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  1. Which one - Sharon Briggs, Stella Smith .......?!
  2. Very trying!!
  3. He's hardly in danger of collecting his bus pass!
  4. Where will that be? Halfway between them on the M1?!
  5. I agree - I think this sort of role might suit him. However, if he gets it, the FA are going to have to give him a crash course on dealing with the media without disappearing up his own arse!
  6. Aah, good old Alan - never disappoints!
  7. A decent defensive midfielder is what we've been crying out for all season. It looks as though we might have had the answer a while ago without realising it as Brown can sit there, win headers, break play up and give a decent pass. He doesn't need to do much more - leave that to the others.
  8. Apparently we couldn't afford to offer Ron what he was looking for!
  9. Must admit, that was my first thought when I saw the Fred Title!
  10. He didn't become a sailor with Captain Pugwash, did he?!
  11. I'm sure he'll be a steely character!
  12. .... and if you look at the hours they put in, the hourly rate would be abysmal. I don't think it's a 40-hour week for most of them!
  13. Not if Lainton's decision-making was influenced/hampered by their presence or movement in an offside position. They're active!
  14. ... always thought he was fearless!!
  15. What are we pawning now??