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  1. Commentary out for 5 or 6 mins and it is blamed on gremlins. AGAIN. What a joke
  2. Belford joins Rushall Olympic http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/rushallolympic/news/new-keeper-joins-the-pics-1279413.html
  3. Good luck Flickers. Pleased with this
  4. I was in the Queen Vic pub when it happened. Think some morons kicked over the sign outside the pub and there was a massive surge to the door and we could hear glass smashing and a lot of aggro. We then walked to the ground and saw a few scuffles with some idiot who looks like a midget Andy Bishop seeming to be the one the rovers' fans were most 'upset' with. A bin went flying and the walk to the ground was pretty tense with police hitting some of the rovers fans with batons.
  5. Sounded like we we played ok, on a side note it is not acceptable to pay for a service like Shakers Player when it is so unreliable.
  6. Please God no. Day wouldn't be that stupid...would he?
  7. We can't afford not to sack him at this rate.
  8. I was going to book Portsmouth away after the game but just didn't have the heart to after that performance. I just can't believe the decisions this man makes. I probably still will go to Pompey but I feel that just like last year our fantastic away support will be let down.
  9. Blackwell left Gigg Lane about half an hour ago.
  10. Last time down there I got a free coach but it was put on by EON who were sponsoring the cup at the time. Can't see the club putting on free coaches for a second round League cup game.
  11. Long trip that, was a good day a few years back in the cup. Will be nice to see Bennett again.
  12. When I was at uni in Newcastle they were getting less then that for Cup games against Spurs. Doubt we would entice the geordies out.
  13. Was in there yesterday myself, absolutely shocking. No food on as well. It's not just the fact its understaffed, some of the people on the bar are absolutely clueless.
  14. Would like to see Harrad given a chance, surely we would't let Jones go?
  15. One of my cousins played for Dundalk a few years ago against Levski Sofia a few years back in the Europa League qualifiers. Does not mean I want him to play for us! You use the phrase "playing in Europe" to make him sound better then he actually is.