Championship game between tests to get off-form batsmen back into form, and to give bowlers a decent run in proper games. Now we have a pub game. It's pathetic.
  8. The obvious one, Hameed, can't buy a run at the moment and is in Lancashire seconds. The other alternative, Micheal Atherton, may be too busy with his media duties. That leaves you and me. What's your average this season, bud?
  9. Well that lasted as long as an English summer didn't it....
  10. Nearly 250 on already, think Jimmy will need to score 100 when he gets back in again! Turned a bit cloudy on the Bright New Dawn :-(
  11. Well this one's on a knife-edge @ Tea on Saturday and SA could well pull the series back. Be nice if Jimmy could add a neat 50 to his 5 wickets!!
  12. Be worth losing a few pints if the Lanky's did that to the sheep-shearers** tonight!! **Not allowed a less polite term ;-P
  13. I was watching the game but had switched off at the end of the first inns - and missed that completely (I caught the last 10 overs). Umpires are said to want helmets - however it would be difficult for bowlers to wear the ones batsmen and wicket keepers wear. Maybe a kind-of cycling helmet could cushion the worst of the blow? Obviously a freakish accident and could have been a lot worse, but with these heavy bats and straight hitting there's more chances of more injuries so maybe light skull-caps could be introduced?
  14. Mostly full of tourists apart from the less-accessible west. This is where the Bowland fells wins, empty even in July. The lakes are beautiful, but as far as Britain goes, the most beautiful part shirley must be the western Highlands and Islands? That's if you can see them when the cloud lifts!
  15. That happened to me when I sold my Tank, got a renewal about 6 weeks after. rang them up and they said "it's fine, we know you sold the Tank so ignore it...it's just our records haven't caught up". As it happens the Tank at the time was on the dealer's forecourt waiting to be sold so was declared by them as SORN. There's an app which tells you the MOT status (and previous MOT's) of any reg you choose. Shows the Wreck I sold before the Tank is still on the road!! Good old Saxo!!