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  1. Dissapointed with this one. Nest cb second half of the season and was looking forward to a pairing of Cameron and Barnett.
  2. 0 goals in 17 games in the SPL and 35 years old...no thanks. Not too excited by the players we are bring linked with. David Ball is a far better player than Bobby Grant... Clark appears to favour signing his mates from ex clubs
  3. Releasing Mellis keeping Caddis not great business
  4. Going to put some money on Mansfield to go up!
  5. Pleased with this one just simply not mobile enough to perform at this level. Just need Caddis not to sign his deal and move on Williams and Kay oh and re-sign Mellis . All the best Tom and hope it works out at Vale.
  6. I thought he was Barnsley bound...
  7. http://www.footballleaguescout.com/phil-edwards-scout-report/ This confirms he has played as both cb and right back during his career...
  8. A fellow league 1 supporter commented he's a terrible right back but a solid cb. My meoriew are of him playing cb. Seems Clarke sees him as a right back given his comments....
  9. James Vaughan - 24 goals - 1 assist - 128 mins per goal George Miller - 7 goals - 0 assists - 152 mins per goal Hallam Hope - 5 goals - 3 assists - 367 mins per goal Ryan Lowe - 1 goal - 1 assist - 532 mins per goal Tom Pope - 5 goals - 7 assists - 535 mins per goal
  10. Haha fantastic
  11. Think this is a solid if not overly exciting signing. From what I've seen will be good defensively but not offer much going forward. I hope the plan isnt to play 5 at the back with Edwards as a right wing back.
  12. Greer is 36 and Dawson is 31. We're going to have an old squad at this rate! Dawson would obviously be a great signing. I get excited at the prospect of Beckford but the track record of old big name players at Bury in recent times is appaling: Healy, Roberts, Pennant, Danns...
  13. Have to agree to disagree here. Pennant, Healy and Gareth Roberts had all been there and done it and we're terrible. Caddis for me was poor in the games he played for us with a lot of this purely down to his immobility - you get away with it in league 2 but not league 1. The guy can't play right back either, would get torn apart by a quick winger. Mellis was the only centre midfielder who wanted the ball this season Caddis and even Styles to an extent didnt show for the ball enough which contributed to the dire hoofball we endured during all 3 managers this season. Yes he made mistakes and had some bad games but he is a technically gifted player and will probably be picked up by the likes of Dale a la McNulty - another good player we released. Clark has a lot to prove, little changed during his tenure in terms of formation and style of play. Big summer and hope he brings in some players who are mobile and can play football.
  14. Completely agree. Worrying that Clark has offered Caddis a deal and released Mellis. The guy is so imobile it's untrue. League 2 centre midfielder at best just like Danny Pugh. Poor
  15. Yes Mellis was there. A few pictures went up on Twitter. Couldn't see Maher, I Miller, Craig Brown, Rachubka, S Burgess.