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  1. It was the free surgery for extra finger removal that Swung it!
  2. On talk sport? That Lincoln have sold 5500 season tickets?? Makes us look a bit poor if so.
  3. Sorry guys and gals - the CCJ stays at the court!! A couple of Walsall's away but no home!
  4. I still cannot believe that Vaughan is only 28!
  5. Pick the first fixture of the season. Home or away? Opposition. The winner, if there is one, gets a Signed CCJ!!😂😉 OK I am going for the big one. Home to Blackburn Rovers.
  6. My Celtic supporting mate cannot believe they have let him go. Great player he says.
  7. The CCJ thing is a bit mystefieing. As I have said on other threads it is a weird,and not very savoury way of doing business.
  8. There is voicing your opinion. I have no qualms with that. Then there is hitting your club financially. Sorry I still don't get it. Just like I do not get the Blackpool fans who boycott their club. We all know the Oystons are arse holes but deprive the club of money? Nien danke. Although I absolutely agree with Bury R posting his views. Although this time I do not agree with them.
  9. If everyone thought like you, would we have a club to support? Sorry dont get it. Especially as you would save money as well.
  10. Good luck to the fella. I wish him no harm.
  11. At least!
  12. Come lads come up with a chant for https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2016/december/hulda-siguroardottir-joins-bury-ladies/ 😁😁
  13. Hmmmm - First time i have heard of the Bolton selfies! Until then I was gonna give him a chance. Now not so sure.
  14. What an idiot? Half decent player as well!