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  1. You have to understand what Rangers and Celtic are, Barry doesn't.
  2. Maybe but Rangers and Celtic wouldn't.
  3. I never thought Hallam Hope was anything to write home about and if we can do a deal with Carlisle great.
  4. I'm not opposed to Celtic and Rangers in the Prem, it will give real competition to the big boys.
  5. Its a great idea Myra, I think it will stroll through.
  6. Reduction in games yes, reduction in income for BFC doubtful.
  7. Seconded. I doubt BFC would lose much if any money by playing 3 less midweek games.
  8. We have had loads of players with speed to burn, often didn't have the ability to match.
  9. Don't bet to much on it. But as stated he is happy here, may not be his choice.
  10. There has been plenty of opportunity to play him when Lowe and Clarke have been unavailable. He looked a very decent footballer to me.
  11. I do know that Leon has enjoyed his 1st season here and would like to stay, but a Championship side are waiting just in case.
  12. OK, point taken, especially about the keeper.
  13. I don't get you at all. We have conceded 73 goals this season the 3rd worst in the division, you think changing the midfield will improve that! I know we don't tend to agree but, the fullbacks are a problem.
  14. Don't know about Hussey at wingback he struggles to get crosses in without Mayor creating the space.
  15. Are you sure about that formation!