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  1. How people are talking about keeping Caddis and Maer but releasing Mellis is beyond belief!! Best technical cm we have!! Caddis pretty match meal is a dinner keeb and 5 pints of Thwaites Smooth. Perfect world for me: Goalkeeper Murphy - keep Williams - release Lainton - release Rachubka - release Right Back Jonah - pay as you play Centre Back Barnett - keep Cameron - keep Kay - release Maher - release Left Back Leigh - keep Right wing Ismail - keep Mackreth - release Centre midfield Mellis - keep Styles - keep Burgess - keep Tutte - pay as you play Etuhu - release Caddis - release Danns - release Brown - release Left wing Mayor - keep Strikers Vaughan - keep Miller - keep Pope - release Lowe - release Hope - release Would need Goalkeeper - 1 - youngster with potential to learn from Murphy Right back - 1 - Another Greg Leigh needed, consistent solid right back. Centre back - 2 - youngster with potential and experienced cb a la Peter Clarke Centre Midfield - 1 - Dawson. Right wing - 1 - another zeli Left wing - 1 - another mayor Strikers - 2 - ones that can move and have some technical ability preferred! The majority of backup players have proved they are simplt not good enough for this level as the injuries to key first teamers is the reason we are battling to survive until the last game of the season. Too many players who are just too slow for this level.
  2. Exactly, why not wait until the end of the season? Can anyone list a benefit of him leaving now? He'll negotiate a good pay off so certainly no financial benefit. I'd be fine with him going at the end of the season but given we've got an unfit Caddis starting I just cannot understand the timing.
  3. Agree, best technical player I've ever seen at Gigg Lane. Cannot believe Graham Barrow didn't start him more often!
  4. Murphy Moore Barnett Kay Burgess Leighton Mellis Beadling Styles Miller Vaughan Subs: Lainton, Maher, Bryan, Tutte, Pennant, Hope, Lowe
  5. Bad decision letting Ethuhu go at this stage in my opinion. Better player than Caddis and Brown in my opinion. Caddis has been very poor in every game I've seen him play and has been the weak link along with Pope. Brown I don't need to say anything, league 2 at best. 3 central midfielders last game but not one central midfielder on the bench despite starting an unfit and overweight Caddis? Guess the Clark overhaul begins as he is famous for.
  6. He did the same against Swindon. Called Kidd up during the match and had a word with Lowe at HT. Needs to keep his nose out of the management of a football team given he has no experience whatsoever
  7. Murphy Taylor Moore - Kay - Burgess - Leigh Mackreth - Mellis - Tutte - Pennant Miller - Vaughan Barnet unlucky to be dropped but for me the performance was very poor on Saturday with us lucky to win against one of the poorest sides in the division. Brown is simply not good enough and I'll be unpopular bit I also feel the same about Tom Pope. Pennant only in the team due to a lack of available wingers.
  8. Luckily Swindon had no killer instinct and we were awarded a soft penalty. Need to play better than that to stay up in my opinion.
  9. Cannot believe Mellis isn't starting. Most creative player who is fit!
  10. That does ring true. Played a good game last time we renewed his contract.
  11. He did. However I'd keep hairy smelly backside to yourself!
  12. Established player at this level. Played almost every game last season for Rochdale in which they finished eighth. I would be happy signing Eastham. Not sure why it hasn't worked out at Fleetwood, perhaps injured?
  13. Before I start, if true then I'll get behind Brass/Kidd/Lowe 100% and hope they prove a success and me wrong. Brass - a manager with a limited and relatively poor managerial record who to date hasn't shown anything different that will swing our fortunes (albeit in very difficult circumstances) in fact the football I've witnessed in his short tenure has been very 1 dimensional and defensive appearing to be a 'damage limitation' approach. I like Brass as a person and really hope he proves a success but I don't understand what he will offer different from Flitcroft so the decision to sack him and rely on Brass seems a poor one to me. I Lowe - doubt he will offer anything as a player at this level and has zero managerial or coaching experience? Combining this with Brass as manage during our current form apears quite a bizarre decision particularly given our reported money problems. As we all know Lowe will only move if it makes financial sense and compensation will be involved. All I can think is that it's a PR exercise from Day to mask his decision to take the cheap option in Brass. I can't help think this money should have been invested in an experienced number 2 or a manager with new ideas. Kidd - hugely successful in our youth team setup and has expressed his desire to stay in this role. Think this is absolutely the right decision given the excellent job he's done.
  14. Agree thought Williams could have saved it if he was braver following a heavy touch from their player.