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  1. I take it if they did, then, they'll be happy to accept the blame?
  2. 638

    That would have been a fun train to be on tonight!
  3. 638

    Anyone near Rhyl/Prestatyn could have popped along to watch tonight's big TV game, Prestatyn v Cei Connah Ghyyiyggochorsomething in the Welsh Cup. And they say North Wales is short of something to do...
  4. Did we lend them our defenders for the goal??
  5. 638

    Fantastic. Almost a third of our home gate...can we play away every week?!! Puts to bed the argument about having regional leagues at this level - I would miss away trips to dawn sawf.
  6. Is he any good at scissor kicks?!! Team booed off at half-time though. Happily, them, not us! Let's hope there's no second half revival from them...with Coventry due it's a great chance to kick relegation into the long grass.
  7. We're leaving. What do LeaveEU want us to leave next? Or are they planning governing the UK?? Would make more sense if the remainers of the Tories plus Labour, the Libdems and SNP joined together to form a Join.eu.
  8. More like Dad promises you everything, but you have to go down the shops with your own money, buy it and give it to him! Still waiting for all those hundreds of EU things that have negatively affected his life. Must be a long list if he's cobbling one together. Anyhow; here's one to start with, the awkward beggars trying to save the hearing of 14-yr-old kids... http://blog.mediamusicnow.co.uk/2015/03/23/eu-commission-control-volume-mp3-players-ipods-other-players/ Means to hera my tunes on a bus, I have to get to the limit and then press "yes" if I want a higher volume. maybe Brexit can give us deafness back??
  9. It's interesting that in those two constituances there was absolutely no reason to vote Libdem; no chance of a win or even second place so one assumes the few would vote tactically. But, no, the Libdems increased their percentages over 2015 (OK, the bar wasn't very high, but non-the-less...) so the ball is rolling again. May's council elections are good territory for the Libdems and no reason not to expect good local results. Wouldn't surprise me if more than a few Labour MP's were looking at their own constituency and thinking "what if?"
  10. Let's face it, if a shambles of a party can't beat another shambles of a party in complete turmoil in a leave stronghold - their own back yard - and throws it's leader at it....I think it's time to pack in and go home. Wonder if May will work out that countrywide, support for Brexit isn't as strong as she might think it is, and although because of the referendum she will almost certainly go through with it, there's not much demand for a "hard" Brexit and a nice compromise would suit most...otherwise they would be queuing up to vote for...oh, what were they called again?
  11. Huge blow for UKIP, if they thought there was gerrymandering going on with Libs switching to Labour to keep Nutta out, that didn't happen as Libdems increased their share of the vote. This is, or was, strong Leave territory. But Labour aren't out of the woods, Copeland should have been won as the opposition party.
  12. Why is it "God forsaken"? What's it ever done to you which has negatively affected your life??
  13. What time are the two by-election results expected?
  14. I thought one of the key points about voting Brexit was to reduce red tape and bureaucracy involved with the EU. Yet leavers seem happy to have yet another layer added on to travel, and you lose your "right" to enter a country, let's all go through checks like we would if we wanted to teach in a primary school, and it's at their whim as to whether we're let in or not - oh, and have that awful bureaucracy of carrying the EHIC card and the protection the EU gives us for delayed and cancelled flights probably taken away. But that's for us, of course anything would be reciprocal - why would someone from Holland bother to pop over and shop in London needing a passport and e-visa when they can travel to Brussels or Paris with neither?? Be careful what we wish for...we are gonna need the tourist euro, just like we so now or more so. Meanwhile I've just taken delivery of specialist mattresses fro Germany. What red tape will I have to go through to import them in 2020 - or even for those here who want to sell?? Today - nothing. On-line order, paid by paypal. Easy. Brexit just seems to keep on giving and giving. There must become a point where even hard-line Brexiters have had enough of what's been taken away??