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  1. We were top of the CC for about an hour until Surrey's draw was confirmed. And where in the league are the King of Spain's lot??
  2. 34 overs to take two wickets. Even Lanky can't throw it away from here....can they??
  3. Come to the Tripe Stadium where we serve up - - -
  4. This is an amazing game. Lancashire dead, buried and sweeping the stands are now more than alive and kicking - they have Somerset 107/7 and they need three more wickets in the last session to win what I think is Lancs greatest ever comeback. So a heads up, live commentary after tea on BBC 5 Extra, BBC Lancashire 855am and the web. Got goose pimples thinking we might pull this one off.
  5. Orient. Orient must be mentioned....and be quick while they're still a League team!
  6. I've noticed that on Saturdays sometimes the freeview channel doesn't carry Radio Manchester's commentary of any game. Could be that it's a rights issue, could be that they put the DAB service on freeview and sometimes football's on FM only and DAB carries something else. Someone with insider knowledge will know better, but I suggest Stoke may do the same, carry the football on FM only and DAB/freeview carries something else.
  7. Bet MK Don's aren't. To be fair Bolton does an early mention " I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void".
  8. Almost certain to carry the commentary of Walsall v Pure Fail. Not sure if web listening will be available, 94.6 FM, 104.1 FM are the two FM frequencies for Radio Stoke. I can certainly get one of them here on the south-facing slopes of Winter Hill as a radio placed upstairs is above the vineyards, expect it to be loud and clear in most parts of Bury too.
  9. He sounds more like a lead guitarist rather than a football gaffer. Mind you, all today's managers seemed to be called Paulo, Pablo, Pabaulo, Pedro and Arsene. What happened to Joe and Bob? (And don't say they ran off to have a word with Tim....)
  10. Nah, you've got it mixed up with the Brexit ones!
  11. Where can I buy one?!
  12. The orange and cream buses were fine, then they added brown..... And in any case - the last bit is Cheshire and I don't think Cheshires would be pleased either!
  13. Well it's a pain in the
  14. I'm sure just as Queen Of the South and Arsenal (I think) are mentioned in the Bible, I'm sure "bury" is? "We've come to bury your dead"? "Are Bury in the relegation zone again?".
  15. Simple; I don't recognise G****** M********* so by voting it's an underhand way to make me accept it exists. However if one candidate had the proposal to give residents a referendum on going back into Lancashire - even changing the name to South Lancashire at a push, I'd change my mind. We need a LIP.