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  1. Rumours that they have dropped the Dementia-tax policy altogether. If true, clearly *no change* and not a u-turn at all. Can they drop Brexit while they are at it?
  2. Just a t-shirt will do if it's all the same...
  3. I thought those who sat on the white reserved seats were one position above God. Then one day I gathered enough cash to sit there...and my bubble burst when I realised they were just as boorish as the lot I sat with in the South Stand. Still, nice to feel at home... I thought in the 70's we had the countries best PA/DJ and I'm pretty sure he sat in a box under/on the floodlight where Starkies is now. Am I correct, what was his name and is he still with us?
  4. Thanks for the tip! Anyone got a few gallons of insect repellent? EDIT; actually a couple of night ago I was looking at "how to emigrate to the Isle Of Man" if me and the old man were the survivors, but there are residency issues and you have to be there a number of years before you are considered a domicle (tax-dodger). But if a government decided to take all our money then there's sod all to lose. ""Gentleman searching for solvent unattached lady of similar age living in the Isle Of Man with view to marriage. Please send photograph of the Isle Of Man".
  5. As for the Dementia Tax, if it goes through in the form as per manisfesto, anyone approaching old age should spend, spend, spend (5* cruises, top-end TV's, high-performance cars...even better if they can spend their money overseas so our lot doesn't get the VAT) and let their houses fall into ruin as best they can whilst living in it...and then it's worth next-to-nothing when stolen by the Tories. They could also inform their Tory-loving neighbours that when they die, their house would be very suitable as an sex-offender's bail hostal. Vote Tory.
  6. Yes, often in winter the East Coat of Scotland is Britain's warmest place! It's the Foehn effect, westerlies drying and warming as the cross the mountain ranges. Look at TV weather maps in Winter!
  7. If a person has no relatives they want to hand down stuff to, and there's no way of them returning home or recovering, then it makes sense to use a house and savings for their care as those assets won't be used for anything else. However, those with family, especially if they are being cared for partly or wholly by them, and they have assets they wish to keep/leave behind, should have the option between 60 and 66 to pay for a full state care insurance annuity with an one-off payment taken from their savings/pension lump sum. So If Edith has a house worth £300k, husband (not sure what he's worth!) and £300k in savings between them, Edith would sign a cheque off to the government insurers for 10% of what she owns... so half the assets = £300k @ 10% = £30k. That's it, done, dusted, Edith is covered for the rest of her natural. If she died early, or doesn't need care...then that money goes into he state pot for everyone else. The "cap" could be if the assets are below a certain level, and stay below, then they can have "free" help. Anyone without the insurance and with assets takes the risk of having their house and savings used to pay the costs. Argument against is that's it's the usual "we have worked and paid tax all our lives and have to pay yet more whilse slobs sit around, do nothing and get everything foe free" which is hard to argue against. But at leats it's a solution which is fair to all wealth-owners. I's also make IHT start at £1m for a couple but tax at a higher rate after that...50 or 60%. (It's 40 currently).
  8. Airports have a problem that wherever you put security, there's an area ripe for target preceeding it. At least with buildings such as the Arena, security could be almost at the door - yes, that means people standing in the wet I suppose, and an explosion outside may be less, what's the best term..."effective"?...than in. Bag searches at football are reasonably strict, but there's that flaw at the end. Example, a full house at Wembley, would they open the gates five mins before the end, and would security stop anyone entering?
  9. This morning's feelings remind me of the day of the Manchester Airport air crash, empty. Q - has the bomber got in after the gates have been opened to let everyone out? At football they usually open the gates 5 - 10m before full time, and sometimes a few drift in unchecked. Could be a massive security flaw?
  10. Hello. I'd just like to introduce myself. My Name's Theresa May, I like wearing kitten heels, Do you? Anyway, I'm very Strong and Stable and I would like your vote. I never change my mind. I said there would be no general election, and I'm keeping to it. I said I will take the houses off dead dementia sufferers, and I'm keeping to it. I said I would get the best deal for Britain and I'm....what, where have you gone.....sorry..... Oh. OK, I admit, I'm actually weak and pathetic and only doing what Ian Duncan-Smith and Rees-Smug tell me. Can I still have your vote? I promise we will not have a Freedom Of Movement arrangement with all the North African countries, and you can trust me, I don't U-turn. Vote For Me. Is that OK, Ian?
  11. Just found out that in the North West, a carer looking after their patient in their own home is saving the taxpayer £1,300,000 over the course of 10 years (the cost of 24hr home nursing). There are 100,000 24-hr carers in G***** M******* (you won't have met them - they can't get out) and my calculater can't do 100,000 x 1.3m...too big. Yep, take their houses and inheritance away to save a few bob. I can see where this is going - dump the elderly on the NHS and watch your tax bills sky-rocket. Nice one, Tyrant Theresa.
  12. One lady I know (just turned 60) has spent the last 5 years looking after her sick husband in a council house. He has now died, and although still her home (which she pays rent on) she has now moved in with her elderly mother to look after her, juggling that with a part-time job, and will lose the council house Now, Theresa Tyrant, when you throw her out of her of her mum's home, where will she go, and who will pay for it?
  13. Tories are on the ropes. I heard a rumour that the "Dementia Tax" was brought in at the last minute by an unknown - which wouldn't surprise me as there wasn't even a hint prior to that. If Mayhem carries on with it, she's signed off all here middle-class supporters, if she U-turns she's signed off the country who won't trust her one bit. Can we get a Hung Parliament with the Coalition Of Concern and drop this Brexit nonsense and sort out the stuff that REALLY matters, such as the right way to treat the elderly and their belongings?
  14. It's interesting - for example hockey international tournaments (outside Holland and Belgium and the UK) get smaller crowds than at Gigg - but they have all the tech with all it's knobs and whistles to get the right decisions wrong. So the funding comes from somewhere - but I suppose one tournament can be covered whereas 46 lower division clubs require, well, 46x the funding. Maybe they should fund replays for the first and second tiers, and the playoffs for the third and fourth. And Bolton Association 5th Division indoor seniors football league in 1996, I was TOTALLY tripped just outside the D and it was NOT a dive.
  15. Yes, they don't shell out for home games.