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  1. Starred today, and scored, in dragging Carlisle from a goal down to a victory that puts them in the play-off places with a game to go. This after being named in the league two team of the year!
  2. ... and whose Brass it is that you're using?!
  3. A figure plucked out of the air presumably and just as reliable!
  4. Renewed mine and Junior SS's tickets today over the phone. Will watch whatever we're given!
  5. Abellio is the international arm of the Dutch national rail operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen, which along with other European state railway companies operate our rail franchises. They can offer better services in their home countries as they can use the profits they make in the UK to subsidise their domestic rail systems. Brilliant isn't it?!
  6. ...... and is a standard phrase that auditors use as a CYA when a business is loss-making.
  7. They're not debts, they are losses - a completely different thing in finance terms.
  8. Think that both Jones and Tutte are Clark's type of player and will both be here next season, on whatever basis.
  9. ..and lets others know these things as well. A real organiser and leader, from what I've seen, right from his first game at Charlton.
  10. If we beat Southend and all the other results go our way (e.g. Gills beat Northampton!) we could finish as high as 16th!
  11. Earl Barrett?? Good centre half but getting on a bit now, surely!
  12. It's a certainty the Failies will know before we do!!
  13. Salmon ought to do something about this!
  14. Apart from a total lack of creativity!
  15. He has been! We've been on a descent since September!!