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  1. You're missing the point which is that you'll get 30 minutes of the ball in play in each half - a bit like rugby league timekeeping. Free kick awarded - stop the clock for all the shenanigans, clock back on when ref blows the whistle to restart play. That's a hell of a lot more than we currently get as refs are too weak to add sufficient time for deliberate slowness / time wasting IMHO!! I think it's a great idea, PROVIDED it's implemented properly.
  2. Brilliant!! Was that Alan B having a go from the stands at about 1.22?? 😀 (Sorry Al!)
  3. If that was a 20 match lull in the middle it would sound like a normal season for us!!
  4. It's peeing down there, according to said operative!🌂
  5. Tony Who?!
  6. Jon Newby was pretty quick when he first arrived. Too fast for the liner who flagged him offside from a throw-in where he went on and scored, at any rate😱
  7. Desperation!!
  8. For Turkish midfielders, I can only think of Karacan at Bolton, but I thought he had just signed a new contract?
  9. He was brought in as "one to be developed", not as a player who was ready to slot into the first team.
  10. Judged on what? An hour's game time!
  11. Lenny and the Johnsons - could be a great band!!
  12. David's big brother, of course!😀
  13. There aren't any apparently!
  14. Agreed. Personally I'd love to see Cameron Burgess back - i thought he had the makings of a very good centre half and favours his left, too.
  15. I can see it happening tbh - Clark must see something in Skarz and he has worked with him before.