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  1. Now THAT could be a decent export, caveats to put on bottoms. Not saying I'm having trouble with my hemorrhoids or owt, but I'm standing up and they're not even playing the national anthem.
  2. Ronky said Yorkshire exports tea, but that tea has to be imported before it's refined; so it's a loss-win situation. It would be interesting to see what we manufacture purely from UK raw materials with nothing imported at all. Farm produce obviously, but what else??
  3. How many £b's does that lot bring in, and how much is sold to the EU which may not take them after tariffs are brought in?? And you can knock off Scotch when they go independent. Oh, as for Yarkshire tea, by heck they've some plantations near Harrogate.....!!
  4. Canada and Australia's population is 48m combined. New Zealand under 5m, but that doesn't include sheep. Population of the EU not including UK is around 670m. What can we sell to India that they don't make themselves, import cheaply from China or that they can afford? Oh, yes, there's the USA. But there's this blonde who reckons "America First" and they get the better...way better...out of any "deals". And the EU can use their sheer weight of numbers to Trump any deals we get with the rest of the world. There's Japan and Korea. Maybe we could make and sell them TV's, cars, gadgets? But apart from that, no worries.
  5. Soft; keep the trade and movement deals, have a degree of autonomy, keep the peace in Ireland and UK mainland, keep cheap booze-cruises, no need for Visas/Etiad schemes, no need to return to the EU. people from the EU can still come but wouldn't be able to claim welfare etc. Hard, a leap in the dark, Visas and vetting for all, inflation, back to the half-bottle duty free (at ordinary prices), possible increase in unemployment, uncertainty for firms if they stay, lose EU consumer rights, if it all goes belly-up there's no going back. But we do keep out that Bulgarian you don't want, but that might be a pity as the bins need emptying, a bit of fruit picking and granny looking after as she's 94 and doesn't know how to "go". So that's all right, then.
  6. The least points won't open for me (???). Seeing as I can't get at it - would "least points" include those teams who had mid-season deductions? Edit - finally has opened but no mention of PD's.
  7. In the short to medium term it will create inflation - as imported goods may be subjected to tariffs. That is unless we join/stay in the single market and customs union but Hard - Line - Brexiters - Don't - Want - That - Anyway - Do - They???
  8. No police box. RIOT!!!!
  9. Some thing I fondly remember form my kidhood appears to be returning, a few months ago inflation was next to zero, now it's the dizzy heights of 2.3%; so I reckon it's more than trebled since the Brexit vote. Doesn't matter if your boss has a word and says your next annual pay rise will be 2.5% (so that's teachers, doctors, nurses, carers out then) but does if you are a pensioner using savings interest as a vital top-up. These days you will be very lucky to get 1% savings interest, and they won't rise until the BoE puts it's interest rates up. Oh, joy. But at least it's not the 15% in the 70's and 80's when they put bus fares up as you were on the bus.
  10. Is it just all-ticket for Bury?
  11. You'll be suggesting the league should be half up, half down next!! I suppose there's an argument for 8 up, 8 stay and 8 down, just think if right now you're bang on mid-table!!
  12. At least they will be replaced by Wigan which is a far better away game to attend!
  13. What a pity - we have to beet Fleetwood, but that will all but send Bolton up. Talk about mixed feelings...
  14. 0 - 0 (41). One shot on target so far - and that was probably a back-pass. Sounds a thriller.
  15. Even funnier when a lot of all this is due to a bus. Maybe we should allow parties to do what they like...but NO BUSES!!