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  1. He's definitely an "organiser" giving orders, telling people where to mark etc. And he packs a heavy punch in the tackle. Understandably, he tired towards the end but he looks like a proper player!
  2. Walking out of Charing Cross Station hearing "Oh Ryan Lowe, Ryan,Ryan Lowe" echoing around the building behind me was quite surreal!
  3. 638

    Not judging by Euston station this evening!
  4. I've said it before and it bears repeating - I can think of no other market where the supplier fixes the price, tells the customer how much of the product they have to consume AND can invoke the backing of the law to force through their viewpoint. It really is criminal!
  5. Woo hoo! Been stood down - no longer needed! Train tickets booked and looking forward to it.
  6. I don't believe it! Sad Anorak's been out-anoraked!!!
  7. At least he's a household name ..... but he's still the worst ref I've ever seen!
  8. Junior SS picked a distant away match day to move into his new flat - guess which one?! Never been to the Valley either.
  9. I predict an extra i in the thread title! Apart from that 1-1.
  10. I think you're peeing into the wind with this one, Mr B.!
  11. Moore possibly started to grow into the wingback role in the second half today - must have been told to concentrate on getting forward and leave the defending to Barnett. Still feel we could have put Mackreth on (as the announcer said we had done!) for extra penetration but Moore got better. On the other wing, once Leigh realised he was allowed to get to the byline and cross (took 'til about 55 minutes!) our threat increased manifold and he looked twice the player. The second half attacking performance showed some promise. Talking to some Spireites at the bus stop on the way back and they are completely resigned to relegation. On today's performance, I would tend to agree with them.
  12. .... and it's HIS pot! In fact it's a Stewpot!!
  13. Lowe was beyond the defence, about to shoot and was denied a clear goalscoring opportunity and there was no attempt to play the ball. Has to be a red card IMHO.
  14. He is so calm on the ball and always looks to have time. A sure sign of class!
  15. I'd watch out for lightning bolts if I was you!